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It's Just a Crush by septumsempra
Chapter 23 : Well, aren't we an odd couple?
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Again, thank you nala @TDA for the chappie image!


"Let go! You're hurting me-" her protest died on her lips as his crashed to hers. She heard the crunching of footsteps in the snow before they died away. Hermione panicked and started pushing him, but he wouldn't budge. She struggled. Finally, when she felt his tongue, she freaked out and kneed him in his family jewels. He fell to the floor with a groan. Hermione grabbed her wand and hexed him before she ran for it, which was not an easy feat when one is wearing heels in the snow.

She'd just about made it back inside when someone grabbed her from behind, muffling her shriek with their hand.

"You are not getting away from me that easily," growled Cormac, an intense look in his eyes. By now, Hermione was fully panicking, she couldn't reach her wand, and Cormac was overpowering her with brute strength. The girl who helped fight against Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort, couldn't even fight off a hormonal teenager? How sad. He tried to kiss her again, but she managed to turn her face just in time.

"Cormac, please, stop!" she whimpered, the tears finally pouring as she continued her struggle.

"Stop struggling," he huffed as he pushed her against the nearest tree, conveniently for him, far from prying eyes.

"Why are you doing this?" Hermione sobbed, looking around for someone to save her.

"I can't have you any other way," was his response, not sounding the least bit apologetic. Hermione tried to yell for help, but to no avail, Cormac once more crushed his lips to hers, silencing her muffled protest. Finally, Hermione realized that struggling was futile, so she just let her legs give out, forcing Cormac to hold up all of her weight. Hermione was hoping that after giving up, he would stop holding her so tightly since there was no longer a challenge being presented and that she would be able to break free, but he just held on to her, wrapping one arm around her waist and the other around her neck, effectively holding her up. The tears were still falling and Hermione had given up all hope when at last she heard a sound.

"Stupefy!" A voice bellowed from the right.

Cormac was blasted away from Hermione so abruptly that she sunk to her knees, no longer having him or herself holding her up. She was relieved. She turned her head towards her savior.

"Draco," she mumbled, with her tears still in her eyes, shocked to see him standing there. Not that he was stupid or anything, but she really didn't think he would have been able to break through her shield, especially not that fast. It was rather impressive. Unfortunately, He mistook her shocked expression for something else.

"What, didn't want me to see that did you? He hissed, still holding out his wand.

"What?" Hermione cocked her head to the side as she continued to lay in the snow, her dress getting ruined.

"How long did it take before you ran to him? Couldn't wait to get your hands on him, could you?" he snarled, a frenzied look in his eyes.

"No, Draco, you don't understand!" Hermione pleaded, getting to her feet.

"Weasley was wrong," he glared, "Ginny's not the slag, you are."

Hermione stepped back, as if someone had slapped her.

"But, Draco," she whispered.

"You know what, Granger, I was wrong, this, us, isn't going to work out. I never should have asked you out," he sneered and after giving her one last malevolent glare, he stomped away, back into the castle, away from the unconscious Cormac, and away from Hermione.

"No, Draco, wait, please!" Hermione cried out, stepping forward and hoping to stop him, but her pleas fell upon deaf ears. He was already gone.




Well, I know that was very short, but I wanted this chapter to only focus on that one scene. Don't hate me!

One reason I took so long to update was because I couldn't decide between three different scenarios. I wasn't sure how I wanted this to end up. I finally decided today that this was the best route to take.

Please review, let me know what you thought, how you feel, what you'd like to see, if you want them to get back together or what. :) I know what I'm going to write about, but ideas are always beneficial!

Please Review!

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