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Gossip Column by HermioneEverdeen
Chapter 1 : How It All Started: 4th Year.
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Gossip Column: Chap. 1, A HPFF


Pansy Parkinson cheated on DRACO MALFOY. What a shocker!

Humph, I thought to myself. No one cares. They just want attention….

Ron Weasley cheated on the brightest witch of our age, Hermione Granger! We also heard Ronald and Pansy are together, Same as Draco Malfoy and Hermione!

Tune in next week for more information on these new couples, in the Hogwarts Express Gossip Column!

Tears were coming to my eyes, as I thought about what has happened. I knew that I broke up with Ronald because he was cheating on me… But I don't remember who with. I never knew about this Parkinson/Malfoy mess, but me and Malfoy were never together!

I am a Journalist for the new paper, The Hogwarts Express, which is only available in Hogwarts. I knew there was a Gossip Column, but never read it, until now, because it was going around.

I ran out of the Great Hall, leaving my dinner unfinished. To the Astronomy Tower I went, climbing up at least a gazillion stairs. I finally got there, and leaned against the railing. I tried my best to clear my brain, looking at the beautiful scenery, the fragile snowflakes falling from the sky, and barely touching the needles of the pine trees. But, it didn't work. It never works.

I was just hallucinating, I thought to myself, that wasn't what the newspaper really said. Just hallucinating, just hallucinating, just hallucinating….

The winter ball, or the Yule Ball, was coming up, but I have been too sad to even find a date or to go get a dress. I have been to caught up to think about it lately, actually. I checked my MetroWatch, A muggle watch designed by wizards to show anything you want, kind of like a muggle iPhone, to check the date. December 17th. Oh my god, I thought to myself, Today is my birthday! How could I forget!

As I put my MetroWatch away, I heard footsteps. Faint footsteps, but then it stopped. I heard heavy breathing, like panting, and shivers. I turned around and saw Malfoy.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" I said with a cold voice.

"Seems like someone is not in the mood today." He replied with a edge to his voice that I didn't recognize.

"No, I am not." I said sharply, as I turned back towards the railing.

"Me neither." I heard him mumble as he sat next to me. I turned my head towards him, curious. His face was a mix of different emotions. Angry, confused, lost in space, and other emotions I can't decipher.

He suddenly said, " Did you read the Gossip Column?"

"Yes." I said with a faint voice.

"Me too." He replied. "Say, do you know who runs the Gossip Column, I mean, Granger, your the Journalist."

Come to think of it, no, I didn't know. But I needed to figure out. So thats what I said to him.

"We can figure out together." He said, turning towards me.

I was befuddled. Why would he say that to me? We were never friends. Never.

"Why? Why would you want to help me?" I said coldly, turning towards him, staring him in the eye. He was very tall, about 6 inches taller than my 5'6".

"Because, Granger, I have changed. We have all changed. I have also grew an attraction to you, since you have been growing up and changing." I glared at him for that, even though I heard his sarcasm. He smirked. "And I just want to change. I want to be nicer. So, what do you say, Granger?" He stuck out his hand. Yes, what did I say?

"Yes." I shook his hand.

And, That's, How it all started.

* * *

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Gossip Column: How It All Started: 4th Year.


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