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Rita by LooniLoopi
Chapter 1 : The Reflection
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I stared at the image of pure, unblemished perfection in front of me. Golden, thick, long, straight, glossy hair. Silvery eyes that glowed green in the sunlight, hidden behind a pair of designer glasses father got for me. Lunettes. Very, very expensive. My uniform wasn't quite perfect but nearly, my top button showing off enough of my cleavage to make me look attractive but not tarty (like some people I could mention - Narcissa Black!!).

How could someone like me be single, I hear you ask. Well it's simple. My last boyfriend, Rhys Hoggington was frankly more slimy than a toad. He had more grease in his hair than Severus Snape and Lily discovered the Armortia (something like that) before it got too far. And I guess I just haven't got around much since then. I may look easy but seriously, I'm very, VERY hard to please.

I charmed my cheeks red and touched my eyelashes with mascara before heading out of our dormitory. Lily was sitting on one of the armchairs by the fire, talking to Mary MacDonald and Mary McKinnon. The other two members of our dormitory.

"Finally! You took your time Ritz!" 'Ritz' was her pet name for me. I didn't like it but you don't argue with Lily Evans. If she doesn't hex you, James Potter will.

"Well this isn't easy to keep up!" I gesture at my flawless self whilst they roll their eyes.

"I'm starving, let's just go." MacDonald whined and we headed out of the portrait hole. Lily stopped us by the door to the main hall.

"Go on without me. I've, uh, forgotten something." She hurried in the opposite direction to Gryffindor Tower and we shared a collective sigh.

"I don't know why she's still friends with HIM!" McKinnon whispered, "the Slytherins are really into dark magic. I almost don't want to let her go off on her own." There was a brush against us and I held out my hand and grasped at the folds of James Potter's Invisibility Cloak.

"Oi! Get off!" yelled Sirius, who was revealed along with James and Peter.

"I'm going after her, cloak or no cloak." James muttered as he sprinted down the corridor.

"Well I'm going for lunch," squeaked Peter, his voice the only unbroken one in the whole of Gryffindor's 5th year. "Remus has been in there for ages." The Marys agreed with him and walked into the hall leaving me and Sirius alone.

"Do you want to go after them?" I offered, gesturing down the corridor, "or are you hungry too?"

He shook his head. "I'm still full from the Halloween Feast last night-"

"And all the food and Firewhisky you stole from the kitchen?" I joked.

"Let's just go." He scowled and we walked down the corridor in silence until he broke it. "I need to say something... But I don't know how."

"Natural writer here," I offered, "just tell me and I'll word it better for you." He gulped and scratched his neck.

"I kinda like you, Rita..." I put a manicured finger on his surprisingly smooth lips. Perhaps I wasn't the only one that use muggle lip products...

"Do you want to go to Hogsmeade together on the next trip?" He nodded and I joined his lips with mine.


Hi! Thanks for reading this first chapter of hopefully a lot more. I've labelled it One-Shot because my stories end up pretty small and I'm not really sure if it will be long enough to be classed as a short story. If that makes any sense at all. Not happy with it but, as a first draft, what do you think? Reviews are welcome but this is my first story so be nice :) I'm sure you're all great anyway. Thanks again for reading and I'll try and post the next one soon - hopefully a bit longer. Thanks :D
LooniLoopi xxx

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