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A Building Love by weasleytwinlover2011
Chapter 26 : Chapter 26
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Okay so here is an extra fast update for you extra special readers! Hope you enjoy it! Chapter 26...

Everyone was gathered around Fred and George who were announcing the grand opening date for the store however they were having a little bit too much fun with it and everyone was growing impatient.

“Just tell us already, we need to start advertising!” Ginny said.

“It’s true we have a lot of work to do,” Hermione said.

“Guys you sent me an owl an hour ago and I got here within five minutes! Show some hospitality and tell us the damn date,” Lee said though he smiled at his friends.

“To be honest Lee we would’ve just owled you the opening date but you know we missed you mate,” George laughed.

“Angie I don’t actually know why we told you to come because we could’ve owled it and I mean it’s not like with Lee since you know I didn’t miss you,” Fred teased. Angelina hit his shoulder playfully but smiled anyway.

“You boys tell us now, dinner will not cook itself,” Molly said to them angrily.

Everyone played it as though they just wanted to know for the sake of advertising, clearing schedules and things but none of them let on the real reason for their eagerness...the fact they were all extremely excited! The twins had talked about the shop for years, planned the shop for years, dreamt about the shop and now they’d finally achieved their dream but wouldn’t tell them the date of the grand opening. Over the years the twins’ enthusiasm had become contagious and now everyone was emotionally invested in the shop and were very curious and keen so the twins’ usual playfulness was being especially frustrating.

“Guys calm down it’s just a date why are you so eager?” George asked.

“Yeah I mean we’ll sort out advertising and make sure you’re all their on the day so...” Fred began.

“...we don’t see why it’s so essential you know now...”

“...unless obviously you want to admit the fact that...”

“ are way too excited and you really want to know as soon as possible,” George said raising a sceptical eyebrow around his closest friends and family.

“Fine we’re all excited like crazy,” Hermione said, “tell us please?”

“Well they’re all crazy excited but I just want mum to get on with dinner, I’m starving,” said Ron not seeing the big deal in the apprehension.

“We’ll tell you,” said Fred and everyone gave a sigh of relief (except for Ron).

“On one condition,” George added.

“Ron has to admit he’s excited about the shop,” Fred explained.

“But I’m not excited...” Ron started.

“Just say it!” Ginny demanded and Ron was shocked into silence, eyes wide.

Ron was stubborn and there was no doubt about it but everyone glaring at him was unnerving so he got over his enormous pride and decided to get it over with. “I’m excited about the shop,” he muttered through gritted teeth.

“Didn’t really sound sincere did it Freddie?” asked George.

“No it really didn’t,” Fred agreed shaking his head at Ron disapprovingly. “No genuine excitement, no grand opening date.”

“Ron,” Hermione groaned, “Get over your massive ego and just say it like you mean it!” Everyone nodded in agreement looking at Ron with exasperated faces.

“Fine guys,” he huffed. “I’m really excited about the shop and I’m really glad that you’re happy.”

“Aw Ronniekins,” both twins said overdramatically as they both hugged him in an embrace that seemed very painful for Ron.

“Let me go,” he said in a strangled voice. They released him and the second he was free he was gasping for breath.

“Okay this Friday is the grand opening,” Fred told them and they all smiled.

“That’s only five days away and there’s so much work to do,” Molly said bustling around and grabbing a piece of parchment, a quill and some ink and beginning to scratch away.

“Mum what’re you doing?” asked George curiously apparating to her side and peering over her shoulder.

“What did I tell you about using magic for simple things?” she asked him.

“Never mind mum,” George said rolling his eyes and reading as she wrote.

“Mum what are all these names for?” Fred asked apparating to her other side just to irritate her.

“Fred are you deaf? Did you not just hear me tell George off for doing the exact same thing?” Molly asked.

“Well on the bright side you managed to tell us apart for once,” George shrugged.

“What are all the names for?” Fred repeated watching his mother with a curious expression.

“These,” Molly said gesturing to the list, “are all the people I need to owl about the shop.”

“Oh,” George said, he hadn’t really thought his mum would be quite so enthusiastic.

“Mum dinner first, shop later,” Fred said pushing her gently towards the kitchen.

“Yes, yes you’re very right we can do this later as a family,” she said. “Lee, Angelina dears are you staying for dinner?”

“Well I- if you don’t mind and if it isn’t a bother then I...” Lee began.

“Of course not,” Molly said warmly, “you’re welcome here always.”

“Angie’s staying,” Fred chimed.

“I do believe that’s her decision Fred,” Mrs. Weasley said with a smile.

“Yeah I’ll stay thanks Mrs. Weasley,” Angelina said.

“See I wasn’t wrong...” Fred began in an attempt to prove his mother wrong.

“Yes but the girl has a voice of her own dear,” Molly said shaking her head at him but smiling anyway.

“I know she has a voice, it’s a constant buzzing in my ear,” Fred said loudly but in a playful way.

“Hey,” Angelina said raising her arm to hit him in his shoulder but he grabbed her hand.

“Just playing Angel,” he said softly.

George fake gagged and everyone laughed. “Get a room you two, or at least give all of us time to leave this room.”

“Just jealous because I have a girlfriend and you don’t,” Fred said and grinned mischievously.

“Please I have nothing to be jealous about everyone knows I’m the better looking twin,” George said brushing imaginary dust from his shoulder.

“Yeah of course,” Fred said sarcastically

“Well at least you’ve finally admitted the truth,” George grinned ignoring his twins tone.

“Guys you do know you’re identical even to the freckles,” Hermione said.

“All that means Granger is that when we’re together we’re double as hot,” George said whilst winking at her.

“Yeah hot that’s the word I was looking for it wasn’t anything like annoying or big-headed,” Hermione teased.

“Granger I think you need to watch yourself or you might need a reminder of what happens when you cross the Weasley twins,” Fred threatened. Hermione pondered for a moment, recalling the catastrophic tickling epidemic of the day before and smiled.

“Sorry guys,” she muttered under her breath, she hated being intimidated by the twins especially since they were so care free, friendly, gentle, caring, loving and fun she had no reason to worry about what they could do to her except for the fact they knew that tickling was pure torture to her.

“No way, at school they were terrified of making you angry now they’re threatening you, have I missed something?” Angelina asked.

“At school I can use magic at my will but I’m not of age yet so I’m basically defenceless,” Hermione explained.

“And we were never terrified of her,” George said.

“Uh huh she was the only one who seemed to never get pranked and I’m sure that’s because you were too scared of her,” Angelina said.

“We didn’t play jokes on her on Georgie’s special request,” Fred explained and Hermione arched a sceptical eyebrow at George who blushed and looked away.

“Really?” Hermione asked the twins.

George rubbed the back of his neck looking at her uneasily. “It was a mutual agreement of sorts,” he smiled.

“You’re so sweet,” Hermione said leaning into him and George slung an arm round her waist instinctively. Hermione suddenly realised that what she’d just done was in a way addressing their relationship the same thing she’d freaked out about when George had the other day. Maybe she did want to get together sooner rather than later or maybe she didn’t...she was conflicted now. Then again it wasn’t a hard decision a relationship now with everything he had going on and her school work not to mention an impending Wizarding war it was impractical to start a relationship.

Now it was George’s turn to freak out. He knew she knew how much he cared for her and he knew she cared for him and he wanted to be with her more than anything else but he wasn’t sure he was ready anymore. That had been the problem hadn’t it? That they weren’t ready, that a relationship was impractical with everything that was going on. But if she was ready he was too and if she felt they should wait, then he would wait an eternity for her because that’s what she was worth to him, that’s what love meant to him. It all depended on her, he didn’t want to hurt her or rush her into anything, after all despite everything she was only sixteen where he was eighteen and maybe she was too young for such a serious relationship. Therefore he would wait happily because at the end of it all he didn’t want a meaningless fling he wanted a future, a future with Hermione playing the lead role.

Hermione smiled at George and all his worries faded into the background and he resorted to when it’s time it’ll happen and he smiled back at her warmly. Hermione felt all of her concerns melt away as George’s smile and warmth washed over her and she leant further into his side and he strengthened his hold on her.

“How comes you never special requested that I didn’t get pranked?” Angelina asked Fred folding her arms across her chest and arching an eyebrow at him.

“Angel the pranks I play on you are but a demonstration of my affection for you,” he said sweetly.

“Boy you know how to butter a girl up,” Angelina sighed.

“One of my many talents,” Fred said proudly.

“Many meaning few, right?” asked Hermione teasingly.

“Granger I really think you want a repeat of the tickling epidemic,” Fred said as he grinned at her.

“I’m sorry you set them up and I can’t help it,” Hermione apologised with a shrug.

“Yes sarcastic comments are a hobby of yours aren’t they, Granger?” George teased.

“I resent that Weasley,” she said. “I’m not that sarcastic.”

“How can you lie like that?” George asked her with a smile.

“I’m not lying, I happen to be very slightly sarcastic so?” Hermione insisted.

“So nothing dear, I was just pointing it out,” George said simply as he played with her hair.

“Gred, Forge you mentioned something else you needed my help with in the letter but didn’t specify,” Lee said joining the conversation.

Fred gave a wicked grin, “that we did my friend and we will enlighten you in a moment but not here...” Fred trailed off and whispered loudly when he continued, “It’s a secret!”

“Yeah so shush,” George hissed following his twins’ tone.

“Do we want to know what you’re planning?” Hermione asked as the three boys headed upstairs and stopped to respond.

“Now Granger who said anything about planning? You needn’t expect so much from us Hermione it’s just three friends catching up is all. I don’t see why you should be so concerned really you need to trust us more than that,” George said and Fred nodded beside him though Lee looked at both the twins seeming afraid to some extent.

A couple of hours past in which Hermione caught up with Angelina and chatted with Ginny, Ron and Harry.

“Hermione dear dinners ready in ten so if you could retrieve the boys please?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“Of course,” Hermione smiled as she headed up. She paused outside the twins’ room and temptation got the better of her as she pressed her ear against the door listening to their conversation.

“So we put it in everyone’s drinks except for us obviously and we should get some seriously funky hair,” Hermione heard Fred say.

Everyone else’s drinks?” George asked uneasily.

“Come on George she’ll have a laugh and we’ll set her back to normal, what’s going to happen? She won’t kill you I promise,” Lee laughed.

“Have you met Hermione? There is a likely chance I will die,” George said.

George,” Fred laughed. “Heck I’m scared of Granger but she weighs as much as a feather doesn’t she? She cannot hurt us!”

“Fred she’s a witch,” George pointed out.

“And...? She can’t hex us or anything, can she? You’re forgetting that she’s not of age, she wouldn’t risk magic knowing it would jeopardise her opportunity to complete her education at Hogwarts, would she?” Fred explained.

“True the only thing more important than an education to her is me,” George smirked smugly.

“Yes you’re barely better than books and teachers congratulations,” Fred joked.

Hermione smiled on the other side of the door but if they thought they were touching her hair they had another thing coming. Slowly she knocked on the door.

“Enter if you dare,” came Fred’s voice.

“Guys dinners almost ready so you should probably come down,” Hermione said as she pushed open the door.

“Okay,” George responded getting to his feet and the other two followed, Fred discretely slipping a few vials filled with a suspicious pink liquid into his pocket which Hermione wouldn’t have noticed had she not been paying such close attention. Nevertheless Hermione didn’t let on she knew more than she should and pretended to not have seen a thing whilst wondering how she would be able to get back at the twins even though they weren’t actually going accomplish playing a prank on her it was just getting revenge for their plotting.

When everyone was sat at the dinner table Fred, George and Lee took it upon themselves to pour drinks so Hermione was careful to get a seat next to them at the end of the table. Out of the corner of her eye she watched Fred pour some of the mysterious, pink liquid into all drinks except for three of them and he took one for himself before passing the other two to George and Lee. They all kept a hand on their own cups as not to be confused as they passed the others down the dinner table and everyone took one. After everyone piled their plates with food the three were disappointed that no one had taken a drink yet and George turned to speak to the other too.

“I’ve got an idea,” he whispered to them, “just follow my lead.” However whilst distracted Hermione subtly swapped their glasses though Fred caught her eye at the last second realising what she’d done and a huge grin spread across his face and he shook his head chuckling to himself lightly.

George and Lee gave him curious glances but didn’t get a chance to say anything as someone beat them to it.

“What’s so funny?” Angelina asked.

“Nothing Angel, nothing,” he brushed off. “George?” Fred said referring to the ‘idea’ his twin had had moments ago.

George nodded and cleared his throat loudly gaining the attention of the entire table if not the whole of Ottery St. Catchpole as it seemed that loud. “My twin and I would like to propose a toast to ourselves really,” George grinned and shrugged, “for the shop and all the hard work we put in to our greatest achievement. I propose a toast to Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes,” George finished and raised his glass.

Everyone mimicked the action raising their drinks all saying things from “to the twins” to “to the psychos”. Everyone took a sip or in some cases gulped down half the drink afterwards and Fred, George and Lee watched in excitement their eyes darting up and down the table. Hermione’s attention was a hundred percent focused on George though she noticed as purple hair spread throughout the table and couldn’t help but laugh at everyone. Most of them laughed and scolded the twins playfully in fact even Mrs. Weasley was happy to some extent and she laughed at her husband’s hair only to shut up when she caught sight of her own.

George eyed Hermione suspiciously, “Maybe you’re just immune,” he shrugged.

But Hermione was too focused on not laughing to respond as she looked at his which that was bright purple. Both Fred and Lee were laughing openly as they looked at George but George mistook it as them laughing at the others rather than checking his own hair. Fred began to play with Angelina’s purple hair and she hit him playfully though when everyone had calmed everyone’s attention turned to Hermione.

“So you were in on the prank but George wasn’t?” Harry asked Hermione suspiciously.

“What do you mean?” George asked. “She wasn’t in on it but her hair just didn’t change colour for some reason. Why wouldn’t I be in on it?”

“Because your hair is purple?” Ron suggested through laughter and George’s eyes widened in realisation.

Hermione pulled at a longer strand of his hair, moving it so he could see it.

“Hey at least for future references you can safely say you don’t look half bad with purple hair,” Hermione laughed.

“You,” he hissed having just clicked what had happened into place. “How...?”

“I overheard your plan and wasn’t falling for the trick so when you were distracted I switched our drinks,” Hermione explained whilst wearing a proud expression.

“Impressive,” George admitted, “but this” George said whilst gesturing to his hair, “is not cool.”

“I think it suits you,” Hermione smiled.

“No it’s just that my invincible good lucks are too amazing to be weakened by something like my hair despite how incredible my hair is,” George grinned.

“Always so modest,” Hermione laughed whilst shaking her head at him.

“I try to be,” George grinned, “but how can you make this seem average?” he asked and gestured to himself.

“It’s true that would just be offensive to average people,” Hermione said.

“Ha ha Hermione, ha ha,” he gave a fake laugh but smiled anyway.

“Granger I have never been so proud in my life,” Fred said whilst shaking her hand, “always knew you had it in you,” he said fondly whilst ruffling her hair.

“It’s true actually,” Lee grinned, “you beat George at his own game.”

“Hey no one plays this game better than a Weasley twin,” George said in an attempt to defend himself.

“Maybe not but that round my friend, I’m sorry to say, went to Hermione,” Lee told him and patted his shoulder pityingly.

“Good game Hermione,” George said and shook her hand with a smile.

“Watch your back Weasley because there’s a new champion in town,” Hermione teased and everyone laughed.

Okay thank you all so much for reading! I really appreciate any feedback so feel free to leave a review and let me know your thoughts because I love to hear from you. Hope you continue to read and enjoy the story! PLEASE REVIEW!!!

Alright so there are just a few of you amazing reviewers who I feel deserve to be mentioned! So let's see...

Alright firstly I want to say a massive thank you to TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong who always leaves the most amazing reviews and I can't thank them enough for all their support! If you ever get the chance please check out their story 'Pranksters World' which is truly excellent!

Next up is DracoGal! She never fails to leave an excellent review on the story and I'm so appreciative for all the support and praise she gives me! She's always so quick to review and I'm always so excited to hear from her.

Then a new reviewer Hermione and George who's really sweet and even said I was her inspiration which made me feel so happy it's unbelievable and I'd also advise you to check out her story 'Unexpected Blossoming Love' which has only just started but it is really good!

Okay another couple of quick mentions for River, Scriptie, Zyii and hausofluucy  who are all great and I can always count on them for support and encouragement!

Thanks again for reading! Jenna :)

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