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Secrets of Lovers and Friends by Spaz
Chapter 7 : Over
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My head was throbbing so bad right now. I didn't want to open my eyes because I knew dizziness would hit me like a train. After a few second I finally opened my eyes. The sun shown through the window, blinding me. I turned over to see I was not alone.

Familiar messy blonde hair lay next to me. For a moment I was fine with that, and then I remembered what happened the day before and the night before. Draco's eyes fluttered open and he smiled.

"Morning love." He said. I just stared at him before sitting up. He grabbed my waist and pulled me back down. "What are you doing babe? Lay with me." He snuggled close to kiss me.

I pulled away. "Draco stop." I said.

Confusion came across his face. "What's wrong?" He asked.

"We are not back together." I said.

"What do you mean, but last night-"

"Last night was our last time together like that. It doesn't change anything. We're still over." I said quietly.

"B-but Jo. You made love to me last night." Draco said, not understanding.

"I know. Maybe I shouldn't have done that, because it gave you false hope that we were getting back together. But we're still over forever."

"How can you still make love to me like that if you don't want to be with me anymore? You still love me." He insisted.

"Yes, that's true." I admitted. "I do love you, but that doesn't mean we should be together. You hurt me, Draco and I can't be with someone who hurts me."

"This isn't fair!" He protested.

"No, what isn't fair was that I sat around while you cheated on me!" I countered.

"So, what you're just going to make love to me and still leave me?!"

"Sound familiar?" I asked coldly. I knew that was a low blow considering Pansy had made him break up with me, but I didn't care.

Draco scoffed. "That was different and you know it."

"But it's ending the same way, which is us being over." I said.

"Jo, this is ridiculous, we both know you're going to come crawling back to me anyways so why don't we just save that trip and get back together now?" The moment he said it, he looked like he regretted it.

"I didn't mean-"

"Crawling back to you?" I asked. "No, Draco. I told you, I'm not crawling back to you ever again. Does the word 'over' mean nothing to you?"

"It means absolutely nothing if we're talking about us. I don't want us to be over." He said.

"Well I didn't want a boyfriend that cheated, but I guess we can't always get what we want huh?"

"What do you plan on doing? Huh?" Draco asked. "Moving on?"

"Yes that would be the initial thing to do." I said.

He laughed. "Really? With who? Who's going to love you the way I do? Huh? Who's going to make you feel the way I do? Pleasure you like I do?"

"I guess I'll find out soon." I said blankly.

"No you wont. Cause no one can make you feel like I do. And you know that." He said seriously.

"I know that I'm going to try to find someone who does. If I'm lucky I'll find someone better than you."

"Yeah, good luck with that." He said sarcastically.

"You know what, I'm done with this conversation. We're over, you can't do anything to change that. Get out." I said crossing my arms.

"No." He said defiantly.

"Yes, Draco! Stop being a stubborn arse and accept the fact that we're over and leave!" I said.

"No. You can't make me." Draco said.

"Just leave me alone!" I yelled. "I hate you!"

"No you don't." He said quietly. "You don't mean that." He seemed to be trying to convince himself more than me.

"Yes I do." I said seriously, even though it was a lie. "Get out."

"Jo this is my room, you can't kick me out." He said.

"Fine, I'll leave. And just so you know, I'm leaving forever." I said.

"You can't live without me." He said.

"Oh yeah? Just watch me." I pulled on my clothes quickly and walked out of the door with no intentions of ever walking back in.

"Hey." I said walking down to the common room and seeing Pansy, Blaise and Ron.

"Why are you coming down from the boy's dormitory?" Ron asked.

"I slept with Draco last night." I said, not bothering to lie to them, I was too hungover and upset for that. I sat down on the couch,next to Blaise.

"Why the hell did you do that?!" Pansy asked. "Are you taking him back?"

I shook my head. "Nope. I just wanted to be with him one more time. And I was drunk out of my mind last night. I barely remember anything."

"You don't remember anything?" Blaise asked, looking a little put out.

I smiled slightly. "I remember dancing with you."

He smiled also. "I remember that too. That was fun."

"Yeah it was. Draco didn't think so though." I rolled my eyes.

Blaise looked worried for a moment. "He wasn't mad, was he?"

I shrugged. "Who cares. His feelings honestly mean nothing to me anymore. I hope he was mad." I leaned my head on Blaise's shoulder.

"My head hurts." I whined.

"You need some proper sleep." Blaise said.

"No, you need to stop drinking so heavily." Ron said.

"Hey, you told me to enjoy my party and I did just that." I said.

"You couldn't enjoy it while being sober?" He asked.

"Nope." I responded.

"I'll walk you to the Room of Requirement so you can sleep." Blaise offered. "I'm sure this is the last place you want to be right now."

Draco had just walked down from the boy's dormitory. He looked over at us hopefully, but upon seeing our expressions, he looked away and left the common room.

"Yeah, you're right." I said to Blaise.

I woke up to whispering. "You're so beautiful." I heard.

I groaned as I woke up. I sat up and yawned and saw Blaise. "Did you sleep well?" He asked.

"Yeah." I answered. "What were you saying just before I woke up?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean you were whispering something." I answered.

He shook his head. "I think that was apart of your dream, I didn't say anything."

I frowned slightly. "Hmm, that's weird. Felt so real." I shrugged it off.

"So what do you want to do?" He asked.

"I want revenge." I said darkly.

"What have I done?!" Blaise asked wildly.

"Not on you. On Draco." I clarified.

"Oh." He said. "How do you plan on doing that?"

I thought for a moment and then smirked. "You'll see. Now, I think its time to give Draco all his shit back..."

Blaise looked rather confused, but he followed me out of the room.

"You told him where to meet me, right?" I asked Ron, sitting on his bed in the boys Gryffindor dormitories.

He nodded. "Yep, he thinks you really want to talk to him." He said.

Pansy suddenly came up. "I think he's out there now." She said. We looked out the window and there was Draco standing all the way down there, looking around, no doubt for me.

I took a deep breath and opened up the window all the way. "Draco!" I called down.

He looked up wildly. "Jo, what are you doing up there?!" He asked.

"I just need to give you a few things back." I said.

Draco groaned. "But I thought you wanted to talk. Don't do this Jo." He begged.

"Draco, why can't you understand that we are over?" I asked, trying to stall. I needed an audience for this to work. There were a few people gathered around already.

"Because, I don't want us to be over, Jo." He called up.

"I don't believe you." I said. More people now.

"I know you don't but let me prove to you that I do. I swear I will redeem myself. We can be together again and we can be happy. I will work really hard to fix things." Draco said.

I heard a few girls 'aww'. I rolled my eyes. Some girls are so nšive. But more people were coming. Almost time.

"I don't think you can." I said. "You really hurt me." I said sadly, playing along.

"I know baby, but come on, you know I love you." He said. And there it was. The trigger phrase, and there were enough people.

"Oh really?!" I asked. "You love me? Then why did you cheat on me with Tara Webster?!" I shouted making sure everyone could hear.

Draco's eyes widened and he looked around to see all the people. "Jo..."

"Answer me Draco!" I yelled. "Tell me why I caught you cheating on me on my birthday!"

"I-I was..." he couldn't answer. Everyone was murmuring down below.

"You can't even give me an answer!" I cried. "That's all I want! An answer. An explanation for why I'm not good enough for you and you needed to go find pleasure with someone else."

"Please stop." Draco pleaded.

"If you can't give me an answer, I can't get back with you, so here's all your shit!" I grabbed the box I had put all his things on and set it on the window sill. As I did that, I heard Pansy and Ron practically dying of laughter.

Blaise was down there with Draco, smirking up at me, proud that I was getting my revenge.

I grabbed one of Draco's shirts and threw it down. He scrambled to grab it. "Don't do this Jo! I just want one more chance!"

I was slightly surprised he still wants another chance after I embarassed him like this.

"No!" I shouted, throwing another shirt down. He made another scramble. I continued throwing things down as he continues protesting and and telling me to stop.

And then there's no more stuff in the box. "Good bye Draco." I said as I pulled my head in the room and closed the window. I sighed.

"How did I do?" I asked Ron and Pansy.

"Amazing." Pansy said getting up and hugging.

"I'm proud of you Lina." Ron said. "How do you feel?"

How did I feel? I suddenly burst into tears. "What's wrong?!" Pansy asked.

"The only guy I ever really loved is out of my life for good and now I'm going to be lonely and sad." I cried.

"You don't have to be lonely." Ron said. "You have us."

"I know, but it's not the same. Draco has always been the biggest part of my life and now he's just gone."

"But you kicked him out of your life." Pansy said.

"I had to! I couldn't keep him around, he'd just hurt me more." I said. "I just wish I'd never walked into that room yesterday. I'm so damn nosy."

"Why? So he could continue cheating on you behind your back?!" Ron asked.

"I think I'd rather have that than the pain I feel right now." I said quietly.

"Look at me Jolina." Pansy demanded. I looked up at her. "You are going to find a great guy who treats you ten times better than Draco did. He's going to love you with all his heart and he'll treat you like a queen. Do you understand?"

I half smiled. "Blaise says I should be treated like a queen."

"Well, Blaise is right." She said. "You might not be able to move on right away, but you will soon enough. You don't need Draco."

Then why did I feel like I did?

The day passed in a slow blur. I couldn't tell you what happened after I humiliated Draco, because I honestly couldn't remember. What I could remember is fighting myself the whole day. One minute wanting to go to Draco and tell him he has one moe chance, the next I was telling myself he doesn't deserve another chance he deserves nothing.

Of course the reasonable side of me that never wanted anything to do with Draco won. The other side of me just ran out of arguments. I don't leave the Room of Requirement for most of the day until dinner.

"Come on, Jolina." Blaise said softly. "Time for dinner."

"I'm not really hungry." I said.

"Lina, you have to eat." Ron insisted.

I sighed. "But I'm not hungry."

"Jolina just get up and pretend you're hungry and happy, please?" Pansy asked.

"All right." I said getting up. We walked in silence to the Great Hall. When we were in the Entrance Hall, they all suddenly stopped.

"Um, you know what? Let's not eat dinner." Ron said.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "You guys made me get up to eat." I tried to walk past them.

"And we shouldn't have done that." Blaise said stepping in front of me. "So let's go back to the Room of Requirement, huh?"

"Nah." I said. "I'm actually kind of hungry now."

"We'll bring you some food." Pansy said.

"What's going on?" I asked pushing through all of them and then I stopped too. There, just in front of the Great Hall was Draco...and Tara snogging the hell out of eachother.

It hurt. It hurt so much. We had been broken up for barely twenty four hours and he had already decided to be with her. I know I told him to, but I didn't mean for it to be so fast.

"I'm sorry, Jolina." Blaise whispered.

"No, it's fine. I broke up with him, it's fine." I think I was assuring myself more than him. "Let's go."

As we approached near them, they stopped kissing. Tara was smiling and Draco was smirking just slightly like he knew he just made her day or something.

"Well if it isn't the cheater and the slut." Pansy said. "What a lovely couple you make."

Draco glanced at me. "Pansy-"

"She's right." I interrupted. "You two deserve eachother."

"You're right, Jolina. I do deserve Draco." She smirked.

"Yeah, you do. You deserve an unfaithful, pathetic, disgusting, lying boyfriend." I said glaring at Draco. "And Draco, you deserve a dirty, man stealing slut as a girlfriend. I hope you guys are happy."

I walked away with my head held high even though I was dying on the inside. Pansy was right, I had to move on. Draco and I were

A/N: Hi. So, what did you think? Do you think Jo is making the right choice? How do you feel about Draco and Tara together now? I personally loved how Jo embarrassed Draco in front of all those people. So, next chapter will be coming very soon and things are gonna get even more interesting! Thanks for reading. :)

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