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Truth in the Dark by Alysea
Chapter 4 : Pieces Reveiled
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Landing in large puddle, Julie barely caught herself before falling face first into the murky cold water. Livid with anger and shaken by fear, she scrambled up fists clenched in a ball, knuckles white she stepped closer to Tonks, “What the hell is going on? Who are you and why did you drag me away from my mum? We need to go back, those men are going to kill her, what’s the matter with you, why didn’t you save her? Why was she attacked?” 

“My orders were to get you out safely, and they aren’t going to kill her, they still need her. Now will you please calm down and get in the house?” Tonks reaching out gesturing for her. Julie jerked away and started off towards the house, trunk dragging behind. The house was many stories high, and lopsided. Just about every light as on and smoke puffed out every chimney.

Tonks knocked on the door three times, there was a faint clatter behind the door. “Who is it?“ The woman’s voice was a little shaky. 

“Molly, its just me, Tonks, with the charge I was sent for.” Behind the door many locks could be heard unlocking. Stepping into a warm kitchen, Julie saw a plump woman with red hair, the woman pulled Tonks into a tight hug, while a pot over the stove stirred it self. 

“I was starting to get worried, what happened?”

“They were already there, and I had trouble convincing our guest to come with me; understandably so.”

The warm air of the kitchen burned the cold from Julie’s face. She stood near the door, glancing around the large room. Bright knitted quilts were draped over an over sized sofa, and chair. Small faint squeaking brought Julie out of her thoughts, she dug her hand into her pocket and pulled Lyse out. She was a damp, and her whiskers were stuck together.  

Warm tears burned Julie’s eyes as she stared at her fuzzy companion. Moments passed before she realized that the short aged redheaded woman was talking to her.

“Dear, are you hungry? Would you like some tea?” Her brown kind eyes were lined with concern, Julie tried to be annoyed by this, but she was tired and cold, so she just nodded yes as she held back tears. The warm air in the kitchen made her face burn; dropping her trunk roughly in the floor she made her way to the dinning table sitting down she placed Lyse on the table and folded her hands in her lap trying to warm them; seconds later a steaming mug of tea was placed in front of her. Julie just breathed in the warmth of the tea staring into the mug drowning out the chatter. Pushing the large mug away from her; returning her chinchilla to her pocket, she folded her arms on the table and rested her forehead against them finally allowing the tears to stream down her face. With dry sobs shaking her body, Julie finally let it all out. She gritted her teeth and clenched her fists in to tight balls allowing her nails to dig into her cold damp skin. The soft chattering of the two strange women was beginning to irritate her. Suddenly she slammed her fists onto the table.

“You are going to tell me who the hell you are, why you brought me here, and why strangers broke into my house and attacked my mother. You are going to tell me or so help me I am going to hop onto my groom and fly back there right now!”  Molly and Tonks stared at her for a moment, concern traced both their faces. Sighing Tonks took a seat across the table from Julie, Molly glancing up waved her wand casting a silencing charm on the room.

“Well I suppose we cant keep something like this from you.” Tonks took a deep breath before continuing,  “Those were Death Eaters in your house. We received a message yesterday afternoon from Sandra, asking us to get you out and to keep you safe. She knew they would find out she sent us information of what they asking her to do, and that you had to be kept safe. Only she didn’t know they’d find out so fast that she betrayed them. I was going to pick you up in the morning, and together your mother and I were going to explain everything we could to you. But as it seems circumstances have changed I can only tell you what I know.” Tonks paused glancing at Mrs. Weasley “We can only tell you so much. Arthur will know more once he gets back.”

“Ok, but who are you, what is ‘the order‘, and why did you bring me here?” She was trying to keep herself angry to prevent from crying again. She heard a door slam upstairs, slowly reaching her hand in her coat pocket she tightly gripped her wand. “We will tell you more when we know more, but right now I have to get you to the safe house, you cant stay here, its too suspicious. You’ll be safer once the school year starts in a couple weeks.”

Furrowing her brow Julie starred at Tonks, “Where are we going now? Are you just going to drag me all over creation?”

“No, I brought you here because I had to check in first, but now I have to take you else where --” 

“You still haven’t told me your names. And I’m not going anywhere with you, until I know who the hell you are“ Julie’s words were icy. “As I told you my name is Tonks, This is Molly Weasely, her husband, Arthur, also works for the Ministry. Look, I know you are scared, but right now you have to trust that we are trying to keep you safe. We are going to do whatever we need to do to find your mum. Now please come with me. You are going to stay with me at a safe house until the school term starts. We are taking a portkey” Molly then pulled out a cracked tea cup and handed it to Tonks.

“Fine.” Julie grabbed her mug of tea downed it in one gulp slamming the cup down on the table and walked to the door grabbing her trunk on the way. Tonks apprehensively glanced at Molly before following Julie. Reaching her, Tonks held up the tea cup for Julie to hold onto. Seconds later they were gone.


*     *     *


“I don’t trust that new girl is telling the whole truth. With all that’s been happening here, who moves to the center of the war? Most wizards are moving away. It just doesn’t add up Hermonie. I’m telling you, she is up to something.”

“That’s ridiculous, the Ministry needs all the help it can get. You -Know-Who isn’t going to settle for just England, he will want to take control of the entire world.”

The two had been bickering since before Harry arrived at the Burrow and he had been there for a week so far. He didn’t understand why Ron just didn’t ask Hermonie out, Ron had been pining for her since they thought the basilisk had forever petrified her. Harry sat in the window of Ron’s small room staring out into the night sky, tuning out their banter. Although, their brief meeting with the new girl did raise a small red flag in the back of his mind. He wasn’t sure why but something was off about her. But her unique eyes were forever embedded in his mind, and her striking features. He prodded the window frame with his wand. A muffled thud downstairs brought him out of his thoughts. Ron and Hermonie had stopped their bickering, also aware of the noise that was now coming from down stairs. Ron opened his door slowly, stepping into the narrow landing. Ginny was already there two flights down, placing a finger over her mouth informing them to be quiet. The fleshy pink of an extendable ear hanging from her own. The trio quietly hurried to where Ginny was perched. Pressing their ears close to listen in. 

“How are you doing Molly?” 
“I’m well Tonks. How’s she holding up?” Mrs.Weasley’s quietly asked Tonks, 
“Its hard to say, hopefully she’ll pull through it quickly.”

Unsure and curious of who ‘she’ was Harry started to head downstairs, only to have his arm gently grabbed by Hermonie. She shook her head no, he thought of ignoring her suggestion until a loud slam drew his attention back to the extendable ear. The loud voice of a young woman, a voice that was vaguely familiar, caused Ginny to drop the ear. Swearing through her teeth Ginny stared down the stair well, Crookshanks diving onto it and dragging underneath the stairs. “You are going to tell me who the hell you are, why you brought me here, and why strangers broke into my house and attacked us. You are going to tell me or so help me I am going to hop onto my broom and fly back there right now!”

Waiting to make sure that they hadn’t been caught; realizing they hadn’t and, trying to listen in more only to realize dead silence from downstairs; not even the sound of the simmering tea kettle could be heard, nor the sound of the wall clock. Exchanging glances they slowly moved back into Ron’s’ room. 

“Wonder who that was with Tonks? I didn’t know that anybody else was coming. Did you Ron?” Ginny inquired as she leaned against the door closing it behind her. 

Grabbing a Cauldron Cake from his bed side table and shoving it in his mouth, he shrugged flopping down on his bed.  Harry slid down the window frame and continued to stare out the window. Trying to place the voice from downstairs, knowing that he heard it before.  His scar hardly twitched all summer, wondering if Voldemort was playing games with him by leaving him alone, or if it really was about him being able to love that caused Voldemort so much pain.


*     *     *


Julie landed on her feet in the middle of a dimly light room, dust clung to the old lamps and cob webs lined the corners of the room. As her eyes adjusted to the room, she saw a large tapestry of a family tree hanging on the far wall. The damp air smelled stale and of mold. Julie shivered realizing for the first time that she was still in her soaked pajamas; as if Tonks read her mind she flicked her wand starting a roaring fire in the large hearth. Eyeing her surroundings Julie slowly made her way to the sofa, peeling off her wet coat she sat down and drew her legs towards her chest her wand still firmly in her hand she stared at the flickering flames. The adrenaline of the recent events slowly leaving her body.

“I’ll take your trunk to your room. it’s the at the end of the corridor.” Tonks stared at Julies back, concern traced her young eyes. Julie slid down on her side continuing to stare into the flames. What just happened? Was it real, or a dream? Her mum couldn’t be missing, she couldn’t have been abducted by strangers, allowing herself to trust them enough to not hex them on the spot for taking her away from where she was needed. Curled up on the aged sofa, thinking of all that had happened in the past hour; she drifted off to sleep.

Dull shuffling woke her the next morning, lazily blinking her eyes open Julie noticed a tray of eggs and sausage with toast, jam and tea on the table in front of her, and there was a small creature loading a log much bigger than itself into the fireplace. Its large bat ears flopped under his hat, as he shoved the log further into the fireplace. His socks were dingy and mismatched. Eyeing him through squinted tired eyes she sat up. “Who are you?” The startled house-elf nearly fell into the fire place, turning he dusted his hands off he dipped into a low bow, “Dobby the House-elf, at your service.” Julie blinked, reached across to the plate of food and grabbed a sausage link, “What are you doing here” “Professor Dumbledore asked Dobby to stay here and help out for the summer.” Smiling Dobby turned back to the fire place starting a large fire instantly. “Enjoy your breakfast Miss, Dobby has much more cleaning to do.”

Giving another deep bow and headed off down the hall; eyeing him as he trotted off, Julie subconsciously stuffed the sausage in her mouth; suddenly remembering how hungry she was finished off her food. Light now trickling in through two large windows on either side of the large fireplace she finished off her tea; standing on shaky legs she cautiously made her way to the nearest bedroom. Pushing open the door her trunk lay at the foot of the bed while her Chinchilla slept on a fluffy pillow. Digging out a thick sweater and pants she headed across the hall to the small lavatory, filling the large tub with hot water she pulled off her mud spattered pajamas and sank into the hot water. Her rage and fear from the previous evening leaving her body, was now being filled with numbness. Julie stayed in the bath until the hot water was cold, and her fingers and toes were pruney. Getting out she drying off with one of the old scratchy towels she pulled on her clean dry clothes, and went back to the small bed room across the hall. Curling up under the blankets she went back to sleep, only waking when Dobby brought her lunch. 

It wasn’t until nightfall that Tonks made an appearance again. Finding Julie sitting at the dinning table in the kitchen Tonks took the seat across from her. “Im glad you decided to stay put. I half expected you to disappear on me. I would have been here sooner but I got caught up with work.” 

“Well I still havent gotten all the answers I want. Speaking of, when will I be hearing exactly why my mum and I were targeted by Death Eaters? I mean she was a low lever staff member at the Ministry, she hardly new anything about the on goings plus she was new here in England. What information could she possibly know that would cause her to be a target?”

“That’s exactly what we are trying to find out. Our working theory is that it wasn’t because she worked at the ministry that caused her to be a target but more to do with her being a part of The Order.”

“What is “the order”? You keep saying that, like I should know what it is.”

“The Order of the Pheonix, is a group of people designated to fighting Voldemort and his followers. Its been around since the first war. Your mother is a great asset to The Order and we really are doing everything we can to get her back safely.” 

“Now I need to know why I was more of a priority than my mum if she was so important, why did you save me and not her?”

“You were leverage against her. They threatened your life and safety in order to get her to betray The Order and the Ministry. Some how Voldemort figured out that she was more than just extra hands at the Ministry, and threatened to expose something about your heritage to the rest of the world. Something that has to do with your Father.” Tonks finished incredulously, The old grandfather clock in the other room clanged announcing the changing hour, while Julie sat there taking in what was she had just heard. Clearing her throat Julie stared at Tonks with disbelief “You mean to tell me that we were targeted because of me? And what does my heritage have to do with any of this, I don’t even know who my father is, and my mum never talks about him, she wouldn’t even tell me his name.”

“I honestly don’t know, I wish I knew more to tell you. I didn’t personally receive her message. I only know that two days ago we received a message that they were coming for the both of you. And I left as soon as I got my orders, and by that time they were already at your house. I am truly sorry that I don’t know any more to tell you, but you have to understand that it isn’t your fault. She knew that being a double agent would be dangerous, your mother only did what she thought would save you from harm.”

A long moment passed before Julie said anything, “No, YOU don’t understand. None of this would have happened if my own mother hadn’t kept things from me. If she would have just told me the big secret of what was really going on I could have talked her out of helping any of you people, and we’d still be safe in Australia.” Shoving the chair away as she stood abruptly she stormed out of the kitchen and back up the stairs to the small bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

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