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meet me some where special. by lunalongbottom77
Chapter 3 : chapter 3
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 Hermione stood in front of the bare wall; did she really want to see him?

All she could think about was his stormy grey eyes and his gorgeous smirk and without hesitation the wall began transforming into a fantastic, intricate door.

There was no turning back now.

The doors swung open and there he was, his beautiful, thin body and that smirk standing in the doorway, watching Hermione. The butterflies raced around her belly as she a step towards him, into the room.

The mysterious room was circular with arches carved into the wall, the domed ceiling was etched with the night sky, each star shining so bright that they lit up the whole room. But somehow the room had a dark feeling about it, like all the happiness was taken from it. She heard the doors slam shut behind her and Draco’s breath on her neck. The hairs on her arms stood on end as she wished she could be with him forever.

“so, Granger, why did you come see me?” Draco touched her bare arm with the tips of his fingers and felt a rush of excitement spill through his body.

“you asked me here Malfoy, I only did as you asked.” Hermione turned to face him, he was taller than she thought, she looked up and was captured into the grey storm in his eyes, her heart jumped as she realised how close they really were.

“oh so you would do anything I asked then?” he was watching her intently, their noses almost touching, his lips centimetres away from hers.

“depends on what you’re asking…” Hermione longed for his lips to be on hers, infact she wished them all over her,

“the Halloween dance?”  his heart was racing so fast he was pretty sure she could feel it

“are you asking me or are you just stating that it exists?” she wanted him to wrap his arms around her and pull her close to him

Draco cleared his throat.

“granger, would you please join me to the dance?” he lifted one hand to her waist, gently pulling her closer, their bodies now touching he was sure she could feel his heart beating.

Hermione gazed into his eyes and rested one hand on his shoulder, she wanted to kiss him but she couldn’t, of course she couldn’t. she was a lion and he was a snake, harry wouldn’t have it. Ginny wouldn’t have it. She leaned in for a kiss but just as their lips brushed she spoke,

“I’ll think about it, Draco” the way she said his name sent chills up his spine. But with that she dropped her hand and walked out the room leaving Draco to his thoughts.

“That’s not wormwood, Longbottom! You idiot!” Snape’s voice filled the dungeon with fear as the whole class discreetly checked to see if they had picked up wormwood.

Draco was watching Hermione concentrating on her potion and he knew that he should be too but he just couldn’t take his eyes off her. It was a week ago he asked her to the dance and still she hadn’t answered him and he got goose bumps whenever he thought of her.

Hermione looked up to see Draco watching her and it sent butterflies racing around her belly. She wanted to tell him that it would be an honour to go to the dance with him, but she was afraid what the rest of Gryffindor would say. She knew for a fact that they wouldn’t be happy, but what did it matter, it was her choice.

Draco stood at the door to the great hall, hoping to catch her alone. She came round the corner with her head in a book and a kink in her step.

“y’know granger, you’re going to walk into someone if you keep your head in that book.” Draco smirked as Hermione jumped back,

“for merlin’s sake Malfoy! Don’t do that!” she could feel her face burning with embarrassment

“oh I do apologise, do you fancy sitting with me at lunch today?” Draco threw the question out there without a thought,

“you know I cant sit at the Slytherin table so why are you asking?” she was worried, what if someone came round the corner and say them talking?

“I wasn’t talking about the great hall, I find that there is a room which is always waiting.”

Draco smiled and walked any knowing fine well that she would follow due to curiosity.

“dra-malfoy! Wait…” she followed after him like a lost puppy, he stopped and waited for her to catch up with his long legs. She stopped next to him and looked up at him,

“so, lunch?” she smiled at him lovingly

“lunch it is then, princess” he smiled back at her and linked their pinkies together. They strode down the corridor towards the fifth floor. Hermione looked back over her shoulder at where they had walked from and there standing in clear view was harry.

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meet me some where special.: chapter 3


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