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Brand New Chick by Emma_Felton4Ever
Chapter 3 : Lost and Found
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Hello I'm back again! More on the bottom!!! Enjoy! J.K. own Harry Potter

Hermione arrived back at her flat, leaving it unchanged. She glanced at the time which read 10:30p.m. “I better get a good night sleep then, after my day today.” She said to herself as she cracked her back.  While heading up the steps and in the bathroom she got her teeth brushed and face washed. Turning to the shower she thought “What the hell?, and stripped down to relax in a warm luxurious shower. She applied her favorite vanilla strawberry body wash, and shampoo that seemed to seemed like raspberry (Swear I have shampoo like that from Costco!)  The warm water really helped her relax and be comfortable from her long exhausting day.  She rinsed off and wrapped her big fluffy white towel around herself and head to her room.

Now Hermione and Ron could afford a big house if they wanted to, Ron at least wanted to start in a big house, which was quite understandably since he grew up in a somewhat big, yet crowed house full of house members. But of course, Hermione insisted that it would be “best to start out average size for now “and then see from there.

Hermione selected a white silk nightgown with black lace on the color area and edges that reached her mid-thighs. (Description from Glamour Mag. U.S.) She rarely wore it, feeling embarrassed almost as if she was doing a naughty deed. It was a gift from Ginny, a year ago for her 21 birthday.  Ginny had a huge grin on her face as Hermione looked at with her mouth gaped, and blushing furiously. But Hermione had promised to at least try it once, and since then she had worn it about three times.

Had she worn it around Ron?  In a sense yes, but no. By the time Ron came from work, he was already heading straight to bed, fast asleep. Strangely only then would Hermione be in the mood to wear the gown. In the mornings though, Ron would have definitely notice and planted kisses to wake her. Now he barely gave a glance, as if he seemed to see it as a routine. Hermione was quite glad surprisingly, she knew that the “spark” between them had finally reached its end.

Hermione brushed her now smooth wavy hair and climbed in to bed. Crookshankes at that point also jumped up startling Hermione. He made himself comfortable next to Hermione, who started to rub his scalp. As much as Hermione was to sleep right now, she couldn’t resist an opportunity to read her book, “Alex Cross” by James Patterson. 10 minutes though sleep overtook her and final Hermione went to sleep.

Sunlight swept in through the curtains hitting Hermione’s face, causing her to stir awake. She reluctantly sat up, after some time for her eyes to adjust to her surroundings and headed to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Hermione got dressed in a purple low cut sweater with a white undershirt, and a thin brown belt around her waist. She wore thin stripped dress pants that when up to her waists making her look taller, and ankle length boots. Her eyes were applied with purple eye shadow, eyeliner and her lips were topped with gloss. Her thoughts drifted to what Ginny had said to her last night hoping her and her own guts were bringing her doubts on Ron’s behavior. Could it be true Ron had lied to her about the “meeting?” What if he was actually having an affair behind her back all this time?! Hermione’s stomach churned, as much as she tried to deny it, it had been the main thought that had been running in her for some time now. The signs were there: Barley any loving affecting, leaving early, coming home late and less communication. Shaking the feeling off for now Hermione prepared an on the go cup of coffee and toast.  She glanced at the time. “Dear Merlin I only have 10 minutes left, to open up the bookstore!

 Hermione had not only managed to become healer, but also owed a bookstore for both wizards and muggles alike. Of course she set it up in such a way that muggles wouldn’t notice anything unusual about the store. She filled food up for Crookshanks and Cypreus, and after managing to find her wand she was ready to apperate when suddenly Ron appeared from the furnace.

“Ron!” Hermione called as she quickly made her way to him. Ron let out a few coughs before turning to Hermione. “Mione, where are you headed?” Ron asked as he gave her a hug, which somehow felt strange to Hermione. “Ron you know I work at the bookstore on the weekends.” “Yeah but you’re also a Healer on WEEKDAYS Mione! When are you ever going to relax for once?” “Ron this is something I really enjoy and it’s not like I have to stay the whole day nor am I the only one working in the store! Luna, Padme and Harvey work there too you know, how can you forgot?!” Ron just shrugged, and Hermione tried to refrain from letting out a frustrating breath. Honestly, she wondered how she could put up with him. “Well how was the meeting Ron?” “Oh err… it was pretty hectic and detailed… you know how meetings are like.” “Hmm…because when I stopped at Ginny’s she told me that Harry didn’t inform her of any meeting yesterday.” Hermione had hit the jackpot, as she saw Ron avoid his glance on her and mumbled “Well it came up suddenly, that’s probably why. Shouldn’t you be going now? You’re going to be late” With this Ron headed to the kitchen.

When he walked past her Hermione caught a swift of some type of cheap sweet scented perfume, which smelled all too familiar… but where? Then it clicked. Hermione recalled how Lavender wore the same scent Ron had, to work each day. Instead of busting out at him, her heart ached somewhat. How could Ron go that low to cheat on her instead of talking to her about their unsettled relationship? She won’t have mind a bit. But no instead he decides “Hey, I’m sure Hermione won’t notice that I’m having an affair with Lavender since she’s busy for almost 24/7.” Nice try Ron, but since you’ve forgotten I’m the brightest witch… ran in her head as tears slowly poured out of her eyes. Ron didn’t take notice as Hermione quickly apperated away.

Hermione slowly opened the door, and got her to do list ready before opening time. She magically got the vacuum and feather dust to sweep the counters and floors. She on the other hand got the books that were ordered on the shelves, and headed to check if the cash register worked.

Ding. Ding. Hermione didn’t need to look up to know that Harvey was the first one to arrive. “Well morning Mione!” Hermione looked up and gave a small smile to him, “Moring Harvey you seem in a cheery mood. Did something happen that has to do with Padme hmmm?” Harvey turned red as a tomato that made Hermione laugh.

There was no lie Harvey as you could say, fell for Padme at first sight. Padme, unlike her sister Parvati was a modest, sweet, and smart girl. She definitely changed after Hogwarts with her dressing and looking girly than ever. The moment they meet the first time, Harvey couldn’t even tell her what his name was! Hermione and Luna tried to drop hints to Padme, and teased Harvey that sooner or later some other lad would sweep her off her feet. They were remarkably close in time.

“No it’s not that… yet. It’s that well I got accepted for a job!” exclaimed Harvey unable to hide his excitement. Hermione let out a joyful scream as she engulfed him in a hug. “Oh Merlin, what’s the job and where at?!”  “It’s on architecture and business management. But there’s something else… it’s in the States.”

Hermione stepped back to look him in the eyes. “Wait, so that means you’re moving to America, when?”  “It won’t be till the end of the year so I can get prepared and ready.” “Wow congratulations though, I’ll keep in mind to throw a good-bye party for you!”  With that, Hermione instructed Harvey on what he was to do.

Eventually, Luna and Padme showed up. Luna worked in the Department of Magical Creatures at the Ministries and Padme was a Deviation teacher at Hogwarts. But they found joy in helping out Hermione in her store and an excuse to relax a bit when they had the time. When Harvey informed them the new both girls seemed sadden, especially Padme.

Customers stated pouring in buy or read, in and out the doors.  An hour before lunchtime, a young boy about four you could say walked in by himself.  To him he seemed to have sneaked inside to get away from something or someone.  Noticed by Hermione she keep watch as the boy made his way to the kids ‘area, grabbed some books and set himself down to read. It was an adorable site to see for Hermione. When finishing her last shelving she purposely walked past the boy. She took note of his appearance; Blonde hair, pale skin, and bluish-grey eyes. She thought of someone else that fit this description but was interrupted but Padme. “Oh Hermione I’m going to have to leave early and grade some papers from last week’s test in my class, if that’s alright with you?” “Oh course Padme; you don’t even have to ask.” Padme then bid farewell to Hermione, Luna, and Harvey. Harvey offered to walk Padme home and with that both of them left.

By 11:45 most of the customers left.  Hermione and Luna cleaned up any mess, and gathered there bags. “Luna you go on without me I’ll meet you at Panera in a bit I have to check something.” “Alright Hermione see you.” Hermione headed to check in the kid’s area.

There sleep on the couch was the little blonde boy. He was curled up in the couch fast asleep with a book in his hand. Hermione cleared any books scattered on the floor, and kneeled down to wake him up. Slowly, the boy’s eyes opened revealing his bluish-grey eyes that make Hermione’s heart beat fast. The boy let out a yawn and sat up rubbing his eyes and gave a curious look at Hermione.

‘Who are youw?” the boy asked Hermione. “I’m the owner here sweetheart, it seems that you fell asleep and I came to let you know the shops about to close for now. Where are your parents? Maybe I gave help you find them?”  “Daddy’s gonna get mad when he find out I leave him.” The boy spoke in a soft voice blushing in guilt. “Uh oh that’s not good is it? Well let me help you find him, and see what I can do about it.” “Reallwy?” the boy gave a tooth grin smile revealing two teeth missing; one on top and one on the bottom. “Yes but I need to know you’re name first. Can you tell me?” “My name is Scorpio.” “Alright Scorpio I guess we better get a move on.”

Hermione held Scorpio as they made their way down the streets. “Silly me but do you know where you father were at or are?” Hermione spoke over the crowed to Scorpio. “Um at coffee shop.” “Alright then was it this one?” Hermione informed him at they stopped in front of Starbucks. She saw how Scorpio peeked up to see the building in front. “Yews I thinwk sow.”  “Let’s check inside alright?” Hermione then walked inside to be greeted with the wonderful smell of coffee.  She put Scorpio on the floor holding his hand.“What does your father look like Scorpio?” she said as she looked around the shop.  Scorpio too was looking around to see a familiar looking face.  “Thwere, on his phwone walking arwound in circle outside!” Scorpio let out in a happy tone. With relief Hermione and him went on the other side to meet the man.

“His name is Scorpio. Yeah, I haven’t been able to locate him, since the crowd stopped my tracks.” These words were heard by Hermione as she made her way up to the man. He seemed all too familiar. The same hair, skin, and eyes that were inherited by Scorpio. He seemed to look like… “Daddy!” “Daddy!” yelled Scorpio as he caught up with the man. “Never mind I found him.” The man turned off his cell and turned to catch his son in a tight embrace. “Scropio don’t run of again like that you scared me to death!” he said facing his son. “I’m sowrry Daddy I prowmise I won’t do it again. But this prewtty nice lady help me find you.” Scorpio said indicating to Hermione who had stood to see the moment. The man looked up finally, and that when Hermione blood rain cold. There in front of her stood Draco Malfoy. “Malfoy?!” The ex-deatheater, Slytherine Sex-god, foul cockroach… the list could go on in Hermione’s head was right in front of her in broad daylight.  “Do I know you?” He didn’t see her clearly until the sun hit Hermione’s face, when he also displayed a shocked look. “Granger?!” “Daddy who Grangwer?”


Hope you like it please R&R!!!!!!! Can't get back on Darkarts account since i forgot password. Can someone make me a banner for this story or my Possed story?! thanks!

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