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Black as Day by carosquiggle3003
Chapter 3 : New Relationships with Old Friends
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Howdy! I gave up on lyrics, after finding out that they were for song-fics—thankyou again SereneChaos <3 Here comes a big chapter—brace yourselves! 



So, we spent the rest of the ride playing the Bertie Botts’ challenge (you take turns eating beans, whoever spits out a bean first loses) and Exploding Snap. The boys didn’t bug us again, us being Steph and I because Lily had to go to her prefects’ meeting. Steph reckons that her hand will never be the same after Lily grabbed it when Potter was announced as Head Boy.

This year is going to be very interesting for a number of reasons.

Let’s make a list, shall we?

1. Potter is Head Boy.

2. Lily is Head Girl.

3. Lily Evans hates James Potter.

4. We have N.E.W.T.s.

5. We learnt non-verbal magic last year, so the Marauders’ pranks will be far easier.

6. They will be able to get away with it because of no. 1

7. I highly doubt Lily will be able to not either kill or shag Potter.

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that those two are meant for each other.

I figured it out first time I saw Lily after one of their arguments. I used to spend most of my time in the library, so I didn't see them often. It was one of their more spectacular ones.



“Now Lilikins, don’t you think that’s a bit harsh?” stupid Potter. Always getting himself into things he can’t get himself out of.

Then there was a CRACK that I heard from up in our dorm—which wasn’t exactly close. Steph and I exchanged looks.

Lily came racing up from the stairs. At first, the look on her face was one of pure fury and rage. Then, after 5 minutes silently venting—I learnt silencio before everyone else—it morphed into one of fear.

I undid the charm.

“You don’t think he hates me now? I mean, he was—I mean, is, really annoying, so, I don’t care, I just, umm...”

“Don’t want a Howler from his mum?” Steph suggested, a smile on her face.

“Yeah, that’s it! You know how much I hate Howlers.”

We sniggered to ourselves.


God, that was funny.








“So, Downs…”

“Don’t call her Downs. All girls hate being called by their last name,” Moony coached.

So what if I was getting him to coach me in how to ask her out? I’m still perfectly manly.

We—Prongs, Moony and I—were sitting on our beds in our dorm, while Peter was in the owlery. Writing to his mum, he said. Bless.

“Right. Erm, so, Milan, you got hot. That’s cool.”

Moony slapped me round the head. After my many outraged protests, he explained.

“You can’t tell a girl she’s hot like that! They don’t appreciate it. It’s insulting her—implying that she wasn’t hot before, that she’s got to be hot to be cool, and that she wasn’t cool before because she wasn’t hot.”

How did Moony get to know so much about girls? Maybe he has two monthly visitors…

He didn’t appreciate it when I said that. My head hurts now.

“Again!” he said.

“So, Downs—“

“You can’t call her Downs, she hates it! Anything but Downs! Get that through your head!”

I decided I didn’t like Moony as a teacher. I also decided that because he has now got a violent streak, I would not say that out loud.

“Fine then. Mia, will you go out with me?”

“NO, too much like you’re doing a Prongs, she’ll think you’re asking her out to make fun of her, like Lily thinks about Prongs.”

Bloody hell!

“I take offence to that, Moony. I challenge you to a duel!”

Oh dear Merlin’s golden, baggy sweatpants this could not end well. Last duel we had was just after James had watched Star Wars. Needless to say, he turned his wand into a light saber. Moony was in hospital Wing for a while.

“Erm, I for one think that a bad idea. Let’s go bug Snivelly instead!” I said nervously. James recently watched Jaws, and this might result in someone turning into a gigantic shark…

Obviously, Prongs jumped at my idea. What can I say? I’m a brilliant diversion-creator.

We grabbed the cloak and map, and headed off.

On the way out, we saw Downs, Evans and their friend, um—Jue? Jin? Jiang, that was it. We stopped to listen to a bit of the girls’ conversation. Bloody hell, they were even talking about us!

“I just don’t get it. Why is he suddenly interested in me? He never was before,” Downs was saying.

Well, have you seen yourself lately, love? You can’t really say you didn’t look different last year.

“Well, have you seen yourself lately, love??” AAAHH! NEW ME! Oh, wait, I forgot Jiang is actually a lot like me. It’s all good. “You can’t blame the guy; he is—well—him.”

What’s that supposed to mean?

“I know, but, I’m just not used to attention from guys. You know some random sixth year actually walked past me and practically yelled at his best mate, ‘I’d tap that!’ do you know how embarrassing that is?”

Wait. Which sixth year? He totally deserves a good hex or two…

Not that I can blame him…


No she isn’t, dumbarse. She hates you.

Wait. Creepy voice? Hmm.

“Oi, Prongs, did you say something?”

“Yeah, I said she hates you.”

Phew. I thought I was hearing things.

Well, things other than my own imagination.

Stop rambling, dammit! You are in full control of your mind!

Bitch, please. You’re in more control of this Voldemort guy than your mind.

Okay, fair point, voice. One-nil.

Damn straight.

Wait. Why am I having conversations with a voice in my head?

Oh dear Merlin, no.

I really need to get an attention span. Even a small one would be good.

Let’s get back to the real world, shall we?

Damn, you, inner voice.

“I think you like him, Mi,” Evans said, grinning. This could be good for me.

“The chance of me liking him is about the same as you liking Potter. Got it?” she snapped.

Harsh, Milan. Harsh.

“Oh, come off it, love, he’s not that bad,” Jiang put in. I really like this girl.

“Really? He’s ‘not that bad’? What about that time in fifth year, when he used levicorpus on me in front of the entire school? Hmm?” Jiang looked uncomfortable.

Well, yeah, but I was a tosser then. Besides, it was, like, second year.

She moved on to Evans.

“Or those countless times he’s hexed Sn—Severus, Lils?”

Well, Snivellus deserves it, insufferable prat that he is.

Maybe that attitude is why she doesn’t like you, idiot.

Shut up, voice of reason! Even she went to call him Snivellus! She must hate him too! We’re meant for eachother…

“My point is, that anyone who ‘likes’ Black that way is either out of their mind, stupid, or exactly the same as him. Now can we please move on?”


Prongs was looking at me sadly. I knew exactly what he was thinking—that he was sorry for me, but I’d never have a chance with this girl, et cetera, blah, blah, blah…..

But I was okay with it. I liked a challenge.







Damn, that boy is fine,” Lily whispered, nudging me.

“Which one?” I asked politely, not looking up from my food. Oh, how I love thee, lasagne. Hardly anything interrupts my dinner-eating-process-thingy.

“Cole,” she managed to get out through her grin. She and Steph think I like him because we’re friends. They have a bet on how long it will take for us to go out. “Babe, he’s coming over here!”

Probably to talk to me.

You know. Because we’re FRIENDS.

“Lily, I’m not that sort of girl.”

“What? The kind that gossips about it or goes and finds out for herself how ripped he is?” she asked.

I slapped her round the head.

Yeah, I’m violent. What of it?

“Cole Juarez and I, Mila Downs, are not and will not be going out. Got it?”

“I think so,” a voice said from behind Lily. Crap.

“Cole! Hi! Been a while, eh? So, um—“

“Can we talk?” he interrupted. Normally I hate that, but I felt bad so I let it slide.


“You know…. Alone?” Damn you, higher power.

“Okay,” I sighed. Lily was going to have a field day with this. “Let’s go.”

We walked out of the Great Hall, followed by many stares from his fan girls.

Let me explain. Cole Juarez is sort of like Ravenclaw’s version of Potter and Black, but nice. He’s tall—taller than them, even—and has really deep brown eyes, with tan skin and black hair. He plays rugby, football and cricket in summer (he’s a half-blood) and he used to box, so he’s really really really really fit. He’s captain of the Ravenclaw quidditch team, and is a prefect, and he’s super smart, and I could go on for days listing the things that everyone loves about him.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of the fan girls. He’s just that lucky.

We met on the train in first year, and we were besties—well, as close to that as I let us get—until second year, when it suddenly became ‘inappropriate’ for us to hang out. And it was not the teachers that told us that.

I started getting glares from the girls. You know, the jealous bitch ‘why does she get to hang out with him? She’s not even that pretty. I bet he’s only going out with her out of pity…’ sort of glare. This was about the time when he started to go through that process of losing the cooties and becoming a god-like creature that a lot of guys seem to go through.

Then it moved on. Girls would walk past me in the halls and say, “He’s mine, bitch.” Eloise Quimby even came up and told me I was a good-for-nothing cow and I didn’t deserve to hang out with Cole.

I got sick of it, eventually. I told him it was too much, and that I couldn’t do it anymore. I guess we best-friend-broke-up. I was sad. He was sad. But he was more okay than I was, due to his massive amount of friends and social-butterfly-like tendencies. I hung out with Lily and Steph, and that was that.

We barely even talked—up till now.

“So….what’s up, C?” Idiot. Why did you bring out the old nickname? Now he’ll think that you want to be best friends again and the girls will start harassing you and remember what Quimby did to you and you don’t want that and what if he brings out the nickname card and you like it and what if Lily’s right and there is something between us and we end up going out and Black decides to be a dickhead and beats him up and—

Stop. Calm. Think calm thoughts, woman.

“Not much. Anyway, I was wondering if you and your friends had plans for next Hogsmeade weekend?”

Oh, shit. Someone’s gonna pay for this.

“Uh, I don’t think we do, no. why?”

Smooth. Wait, was that sarcasm or not? Damn my inability to use sarcasm with a sarcastic voice!

“Well, I was sort of wondering if grmphmrggwharrrgarrbblllll?” he blurted out.

“I’m sorry, Cole, I don’t speak Zombie. What was that last part?” Oh Godric, he wasn’t going to ask me to go to Hogsmeade with him, was he?

“I was wondering if you couldaskLilytogotoHogsmeadewithme?”

“Again—at a speed slower than the speed of light and in English?”

Get on with it, man!

“Would you please ask Steph to go to Hogsmeade with me? As a favour to an old friend?” he said, turning on the charm.

Oh Big G, Baby J, all the saints and all other associates in heaven this was just gorgeous! HE LIKED STEPH! Oh Godric, those two would be gorgeous together!

Focus, woman. Focus.

“Yeah, sure! I’d love to,” I said, in my most normal voice with my most normal face on. Good thinking, Batwoman.

“Thanks so much! I mean, I would have asked her myself, but I always get so nervous around her…”

Oh this was too cute.

“So, if you could please let me know what she said by about Friday?”

Shoot, he was talking.

“Of course." I was probably grinning like a loon by this point.

“Thanks, Mimi.” And there was the nickname. “Listen, I have to go—I have quidditch practise—but I’ll see you around, yeah?”

“I don’t know…” I said. He’d already gone.

Ah well.


DISCLAIMER: I own nothing that you recognise from the HP series, nor do I own Star Wars or Jaws. Only Mila, Steph, Cole and Bree are mine. Also Daniel, even though he was not mentioned in this chapter.

So, my little lovelies, we come to the end of my third chapter. This is my favourite out of the three, what do you reckon? Please review :) I love you all!

Well I got bored after the last chapter was posted, so I wrote this chapter and posted it as soon as it was finished. What do you guys think of Cole? He’ll be coming into the story later on, so get used to him*teehee* Anyway, ideas for the next chapter? What do you want to happen? Don’t be afraid to review, it’s not that scary!

So, I’m gonna stop rambling now…

Au revoir!

xoxo Sqig

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