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On by thelostone
Chapter 1 : Death
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Ginny opened her eyes.

The room she is in is in a bright dazzling shade of white. She was wearing a white t-shirt and an ordinary pair of jeans.

She squinted into the horizon. It was too much clean for her preference. She could she nothing. The room spread infinitely. Shaking her head, she stood up, and glanced at her feet.

She was barefoot. Her skin was free from scars, unblemished. It was rather pale and deathly looking.


Her eyes was wide in disbelief. In front of her was Professor Dumbledore, Professor Dumbledore, the dead headmaster of Hogwarts. She blinked her eyes, making sure that this wasn't an illusion.

It wasn't.

"Professor?" Ginny said hopefully.

Dumbledore grinned. He walked to her, in his usual kind of robe, but it was grey, no, not gray, but silver. An illuminating silver. She felt warmth as he approached.

Dumbledore patted her head softly. "You brave, brave girl," he murmured, smiling sadly. Ginny stared at him, unsure what to do. She remembered that she was held captive by several Death Eaters that is still supporting Voldemort even after he's dead. After he's dead for 2 years. She was tortured by the Cruciatus curse several times. It was painful, really painful, but her will to survive was far much stronger than the pain.


Ginny gasped. "Pro-professor. Is Harry okay? Where is he?"

Dumbledore looked at her, tears silently rolling in his cheeks. 

Ginny felt the world crumble around her. Harry was dead, he was gone. The Boy who Lived died. She began to sob. When he needed her most, she was not there. She felt angry with herself. Harry must've died when he was looking for her. The boy never learned his lesson.

Without even knowing, she hugged Dumbledore, and surprisingly, he hugged her back.

"You brave, brave girl," He muttered again, patting her again. Ginny gripped his robe tightly, sobbing harder in his chest.

"P-pro-professor," she said, trying to control her emotions. "W-where a-a-are we?"

"Nowhere," Dumbledore said simply.

"T-then w-w-why am I h-here?" She asked him. "I-I was supposed to be in M-Malfoy Manor, w-where the D-d-death Eaters kept me captive," Ginny said uncertainly.

"You brave, brave girl," Dumbledore said, and he gripped Ginny's hand. "Let us sit."

Ginny looked around, searching for some sort of bench. But seddenly, a bench materialized and Dumbledore smiled sadly. He went to sit down, and gently patted the empty space beside him. Ginny wiped her tears and sat down.

"First thing," Dumbledore said to her airily, "I would like to thank you for being there for Harry."

Ginny opened her mouth to protest but was silenced when Dumbledore lifted his hand. "Questions and inquiry later." 

Ginny shut her mouth.

"Do you know Ginny, that you were the last thing Harry thought of when he was struck by the killing curse in the Forbidden Forest by Voldemort?"

Ginny looked at her hands. She didn't deserve it. The last person that he should've thought was his mother and father, or Ron and Hermione.

"He remembered, apparently, your blazing looks and-" Dumbledore chuckled slightly. "The feel of your lips on his. Oh, young love."

Ginny's face was blazing red now. I didn't deserve this, she thought again.

"Ginny, did you know?" Dumbledore was now facing her. "Did you know how Harry survived his the killing curses Voldemort has struck him?"

She shook her head. She was often intrigued by this, but she does have the heart to not to ask Harry suddenly in his face.

"Well, I'm going to tell you now. Harry, first of all, was saved was his mother's love. Yes, love." Dumbledore added when he saw the look of disbelief at Ginny's face. "Very ancient magic. Voldemort has forgotten this. Lily Potter's sacrifice for her own son was love, and Voldemort was unable to touch him. The protection he was granted was his mother's love."

Dumbledore smiled, a real smile. 

"How did he survived the second one?" Ginny asked curiously. The hunger for information was consuming her.

"Ah," Dumbledore said thoughtfully. "When the killing curse rebounded to Voldemort, his soul was separated. Naturally, his soul searched for something, anything. It found Harry, and alas, Harry was Voldemort's unintentional Horcrux."

Ginny's mouth was wide agape. Harry was a Horcrux?

"And in order to remove Voldemort's soul from his, he needs to be killed by Voldemort himself. This is because when he returned to his human form, he took Harry's blood, which contains the protection his mother has left him, in hope to share the same protection. But while the Harry's blood was in Voldemort, he could not kill him. Neither can die while the other one lives. While the enchantment survives, Harry cannot die, and Voldemort's last hope cannot die too. And most importantly, Harry walked into Death's arms. Something Voldemort cannot do, something that Voldemort feared."

Ginny was still staring in shock at Dumbledore.

"Harry is so brave," she murmured.

"So are you," Dumbledore said, beaming at her. "You know that all hope is not lost, and you wouldn't let the Death Eaters pry on your mind. Do you know, Ginny, that the Death Eaters performed Legilimency on you? But they cannot see glimpses of your memory, not one, because your hope was far much greater than them. You are strong, stronger than I can even imagine. Your hope fueled your belief, the belief that all is not lost."

The silence was eerie. Dumbledore was still beaming, staring at the horizon. Ginny was staring at the ground, unsure what to do.



"If I'm here, and you're dead, am I dead too?"

The smile vanished from Dumbledore's face, replaced by a crestfallen look.

"I am, am I?"

"Yes," Dumbledore said as his lips trembled, tears falling again. "You were killed when you were unconscious by a Death Eater. Harry can't act, his locations was unknown, because he was not allowed to go out looking for you by the Order of the Pheonix. He was not allowed to go anywhere. They know if he himself went looking for you, he'll do anything, even if it was dangerous to find you. The Death Eaters felt that you were a waste of space, and they killed you for another prisoner."

Ginny felt her stomach stir. Hearing the story of your own death is so absurd, so abnormal.

"Last month, Harry broke out from Grimmauld. He went looking for you. He got hit by a curse unknown to the world, possibly ancient magic, and each day, his hope to live decreases. The curse paralyzed him. Soon enough he will not have enough energy to breathe, and he'll die."

Ginny felt tears coming. Dumbledore patted her back gently, and again, murmured, "You brave, brave girl."

When she stopped her tears, Dumbledore smiled sadly at her.

"S-so, if I'm dead, and Harry will die, what am I doing here?" Ginny asked, sniffling.

"Ah, that's the real question, isn't it?" Dumbledore said as he waved his hand. "It's time to tell you."

The mist was beginning to thicken in front of them both. Colors came, and then there they are, Ron, Hermione, and Harry.

"Ron! Hermione! Harry!" Ginny squeaked.

Ginny felt longing to embrace them, but she knew she couldn't, because she was dead.

Harry was laying, eyes half open, looking at Ron and Hermione.

"What is it?" He said, voice barely heard.

"Harry," Hermione gulped, and then touched his hands. She began to cry heavily. "Oh Harry, we need to tell you."

Ron hugged her and she hugged him back. Hermione's cry became little sobs.

Ron's eyes was red and puffy, clearly crying lately. "Mate, we're really sorry. We need to tell you or else the Aurors will tell you. We're sorry." He said, and gulped. "The Aurors found Ginny today. Ginny's body. She's dead."

Harry's eyes widen in shock. Then he closed his eyes, and his eyes watered. "I'm done for. There's no reason for me to live."

Ron and Hermione did not argue. Hermione was still sobbing, and Ron's cheek was wet with tears.

"With her, I could stand and live. Without her, I'm just a helplessly crumpled piece of paper in the trashbin, long forgotten. And now she's gone." Harry said quietly.

"We know-"


Harry lost control. He pulled his hair, shrieking in agony. His breathing became unsteady. The healers came through, trying to calm him, but he keep shouting "GET OFF ME! GET OFF ME!" to them. The Weasleys came, eyes still blotchy. And suddenly, he went rigid, and his limbs lay sprawled in his bed in an awkward angle.

"Harry?" Hermione asked fearfully, and she touched his neck. Her eyes went into deep shock and tears fell through her eyes like a waterfall. "T-the pulse's gone."

An eerie silence followed, and the whole room broke down. Hermione was clutching Harry's hand so tightly, while Ron hugged her from the back and cried as the same as her. Mrs Weasley's cry was by far the most loudest one, and she kept shouting terribly, "HARRY! NO! HARRY! PLEASE, NOT AFTER GINNY, PLEASE!"

The vision blurred and the mist seperated.

Ginny blinked her eyes again. Harry died. She looked frantically, searching for him, while Dumbledore still stared in the remnants of the mist.

"Harry! HARRY!" She shouted, looking everywhere.

Something stopped Ginny. There, 15 metres away, was a body, lying facedown. The jet-black hair of the person stood daringly in the midst of all that is white. Ginny blinked again. She walked, and then her pace quickened, and she was running to the person.

She carefully approached the person, and whispered, "Harry?"

The person was clearly a boy. He wore glasses.


He started to stand up groggily. He blinked his eyes several times, and his eyes came into focus. It was full of surprise.



They both asked their names, staring at one another in disbelief, and then they laughed. They embraced each other so tightly, so tightly that they can't breathe. When they released themselves, Harry kissed Ginny full on her lips, and in enthusiasm, Ginny kissed back.

"Oh, I missed you so much." Harry murmured when they broke from the kiss.

"I missed you much more," Ginny said lovingly as she cuddled him.

"Hello, Harry."

Harry looked at professor Dumbledore. He was as same when he last met him in here.

Harry gulped. "I'm dead, am I? For real?"

Dumbledore nodded sadly.

"Ginny has come to pick me from here."

Dumbledore nodded again.

"Thank you," Harry murmured gratefully.

"Shall we go then?" Dumbledore said, beaming at them both.

Harry and Ginny nodded.

Dumbledore smiled. He pointed at a train track. It was not there before, she thought. Then she looked around. "We're at the King Cross Station!" She gasped. "Only it is-"

"Much cleaner, and empty." Harry said to her.

A white train came. Dumbledore went up. Harry was about to ride it when he noticed Ginny was not moving from her spot.

"Harry," she croaked uncertainly. "Where will this get us?"

"On," Harry said simply, remembering his conversation with Dumbledore 2 years ago. He extended his hand to Ginny. "Are you coming or are you not?"

Ginny reached his hand to Harry uncertainly. But when her hand gripped his, she knows that it was the best option that she could make.

Harry and Ginny are free.

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