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The Mermaid's Curse by thefuturedp27
Chapter 3 : Potions, Persistence, and Prefects.
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 The next morning Serena awoke to the bright sun beaming in her eyes and a very frantic Hermione Granger pulling a brush through her matted hair. 


"Come on, Serena! We'll be late for breakfast!" She shouted. Serena shot out of bed pulled on her new Gryffindor cardigan and black skirt while pulling her hair up into a ponytail. WIth a flick of her wand her makeup was done and she looked absolutely gorgeous. Not fair. Hermione thought to herself. Serena followed Hermione, Ron, and Harry around the school like a lost dog, moving her from class to class. First there was Divination, which Serena loved, followed by Defense Against the Darks Arts, and Care of Mythological Creatures. Serena was enjoying her classes and liked the company of her new friends. Although, she felt that Harry was a bit over flirtascious she liked the attention and found him attractive.


"Okay, your last class of the day is Advanced Position. Sadly, this class will be mostly Slytherins and none of us have it with you." Harry frowned. 


"I'll be fine, mum." she nudged him. "I'm a big tough girl. I tie my own shoes and everything." Harry laughed at this.


"We'll meet you in the great hall for dinner though, right?" he added with a quick nudge. 


"Yeah, I'll see you guys there." she smiled.


"Brilliant! See you there! After class!" he yelled as Hermione pulled him away. Serena just rolled her eyes and laughed. These were some good friends she was making. 


She walked into Slughorn's classroom and immediately spotted Malfoy at the back of the class starring at her with an unsure look. Great. She thought to herself. Serena sat down at a desk towards the front and had many admirers immediately flock to her side. 


"Hi, I'm Blaise Zabini." an attractive darker toned boy said getting a little too close to her. She could feel his warmth radiate towards her causing her to feel slightly uncomfortable. She smiled politely like she did with the others and quickly went back to pretending to be busy. She could't deny that he was attractive, but she was in no mood to be bothered with, especially since she was trying to ignore Malfoy.


"Sorry about my mate, Malfoy back there." he winked. "He doesn't know how to handle beauty."


"And you do?" she challenged narrowing her eyes.


"Oh a quick temper and a witty tongue.  You are dynamite." he smirked widely. Serena looked annoyed at this and began taking notes as Professor Slughorn starting his lecture. Blaise sat down beside her and put his hand on her bare thigh just above her knee. Serena started glowing red with anger and pushed his hand away quickly not wanting to cause a scene. Blaise smiled at her resistance towards him and put his hand completely under her black skirt on her thigh. Serena slapped him hard across the face and had the whole class starring at them. 


"Serena Merrow, ten points from Gryffindor for slapping another student! And Mr. Zabini that will be 10 points from Slytherin as well for being disruptive during class." Slughorn exhaled clearly not seeing what had fully happened. Blaise smirked at Serena and whispered into her ear. 


"I like them feisty." he told her. Serena's face was most unamused and she turned away from Blaise only to find Malfoy starring at them looking like he was going to rip someone in half. This made her curious. Why does he care what happens to me? Maybe I'm making his friend look bad and that's all the little prefect needs. She thought to herself. Class concluded and Serena fled the room with no seconds to spare. Serena spotted Harry, Ron, and Hermione eating at the Gryffindor dining table in the Great Hall and skipped over to be happily greeted. Harry nearly suffocated her with a hug as soon as he saw her. 


"How was positions with those slimy Slytherins?" he questioned curiously. Serena rolled her eyes and tried to focus on eating. "Fine. I'd rather not talk about it." she snapped. Ron, Harry, and Hermione all exchanged shrugged glances and continued to chat merrily as they ate. Serena could feel someone starring at her and looked up to see Malfoy's icey blue eyes meet hers. Her breath caught in her throat. He didn't look angry or confused for once, but more concerned and apologetic. I must be imagining things. She thought to herself as she got up from the table. 


"I'm going to take a bath and get to studying. I'm beat after today and the homework is already pilling up." she said. Harry looked disappointed and wished her a good night. The others said bye as she smiled and walked towards the second floor girl's lavatory. 





Serena walked down the abandoned halls until she stumbled upon a huge bathroom with a luxurious marble bathtub big enough to fit twenty people. Towering pillars stood all around and beautiful glass stained windows with pictures of the sea flooded the room.


"Now that's what I'm talking about." She whispered to herself with a smile. 


Serena drew the warm bath water and slowly took off her clothes. Her pale skin glowed in the moonlight as she let down her beautiful red hair. Serena glanced around her making sure that no one was watching and then dove into the bath a graceful splash. The water wrapped itself around her breathing into her skin and made her feel alive. She came up to the surface and felt the warm water trickily down her face. Finally she could relax. Serena caught sight of herself in the mirror and saw that her eyes were now golden and her skin was glowing around her bright red hair. She was truly a sight. She glanced back at her body and saw her shimmering green tail glisten back at her. She loved being in this form more than her dry appearance. After all, she was raised to live half of her life at sea. But after the Dark Lord's attacks on the merpeople Serena had to live with her witch mother in a different country away from her father and had to vow to only go into the water when absolutely necessary, afraid that the Dark Lord would find her. Not long after her flee, her father a merman, had been killed while trying to protect his daughter's location and identity. After all, she was the only witch mermaid in existence. Serena let a tear drop into the water at this sad memory and began to emerge herself completely in the water. 


A couple of hours passed by as Serena splashed around the the huge tub and finally she got out, deciding that she had better get back before curfew. Quickly she dried off her scaly tale and watched her slim legs appear. She sighed and slipped on her school clothes before leaving the beautiful lavatory. The twisted hallways were dark and abandoned which made her feel a little uneasy. She continued walking and thought she heard someone else's footsteps behind her. The hairs on her neck stood up and her heartbeat quickened as she looked behind her shoulder and saw no one. Suddenly she turned a corner and ran into someone knocking them both over. Ouch! She looked up and gazed into a pair of stormy blue eyes.


“Draco! Uh, sorry. Again. Haha.” she said embarrassed. He brushed himself off and offered her his hand. Unexpectedly, she took it and was swiftly pulled to her feet. He held her close as she stared up into his curious eyes.Is that longing I see? She thought to herself. No, you're imagining things. She could feel the heat from his body lure her in closer as she inhaled his sexy scent. He suddenly pushed her away with a sudden stern look. 


“What are you doing down here? Don't you know it's curfew?” he snapped.


“I was... I got lost.” she lied suddenly taken back by his attitude. Why was he so bi-polar?


“Make sure you get to your dormitory immediately or I shall have to write you up.” he added narrowing his eyes. Serena looked hurt by his switch of behavior towards her and just stormed off with light tears in her eyes. Draco turned towards her wanting to chase after her, but resisted and continued his prefect duties.




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