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Bound to You by blandie
Chapter 6 : The Arrest
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 “Wait.... As in Bellatrix's brother in law?!” Hermione almost shouted. As she twisted in her seat to see Malfoy's face better.

“Yeah... I'll drop by with some more auror's to get him tomorrow, I need more evidence before I can make an arrest.”

Hermione just twisted her lips slightly and looked out the windor. “Draco, can you take me home please, I'm not feeling so well` She gave him the directions then laid her head against the cold glass window.

“Sure, no problem..” Draco replied as they made their way to Hermione's flat. It took them about forty minutes to get all the way across the city, when they arrived Draco noticed that she was fast asleep. Smiling slightly to himself, Draco picked her up gingerly and made his way up to her flat. Plucking her keys out of her purse, Draco used his foot to push open the door and carry Hermione in.

Walking over to the couch he attempted to set her down carefully but Hermione just clung to his neck and whimpered slightly. Sitting down on the couch with Hermione draped on his lap, Draco looked down into Hermione's face.

She really had changed a lot since he had seen her a few years ago. Her nose was still small and pert, she still had a dusting of freckles and she still was a know-it-all. However, her hair was no longer a rats nest, but now consisted of beautiful shining brown ringlets cascading down almost to her  waist. Her skin was so clear and perfect, like porcelain and her body was... well she had definitely grown up.

Draco then shook his head violently to get those images out of his head- this was Granger for christ's sake. His ex enemy and now his partner. He could not have thoughts like this about her, it just wasn't right...

Hermione's head started to twitch slightly as her arms slackened from Draco's neck. Looking down he could see silent tears streaming down her face. “Hermione! Hermione are you okay?” Draco almost shouted, shaking her slightly.

Hermione swollen eyes open slightly and she immediately began sobbing hysterically. Draco laid down on the couch, drawing Hermione to lay at lenth in front of him. Holding her in his arms he let her sob into his shirt and he whispered comforting nothings into her ears.

“I-I-I'm so s-sorry Draco. I've never cried like this before.” Hermione sobbed, not looking up at him.

“Hermione, it's okay. You're such a strong person, you need to let it out.” He replied, pushing her chin up so that their eyes met. “Tell me why you're crying”

“It's a lot... Please don't stop me or I won't be able to go on... It all started when I realized I loved Ron, and he chose Lavender over me. Then he chose Luna over me. Is there something wrong with me that he doesn't want to be with me? Then there's the fact that maybe I'm not living up to the expectations everyone had of me- am I really the best I can be? And today.. today was hard. I can't believe that someone magical would use our special gifts to kill someone who doesn't even know about them... It's just so....” and Hermione started crying all over again.

“It's okay, it's okay. Shh, relax.” Draco whispered, holding her close. “I know that the person who did this was awful, us and the regular people, we're not on the same playing field. It was wrong and you and I are going to catch the bastard that used his advantage, I promise you.”

Hermione sniffed, looking up at Draco “When did you change your tune about muggles?” she asked, eyes sparking with curiousity.

Draco half shrugged “Well it was what I was taught growing up, but after the war I moved out of my parent's house and started a life of my own. After moving I realized the things that I had grown up thinking were right- were completely wrong. It was really, really hard. I had to rethink every little thing in my life, nothing was ever the same, everything was even more difficult. In the long run though, it's made life so much better, I can't believe that I was shrouded by such horrible judgement, let's just say I've grown a hell of a lot in the last couple years.”

Hermione replied “Oh Draco, I'm sorry I didn't mean to drag your parents into the conversation!”

Draco chuckled slightly “Don't worry about it, it was really only my dad who had the strong feelings on the subject, my mum was just scared of him. He went to Azkaban, as you know doubt heard. But my mother was free to go, so she divorced him and she's been actually quite happy lately.”

Hermione smiled through her watery eyes “That's really great, Draco. I'm so sorry for going all mushy and crying all over you- Oh dear, I've gotten your shirt wet! I'm so sorry.” She said as she jumped off the couch and grabbing a kleenex started to dab at Draco's shirt.

“Granger, Granger, relax. It's only a few tears, nothing a wand can't fix” he said as he shot a drying spell at his chest.

“Oh, of course, of course.” Hermione said, using the discarded kleenex herself.

“Are you alright to be alone? I don't want to leave you alone but I need to get some plans set for tomorrow. You should really get a good nights sleep.” Draco said stepping towards her.

“Hmm, oh yeah don't worry I'll be fine. See you tomorrow.” Hermione finsihed lamely.

Draco took another step towards her and leaning down slowly planted a soft kiss on Hermione's pale cheek. And with that he spun and strode out the door.

Hermione lifted her small hand to her face. Touching her face where his lips had been she sighed heavily. Walking into her bedroom Hermione didn't even bother changing, she just curled up under the covers and promptly fell asleep.

Draco apparated as soon as he got out of Hermione's apartment, arriving in his study at Malfoy mansion. Immediatedly walking over to his liquor cabinet, Draco poured himself a healthy dose of a very strong firewhiskey. He couldn't believe himself, why was he letting himself get close to her?

Taking a large swig of his drink, Draco sank into his large leather chair. Swiping with face with his hand, he sighed tiredly. Grabbing a stack of work papers, he started to fill the neccesary forms out to arrest Lestrange.


The morning started badly for Hermione. Waking up still fully clothed, Hermione stumbled to the bathroom and took a long, hot shower. Yawning as she entered her closet Hermione quickly grabbed a pair of black slacks, a red shirt, ballet flats and a leather coat. After slugishly pulling on all of these items Hermione made her way into the kitchen, then she apparated directly outside the Ministry. Walking into her office, Hermione started to check her e-mail.

“Hey, are you ready to go?” Draco questioned her as he popped his head into her office.

Hermione jumped slightly before standing up “Yeah, where are we going first?”

To arrest Lestrange, you don't have to come, but if you want we're leaving right now. That is, me, Harry and Ron.”

“Ron?” Hermione asked, frowning.

“Yeah, sorry I would've got someone else but he's the only auror not on a case right now” Draco apologized.

“No, no it's fine, let's go!” Hermuone replied, moving towards Draco.

Draco immediatly stepped backwards quickly, but gestured for Hermione to proceed him to the lift. “So we're meeting the others outside, then we'll apparate to Lestange's house.” Once they were outside, they met up with Harry and Ron.

“Hermione!? You're coming?” Ron asked, his face completely pale and his large blue eyes bulging.

“Yes Ronald. I'm coming. Let's go.” Hermione retorted, grabbing Draco's arm.

Draco nodded to the other men and promptly disapparated. They arrived at a rundown looking mansion. The grounds were dull and unkempt, the mansion looking extrememly rundown and neglected. “Alright, this is the plan. Ron, Harry, you two go around the back to cut him off if he tries to run, Hermione and I will take the front. Okay, go!”

Hermione and Draco quickly walked to the front door, closing his fist, Draco pounded on the old wooden door. “RABASTAN LESTRANGE THIS IS THE THE MINISTRY, OPEN UP.”

Hermione stood, wand out just behind Draco. When nobody came to open the door, Hermione motioned Draco to the side and threw a spell at the door, breaking it down instantly. Striding into the house, Draco close behind. Hermione then entered the first room that she saw.

Rabastan Lestrange was in a very, very bad state. His dark black hair had grown long past his shoulder. It was disheveled and greasy, his skin was pale and scabbed. However, he was sitting proudly at his large oak desk, dressed in an expensive looking suit. Smiling he said “Welcome my nephew and... I`m afraid I don`t know who this delicious creature. What a strange surprise, to what do I owe the honour?”

“I think that you know.” Draco replied stonily. “You are under arrest for the murder of a muggle, please stand and you will be escorted to the Ministry.”

“I don't think so my boy” Rabastan replied, aiming his wand at Draco.

Nonplussed, Draco shot a silent petrifying spell. At this moment, Ron and Harry burst into the study. “Let's get him out of here Malfoy, we met some of his “friends” on our way in, their stunned but I get the feeling there'll be more” Harry yelled. Hermione turned towards Rabastan “Levicorpus” she said calmly, levitating him out the room.

Draco, Ron and Harry followed her out into the driveway. Draco nodded and they all quickly apparated to the back entrance of the Ministry.

“Draco! Perfect, you've got your suspect. I have an interrogation room booked for you, follow me!” Cho Chang bubbled, smiling at all of them. The tree of them – with a levitating death eater followed her into the Ministry, winding through multiple dark corridors they finally made their way to almost the bottom of the Ministry into a small room. It was fairly dark, one small light fixture, a large table and two chairs. Two on one side of the table, one on the other side.

Hermione set the the unconcious Rabastan into a chair, undoing her spell. Harry then spoke “Alright, are you two good here? Cho just gave me a letter that Neville owled, me and Ron are needed upstairs.” Draco replied just as Hermione opened her mouth. “We're fine. Thanks Harry... and you Weasley.” Harry nodded and Ron inclined his head slightly before they both strode out.

Well... I guess we'll just have to wait until he wakes up.” Hermione sighed, leaning against the cold grey wall.


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Bound to You: The Arrest


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