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For Hope by zipzin
Chapter 20 : Rebuilt
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Disclaimer: I am only borrowing from J.K. Rowling.

Chapter Twenty: Rebuilt


Harry adjusted the collar of his trainee robes and gave Ron a meaningful look.  Apparently Ron didn’t get the message that there was dirt on his nose.  The lift opened and as the cool female voice announced the floor as the two stepped out.

The floor was getting emptier and emptier as the month continued.  They had asked Jebediah about it and he had scoffed when they asked what assignments they were going on.  It was mostly foreign Aurors returning home.  Of the foreign Aurors, half of them were American, and then the others were a smattering of French, Spanish, German, and so on.  Some others were Aurors who work in other parts of England and would come in every now and then, but work with problems in their sections.  Jebediah said that you didn’t have much of a choice where you worked, but for the most part you stayed in London.  If a lot of crime was happening in one area they would assign an Auror or so to the section and would investigate there for a time.  This happened a lot more than Harry would have thought.

It didn’t help that several trainee’s had dropped out after deciding that fighting crime wasn’t for them.  So the class grew smaller and the training got harder.  When they weren’t practicing magic, they were filling in paperwork for the older Aurors, and recently they had been given the task of doing research for surveillance missions.  Not that they weren’t already doing research, but the amount just grew.  Everyone in the class just wanted to do some field work.

Ron and Harry opened the door and found the other trainees in their desks, and they were trading some excited whispers.

“What’s up?” Harry asked.

“A couple of the Hippogriffs are taking their tests.”  Someone said.

“The advanced ones?” Ron asked and they nodded.  Harry frowned.  It seemed a bit early even for the advanced ones to be testing.  Of course, they were strapped for people in some areas.

“So who’s going?” Harry asked and the names were traded back and forth.  People speculated who would pass and who would fail when a door burst open and the older ones came out followed by Jebediah.  He announced they would get their results in a week or so time.  They left and he came over to them.

“What are you all sitting around for?” He asked.  “Your desk aren’t going to empty themselves.”

It was true, the desks all seemed full of paper and everyone scattered around, and began to fill out the papers.  A couple of memos started to fly around and Jebediah smiled.

“Harry, Ron, Natasha, Grady, Savannah, and Ben could I see you for a bit?”  They nodded and followed him to his office.  “I have called the six of you here because you are the best of us.  And I think you are ready to get out in field.”  They all traded excited looks.  “You will be in pairs,” Harry noticed that the two girls smile and one give the other a hand motion.  “So Harry and Ben, you will be going with Auror Young, Ron and Natasha with Auror Applegate, and Grady and Savannah with Auror Madigan.”  They nodded and Jebediah added, “They will be waiting for you outside.” Everyone smiled.  They all were happy that they were chosen.

Harry went over to Ben and they shook hands. “Ben Jarvis.” he said and he stopped Harry before he could introduce himself.  “You really should stop trying to introduce yourself.  Everyone knows who you are.”  Harry nodded and looked at Ben.  He was tall about two inches over Ron, and was thick.  He probably played Beater in school, and he had a nose that looked like it had been broken.  He seemed nervous, and the way the words almost caught in his throat only seemed to add to that assumption.

“I just try and pretend that they don’t.” Harry smiled.

The man chuckled and they exited the office to look for the Auror Young, and a man who looked about five years older waved at them.  “Are you Auror Young?” Harry asked.

“Call me Darren.  I don’t need Jebediah trying to convert us all back to the 1300s.”  He stuck out his hand and Ben and Harry shook it.  “So you getting out of here.” he said smiling and they nodded excitedly.  “Don’t be too happy, we are just going to be sitting in a bush all day.”

“Um, what?” Ben asked.

“We are doing surveillance.” Darren said as if it was perfectly obvious.  “And it’s not all that’s it’s cracked up to be in those silly Auror novels.  They are good reads but hardly accurate.”  Harry stared at him blankly.  “Once we are done, we write up what we find and then send the rest of the report to the Trainees.  I’m telling you that was one of the worst things about the fewer trainees.” Darren said shaking his head while Harry and Ben looked at each other confused.  “We all had to do all of the paperwork.”  Darren explained.  The two shrugged and then Darren offered them an arm.  “I’ll Side-Along Apparate for now, just so we all get there.  I know you have your licenses, but it will just be easier for this way for right now.”  They nodded and with the familiar feeling of Side-Along they appeared in a bit of bushes.  Harry looked around and Darren began to set up wards.  “Okay,” he said and Harry looked and realized they were on the outskirts of a neighborhood, muggle by the looks of it.  “That’s house there is believed to be harbouring a couple of Death Eaters, or something.  There’s been some things but we can’t go storming in there just yet.  Any sign of life, tell me, and anything strange.  So now we sit and wait.”

Harry and Ben nodded and got themselves comfortable.  Harry looked from window to window and the time seemed the vanish.  The hours ticked by and there was nothing.  Wow, he thought, this really isn’t that exciting.  Every once in awhile he thought he saw something, but it was just the slightly angle of sunlight reflecting off the window.

“Well.” Darren said.  “There’s nothing here.”  The other two nodded and with a pop they apparated back to the headquarters.  They were sent home not long after and Ron was talking about an equally boring experience.

“I thought being an Auror would be exciting.”  Ron said.

“We haven’t even been in the office for a half a year.” Harry reminded him.

“Yeah but you’re the Chosen One.” Ron smiled.

“And what are you?  The lovable sidekick?” Harry asked.

Ron shoved him and then got something out of his pocket.  “I thought you might want this.”

“What is it?” Harry asked as Ron pulled out a paper.

“I got it off of Grady’s desk.  Have an interesting article in there.”

“What?” Harry asked as he looked through the Prophet.  It seemed to have the usual rubbish.

“Page Eight.” Ron answered and Harry flipped to it.  He blinked surprised what he was reading.

Newest Trial to Take Way by Allan Green

As the Ministry pulls through the backlog of trials for Death Eaters since the demise of Voldemort, the newest and one of the most controversial cases is to take place tomorrow.  The Malfoys will be in front of Wizengamot.  Lucius, who escaped from Azkaban will be joined by his wife Narcissa and son Draco, who graduated from Hogwarts last year.

Harry didn’t need the read anymore.  He had been waiting for it for a long time, he knew that they were guilty, but he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t testify.

“I’m going in.”

“I knew you were going to say that.  Do you want me to cover for you tomorrow?”

“No, I’ll tell Jebediah.  He’ll understand.”

“You better hope so.” Ron said playfully, and this time it was Harry who shoved.

“Well, I heard that Bill might be coming over tonight so I’ll see you later.”  Harry nodded and wondered what he should say before he apparated to his house.

He smoothed out his dress robes and smiled as the lift carried him further and further.  Jebediah had only questioned him for a small bit before letting him go, and Harry was sure that once he saw Harry not in official Ministry issued Trainee robes that Harry had some business.  The lift stopped and he headed to the courtroom that had been used for his hearing as a fifth year.  This better be it, and he swung the door open there indeed was Wizengamot there, along with several onlookers.  That would be an understatement.

The three Malfoys sat dejected in their chairs and Harry was glad that no one had noticed him, and official looking man was reading something that sounded important more likely their charges and Harry noticed that no fancy lawyer was there.  Maybe the Malfoys really did think it was a lost cause.

“Is there any evidence that you aren’t guilty?” The man finally asked.

The room was more silent than an empty tomb.  No one dared to even breath.  Harry remembered Dumbledore rushing in when he sat in one of those chairs and Harry cleared his throat.  This was the right thing to do.

“Yes.” Harry said and took a step forward, everyone in the room looked at him and Draco’s mouth fell open in shock.

The man squinted through his glasses and then addressed him coolly, “And what evidence would you like to present Mr. Potter?”

“An eyewitness account.” Harry said and the man nodded for him to proceed.  A couple reporters were furiously writing things down.  “When Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and I were on the run, we were caught by a couple of snatchers.  We were taken to the Malfoy Manor, and I had been hit with a stinging hex.  Draco was ordered to identify me, and he didn’t even though he knew that it was me.” Harry said and it sounded even lamer out loud then it had in his head. “His hesitation allowed for me and my friends to escape.”

“Is that all you have?” The man asked smirking.  He must have really not liked the Malfoys.

“No.” Harry said and his voice had gotten stronger.  “On the night of the Battle, I went into the forest.  I faced Voldemort and he cast the killing curse on me.  Both of us fainted, but Narcissa was ordered to check if I was dead.  She did, and when I told her that Draco was alive she announced that I was dead, at great personal risk.  You see, all of the Malfoys,” I looked from Father to Son, “Were not into the whole mantra anymore.  They wanted out, but to get out you really had to be killed.  They wanted to reunite as a family and flee, and they were not there to do anything for Voldemort anymore.  They made mistakes in the past that they were trying to flee from.  I do not believe that they need to be punished so severely, we are all human and we all make mistakes.”

“Are you done?” The man asked not looking quite so happy.  Harry nodded and Wizengamot proceeded to question him.  Several people asked him different questions and a couple asked about other things during the Battle that he only gave basic answers to.  He wasn’t giving an interview.  He was released and he looked at Narcissa one last time, knowing that he owed her the greatest thanks in the world.  She mouthed a thank you and he bowed out.

Their trial continued into the next day or so, one of the longest in the history of Wizengamot, but it was fairly certain that none of them would serve a life sentence in Azkaban.  The press had written an interesting article about him, and Harry wished that Kingsley could demand certain publications to be stopped from printing such ridiculous articles.  They were though, not in a dictatorship, and Harry couldn’t really bring him to ask that.  It was already out there.

Several people had insisted that he was mental, and Kingsley himself had sent him a memo saying that Dumbledore would be proud of him.  Ron had just shrugged when he heard about what Harry had said and then proceeded to tell him that the Cannons had put together a half-decent squad (at this Harry had snorted) and no one figured to bother him about it for a bit.  Of course, he hadn’t talked to Hermione or Ginny yet, but there was a Hogsmeade weekend coming up, so that wouldn’t be a problem.    

A/N:  Please check out a one-shot I did about Neville, and there is a lovely box down there that would really like a review!  Thanks for reading!

Edited: 1/20/13

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