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A Green Rose by Moaning Myrtle 7
Chapter 16 : Mr Malfoy Returns
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Rose’s heart was beating very fast as she pressed herself closer to the cold floor. Adrenaline was coursing through her veins painfully, and she had to slow her breathing so that the visitor wouldn’t hear.

She had yet to catch a glimpse of Mr Malfoy, but she had known it was him from the way Scorpius had tensed. Her instinct had thrown her under the nearest bed, and she did not dare move for fear that she would be caught.

Then she had heard the icy greeting between father and son, the hatred from both washing over her like a cold shower. She wanted desperately not to be there: she found Scorpius’ father deeply intimidating despite the fact that she could only see the metal heel of his leather boots.

Rose leaned towards the edge of the bed slightly, dragging herself along on her stomach. Draco Malfoy was facing away from her, but he wasn’t sitting in the chair beside Scorpius’ bed. Rose could only imagine the scorn on his face, but the scoff on Scorpius’ face was all too clear.

‘I came as soon as I was informed. Although, I must admit I was… hurt, to be told by an employee at the Ministry that my own son had been injured in a Quidditch match.’ Draco moved to the foot of the bed, so that Rose could just make out the superior sneer on his face.

‘What are you doing here, Father?’ Scorpius couldn’t conceal the hostility in his voice; Malfoy’s smile faltered. He paused before responding, waiting until his smirk had returned.

‘I think there are important matters to discuss regarding your… performance.’ Rose started to dislike this man, with his arrogant pauses and contemptuous expression. His appearance was even more loathsome; his hair was greased back stupidly, ending in a stubby ponytail. He wore all black, a leather waistcoat just visible behind the folds of his robes. He had a wispy goatee, which grew out to just above the Malfoy crest brooch on his lapel. He was tall and ominous, and Rose decided that as long as he was around, she was staying under the bed.

‘What do you mean? It wasn’t my fault.’ Scorpius began to sound defensive, like he knew what was coming.

‘No, I’ll concede that the Bludger was beyond your control. Unfortunately, you would never have been in that position if you’d been ahead of Potter. If you’d seen the Snitch, it would be him in this hospital bed. And Harry Potter as the disappointed father.’ Rose’s eyes narrowed, he had just crossed the line. She mustered all the willpower she could to stop herself from dropkicking his sanctimonious arse.

‘Are you sure you heard this at the Ministry, because it seems to have been related in a hell of a lot of detail.’

‘Don’t get smart with me boy,’ Draco growled, ‘I was shocked by your performance. No son of mine will flail about on a Quidditch pitch. It is clear that you have not inherited my talent for Seeking, and you should be ashamed at the discredit you have brought upon the Malfoy name.’ Rose thought this was a bit harsh- it was only Quidditch. Scorpius seemed to be thinking along the same lines.

‘I got injured! You hurt your arm in your third year, remember-’

‘I was attacked,’ Malfoy was rather shrill now, ‘by an out-of-control bird!’ He took a second to compose himself. ‘How dare you speak to me in that manner. I have half a mind to taken you home, it is clear the matron has poisoned you in some way.’ Scorpius laughed mirthlessly.

‘Poisoned? Do you even realise how ridiculous that sounds? No, because no one has ever told you how ridiculous yo-’

‘No, I will not stand for that! I have come here to try and reason with the child that has caused me nothing but grief-’

‘You’ve hardly spoken to me all my life,’ Rose felt her stomach drop at this, wanting only to be near him. It was the most human he’d ever been in front of her, and she was close to tears as she lay quietly. Even Draco seemed thrown, but only for a little while.

‘Never, in all my years, have I been more ashamed of someone else. You wanted to be Seeker and I did everything in my power to help you fulfil your dream. And this is how you repay me?’

‘No. It was your dream. My dream was to be Keeper. You don’t understand me at all, do you? I wanted to come to this school because, for once, I thought I didn’t have to be you. How naïve of me. As long as I’m a Malfoy, I’m Draco Malfoy.’ Scorpius sat back, invigorated by Malfoy’s shock. His father stared at him, and for the first time, he looked weak.

‘We’ll discuss this at Easter… Dra- Scorpius,’ it came out as a mutter, but the anger concealed behind it resonated around the entire room. It was as if he knew that Rose was listening, and that he’d just been humiliated by his own son in front of her. He grunted a goodbye and threw a package on the bed. Then, Draco Malfoy turned on his metal heel and exited the wing.

Rose waited for a few moments before she slid out from under the bed, pulling herself onto the chair beside Scorpius’ bed.

‘I’m sorry.’ His voice was small, and his eyes were closed. Rose took his hand and kissed his forehead.

‘Don’t be, I think you were brilliant. He was completely pathetic at the end.’

‘Hmm, I don’t want to talk about him anymore,’ he put the package on the floor beside the bed, as if obliterating all memory of what had just happened. ‘New subject.’

‘We still have to finish our Arithmancy project,’ Rose offered. Scorpius groaned and sank against his pillow.

‘Fine. Wednesday 6 o’clock, Library.’ Rose nodded, and there was silence.

‘Scorpius. You’re twice the man your father is.’ Rose looked at her lap. ‘And… I… I think I-’

Then he started snoring.


Author’s Note:

Ugh! Draco! I hated him so much during this, which is sad because he’s really attractive… Did you hate him too? Although there weren’t many developments in this chapter, there was further insight into Draco and Scorpius’ relationship, which I hope you found interesting!

I hope you like where this is going- if you don’t, tell me why below. If you do, tell me why below! I really love reading reviews (as long as they say nice things ;)) so please take a few minutes to make my day a lot better! And if you really want to make me happy, pop over to my Meet The Author page and pick my brains about this story or anything to do with HP!

I hope you are all having a brilliant week, and thanks for reading this up to (and I hope past) this chapter!



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A Green Rose: Mr Malfoy Returns


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