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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 13 : Celebrations
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A/N: Hello readers! This is now chapter thirteen of Catching James Potter! I can't believe that I have actually got this far! Good news! This story is now around the half way mark (give or take a few) as I am expecting around 26 - 30 chapters! 

Special thank you's to IceCubism, Harry and Ginny and TimeSeer for their constant reviews - it means so much to me!

Here's the chapter! Enjoy my darlings! ;)






“Morning all,” I smiled, “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas,” they mumbled, digging into Fleur’s Christmas breakfast which was pancakes with syrup, cream, sugar, and assorted berries.

I grabbed some pancakes and loaded my plate before scoffing it down my throat as Louis came down the stairs.

“Merry Christmas,” he mumbled, sitting down and quickly eating breakfast.

Ever since he missed breakfast from right under his nose, Louis has been eating breakfast extremely fast. It was extremely funny watching him speed eat, the first time it happened, Dom had snorted and spat out her breakfast.

Fleur had been disgusted at both Louis and Dominique.

“How was last night?” Louis asked through a mouthful of pancakes.

“Good,” Dom muttered.

“The usual Ministry Christmas Eve Ball,” Victoire said.

“Amazing,” I breathed, recalling the events from last night.

“I didn’t see you all night! Did you have fun?” Fleur asked, sitting down in between Bill and Teddy, whose hair was a Weasley red.

“Oh yes! It was fantastic! Thank you for allowing me to go,” I smiled.

“It’s fine Mae, we’re glad you enjoyed yourself,” Bill grinned.

“Talk to any Ministry officials?” Teddy asked, taking his fiancée’s hand in his.

“Yes, I talked to the head Healer of St. Mungo’s Damien Holloway, coach of the Chudley Cannons and,” I explained, “Who was the last one again? It’s on the tip of my tongue…oh yeah! Kingsley Shacklebolt, Minister of Magic,”

Victoire’s mouth dropped open, “You spoke to the Minister?”

“Yes,” I said, scoffing more pancakes down my throat.

“How?” she asked.

“Well I walked up to him and opened my mouth to talk,” I explained, Dom snorted.

“I mean how did you get through the pack of people always around him?” Victoire asked.

“James,” I muttered.

“Oh, that explains it then,” and Victoire went back to her pancakes.  

Ha! I had actually made Victoire jealous of me! Of plain old Mae! This is an achievement!

“Ok everyone!” Fleur said, flicking her wand and clearing the table as we finished, “We are leaving for the Burrow in one hour, no later, no earlier! So go make yourselves presentable, chop, chop!” Fleur yelled, shooing us from the kitchen.

I ran up the stairs with Dom and Louis on my tail and into Dom’s bedroom.

“So you actually spoke to the Minister of Magic?” Louis asked.

“Shut up Lou, it’s not like you haven’t had a spoken to him,” Dom rolled her eyes, “Didn’t you speak to him a couple of days ago?”

“Shut up Dom!” Louis growled, “I just wanted to know what they talked about!”

“What did you talk about?” Dom asked.

“The usual, N.E.W.T’s, Quidditch,” I explained, “Oh yeah, and he thought James and I were dating,”

Dom just raised her eyebrow, Louis laughed.

“What? Aren’t you shocked?” I asked.

“No,” they both said.

“Why?” I asked angrily.

“You too do look like you are together,” Louis explained.

I scoffed.

“We do not!”

“Yes you do!” Dom exclaimed, “Even Teddy asked me if you two were dating,”

I raised my eyebrow, Teddy knew James better than anyone, and wouldn’t he just know that we weren’t?

“It looks like you are,” Teddy yawned, walking in and pecking a kiss on Victoire’s cheek.

Bill eyed them down and I swear I heard him growl.

Oh yeah, last night on Parchment, Bill thought they were shagging.

Well, Teddy did say it.

“I’m even wondering if you are,” Dom sighed.

“What? No Dom! I would have told you!” I cried.

“Fine, it’s just I thought we told each other everything,” Dom sighed.

I winced a little at this comment. We did tell each other everything, except for my little moments with James.

“We do tell each other everything Dom! I’ve told you everything,” I lied.

“Ok Mae, if you say so,” Dom smiled.

Suddenly she jumped up and screamed,

“Louis! Out! We’ve got to get ready!” pointing at the door.

“Fine,” Louis muttered, walking out the door, “Bye Mae,”

“See you Louis,” I muttered.

“Come on!” Dom smiled, closing the door behind Louis, “Let’s get ready,”


* * * * *


“DOMINQUE AND MAE HURRY UP!” Fleur screamed from downstairs.

“Coming mum!” Dom yelled, dabbing her eyelashes one more time.

I quickly raced across the hall and grabbed my bag, empting it from books and bottles of water- things I didn’t need today that made my bag a lot lighter. I ran back in while pulling on the bracelet Ginny had bought me (my ring was still on my finger).

“Hurry Dom!” I cried, throwing my lip gloss and mascara in my bag.

“I’m coming!” Dom shrieked, grabbing her bag and running out the door with me on her tail.

As we quickly raced outside to get to the fireplace, we crashed into someone else.

“LOUIS!” Dom roared at him.

“Sorry! Mum sent me up here to check on you two,” Louis explained standing up.

“It’s ok,” I smiled, pulling Dom up.

Dom just frowned.


“COMING MUM!” Dom and Louis yelled as we rushed downstairs.

When we got down there, we saw everyone downstairs around the fire, Bill had the Floo powder pot in his hand and Victoire muttered something like ‘Finally.’

“We’re all here?” Bill asked, “Good, well guest’s first!”

I grabbed a handful of powder and stood in the fireplace.

“The Burrow, yeah?” I asked.

“Yeah,” Louis smiled.

“See you there,” I smiled before yelling, “THE BURROW,”

Eyes screwed shut and arms at my side; I was going to the Burrow for Christmas, for the first time ever.


* * * * *


I landed in another fireplace of a family room that was packed with people.

A lot more than I’m use to at Christmas time.

“Mae! Merry Christmas!” I heard someone yell.

I took a step out of the fireplace and was slammed into by a black haired boy wearing worn jeans and last year’s Weasley jumper.

“Hey Al! Merry Christmas!” I smiled hugging him.

“How’s life going?” Al asked, leading me through the family.

“I’m here and not home with Mitch, with is great!” I cry.

“Mitch your older brother?” he asked.

“Mitch the biggest prat,” I sighed.

“See him often?” Al asked.

“No, and I like it that way,” I replied, spotting Lily, Rose and Roxanne across the room and running over to say hello and wish them a very merry Christmas.

The rest of the morning passed smoothly as I greeted my friends and their family. At around twelve o’clock Nana Molly told everyone the food was ready. We enjoyed a filling lunch and I still hadn’t talked to James, I just glanced at him across the table every now and again. I pulled many Christmas crackers with Lily, who I seemed to be growing very close to, and Albus, Rose, Roxanne, Dom, Molly and Lucy.

After we stood up from lunch Grandad Arthur ordered everyone into the family room for presents. In the family room stood a massive Christmas tree decorated by Nana Molly, millions of presents underneath and assorted photos of the family around the room. I could see the same photo I had seen at the Potter’s, as well as family photos of every Weasley family, there was one of the Weasley family when Dom’s dad looked about seventeen.

I took a seat in between Lily and Dom where we talked about Quidditch teams, Lily was her mother’s daughter, a Holyhead Harpies fan where Dom was a Chudley Cannon’s, I was torn between the two and they spent a good five minutes trying to recruit me to their team.

All of a sudden wrapping paper was flying everywhere and presents were being exchanged. I was giving presents to everyone and I was receiving the same amount. Dom gave me a large supply of new makeup from my favourite store, including my best lipstick was I was getting low on except without my foundation. Bill, Fleur, Louis, Victoire and Teddy all gave me a two bottles of my foundation which I thought Dom had forgot, but thankfully hadn’t. Nana Molly and Grandad Arthur gave me homemade fudge and a Weasley sweater that was a cherry red with a large ‘M’ on the front which I put on straight away. Percy’s family gave me a book voucher, and George and Angelina gave me a massive supply of Witch products from Weasley Wizard Wheeze. Freddie awkwardly gave me a bottle of beautifully smelling perfume that I surprisingly loved and he told me quietly that he had bought it before the ‘incident’ between us and in the Christmas spirit, I forgave him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Ron, Hermione, Rose and Hugo gave me a packet of hair potions that I was in desperate needs for. Harry and Ginny gave me a new pair of low heeled boots (not high but not flat) that I had seen in a store on my outing with Ginny and Dom. I should have known she saw me looking and bought them. My parents gave me something small but exactly what I wanted- the newest ePhone. My last present was from Albus and Lily; I got a Broom caring pack which I was ecstatic about. Funny enough, I didn’t get a present from my ‘best friend’ James even though I gave him a book on Quidditch coaching and a framed photo of me and him in at the Gryffindor table. We were sitting next to each other and we had turned around to face the camera. We smiled and waved, slinging our arms around each other’s necks. Everyone else in the picture was just going about their daily lives, I really liked this picture. I knew it was cheesy but, hey, I like photos! Plus it was a good photo – Dom took it.

Dom cried when I gave her the present I bought her, a huge basket full of beauty products. I don’t know why, I got her around the same thing last year as well. I had given Lily a bottle of my favourite perfume with was called Lilies and Roses, I also gave one to Rose and they loved the smell- they both sprayed some on straight away. I got Albus a pair of Chaser’s gloves as he had been complaining at training they were getting too small. I gave Roxanne (and Freddie I scribbled on before giving) a new Quidditch ball set, Hugo a massive basket of Honeydukes lollies, Victoire some hair potions, Teddy an actual teddy bear with that changed coloured fur which he laughed at, Molly and Lucy a book voucher each and finally Ginny a delicate silver charm bracelet. She smiled and slipped it on.

We went outside for the afternoon and played Quidditch. We played James, Albus, Rose, Roxanne, Freddie, Lily and I verse Harry, Ron, George, Angelina, Ginny, Bill and Charlie. It was technically the Gryffindor team of today versus the Gryffindor team of the 1990’s. It was really close but the kids won in the end as the parents were too ‘stiff’.


* * * * *


The rest of Christmas had been amazing. A lot better to what I was use to in fact.

Normally, my parents would wake us up bright and early and we would eat a dismal breakfast (my mother cannot cook to save herself and nor can my father) while we unwrapped our presents. That would be followed by a family walk in the park where Mitch and I would have a snow ball fight to blow off steam (I always won) and then return home for a burnt lunch and laze around for the rest of the day until Grandmamma came over with the real food for dinner (what was this with Grandparents and being amazing cooks?!) and she’d give us present and then tell us the same Christmas story about our mum’s boring first Christmas.


After the amazing morning and Quidditch, it was almost five thirty. I was lying by the fire with Dom, Lily and Rose with a cup of hot cocoa, when finally a person talked to me.

“Mae?” they asked.

“Mmmm?” I mumbled.

“Can I talk to you?” they asked again.

“We are talking,” I muttered and the girls laughed.

“In private?” they asked yet again.

“Fine,” I groaned standing up and following up. They handed me my coat and I shoved my boots on impatiently before following them outside and into the cold, “What is it James?”

“Why are you so bitchy all of a sudden?” James asked eyeing me as he walked slowly round the yard.

“Well for starters, you haven’t talked to me once today or looked at me! I thought we were past the awkward aftermath of the sex!” I cried, throwing my hands in the air.

“I have talked to you!” he exclaimed.

“When?” I asked.

“Now,” he smirked.

“What is it James?” I groaned, “I want to talk to my friends,”

“Fine,” he mumbled, “I just wanted to give you your Christmas present,”

“My- my Christmas present?” I asked.

“Well it is Christmas,” he retorted.

“I know, it’s just, why didn’t you give it to me when we were all exchanging presents?” I asked.

“I wanted to give it to you in private,” he mumbled, holding out a velvet box with a ribbon on it, “Merry Christmas Mae,”

I silently took the box and untied the ribbon, before opening the box. Inside was a beautiful silver necklace with the most perfect sized Crystal, shaped like a big tear drop hanging off the chain. It was simple yet gorgeous. I pulled it out of the box and let it dangle off my fingers.

“Do you like it?” James asked nervously.

“James, it’s perfect!” I cried, leaping into his arms.

He staggered back in surprise, “I’m glad you like it,”

I stepped out of his arms and undid the tiny clasp, “Help me put it on?”

“You’ll wear it?” James asked.

“Duh,” I whined turning around, “Do it up!”

James sighed and lightly brushed my hair out of the way making my skin tingle underneath my sweater and secured the necklace on. I sighed at the softness of his skin on my mine. Next, he was kissing the sensitive spot where my neck and shoulder met from behind, making me shudder in sheer pleasure. I felt my muscles relax and I was silently groaning, this reminded me of the night we had slept together. I sighed a stepped out of his arms.

“Thank you,” I murmured, “For the necklace,”

“No worries,” he mumbled, “You look beautiful by the way, you look like a Weasley,”

I smiled looking down at myself; I was wearing dusty blue jeans, my Weasley jumper underneath my black coat, knee high chocolate high heel boots, my ring and my bracelet from Ginny, my new necklace from James, and a gold scarf. I my hair was flowing down my back and I had gone with minimal makeup.

“Thank you,” I smiled, “Best friends again?”

“Definitely,” James smiled, slinging his arm around my shoulders and steering my back towards the house, “I liked that photo,”

“I knew you would! I proved Dom wrong!” I grinned.

“What?” James asked, raising his eyebrow.

“Dom thought it was cheesy to give a photo,” I grinned.

James laughed, “Well she was wrong,”

As we walked back inside, I found myself tucking my necklace into my jumper, James saw and nodded in agreement. I didn’t know why I was hiding it, but it felt like something that James and I needed to keep to ourselves.

Before we came in to view, I kissed him on the cheek softly.

Why do you ask?

I actually don’t know, I think my brain was on vacation.

“Thank you,” I whispered as my last boot slid off my foot and clunked to the floor.

“No problem,” James whispered back.

I have a great best friend.



A/N: Da da daaaaaaaaaaaa! What do you guys think? Like? Dislike? Favourite moment? Favourite character? Who would you like to see more of?

Update soon!


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