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Stuck in the Clouds by lovestings
Chapter 3 : Chapter three: Transfigure me a hottie!
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 “Zoe, can I talk to you?” I heard a not-so-familiar say from behind me while I was shoving bacon in my mouth. I turned to see Lily Evans standing behind me, her right foot tapping impatiently.


“Sure,” I mumbled with a mouth full of food, knowing she probably didn’t take well to my un-lady like gesture but I ignored it as I waved my friends goodbye and followed the red head out. I could feel James eyes on Lily and myself as well as we walked out side by side.


She walked till we were by a secluded window sail before taking a seat and making a hand motion for me to sit as well. I did so, before tucking a strand of brown hair behind my ear. “Erm, what can I help you with, Lily?” I wasn’t used to talking to Lily; she usually kept to herself and was kind of bossy to be honest.


“I’m going to go straight to the point; you’re friends with James right?” She said, not giving me any chance to respond to her before speaking again. Even though I felt the need to correct her that we were in fact not friends though James assumed we were. “Well, if it isn’t obvious James has a little obsession with me and I would gladly appreciate it if you gave him encouraging advice to back down from me because I’m not interested in him.”


I shrugged at her request, “While I can tell him whatever you want he’s really not going to listen to me.”


She pursed her lips before letting out a sigh, “That’s what I thought. Well at least tell him to leave me alone and stop bothering me late at night. I swear, the boy comes knowing on my room at three in the morning claiming he had a bad dream every single night.”


I couldn’t help but laugh. It was something so childish but something I could see James Potter doing, no doubt. I told her I would try my best before waving her off and walking back to breakfast. James called me over frantically as I sighed and walked over to him and his friends.




“What did Lily Pad say? Anything about me?”


“She asked me to tell you to lay off you because she thinks you’re a grade A stalker who still has bed time nightmares now let me go eat my breakfast.” I said turning on my heel before reeling back to face him and snatching his plate of food and sticking my tongue out of him. “Mine now.” I said before walking back to my friends and taking a seat down next to Amanda.


Amazing start to the day




I took a seat in my Transfiguration class letting out a soft sigh as I did so, plopping my books down.


“Long day already?” I heard a humored voice ask me from next to me. I turned to see my desk partner Connor O’Donnell a charming and fellow Ravenclaw who had brown hair and dimples. He was nice to talk to and look at to be quiet honest.


“I guess you could say that,” I said giving him a sheepish smile. “I was already cornered by Evans and my new best friend.”


“Ah, Potter, yes I’ve seen him and his little group at our house table a few times now. He’s grown a sort of puppy love for you over the summer, now, hasn’t he?” Connor gave me a small smirk. Swoon, his dimples were showing and all. Why do I have to sit next to a cute guy in my already least favorite subject? Gives me even more of a reason to fail so I can look at him.


Whoa, that was a James level stalker comment. I thought to myself grimacing before starting to take notes. 


When our Professor let us be she had us do simple transfigurations to warm us up to the new school year. I transformed the glass into a feather, simple as that.


“Aren’t you a hot shot, doing a 1st year level transfiguration.” Connor said with a chuckle, teasing me which only caused a blush to form on my cheeks. Damn my easily flushable cheeks!


“I don’t see you doing any advance figuration Mr. I’m-gonna-turn-my-cup-into-a-bowl.”


Connor raised an eyebrow before responding with a grin and, “Touché.”


Maybe Transfiguration would be a little bit more fun now.



I sat in the library, my legs crossed at my ankles as I looked over at the muggle book sitting in front of me. I was engrossed by it and the tales of a ‘television’ and ‘phone’. I took the page slightly going to turn it. “Hi Clouds!” I jumped at James’s voice, ripping the page right out of the book.


“Oh crap! James, look what you’ve made me done. I’m going to be kicked out.” I said, turning to pout at the tall boy who was currently only companied by Remus.


“Don’t worry boubt’ it Clouds, we’ll blame it on Sirius. He’s already suspended from the library for a month after knocking down the bookcase on lil’ old Severus.” James said as he took a seat next to me while Remus sat in front of me, saying a pleasant hello.


“You guys are horrible.”


“Aw, don’t be like that.” James said, poking me in the side with a grin before snatching the book for my hands. “You’re reading about muggle stuff? Did you know Lily is muggleborn?”


I let out an exasperated sigh as Remus chuckled. “Do you need to find the need to associate everything with Lily Evans?” I asked, making a face at him. James only nodded slowly as she flipped through the pages, scanning the text.


“You get used to him after you hang out with him for a while,” Remus said with a small grin, making me to turn to look at him. Remus was by far, in my opinion, the best looking marauder. He had sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was one of the taller ones at 6 foot but he always seemed to look deprived of sleep and sick. From what I heard his mum gets sick a lot and he takes care of her.


“Mmh, I don’t know if I want to get used to him..” I mumbled to myself before snatching the book back from him and closing it. I would have to put it back later so I wouldn’t get in trouble.


“Oh, and Zoe?”


“Yes, Remus?”


“We have rounds tomorrow night together.”


I nodded, tucking a strand behind my ear. “Cool, I’m usually stuck with Evans or that hufflepuff that counts his steps so it’ll be a nice break.”


“You do rounds with 5 guy? He’s hilarious. He counts to five than restarts, hence his nickname.” James said with a proud and outstretched grin on his face as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.


“Wow, so creative.” I mumbled, snickering slightly as I went to go put my books away leaving the boys alone.


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Stuck in the Clouds : Chapter three: Transfigure me a hottie!


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