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Unexpected Blossoming Love by Hermione and George
Chapter 2 : Embarrassment and Feelings
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Hey Guys and Gals. PLEASE leave a comment at the end of this chapter so that I can improve and please give me some ideas of what to do next. Much appreciated, Lyss :)

Hermione walked out of the bathroom, heading towards the great hall, hoping someone will be there. Hermione was just getting off the last staircase when the twins came up behind her, going on about their next pranks. They were on about who should be their next prank victim when one of them tripped on their shoelace, which was undone, and landed on the last stair. "Georgie, are you alright?" Fred asked quickly. "No" replied George on what sounded to be a hurt tone of voice.

"Oh no!" Hermione said, making Fred jump. "Jeez, give a man a heart attack, anyway, can you help me get Georgie to the Hospital wing?" Fred asked, clearly getting worried. "Of course, as long as you show me to the common room afterwards" Hermione replied.

So, after taking George to the hospital wing, Fred and Hermione walked quickly to the common room, departing after they got through the portrait hole. Hermione walked over to Harry and Ron, leaving Fred to walk over to Lee.

"Feeling better, 'Mione?" Harry asked, not even looking up from the game of wizard's chess he was playing with Ron. "No" Hermione replied. "Why not? Asked Ron, who just attacked Harry’s knight. "Because I couldn't find the common room, your brother, George, took a tumble down the stairs and i am absolutely STARVED" Hermione said, spitting out the starved.

"Oh, is George alright?" Ron whispered. "Yeah, he's fine, but you shouldn't worry anyway 'cause he's always near Fred by the looks of it." Hermione stated. “Anyway, I'm going to bed" Hermione said.

The next day, Harry, Ron and Hermione all went to visit George in the Hospital wing. But as soon as they got in there, Hermione ran off, not able to look at George. She waited outside for the others so that they could go to Defence against the Dark Arts together. She waited for at least 15 minutes when they finally exited the Hospital wing, accompanied by George. Hermione set off when she felt a hand on her shoulder, which happened to belong to George.

"Where are you going, Granger?" He asked, patiently waiting for an answer.

"Um, to defence against the dark arts, professor Quirrell won’t be happy if I’m too late, Weasley." She answered, obviously lying because professor Quirrell doesn't mind if you’re late, and George knew that.

“You’re lying, Hermione" George said blandly.

"How would you know, George?" Hermione asked.

"Because I’m always late, Book-worm, and he doesn't mind." He responded.

With this, Hermione turned around and strode off, not caring how many times they called her name. Hermione went to the bathroom to apply herself deeply in thought.

George looked over to Harry and Ron with a smirk on his face, which was quickly ridded of because of their looks of disapproval and disgust. George quietly asked, "Did I say something I shouldn't of?” "Oh yeah you sure did!" Ron said in dismay, running off to find Hermione.

George thought to himself for a moment and quickly said, “Look Harry, I have to tell someone this so here it goes, ilikegranger". With a puzzled expression Harry asked, "what did you say?” “I said," George stated, "that I like Granger, Hermione Granger" George stopped to try and read Harry's expression but failed. Suddenly Harry burst out into laughter and said I know George, I know"

Thanks Guys for reading and don’t forget to give me ideas for my next chapter if you want me to keep writing. A shout out to weaslytwinlover2011, I suggest you read her story because it is great. Thanks a lot and don't forget to REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW! Tanks again

Lyss :)

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