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Notorious by wish right now x
Chapter 15 : Heart skips a beat
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I'm not going to lie, I'm actually pretty proud of this chapter and think you might enjoy it ;)

I'd spent the next 24 hours running away from James and my so called feelings for him, which was pretty difficult to do when we shared a fairly small house and had joint responsibilities over our 'daughter'. It was going to get even harder to do, considering on Thursday evening we were hosting a dinner party as part of our project. Charlene and Jack had been invited, as well as another couple form our neighbourhood, Conrad and Helen. Professor Johnstone was also to attend to assess us on everything that we had done this week, including if we acted 'muggle' enough, prepared the meal correctly and to check that we hadn't destroyed Ava the doll-baby.

The worst thing about the fact we were hosting a dinner party though was that I had to cook the dinner. James was at work all day today (making it far easier to avoid him), meaning it was my task to go around tidying the house, setting the table and cooking the meal (which was a little sexist if you as ask me).

So when the house was to an impeccable standard and we had less than two hours till our guests were to arrive expecting a delicious meal, I entered the kitchen. Cooking had never been my strong point, so I was just hoping to find some ready-made stuff in the fridge, or you know, something I could actually do. But the second I entered, a loud cry immediately interrupted me. I groaned loudly, and left the room to head upstairs and calm down me baby girl.

She shut up eventually, though at least half an hour had passed. Usually, Ava just wanted either to be fed, or cuddled, or her nappy changed. However this time, purely because I actually had stuff to do, she needed all three done, meaning I was wasting half an hour with her instead of cooking for the dinner party. I returned to the kitchen, staring at the clock. 5 O'clock. James would probably be home from work in half an hour, and would have expected me to have whatever we were cooking in the oven by then, considering our guests were arriving at half past six this evening.

I opened the recipe book, and found what looked like the easiest recipe that James and I had bought the ingredients for on our recent excursion to the supermarket. The instructions seemed simple and normal, however obviously not for me. Whatever I was doing and making looked nothing like the mini-pictures at the side, suggesting this recipe wasn't even basic enough for me.

What made this worse was that this was a beginners book for children. Ava would probably be able to cook better than me. So when I put the attempt at a dish in the oven, I realised one thing; James and I would now completely fail this subject. Who would honestly eat that shitty little pie I had prepared? Not even I would make an attempt at it.

Tears began to fall down my face, and this time, it was me that was crying. I fell back and sat leaning up against the kitchen counter, reminding myself how much of a complete failure I was at this. And this was were my 'husband' found me five minutes later.

"Blake, what's wrong?" James asked, leaning down so he was on my level.

"I can't do it!" I cried. "I can't cook the pie, we're going to fail this project and Hogwarts is going to close down because of me! Ughh, it's like the baby thing all over again"

"Shhh, shhh, don't worry!" He said, calmly stroking my hair. "You'll get it eventually, just like the baby thing"

"Thank you" I sniffed sincerely.

"Anytime" He replied, and I had to turn away quickly, before my sobbing self could get near enough to his lips to kiss them. A loud, sharp, screeching noise cut our moment, so I whipped around, pulling my wand out ready to attack whatever it was that was making that noise. At this point, when I was in utter panic and distress, James started laughing.

"Whats happening?" I asked him, my eyes wide in fear.

"Blake" He smirked, "that's the fire alarm, your food is burning"

He continued rolling on the floor laughing, whilst I swore loudly and turning off the oven, which released a cloud of smoke when I opened it. The pie was now as dark as coal, and prbably crumbled like it too.

"Why do you find this so funny?" I asked, annoyed at his childish response.

"Because...Because..." He couldn't even finish the sentence he was laughing so much. I reached into the bowl that was next to it and picked up some of the leftover mashed potato I had completely failed at making, throwing at the brunette in front of me. That stopped him laughing instantly. He looked at me, his eyes wide in shock, while I had a satisfied smirk on my face. He stood up from the floor and reached into another bowl, so in a second, a million peas were flying at my face.

It wasn't long before the two of us were in a full on food fight, with every thing I had attempted to, but totally failed to cook flying around the kitchen. We were both laughing loudly by the time we had got rid of every piece of food we had, and the time was ticking away.

"Shit!" I cried, noticing the time and going into full on panic mode again. "They're meant to be here in 45 minuets! We have nothing to serve them!"

Once again, James seemed to be far more relaxed than me.

"Just run upstairs and get ready, I'll make a quick meal I'm sure we'll be able to serve" He told me, though I looked at him showing how much I doubted he could do that. "Go!"

Obeying what he had asked, I ran upstairs and entered the shower, washing my hair quicker than I ever thought possible. I dried it and left it, before slipping into one of the smart blue dresses I had in my wardrobe and running downstairs. When I arrived, James had made a huge bowl of Spaghetti Bolognese, and set the table out so it was perfect for the guests. We had ready made canapes in the fridge, that he had even presented neatly on the plates.

"Wow, this is..." I said, looking at the candles he had lighted around the room.

"Finally! I need to go get ready!" He shouted, running back up the stairs while I looked around at everything he had done. He made it hard not to love him.

Fifteen minuetes later, the doorbell rung and I left to answer the door. Paul and Thalia, two of our other neighbours, were the first to arrive at our dinner party. I took them to the lounge, offering them canapes and wine, before leaving to answer the door again. I opened the door to find a familiar face.

"Professor Johnstone!" I smiled, welcoming her in, before noticing the man that stood behind us. "And Mr. Benson what a surprise"

"Good evening Blake" He nodded at me, throwing his coat on me before walking through. 'But may I suggest it might be slightly better to call us Amelia and Joseph, you know, just for this evening"

"Of course" I mumbled, under my breath, throwing his coat into the cupboard carelessly. I lead them through first.

"James!" I smiled, though slightly fakely. "Amelia and Joseph are here"

"Oh! I just need to go, fix the table then, won't be a moment" He escaped, going to add a place for our unexpected visitor.

"Amelia and Joseph were some of James and I's teachers at school who we were particularly close to" I lied, as I introduced them to some of our other guests. The doorbell rung for the third time that evening, and James called out announcing that he would get it. Charlene and Jack walked in moments later.

"Hello Blake, how are you?" Charlene asked, and again, I put on my most realistic smile to deal with this woman who I could hardly stand.

Half an hour later, after a lot of general discussion, we entered the dining room, took our places at the very neat table, and began to eat.

"So, I'm curious" Thalia asked through a mouthful of pasta, "Where did you two meet?"

"We went to boarding school together up in Scotland" I replied.

"Oh, what I'm dying to hear about is your wedding" Charlene explained, looking to us and indicating that we should go on.

"Yes, I'm sure it was such a grand, wonderful affair" Thalia said. All eyes were now on us, thinking about what the wedding was like.

"It wasn't actually, it was quite small, just in the french country side. You know, only very close friends and family" James answered, whilst I nodded along. It sounded romantic enough, though everyone at the table looked so disappointed that it wasn't as big as they expected.

"So how about your proposal James? Oh, or better yet, tell us about the moment you knew each other was the one" I looked over to James, wanting to hear his answer to the question. I smiled and nodded, indicating that he should go on and answer this question.

"It was just one night, after curfew and we were both out and lying on the Qu-Rugby pitch" He corrected himself, looking directly at me. "And I just looked at her and we were messing around and I think it was right there and then that I realised."

I smiled sincerely, loading a fork with pasta and sliding it into my mouth.

"Would anyone like some more wine?" He offered, and began to top up all of our glasses.

"Well Blake can't obviously Mr. Potter." Charlene laughed. "You know because of her pregnancy"

I smiled annoyed and handed back the glass of wine I was so looking forward to drinking. Charlene and Thalia squealed together, and began planning my baby shower, inviting a bunch of people I didn't know, without even consulting me. I wondered if they were even planning on inviting me or if it was just an excuse to dress everything in pink.

"I guess it was only a matter of time before you two had a baby" Mr. Benson said, afted everyone else left.

"Yes, can't say I'm completely shocked" Professor Johnstone said, making notes on a sheet of parchment.

"No, no, no" James said. "It was just a lie we told the neighbours to cover up something"

"I'm not actually pregnant" I told them, slightly offended that they both thought I was at the moment.

"Good job tonight" Professor Johnstone congratulated us, before apparating away. I turned to James my mouth wide open with a smile.

"Did you hear that? We didn't totally fail!" I said, jumping into his arms and hugging him. His smile was as wide as mine.

"How about a beer to celebrate?" He suggested.

"Are you kidding, Charlene and Thalia discussing pregnancy all night, I deserve a beer" I laughed. James grabbed two beers from the fridge and we sat together on the couch sipping and enjoying them.

"Mmmm. Thats nice" I mumbled as the cool taste hit my mouth.

"So. What do you want to do as a career?" James began to make conversation. "You know, considering we've established housewife doesn't really suit you"

"I don't know anymore" I sighed, running a hand through my soft, long hair, before confessing. "If I'm honest with you, I'm actually becoming scared that I will end up as no more than a socialite"

He looked at me, sympathetic and understanding.

"My dad wants me to join him desperately and work as an Auror" He began to tell me. "But I don't want to do that. I've never wanted to do that. I want to play quidditch professionally, not do what he wants me to do."

"I know what you mean"

"Why aren't you doing that? I mean, you love Quidditch, you have the talent for it and the Harpies are absolutely desperate to sign you" He asked, and I turned away from him as I attempted to explain.

"I just, I just want to be as distant and unrelated to Katie as possible. She left me, I don't like it when people compare us and everything." I said to him, and in moments, I was spilling my heart and all my secrets were coming out of my mouth like word vomit. "That's why this all started. The partying, the 'wild-child' thing. I just wanted to get her attention when I was younger. I wanted her to notice me. You know, before I realised that if she didn't want me in her life I didn't want her. And now that she wants me, I still don't see the point in stopping. I've got nothing to stop for, nothing else to do"

"I get it" He answered, and I managed to raise my head and look him in the eye.

"What about you?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"People don't just wake up one day and decide to be rebellious. There's always something behind it. Believe me, I know"

He sighed, before looking into my eyes and telling me what I'd always wanted to know.

"My dad is this big, amazing guy who saved the world when he was my age. Everybody comes up to me and loves me and everything because I'm 'Harry-Potters' son. They expect me to be amazing, just like him. I guess I just wanted to get out of his shadow. Be known for me. That's why I didn't want him to know about the issue. He got to have all his great adventures and save the school twenty-years ago. It's my turn now. I want my own accomplishments and for people to be proud of me, rather than have to live off my dad's for the rest of my life."

He said it all in one big breath, and was now desperately trying to catch that breath back. I smiled at him slightly, glad we had finally had a proper real conversation together where we were both sincere and honest, sharing our secrets together, like married couples do.

"You know I've had fun being married to you this past week" I told him.

"Same. It wouldn't be a bad way to live with you as my wife after all" He replied, smiling at me and leaning closer.

"Whats that suppose to mean?"

"Exactly what I'd said"

"So would you rather be married to Emma or someone?"

"No, If I could choose anyone, it would always be you"

"And why's that?" I asked.

"You know why"

Our voices were soft yet flirtatious through this entire conversation, and our faces were becoming closer and closer to each other as we continued on.

"I just want to hear you say it" I told him.

Instantly, his lips came crashing onto mine, and I responded, enthusiastically. They worked in perfect motion, and the two of us were having a full on snog on the couch.

"Say it" I commanded softly, praying he would be able to.

"I love you"

And on that note, I hope you love me enough to leave a review x 

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Notorious: Heart skips a beat


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