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Unexpected Expectations by LadyOrobourus
Chapter 1 : A Day in the Life of Sin
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Awesome picture done by Beeezie@TDA

                 The dark-haired girl was running as fast as her legs would let her. The wand she held wasn’t hers. She didn’t know where she was – only that her pursuer wasn’t friendly. Already tired, she found it difficult to push herself a little more as she attempted to put more ground between her and her pursuer. The corridor was dark, and seemed to extend as she ran. Somehow, the footsteps were catching up. She knew that she couldn’t keep this pace for long; she needed a place to hide. She glanced back, still unable to see her pursuer. No voice spoke the spell that hit her in the back. Need to warn Harry, were her last thoughts as she fell into darkness.


Drasina woke with a start. A light breeze played with the white canopy over her bed. It was that dream again. A glance at the clock on her nightstand told her it was 5 in the morning. She could hear the soft rustle of trees from outside her window. With a sigh, she rolled over, wrapping the white duvet more snuggly around herself. Once woken up it was always hard to get back to sleep. Her mind was never still, her thoughts could take her anywhere but all she wanted to do was get some more rest. She knew it was pointless but tried none the less.

After five minutes of trying to clear her head she gave into her thoughts about the dream. For about a month now the dreams had been frequent, but their source eluded her. Maybe it was something from a movie she had seen. Nevertheless, the reoccurring dream disturbed her, its twisted faces, dark damp places, and the never ending corridor without any light. Shuttering she took another peek at the clock, hoping it was much later, with no such luck.

“Might as well start the day,” she thought with a grumble. Sin rolled from her four poster bed and stretched before slipping into her favorite monster slippers. She made a beeline for the kitchen and pressed the little blue button that started coffee. The coffee pot murmured as it created the elixir of life. She leaned against the counter. Tapping her fingers against the marble countertop only seemed to make the liquid flow slower. She turned her attention to the double French doors that lead to the balcony.


The morning air was chilly as she walked out onto the balcony. Her shop, which doubled as her home, sat nestled into a corner of a small shopping square in Pyre Hill, a sleepy little wizarding community outside of London. Everything was so quiet here, she mused; the only other shop that showed life was the bakery at the end of the street. Elise always seemed to be baking. Her shop boasted the best bread in town. Not that there was much competition, but there was something about fresh backed croissants in the morning. Her tummy grumbled as she went back into the large kitchen. Sin wondered if today would be busy. She had been meaning to take a trip into London, to make arrangements for a special potions order. Something’s you just can’t get across in a letter… The coffee pot chimed, tearing Sin away from her thoughts.


Two cups of coffee and a shower later, she tied her blonde hair back, applied light makeup, picked out a simple yellow-and-black sundress, before going downstairs to her bookshop.

A young owl sat on his perch on the counter of the store. Alfonse sat with his head nestled under his wing, his grey and yellow feathers gleamed as she turned on the lanterns. Sin was surprised to see him. He had been gone all day yesterday and hadn’t returned by nightfall, and it was very out of character. She greeted him by rubbing the soft feathers on top of his head before setting to the opening chores. He opened a brilliant yellow eye to watch her for a few seconds before going back to sleep.

Sin loved her store, Once Upon a Time. When she had bought it had been nothing but a few shelves and a counter. All the walls were now covered with bookcases packed with books. She had a small room in the back that held some of the more advanced reading material.

She had hated the old tile floor, and replaced it with a warm purple carpet. Several black leather reading chairs were placed randomly around the room. A great stone fire place by the front window gave the shop its warm comfy feel. Her store sign hung in the window. The shops name changed colors and it was readable in every language. It was one of the more flashy signs on the block but she loved it.     


Sin managed to sort her arrivals from the weekly order, before the shop’s normal opening time. The shop’s location gave her more time than she knew what to do with. It wasn’t until noon that she got busy. She managed to do well for such a small town. Several of her customers were quite loyal to her store, giving up the convenience of Diagon Alley to come to Pyre Hill instead. One such customer was Narcissa Malfoy. Sin had immediately liked the woman. Narcissa always showed up at approximately eleven o’ clock every first Tuesday of the month. Some days they would go out for a quick lunch, and some days they just chatted at the shop.


Sin admired Narcissa’s life. The older lady lived with her son in Pyre’s outskirts. They had moved here to escape the "ghosts" of Malfoy Manor. She had noticed most of Narcissa’s stories were either about her childhood, or very recent times. She sometimes wondered why the war or her husband were never mentioned in her stories, but never pressed, knowing that if Narcissa wanted to tell her, she would.

Sin didn’t know much about her own life before she moved here, but she knew she didn’t grow up in the area. Bits and pieces of her old life would resurface every once in a while. Her memory was not a key part of her life; she had accepted that it was lost long ago. She moved forward instead of looking back. She was smart, and had a love for learning. Sin knew her old self had attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but had no recollection of her classmates or teachers. One thing she had going for her was her skill in spells, which were above average, according to the tests; her N.E.W.T. scores had been record-breaking.

As the day came to a close, Sin tidied up the shop before heading back upstairs to cook dinner. When she had bought the shop, the upstairs had left a lot to be desired, but with a bit of magic and some major decorating tips from Narcissa, the two-bedroom flat had become livable, even pleasant. Several Extension Charms allowed her to have an island in the center of her once-small kitchen. She had put in two wall ovens, and upgraded her stove to gas. Copper pots and pans hung from a rack over the stove. In the corner of the kitchen sat another stone fireplace. Its hearth was a large wedge, a most convenient place to brew potions. She used her pantry to store her numerous ingredients.


She was pondering what to make, when a brown owl came swooping in from the open French double doors in the living room. He dropped a letter on the counter before perching on a barstool that sat around the island. She opened the letter, and was surprised to find a dinner invitation from Narcissa.


Dearest Drasina,


I would like to invite you to a small party I am throwing this Saturday. It is casual attire. I do hope you can make it. Please send your response immediately.





A smile came across Sin’s face – the silly woman had just visited her two days ago. Saturday was a couple of days away. Short notice was not generally her forte, but Sin sent an acceptance letter back with the brown owl. She smiled; it was a good excuse to get a new dress. After all, she needed to go to London, and she loved any excuse to shop.  


She closed shop early the next day and apparated to the Leaky Caldron. After stopping by the apothecary and setting up her order. She proceeded to spend the afternoon in Muggle London, trying on dress after dress. She decided on a green sundress that matched her favorite pair of shoes. She stopped back in the Leaky Cauldron for a butterbeer before going home with her find.

The days before the event seemed to pass by slowly, every morning when she walked into her closet, she would see the dress bag and couldn’t help but feel excited. She had even laid it out on her bed just to look at it again. The green dress had stood out against the primarily white room. The white bedding and furniture had been her idea but Narsissa had insisted on the blue and green pillows that sat on the bed and the green lamp on her bedside table.

The night of the party, Sin got ready early and took her broom from the hallway closet. She loved to ride, and it was perfect weather. She tucked her wand and clutch purse into her messenger bag before setting off on the broom. It was a lovely night to fly. She had taken up flying when she had moved out here. It was hard to travel to find her herbs without it. It had eventually turned into an enjoyed pastime.

The country was so pretty this time of year. Most of the flowers were in full bloom, and the air was a mix of fragrances. She stopped in a field to pick some wild flowers she knew Narcissa admired. She conjured a small vase to hold them before setting off again.


Narcissa lived in a small manor, nestled in the woods. The house itself was surrounded by several gardens and high stone walls. Sin knew that the topiaries were charmed to defend against intruders – she had once been marveling at one when it had come to life and immobilized her. It took two house elves and Narcissa to put her right. She had learned her lesson very quickly with that one…


Sin used the main path to the large wooden door. Before she could knock, a small house elf she knew to be named Fritzy greeted her. “Miss is in the back garden,” the small elf squeaked as she bowed. Sin handed her the messenger bag after taking out her wand.

She made her way across the parlor and through the double doors that lead into the rose garden behind the house. The gardens had changed since the last time she had been here. It looked as if Narcissa had added a white marble fountain. The water changed colors as it fell from its tiered bowls. The cherub that sat at its crown was currently flirting shamelessly with the lady guests while playing the lute. Sin smiled at the site before turning to find Narcissa.

It didn’t take Narcissa long to notice Sin standing by the new fountain. Over the years, Narcissa had grown very fond of the girl, and couldn’t help but hope that her son would take to her, as well.

After the final battle, Draco’s alliance with the Order, along with her lie to Voldemort, had saved them from prison. Her husband had died trying to escape the final battle, but Lucius’s death had been a small blessing. His final year had been so volatile she knew he would have never fully recovered from it. At first, the wizarding community was unwilling to accept the Malfoy’s back, but after several charitable donations and parties, the Malfoy’s were put back into a little more favorable light. Her hard work paid off, her son wouldn’t have to worry anymore. They were going to make it. She put on a smile and greeted the girl with a hug and a kiss on the cheek

Sin settled in one of the many chairs on the lawn, having already stopped by the buffet to pick up several cute cakes and fruit pieces before making her way to an empty corner. She munched happily, watching the other guests. It seemed that most of the guests had their own little social circles. The men sat around drinking whiskey, and several ladies in huge gaudy hats stood near the fountain, giggling at each other.

A ginger-haired lady sat off to the side, surrounded by a small group of older witches; Sin was sure she was a Weasley. Even someone who made it a point to avoid most of the wizarding community knew about the Weasleys, and the famous Chosen One, Harry Potter. Newspaper articles still printed pieces about the ever-missing Hermione Granger. It had been over five years since the war, and there was still no sign of her. Sin, like most people, often wondered: Where had the third member of the Golden Trio gone?

Her thought was brought to a halt. Narcissa was walking towards her table with a tall blonde man in tow. Sin smiled as she recognized Draco immediately. So this was Narcissa’s plan, she thought to herself as she rose to greet them. I don’t normally go for the god’s gift to women type, but this one was really cute, she noted looking him over, and he happened to be the son of one of her dearest friends...

Sin held out her hand as she greeted him with a smirk. His eyes searched her face as he took her hand and kissed it, she felt her heart flutter as she met the full force of his grey eyes. His smirk mirrored hers as she thought to herself, “Oh boy, I’m in trouble.”


AN~ A super special thanks to TenthWeasleyWriter for beta-ing this chapter. Thank you for reading. If you have some time tell me what you think. :3

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