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Time of Wolves by Mihali1432
Chapter 4 : February 19th
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                “Mister, are you ok?” Remus asked when he saw Teddy’s facial expression change. Teddy shook his head and smiled.

                “Yeah, I’m alright,” Teddy said as he looked up at Fenrir and the Alpha. The two looked like they were about to get into a fist fight so Teddy poked Remus and jerked his head towards the door. “Wanna get out of this cabin?” Remus nodded quickly and as the two walked out Remus grabbed Teddy’s hand.

                “Can I go home?” Teddy knew this question was going to come up as soon as they got away from the Alpha, and he was dreading it. He didn’t know what to do, come up with some elaborate lie, actually take him and apparate him somewhere safe, or ask him a few questions to divert his attention. Teddy guessed that Remus was a bit too old to be lied to easily.

                “Maybe later tonight?” Teddy said unsure of his own lie, he wasn’t too sure when they would take Remus home or if they even would, although Teddy knew he went to Hogwarts so he was able to either escape or made it home at some point. Teddy watched as Remus’ face fell and he instantly felt terrible.

                “I want to go home now! I miss daddy! And mommy!” Remus started crying, rubbing at his eyes with his hands. Teddy didn’t know what to do and he bit his lip. He looked around, seeing everyone’s eyes fall upon him and Remus as his sobs echoed out into the forest. The door to the cabin was ripped open, and the door fell off its hinges as the Alpha of the pack ran out of the cabin fuming with rage. He stalked over to Teddy and Remus and he picked up Remus.

                “Let go!” Remus wailed and screamed as the Alpha took off, running to Teddy’s right. Greyback ran out of the cabin, looking disheveled and blood was slowly trickling out of his left arm from a cut that looked deep.  He was angry and looked as if he were about to kill the Alpha.

                “Fenrir!” Teddy yelled as he pulled out his wand. “What’s up with him? He just took Remus!” Fenrir shook his head while gritting his teeth and waved his hand towards Teddy, signaling for him to go.

                “Stop him before he does something that threatens us all, Remus can’t die,” Greyback growled as he pulled out his wand. Teddy nodded; a look of seriousness was etched deep into his face. He started to run in the general direction that the Alpha had ran, feet digging into the ground and picking up fallen, dead leaves. Remus’ cried were faint but still audible so Teddy used them as an estimate of how far the Alpha had already ran.

                Teddy heard a huge boom echo behind him before it started to rain heavily, almost drowning out the sound of Remus. The ground became muddy quickly and every step Teddy took the sound of splashing water came up. He hadn’t even realized it was going to rain this day, or that it was even cloudy.

                “Remus!” Teddy called out while he ran across the wetting ground. “Remus!” Teddy heard a shrill cry echo out from his left and he took off in that direction, slipping and sliding across the wet, cold ground. The cries were getting fainter as the rain got harder and began to drown out almost all of Teddy’s hearing. Thunder boomed and the ground became slicker and more difficult to run on without.

                “Help!” Teddy heard Remus call out before the Alpha lunged at Teddy from above. The two were knocked to the ground, the Alpha having the advantage for being the one who attacked, was on top of Teddy. Teddy’s wand fell out of his hand as he landed on his back. The air was knocked out of his lungs as well and he had trouble breathing while Alpha sat intimidatingly on him.

                “You will not do a thing. I’m taking the child and leaving. The pack is now Fenrir’s burden,” the Alpha growled at Teddy who stared back defiantly. Remus’ cries echoed through the trees quietly and Teddy began to struggle once he got his breath back.

                “You will not! That’s wrong! How… how could you take a child?” Teddy cried as he struggled from underneath the Alpha. The man on top of him laughed and looked down at Teddy, a wild shine in his scary amber-like eyes. Teddy glared back up at him as well as he could from underneath the man.

                “Oh you don’t understand! I’m sorry, would you like a detailed explanation on how Remus Lupin’s father is the bane of all us werewolves? He is the one who let laws go through the ministry that would hold us back. He is the one who lets us be treated like filthy, dirty dogs you’d find on the side of a road,” the Alpha spat at Teddy, fire seemingly blazing in his eyes. Teddy struggled even more, especially when he heard Remus cry out again, he must’ve been able to see the struggle between the two.

                “Even so it’s still wrong to take a child! Besides, he’s not even a werewolf yet is he?” Teddy yelled out angrily as he stopped struggling, opting to just glare and yell at the alpha. The Alpha laughed and it sent chills down Teddy’s spine as fear began to creep into him. The Alpha wasn’t a man who would just play around, he’d kill you instantly if he wanted.

                “You are the strangest person I’ve met. It’s a shame really, that you don’t understand. This world isn’t fair. Nothing is fair, nothing! If the world isn’t fair why should I be fair?” The Alpha spat as he got lost in anger. Teddy wanted to get Remus, to take him home but this monster wasn’t letting him. Teddy started growling as he looked up at the man.

                “You don’t deserve to have a fair life,” Teddy growled before the Alpha’s fist rose and came crashing down on Teddy’s face. Teddy felt the blow throughout his entire body and he cried out in pain. Another fist, this time from the opposite side, came crashing down. Teddy’s head whipped to the other side from the force before he felt tears well up from the pain in his head. One more fist and his entire world turned to black.

                “Hey get up!” Teddy heard an angry voice call out from the darkness. He rolled over and yelped in pain when he landed on his shoulder. “You’re finally up,” Greyback muttered when Teddy sat up, rubbing at his bruised face.

                “Ugh. What happened?” Teddy asked when he sat up, looking around the familiar room of the sick cabin. “Remus!” He looked around before he glared at Fenrir and started yelling. “Where is he? Where’s Remus?” Greyback pointed his wand at Teddy who looked scared, and worried.

                “Calm down, don’t make me use this, and you know I’m capable of powerful spells,” Fenrir ordered before Teddy stopped freaking out. Teddy took a few deep, calming breaths before he looked over at Greyback.

                “We need to go get him!” Teddy yelled out, urgency seeping through his voice. Fenrir shook his head and stood up.

                “Tomorrow. We’ll start preparing tomorrow, right now you’re too injured to be of any use, you’ll be better tomorrow after the potions we gave you,” Greyback said before he walked out of the cabin, shutting the door behind him. Teddy sat there looking blankly at the door, sadness and anger mixing inside of him but nothing showed in his eyes.

                He thought about Remus and how much of this was his fault for coming back in time, how much he had caused for just being here. He himself is a time paradox because he’s from the future, he’s Remus’ son and he’s almost ten years older than him at the moment.

                How am I gonna solve all of this? How can I fix it? Teddy thought to himself as he rubbed carefully at his head, he felt a couple bandages but there wasn’t any blood which he expected. He scratched a bit at his hair, feeling how smooth it felt. Was it washed? What… happened while I was unconscious?

                He laid down carefully, half the pain from earlier already having disappeared. He closed his eyes and fell asleep strangely quickly. 

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Time of Wolves: February 19th


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