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Whispering by magical words
Chapter 28 : Chapter Twenty-eight: End Part III
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AN: So here it is – the third part of the end of it all. After this, there will be no more Whispering. I hope you enjoy these final series of vignettes that follow Rose and Scorpius' life! So sorry it took soooooo long! I finally had the inspiration to end this story. :)

Chapter Twenty-eight: End

The Epilogue Part III

January 2037 – Lily/Atticus' wedding

"Oh, Noah looks too precious, Rose! The pictures with Mac will be perfect," Lily cooed as she glanced at her cousin's daughter and her son sitting on the loveseat in their wedding attire. "And look at the rest of them! I am going to have to photographer go mad with all of our kids!"

While any normal woman would be going stir-crazy waiting for her wedding, Lily wasn't in the least bit worried. She was relaxing, watching her four month old son, her niece and nephews, and her cousins' children playing. It wasn't really a surprise, considering it wasn't something to be nervous about; Lily had been with Atticus for nearly fourteen years and she had a son with him. Their relationship was stable and this was more of a paper contract than anything else. And Ginny had desperately wanted to (help) plan her daughter's wedding.

"Oh, Lily, the kids won't sit still for a photographer," Rose laughed as she scooped up Noah, who elicited a shriek of happiness.

Rose kissed her daughter's cheek as she cuddled into Rose's embrace.

"That's what wizard cams are for, Rosie dear," Lily responded as she, too, picked her child off of the loveseat.

Lily had opted for a short wedding dress, playing off her legs perfectly. Her choice was more of a cocktail dress than anything, but it suited her. It was a fitted white satin dress with a deep v neck and some beaded detailing. Her trademark Weasley hair fell past her shoulders in loose curls and she wore no jewellery, except for her engagement ring. Rose had told her she looked simply stunning, especially after having a baby four months prior.

For the first time since Rose had arrived with the rest of the bridesmaids, she saw Lily's anxiousness. It was subtle, only a quick glance at the clock, but Rose could tell.

"Lily, in less than twenty minutes, you'll finally be officially married to the love of your life. He loves you immensely and I'm sure he us just as anxious as you, if not more so. After all, I think he's been wanting to marry you since you graduated from Hogwarts," Rose told her honestly.

Sighing, Lily shifted Mac in her arms. "I know. I just can't handle the waiting now."

Rose smiled broadly. "No one can hon."

Lily's anxiety melted away in an instant. She bounced Mac up and down in her sky-high stilettos and said, "Well, let's get moving shall we? I've got to marry Atti now."

Rose didn't spare the smile that came to her face. Obediently, she followed the bride who shooed her other bridesmaids and their children out of the room and into the hall where grandparents or significant others took the kids from the bridal party.

Passing off Noah to Scorpius, she couldn't contain herself and kissed him.

"I love you," she told him.

Holding onto Noah, Scorpius stood up straight. "Love you too, Rosie."

Nate came bounding over, latching himself to his father's legs.

"Leggo Daddy!" Nate cried, pulling on his trousers.

"Don't you want to say goodbye to mummy and good luck to Aunt Lily, Nate?"

"Okay. Bye Mummy," he said brightly. Looking to no one in particular, he shouted, "Good luck Aunt Lily."

"Come on Daddy. It's time for the wedding."

Then with a confidence unfamiliar in a three year old, Nate walked outside to the magically-contained area beyond the Burrow reserved for the wedding ceremony.

"Looks like Nate is going to find our seats for us," Scorpius said, astonished.

As Noah grabbed a handful of her father's hair, Rose laughed. "I suppose you should go."

Grimacing as he removed Noah's hand, he gave his wife a once-over. "You look positively drop-dead gorgeous, you know Rosie."

His eyes had gotten all lovey-dovey and a smile had replaced the hair-pulling induced grimace.

Gracefully, Rose blushed. "Thanks love. I was afraid the dresses Lils picked out were going to be too short."

"Too short? Never! They accentuate my wife's killer legs, especially with those heels," Scorpius assessed, mentally wolf-whistling.

Being so in tune with her husband, she knew he was silently appreciating her form. And while she enjoyed the attention, the wedding was about to start.

"Go on with you!" she teased. "And take good care of my children."

With an eye roll and another kiss, Scorpius went on his way with Noah cooing in his arms.

"Knock 'em dead," he called over his shoulder.

Nearly as soon as Scorpius left, trailing after his son, the wedding party assembled for the procession. Rose's sister-in-law, Emily, was Lily's Matron of Honour, Lily having been her Maid of Honour almost seven years before. Atticus had picked his younger brother, Cal, as his Best Man. After they had both graduated and had grown closer, they became inseparable. Lily's bridesmaids included Rose, one of her closest female cousins, and her sisters-in-law, Cecelia and Anna. The groomsmen included Atticus' friends since Hogwarts, Zeb Smith and Devin Finnigan, as well as his older cousin Thom Bell.

Lily had insisted that seven-year-old Lea Weasley be the flower girl and relied on Eli Potter to be the ring bearer, rather than relying on the Matron of Honour and the Best Man for the rings. Lea had been absolutely thrilled and it was the only thing she could tell her parents, Hugo and Emily, for ages. Eli was excited as well, until James had told his son he would have to dress up.

The ceremony was beautiful and Ginny had her wish, though she hardly saw the ceremony since she was bawling into her scrap of lace nearly the entirety of it. Harry gave his daughter away, officially, although he knew had done so at least ten years ago. Lily's big brothers felt very proud of their baby sister tying the knot after so many years with the man who was too perfect for her, brought out the best in her, and gave her a beautiful little family.

The same sentiments rested in the remainder of the Weasley clan and most certainly rang true for the entire Wood brood. It was a short and sweet ceremony, but it was the reception that everyone was really looking forward to.

After all, Lily knew how to throw the best parties, considering she was a phenomenal event planner.

She had made sure every guest, young and old, had their own entertainment. The children were under the watchful eye of the hired au pairs. There were five, two specialising in babies and toddlers, while the other three had a more general experience with children. Lily wanted the adults to enjoy themselves as much as possible, without having to worry about their children every five seconds. (That was more hopeful, really, since barely ten minutes in, Lily was rushing over to the au pairs to see if Mac was alright.)

Meanwhile, everyone else was taking full advantage of the au pair services.

Ron and Hermione had promised Rose and Scorpius that they would take their grandchildren for the night, giving the parents the opportunity to just be adults. Both Malfoys were sincerely looking forward to the night off.

They enjoyed themselves, indulging in the finest food and champagne. They danced as close as possible, their bodies always touching. They went everywhere together, even the loo, although they weren't using it for its intended purposes. They acted like they did before having children; inseparable, doting, loving, and nauseating to those around them.

Even though they knew they were relinquishing their parental duties for the night, they periodically checked upon their son and daughter, giving them hugs and kisses. When the time came for Ron and Hermione to take them from the party and put them to bed, Rose showered her babies with kisses and Scorpius held his children close.

"See you tomorrow, Nate and Noah. Be good for Nana and Granddad!" Rose told them. Nate wrapped his arms around Hermione's neck, resting his sleep-heavy head on her shoulders. Noah was already half-asleep cradled in Ron's arms, her baby hands fisted in his robes.

Tucked under her husband's arm, Rose rested her head on his chest. She sighed, content, as she watched her parents Apparate with her children. Turning to face Scorpius, she raised up on the balls of her feet to press her lips to his. They tasted of sweet champagne.

"Let's wish the newly married couple congratulations one more time and then head home. I don't feel like sharing you anymore."

"I like that idea," Scorpius replied softly before kissing his wife, "because I don't feel like sharing you anymore either."

Rose and Scorpius sought out the happy couple to say their goodbyes and well-wishes. They soon got caught down memory lane, reminiscing that encounter in the Heads' dorm nearly thirteen years before. The quick congratulations turned into a retelling of the moment Lily found Scorpius and Rose in a compromising position while she was busy storming out of Atticus' room. Rose was just thankful her parents had already left and weren't able to hear the tale.

Eventually, the conversation strayed to just Lily and Atticus, allowing Rose and Scorpius to make their exit and take a bottle of champagne with them.

They arrived home and shed their wedding wear in seconds, leaving them where they fell on the floor. Having been holstered to her thigh, Rose retrieved her wand and waved it, uncorking the champagne.

"Scorpius, come up with a toast!" she cried as they pulled each other to their bedroom, two champagne flutes following them lazily.

Rose crawled onto their bed, taking a champagne flute in hand, and looked at her husband expectantly. He imitated her, kneeling across from her.

With a swish of his wand, the champagne was poured.

He smiled, mostly to himself, due to his wife's beauty. Even after two perfect children, Rose looked as striking and youthful as she had when they first began dating at Hogwarts. In fact, if it were possible, she was more stunning and radiant.

Scorpius leaned forward and captured her lips.

"To my gorgeous, sexy, brilliant wife and mother of my two beautiful children: so that we may always be in love as we are now and that our love will grow with each passing day," he whispered, his lips practically grazing hers.

He pulled back to study her face. He wanted to see how her eyes softened, sparkling; her lips curve upward ever so slightly in a smile specifically for him; and her skin colouring a faint pink under his scrutiny.

As he hoped, her eyes, lips and skin reacted just so.

"To my handsome, clever, wonderful husband and contributor to our beautiful children: I second that toast many times over."

Their champagne flutes touched and a soft 'ping' resounded. They sipped their champagne hardly taking their eyes off of each other.

Sitting in their underclothes, they stared at each other, smiling stupidly. But they were in love, so it was perfectly acceptable.

Late May 2038

"Rose, we're going to be late for your Healer's appointment," Scorpius cried up to their master bedroom.

A muffled "I know" rang down the stairwell.

"What are you even doing?" he called back.

Scorpius heard a frustrated cry before he decided to see what was the matter for himself.

He found his wife lying her back on their bed, arms out, shirt resting up by her bellybutton, and her trousers unzipped.

Rose didn't bother looking to the doorway, where she knew she would see her husband staring at her, unamused.

"I can't fit into my trousers anymore," she whinged pathetically.

"I don't imagine they would the way you've been eating."

At that, Rose was up in seconds. Leaning upon her elbows, she glared at Scorpius.

"I don't imagine you'll like sleeping on the couch, but it looks like you will be tonight."

Scorpius sighed. He knew he shouldn't have said that, however there was a perfectly logical and acceptable reason for her recent, excessive eating. And he was partly to blame.

"If you say so, love," Scorpius conceded. "For now, though, can you just slip on a dress and we'll be on our way?"

"I wanted to wear these though!" Rose's frustration was clear; her trousers – her favourite trousers – no longer fit the way they should have.

"Well, you can't fit in them so you need to find something else to change into. I'm going to hazard a guess your other trousers aren't going to work since they're all the same size. Pick out a dress and wear that."

Rose gave Scorpius another angry look before stripping off her trousers and flinging her shirt off. She let them land where they did, not even bothering to put them away. She stalked to her closet in her bra and knickers, ripping a beautiful royal blue coloured dress from a hanger and pulling it over her head. It was a form-fitting dress and outlined all of Rose's curves, flaring out at her hips.

"Happy now?"

"Yes. Now I know taking off the afternoon was a bright idea, although I did begin to think it was all for nothing. You're hardly ready to go to St. Mungo's."

"Untrue!" Rose fired back hastily. "I just need to find a pair of shoes and to grab a sweater and I'll be ready."

She pulled a cream sweater out and slipped her feet into a pair of nude coloured flats.

"Let's go," she announced, pushing through the doorway and toward the Floo system.

Scorpius followed obediently, smirking ever so slightly at his wife.

They Flooed to St. Mungo's and made it to the correct wing in record timing.

Rose passed a number of her fellow Healers, greeting them with a smiling face and no sign that she was about to have a fit of frustration five minutes before. They all greeted her with surprise, but excitement just the same.

Walking into the hospital room she was assigned, Rose groaned.

"Merlin, I hate coming into this wing with you because they always know it's not "just a check-up." My pregnancies are never a secret."

Scorpius had the good fortune to withhold his chuckle, knowing that his wife would not appreciate it. He would be sleeping on the couch the next night too.

Just as he was about to say something, there came a knock upon the door frame.

"Knock knock," Hr. Josh Thruston said, smiling. "Hello Rose and Scorpius. I'm happy to see you both here. I think there's a 'congratulations' in order, yes?"

"Hi Josh," Rose halfway gushed. "And thank you. We're both really excited."

"Wonderful. Well, we should just jump right in," Josh replied.

"Let's do this." Scorpius was beyond thrilled and hoped, for once, he'd be accurate in guessing the sex of their baby.

Josh gestured for Rose to lie upon the padded check-up table where she quickly situated herself.

"I must say, I'm honoured to get to bring another little Malfoy into the world. I know it's sometimes strange to have a friend and colleague deliver your baby and see all that stuff, but I truly am looking forward to it. You always seem to make the delivery room an interesting place, Rose, even if you're not the one giving birth," he joked.

"Well, I need to let you know that I was disappointed when you said you wouldn't be able to deliver Noah, but Tad Morse did a great job."

"Even though Noah practically fell out," Scorpius added good-naturedly.

"I heard that! But you know how wives get insistent about not missing holidays. Kait was pretty adamant about it," Josh mentioned, amused, while performing some basic routine examinations prior to the actual ultrasound.

"How is Kait? She told me she's going back to work at Beauxbatons in their Hospital Wing! Now that Lacey and Luke are at Hogwarts, I imagine she was feeling a bit bored at home."

"She's absolutely thrilled. She was helping out here every so often, but she enjoys being around kids more than boring adults," Josh admitted. "Plus, you can only work at the same place with a spouse for so long before someone gets aggravated about seeing the other all the time. She just cracked first."

"I honestly can't imagine working at the same place with Rose. We'd probably never get any work done! We'd be too busy arguing or making up."

Scorpius winked at Rose and she blushed, batting a hand in his direction.

"Stop it!" she giggled, avoiding Josh's eye contact.

Realising Rose's position, and not wanting to make things awkward, Josh also averted her eyes and simply stated, "Been there, done that."

A silence – not necessarily uncomfortable – settled in the room for a few moments. Josh murmured spells under his breath while Rose and Scorpius looked at each other in eager anticipation.

Josh finally finished the preliminary examinations and looked up expectantly.

"Ready to see your baby?"

Nodding vigorously, Rose urged him on. "And I think we want to know the sex this time. Nate and Noah were both pleasant surprises at their births, but this time around, we're old pros."

"Of course," Josh replied. "Gravidesco eximius."

The new spell, which no longer required the barrier of clothes to be removed in order to see a clear picture, tickled Rose ever so slightly.

The bubble that appeared was still a strange sight to see, even after seeing it a few times before. And still, Rose and Scorpius couldn't make heads or tails of it. (While Rose was a Healer, her expertise wasn't in pre-, post-, or neo-natal; she could assist in deliveries though.)

"So?" Scorpius and Rose asked simultaneously as Josh examined the bubble that was their baby.

"Well, what would you guess?"

"Boy," Rose answered.

"Girl," Scorpius countered.

"Correct!" Josh told them.

They were puzzled.

"What?" Scorpius shot.

"You are both correct. You're having a boy and a girl. Congratulations on your twins! They look to be in perfect condition."

The Malfoys looked at him in absolute awe.

"Twins?" Rose whispered, clearly in shock.

"Yes, twins. And it seems like they are co-habitating wonderfully and growing at a fairly same rate. Do you have an idea of the due date?"

Still a bit floored, Rose stuttered, "Oh – um – e-early December?"

Josh nodded before swishing his wand speaking another spell.

"December eighth or ninth it looks like."

A final swish of his wand and the bubble ultrasound disappeared. Smiling at the couple, Josh soon became uncomfortable when he realised they had both pretty much frozen in their spots.

"Is everything alright?"

Neither made a sound and now Josh was just getting worried.

He was just about to call in reinforcements when Scorpius spoke up.

"T-twins? As in two? As in more than one baby?"

"Yes, twins as in two babies. It seems the Weasley tradition of twins is continuing on in the Malfoy line," Josh informed him calmly, not wanting him to go into severe state of shock or anything.

"We're going to have two more kids?!"

Josh was a little bit alarmed by Scorpius' outburst.

"Looks like you are, mate."

For a moment – only a brief, frightening moment – Scorpius looked absolutely crazed. His eyes were wide, his hair seemed to all stand on end, and his face seemed to lose all colour.

"Okay," Scorpius breathed eventually, regaining his normal pallor. "I'll be able deal with four. I was just expecting three. Four is good. A nice, even number. Four is definitely good."

Flashing his pearly whites, he glanced at the love of his life. "Twins!"

Rose stared at him for him, confused beyond belief by his actions before shrugging and giving a hiccough-laugh. "So it seems."

Rose swung her legs off the hospital table and dangled them daintily.

"Twins," she whispered, a sense of awe and excitement entering her voice.

Walking over and placing himself in front of her, Scorpius took his face in her hands. "I love you."

"Love you too," she replied, smiling broadly.

Scorpius gently pressed his lips against hers in kiss.

"Imagine when we tell the family we're having twins!"

Scorpius looked at Rose, startled. He always hated telling the family; they always made such a fuss.

March 2039 – 10th Anniversary

Their four month old twins, Aiden and Emma, were in the capable care of Natalie Schonberg, Rose's cousin Dominique's fifteen-year old daughter at the Schonbergs'. Nate was at Al and Cecelia's for the night, spending time with his two of his cousins, Emmett and Will. Noah was having her first sleepover with Naomi, Malena and Derek's youngest daughter. The next day, Saturday, they would all be spending the day and night with their Malfoy grandparents before spending Sunday with their Weasley grandparents. All their children were accounted for and taken care of for the weekend. They wouldn't be demanding attention from their parents or interrupting their anniversary.

Rose had been especially looking forward to their time together. For the first time since giving birth to Emma and Aiden almost four months ago, she was up to making love with her beautiful husband. And Scorpius couldn't have been more excited, because have sex with an unenthused wife wasn't appealing.

They had decided they would go to their villa in Lecce, far away from interruptions, but just an Apparition away.

The whole entire morning, Rose could hardly keep her hands off her husband, which made it difficult getting her children ready for their sleepovers. Thank goodness Scorpius had more self-control and managed to take over when his wife was being less than appropriate.

The moment Nate, Noah, Aiden and Emma were gone, Rose attacked Scorpius to go to Lecce. They could not get there fast enough.

The moment they Apparated there, however, Rose was speechless. True to his romantic nature, Scorpius had already been to the villa, or at least had someone go to the villa, and gotten it ready.

Rose petals adorned the floor. Brass candelabras with white candles lit the entire bedroom. Champagne sat in an ice bucket beside the bed and the bed was clearly made with the finest silk sheets. On Rose's pillow laid a single red rose atop an envelope addressed to whom other than Rose herself?

A love letter, from her darling husband.

Glancing about, taking in all the extravagance, Rose was almost speechless.

"Sweetheart, when did you possibly have time to prepare all this? Between heading to the Ministry, going on missions, and making time for our children, when did you possibly plan any of this?"

Taking his astonished wife in his arms, Scorpius couldn't help but smirk ever so slightly. "It helps being related to the Head of the Auror office."

Rose stiffened slightly. "You asked for favours from Uncle Harry!?"

"No, of course not. He offered to let me leave a few hours early two nights this week to start preparing, knowing that it was our tenth anniversary."

Melting back into his embrace, Rose rested her head on his chest.

"You are bloody amazing, Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, and I could not be more fortunate to be married and as deeply in love with a man such as yourself."

Raised on her tiptoes, she kissed her husband with every fibre of her being.

Pulling away ever so slightly, their lips still practically touching, he replied wholeheartedly, "No, it is I who couldn't be more fortunate to married and as deeply in love with a woman such as yourself."

Fighting the urge to roll her eyes, she murmured, "So bloody romantic."

It wasn't until she realised Scorpius had picked her up in his arms that she regretted mentioning his romanticism.

Before she could berate him for it, he faux-scolded, "Don't even say a word, Rose."

"Wouldn't dream of it," she retorted.

Carrying her to their bed, Scorpius hummed some ridiculous tune, most likely a mushy Muggle love song.

"What are you humming love? It's kind of killing the romantic mood," Rose teased.

Naturally, Scorpius began to hum louder. This silenced Rose, for she knew he would continue to get louder with every mention of the noise.

Scorpius gently placed Rose onto the bed, where she sunk comfortably into the sheets.

"I must say, this bed is much more comfortable than I remember it. When was the last time we were here?" Rose asked as she sat up, relinquishing her dress and revealing lingerie that left little to the imagination.

Smiling, Scorpius began to unbutton his shirt before climbing beside his wife. "I think it was that night a couple of months after Noah was born. Your parents and my parents gathered at our house that evening, demanding they spend the night with their grandchildren while we enjoyed a nice night off from parental duties and get some sleep. Or as my dad pulled me aside, to "sleep" together."

Tenderly, Scorpius placed a kiss on Rose's exposed shoulder. She found Draco's comment quite humourous, but kept cool about it.

"Hmm, did he now?" Rose said, playing along. Languidly, a finger drew itself down Scorpius' bare chest, stopping just at his belt buckle.

"That he did. And can I just say, his advice was well-received. We had a very pleasant night, if I do say so myself."

"I do recall that night. I believe it was never ending. We hardly got the rest we needed, considering we had an infant. But I wouldn't have traded that for anything; being exhausted the next day was well worth it."

Rose leaned forward to kiss her husband.

"Shall we have a repeat then?" Scorpius asked, his lips barely leaving his wife's.

His answer came in the form of Rose reaching for his belt buckle.

October 2041

"Nate, you must remember that this is only for you. You may not let Noah play with it. I know you love to share with her, but she isn't old enough to play with your broom."

Nathaniel Malfoy looked at his dad as if he were a flobberworm. He was seven years old! He knew what he could and couldn't do and that some things just weren't meant for five year olds like Noah. Brooms, for instance.

He had asked for one for his sixth birthday, but his mum had said no. Scorpius was all for his son getting his first real broom; training brooms were inadequate for a future Quidditch star. In order for Nate to be brilliant, he had to start flying as soon as possible and a so-called broom that only hovers three feet above the ground wasn't going to cut it.

Scorpius worked on Rose for months to change her mind. There wasn't a single thing that did though, until one day, Scorpius provided her with information about the newest, safest, state-of-the-art broom designed for younger kids. Geared towards seven to ten year olds, it had all the features a parent would want: a global positioning system to monitor your child's movements, parental controls to limit your child's speed and height, a built in cushioning force field should your child slip, and so much more. It was controlled by a teeny, weenie, bright orange button on the top of the broom handle. This button was practically impossible to turn off after it was turned on.

The safety of this broom was perfect; Rose knew her eldest was extremely inquisitive and more than happy to try new and potentially dangerous things. This broom proved to be the perfect concession. And even better, it wasn't coming out into stores until the week of Nate's seventh birthday. He had completely forgotten about his obsession with getting a broom and was all about getting a "pet" dragon. (Rose had her Uncle Charlie to thank for that phase.)

Scorpius had picked up the kids from primary school like every other day– a small battle that Rose had with him because he wanted them to go to Wizarding primary school while she wanted her children to experience Muggle primary school like she had – while Rose finished up her shift at St. Mungo's for the day. The twins were at their Weasley grandparents under the careful eye of their Nana Hermione. It was Nate's birthday so, naturally, he was incredibly excited.

"Dad! Dad! Did Mum get the cake I wanted?" Nate asked they walked through Muggle London.

"Bud, I'm sure she made sure Nana Molly is on top of it," Scorpius assured his son with a chuckle.

"Isn't Nana Mowwy weally owd?" Noah asked, her slight lisp showing itself.

"Yeah, she's pretty old, Noah! She's granddad Ron's mum! And he's really old so she's even older," Nate answered before his father got a chance. "Like a hundred."

Scorpius felt Noah's hand squeeze his in awe of this. "That's a lot of birthdays!"

Scorpius couldn't help but laugh at his children's exchange. "Nana Molly isn't that old kids," he said before he did the math.

"Dad, she's ninety-one," Nate answered quickly with a seven-year-old's attitude. "That's almost a hundred."

"You're right. That's close to one hundred."

"And she still makes cakes?" Noah wondered.

"Yeah she does! She's super Nana Molly, Noah," Nate told his little sister.

"You're very lucky she's still around to make your birthday cake, Nate. What are you going to do when you see her tonight?"

Before Nate could answer, Noah answered for him. "Give her a big hug!"

"And tell her thank you right after!"

"Yes. Good job." Smiling proudly, Scorpius continued on with his polite and adorable children.

They finally reached Purge and Dowse, Ltd. in order to get Rose on the way back home and saw she was awaiting them right outside with a big smile on her face.

"How's my birthday boy?" she cried, rushing forward to give him a big hug and kiss.

Nate groaned a little with a smile on his face. "Muuuummm."

"Oh, sorry," Rose laughed wiping off the lipstick smudge off his cheek before she opened her arms out to Noah who eagerly leapt into her mother's arms for a hug. "I forgot you're seven now. You don't need Mummy's kisses anymore."

"Just not in public, Mum," Nate clarified.

"Alright, I'll remember for next time," she said with a smile. "And what about Miss Noah? How was your day?"

"It was good, Mummy."


Rose set down Noah to properly greet her husband.

"Hello, love," Scorpius said sweetly as he bent down to give his wife a kiss. "Ready to get the twins and head home?"

"Yes, so we can celebrate our eldest's birthday!" she announced before her beautiful little family set off.

After stopping at her childhood home to get Emma and Aiden, the six Malfoys headed home to prepare for the party that would transpire in a few short hours.

Soon enough, it was time for guests and family to arrive. Astoria and Draco arrived first, immediately taking charge of watching their youngest grandchildren, Emma and Aiden. Noah was busy helping Rose get the dining room set while Scorpius switched from helping Rose and greeting guests with Nate.

In no time at all, the entire brood had arrived, greatly anticipating the birthday dinner. The children all enjoyed sitting and playing together, the parents also enjoying some time to catch up as the grandparents watched all with eager eyes.

Just as Nate had requested, Nana Molly had made a dragon reserve-themed cake complete with an animated Ukrainian Ironbelly. Thankfully, Rose didn't have to worry about her nana going toooverboard and spelling the dragon to breath fire as well!

As soon as cake was served, Nate insisted it was time to open presents, signalling that the night was winding down.

He received typical seven year old things: some books (clearly from his nana Hermione and granddad Ron), a beginner's potioneer set, dragon figures to re-enact elaborate battle scenes, a Pygmy Puff, and sweets. Each gift seemed cooler than the next. Thankfully, his parents waited to go last. He was beyond surprised when he unwrapped his very own broom!

He insisted he go outside at that very moment to try it out, but Rose and Scorpius reasoned that it was dark out and wasn't safe. Of course, he begged and pleaded, but they wouldn't budge. Finally, Scorpius told his son that he could fly it as soon as he got home from school the next day. Only then did he relent.

Within the next hour, family and friends headed home themselves, determined to get their kids in bed and ready to go to school the next day.

Three-thirty the following afternoon couldn't come soon enough for Nate. He barely heard Rose as she told him to put his rucksack in his room, throwing it haphazardly just inside his bedroom door. Noah was happily trailing her older brother through their house and to the backyard. Rose took care of removing the twins' coats while insisting Scorpius follow the two eldest outside.

Scorpius got outside just in time to stop his son from just hopping on the broom and taking it for a spin.

"Hold on there, son. We've got to establish some rules about using your broom."

Bending down to one knee, Scorpius tried to gain Nate's attention. Frustrated, he turned to face his dad.

"But Daaaaad," Nate whinged.

"No buts, Nathaniel. This is yours, so you must take care of it and always ask to use it first. If there isn't an adult around, you can't use it for safety reasons. This is a big responsibility, but your mum and I think you can handle it."

Retorting with a small eye roll that was purely Rose, Nate said, "I know, Dad."

"Nate, you must remember that this is only for you. You may not let Noah play with it. I know you love to share with her, but she isn't old enough to play with your broom."

Nathaniel Malfoy looked at his dad as if he were a flobberworm.

"So, to recap: you need to have an adult watching you and no sharing with Noah."

As Nate agreed with his father, Scorpius couldn't help but notice just how much of his wife was in their firstborn; her impatience, her face gestures, the wild twinkle in her eyes.

"Can I go now?" Nate asked, breaking his dad out of his reverie.

And so, minutes later, Nate was up in the air looking like a complete natural.

To capture the moment for all time, Rose made sure to bring out the camera and document the whole experience. It was a little difficult trying to balance being the photographer and keeping the twins occupied, but she managed.

For the next few days leading up to the weekend, Scorpius and Rose promised Nate he could have an hour of flying time after he got all his schoolwork done. Then came the weekend when all he wanted to do was fly. That was until Uncle Charlie stopped by with pictures of the newest dragons to the Reserve. Despite having "retired" nearly eight years before, Charlie's involvement hardly changed, albeit long distance.

So, being a seven year old boy, he left his broom where it landed and ran inside to see Charlie. As the adult watching him, Rose followed him inside, beckoning Noah inside with her. Obediently, she followed her mother inside but quickly and stealthily returned outside to check out her brother's new broom.

Rose didn't notice her daughter's absence unfortunately, having to chase after Emma and Aiden who were trying to dismantle everything in sight. They were nearly three, but they were adventurous little creatures. Scorpius was cleaning up after their three month old Crup, Zola, who had an accident.

When he finished taking care of Zola, Scorpius headed to the kitchen to find an exhausted Rose holding onto Aiden and Emma. Nate was enthralled with Charlie's pictures.

"Love, where's Noah?"

"She followed me in. She must have gone to her room when I was chasing these troublemakers!" Rose looked pointedly at her youngest two before setting them down.

Emma ran to her father while Aiden ran to Nate's side.

"Noah, come say hello to Uncle Charlie please," Rose called up the stairs to her daughter's room. When she heard no answer, "Noah Marie, this is not the time to play around."

With still no answer, Rose left her family in the kitchen and headed to Noah's room to find it empty.

"Scorpius," Rose called as she descended the stairs, "Noah isn't in her room."

"Are you certain she came in? She might have found a caterpillar outside or something and gotten distracted."

"It's October, sweetheart. There aren't any more caterpillars. And I'm almost positive she followed me in."

"I don't think she followed you in, Rosie."

"Well why wouldn't she? She loves Charlie and seeing pictures of the dragons. There isn't anything outside that she would want – Oh Merlin! The broom!"

In an instant, Rose went from composed to concerned and raced out the back door with Scorpius on her heels, forcing Charlie to be in charge of three children.

Sure enough, inquisitive Noah was on Nate's broom, squealing with glee as she flew higher and higher in the sky.

"I thought you said it was programmed to stay below a certain height Scorpius?! She's way up in the air right now and has no idea what she's doing!" Rose cried hysterically. "Get my baby out of the sky right now!"

Hastily Scorpius pulled out his wand, spouting out, "Accio Meteor 5000," hopping onto it as soon as it was in his grasp. Racing after his daughter, he couldn't help but imagine all the awful things that could happen to her, no doubt realising these things had already come into Rose's mind.

In less than ten seconds, Scorpius caught up to Noah, taking a gentle grasp of the handle just behind the seat with one hand and pulling her in front of him on his broom in the other. Nate's broom dropped as soon as Noah's body left it, falling quickly. Scorpius had the forethought to set a cushioning charm on it as he flew back to safety.

Rose rushed to his side, scooping up Noah in her arms, murmuring her appreciation that she was safe and anger that she dared do it in the first place. Scorpius set down his broom before wrapping a reassuring arm around his wife.

"Noah Marie Malfoy, don't you ever dare to hop on that broom ever again, do you hear me? You scared me so much!"

"I'm sowwy Mummy. I just wanted to have some fun like Nate."

Rose just hugged her daughter tighter.

"Baby, just promise us you will never do that again unless you talk to mummy and daddy first, okay?" Scorpius told her, brushing her auburn hair behind her ears.

"Okay Daddy," she whispered.

He kissed her forehead gently. "Now go say hello to Uncle Charlie. We will talk more about this later."

Noah ran into the house with no worries whatsoever while her parents were still quite on edge.

"Scorpius, you told me that that broom would never go that high. What the fucking hell happened?"

Her anger was directed straight at Scorpius now and if looks could kill, he would have been dead.

"Love," he started, "the button negating the settings must have gotten pressed when Noah was picking up the broom."

"And I thought that button was impossible to hit?" she retorted murderously.

"Apparently not for our Noah. But that's done. All that we can do now is set an alarm on that button in case it gets hit again and to give Nate and Noah the rules of the broom again."

Rose groaned. "That's not the point Scorpius. You told me that it was safe and one of our children was put in danger despite having trusted that this broom was safe. I knew this was going to be a bad idea! We are lucky that nothing happened to Noah!"

"Rosie," Scorpius began

Rose glared at her husband. "Don't you 'Rosie' me, Scorpius," she said, scathingly.

"Rosie – Rose, mistakes happen. You're right; we are extremely lucky nothing happened to Noah. Maybe this is to remind us that we have to do a better job of educating each other about things like this. We have to establish rules for every member of this family and let our kids know what they can and cannot do, explicitly. But we are lucky to have brilliant, curious and determined children. That's something I couldn't be happier they received from you.

"Unfortunately, curiosity in this case was very dangerous. Let's for now be thankful nothing happened to Noah and be more mindful of potential issues that may arise because out children are so inquisitive."

Rose sighed, her bottom lip beginning to quiver, a sure sign she was fighting to hold back tear.

"I know, I know we need to count our blessings," she told him shakily. "It's just that things like this – when I don't know if my healthy, thriving children are going to make it through this one, trying situation – put my heart in my throat. I feel like I'm going to throw up, that I am going to lose one of them. I can bear to think of losing Noah, or Nate, or Emma, or Aiden. I've had to lose a baby before; I don't think I could do it again."

Melting into Scorpius' arms, Rose began to sob.

"And I hope we never have to again, sweetheart," Scorpius consoled her, rubbing her back in comforting circles.

When her breathing returned to normal, Scorpius kissed his wife. "I love you."

"I love you too, you wonderful, wonderful man. I don't know if I could live without you either."

"And I, you."

They kissed again, the anger between them entirely dissipated.

"I suppose we should relieve Charlie; he may love kids, but he loves giving them back to their parents more."

Rose chuckled, walking back into their home under her husband's strong arm.

She was certainly lucky to have him and such an amazing family.

September 1, 2046

"Dad, I don't want to be late for the train! Zach already sent me a Galleon message that he's got a compartment already!"

"Nate, we will get there in plenty of time," Rose ensured him as she helped Aiden into his coat before turning to Emma. "I promise."

"Mummy, why can't I go to Hogwarts now?"

"Don't be silly, Emma," Noah interrupted. "You have to be eleven and you're only seven."

"Be nice to your sister, Noah," Rose reprimanded gently. "Scorpius, love, did you find your socks yet?"

Emerging from the stairwell, Scorpius had a holey pair of socks in hand. "I believe Zola got a hold of them," he said with a stern look on his face.

"Oh sweetie," Rose said, trying hard not to break into laughter.

Half-heartedly, Scorpius murmured reparo, fixing his socks before putting them on and his shoes.

"Well, family, let's get going!" Scorpius announced as he grabbed his coat. "After all, it's not every day Nate has his first train ride to Hogwarts."

Emma and Aiden squealed delightfully before running to the Floo in the living room. Noah cross her arms stubbornly and stalked after them. Nate just looked at his parents expectantly while they smiled at him.

Scorpius grabbed the handle to his eldest's trunk while Rose gave her son a nudge to get him moving.

"Come on, sweetheart. Zach and Emmett are probably waiting for you."

Nervously, Nate trailed his mum and dad into the living room.

Rose went first with Emma while Aiden and Noah followed together, leaving Scorpius and Nate.

"Go ahead, bud."

"Dad, I'm scared."

As he looked up at Scorpius, Nate reminded Scorpius so much of himself that very first day, heading to Hogwarts. He was frightened too, anticipating making loads of enemies since his family had been on the wrong side of the War. He knew all about the horrible things that had happened and his parents had told him not to let those things in the past affect who he wanted to be in the future.

Of course, Nate wasn't in such a difficult situation as he had cousins already at Hogwarts and Zach and Emmett to go through their first year together. Great Uncle Neville was Headmaster, not to mention Teddy taught the Dark Arts. Family and friends were all over Hogwarts.

"Now why is that?"

"I just feel like I won't fit in any of the houses. I'm not brave enough to be a Gryffindor like Mum or clever enough to be in Slytherin like you. Ravenclaw is for smart people and Hufflepuff for really loyal people. I'm not any of those things."

"Nathaniel Malfoy, you are brave and clever, and smart and loyal. If anything, the Sorting Hat is going to have a bloody hard time choosing a House for you. And I'll tell you: the Sorting Hat has never not sorted someone. Sure, there are always those few that seem to take ages, but those first years get sorted eventually. You may be sorted into an unexpected House, but let that be a chance to learn more about yourself and your new Housemates. And regardless, your mum and I will always love you and be proud of you."



"You're sure? Even if I end up in Hufflepuff?"

Scorpius tried his best to suppress a smile. "Even Hufflepuff.

"Come on now; don't want to keep Emmett and Zach waiting."

Nate perked up before heading to the Floo.

The station was bustling, families everywhere, as Scorpius directed his eldest to Platform 9 and ¾.

Pointing to the post, Scorpius told his son, "You just run for it, head first. There's nothing to it."

Nate swallowed visibly and looked around nervously before running full speed.

He disappeared in seconds and Scorpius followed him.

In no time at all, Scorpius found wife and younger children embracing Nate. He noticed Nate didn't look so anxious anymore. Sidling up to his wife, Scorpius wished his son well before he bounded off to the rather large huddle of Weasley cousins. Nate merely shouted a last-minute goodbye to his parents and siblings.

"He's going to be fine," Rose murmured, almost as if she were trying to convince herself.

"Of course he is, love," Scorpius responded. "He's your son."

Blushing, Rose looked up her husband, her arm tightening around Scorpius' waste, her free hand giving Aiden, her youngest's, hand a squeeze. "I know."

Emma and Aiden were hollering great goodbyes to their big brother, jumping up and down enthusiastically. Noah was scowling slightly, waving stiffly at train.

They all saw Nate disappear aboard the train and waited for his face to reappear in one of the windows.

There he was, smiling broadly, his cheeks a light pink with excitement. He waved furiously in return to his family before settling in with his cousins and friends.

A loud whistle interrupted the goodbyes as the train started up. In an instant, it was gone. Rose and Scorpius collected their younger children, pushing them away from the platform and on their way home. The twins skipped ahead, hand in hand; Noah marched headstrong, arms crossed, on her own, while her parents took the rear, wrapped up in one another.

The family received an owl the very next morning from Nate, detailing his Sorting into Ravenclaw, his Housemates and the sheer size of the castle. Rose nearly shed a tear, Noah practically had a fit, and the twins didn't really care. Scorpius couldn't help but smile.

August 31, 2047

Noah was not happy.

"Mummy, I don't want to go to Hogwarts tomorrow!" she was howling, on the verge of crying.

"Sweetheart, why don't you want to go to Hogwarts?" Rose asked her daughter, gently sitting on the edge of her bed. She had been jealous just a year ago when Nate was headed off and she couldn't go. Noah had badgered her mother for hours the day she got her letter – May 14 – to go to Diagon Alley to get her wand, robes, books, and owl. Up until she was tucked in bed the night before she was to go to Hogwarts, Noah was beyond excited.

Noah got very quiet, her unshed tears glistening in her eyes and her bottom lip quivering as she fought crying. Whispering, she admitted, "No one will like me."

Rose wrapped her arms tightly around her now-weeping daughter. "Noah, darling," she consoled, "your classmates will love you."

"No they won't!" she wailed, a new wave of tears bursting.

Rubbing her back soothingly, Rose asked her why.

"Because N-n-nate said so!" she hiccoughed. "He said they don't like b-bossy know-know-it-alls at Hogwarts."

Rose ran her fingers through her daughter's hair. "Well, love, if that's true, I don't think I would have had any friends and I have loads! Not to mention I met your dad at Hogwarts."

Noah pulled away from her mum, her eyes red and swollen, her cheeks tear-stained.


"If Nate says you're a bossy know-it-all, I can tell you from experience that bossy know-it-alls still make friends. Uncle Hugo and Uncle Al used to make fun of me all the time for it, but Uncle Al is one of my best friends, as is Aunt Cecelia and Daddy. It did take a little while for Daddy to get over that, but that was because he was a know-it-all too," Rose finished, tweaking her daughter's nose.



"Daddy was bossy and a know-it-all too?"

Rose chuckled. "Yes, sweetheart, but he will probably deny it. You can always ask Gran Astoria and she will tell you it's true."

"But why would Nate tell me that, Mummy?"

"To scare you, I suppose. My older cousins loved to scare me at any chance they could. What no one will tell you is that they were just as scared and nervous as you are before their first day of Hogwarts."

"Are you sure?" Noah asked, wiping the remaining tears off her face.

"Positive. I know I was," Rose confided in her daughter. "But your Granddad Ron gave me a big hug" – Rose paused to squeeze her daughter lovingly, causing her to giggle – "and told me he loved me and that I would be brilliant. And you are too!"

Pressing a kiss to her not-so-little girl's forehead, Rose asked, "Do you feel better now?"

Noah nodded as she clung to her mother.

"You always have Naomi to be your friend, don't you?" Rose reminded Noah of her best friend Naomi, Malena and Derek's youngest, who was also going to be a first year.

Quietly, Noah responded. "Oh yeah."

"I promise you'll make a lot of wonderful new friends, and they won't necessarily be in your same house, so don't worry one bit!"

Smiling softly, Noah agreed. "Okay Mum."

"Ready for bed then? You've got a big, big day tomorrow!"

Snuggling into her bed, Noah looked at her mum. "I'm ready."

Rose stood up and kissed her forehead. She knew that she was more than ready. Before she closed the door and turned out the light, Rose looked back at her daughter. "I love you, sweetheart."

"Love you too, Mum."

She flicked out the light and let her daughter dream of Hogwarts.

The next day, Noah was happy and didn't let one word from Nate get into her head. She smiled and bounded off to the train with great enthusiasm with Naomi. As her letter stated the very next day, she immediately made a bunch of new friends, and they weren't all in Gryffindor like her. She mentioned the Hat wanted to put her in Ravenclaw, but she told it she wanted to be her own person rather than following her brother's footsteps. A moment later, the Sorting Hat had shouted Gryffindor.

Rose's heart beamed with happiness after learning that her little girl was adjusting well, but she had always known deep down that wouldn't have ever really been an issue.

September 1, 2050

By the time is came for the twins to head to Hogwarts, they was no need to get new books; they had two copies of everything thanks to Nate and Noah. Thankfully the twins didn't mind. Aiden only requested he got Noah's potions book since she had written copious amounts of notes in the margins.

They didn't need brooms either, though Emma really wanted her very own, and not one of Nate or Noah's hand-me-downs. Scorpius argued with her that the brooms were only a few years old and she would get one if she made her House team second year.

They didn't need to get owls either since they had gotten them on their birthday. Emma named her owl Hootie (a very original name) while Aiden named his Archimedes.

They got old robes too, since both their older siblings hadn't worn theirs for very long. Nate outgrew his within the first year and Noah by Christmastime her second year.

Aiden and Emma were pretty easy going with all of these things. Scorpius and Rose were lucky in that respect. They were also lucky that there was no talk of not fitting or fears and tears about not being able to make friends. Their youngests were well prepared, thanks to the older siblings, in regards to adjusting to Hogwarts.

They weren't anxious for the Sorting, they weren't worried about not making friends, and they weren't dreading their classes or anything at all.

Heading to Kings Cross was an uneventful experience. Nate and Noah wandered to their friends after hugs and goodbyes. The twins also gave their parents hugs and boarded the train as if they had been for years. They barely looked out the window to wave a final goodbye.

The next day, Rose and Scorpius woke with an empty nest, but with two letters. Emma's was brief: she was Sorted into Slytherin, she made a few friends and was looking forward to Flying Lessons. Aiden sent a large manuscript, detailing every moment of his minute-long sorting (he was a Hufflepuff, but Rose and Scorpius caught that amidst his memoir), describing all 6 of his dorm-mates' personalities and characteristics, his feelings of being at Hogwarts and more.

What Rose and Scorpius weren't ready for were the multiple owls from the Headmaster about Emma's constant fights and attention problems in lessons as well as Aiden being out on the grounds and searching in the Restricted Section of the Library after curfew looking for very obscure plants or potions. Nate and Noah had never been written up; they were exemplary students with impeccable records.

June 2057

The years went by. Rose and Scorpius fell more and more in love with each other as they watched their children grow up, hitting all the necessary milestones – starting primary school, receiving their Hogwarts letters, making friends, falling in and out of love, and graduating from Hogwarts.

It was their youngests' graduation. As it had when Nate and Noah graduated, four and two years prior, Rose's mind travelled back to her own graduation, more than thirty years before. She had stood on that stage, anxious to become a Healer, a mother, and start her life with Scorpius.

But now, the déjà vu was unlike anything she had experienced.

It was thrilling and nerve-wracking and upsetting, all in one. She imagined herself standing on that same stage, behind the same podium, with everyone's eyes on her. They were all listening intently; she was the Head Girl after all. She felt the snitches in her stomach and then she remembered the gaze and the encouraging wink of the person who mattered most in her world: Scorpius.

Pulling Rose out of her trance, Scorpius squeezed her hand encouragingly.

"Well, all our kids are on their way into the big bad world now," he commented good-naturedly before the ceremony began.

"My babies," Rose murmured, it finally dawning on her that they would, sooner than she knew it, be on their own adventures.

Nate and his girlfriend Genevieve had just moved in together. They were both Unspeakables, which tended to make life interesting for them even though they weren't allowed to talk about it. They had been together for three years, having met in the Department of Mysteries completely by accident.

Noah had followed her mother and had enrolled in St. Mungo's Healer program, coming out on top of her class. While she didn't have a boyfriend at the moment, Rose knew that her "plus one," Christian, was much more than just a friend. Noah just wasn't seeing the whole picture.

Emma, the elder of her twins by three minutes, was scouted by for the Holyhead Harpies to play Keeper. (Her granddad Ron and Uncle Hugo were especially pleased to hear she was going to be a professional Quidditch player.) In a few weeks, she was off to Wales to train with her new teammates. She would be far from where her twenty-two year old boyfriend, Jeremiah Whitaker (Malena and Derek's son), would be taming dragons in Romania. But Emma was certain they would be able to handle the distance.

Aiden was on track to become a brilliant potioneer, quite possibly the best since Severus Snape. He had been recruited to join the research team searching for cures to incurable afflictions, such as scrofungulus and lycanthropy. On July 1, he would be headed to live in Germany to begin researching with his new colleagues. Rose knew her youngest son was too focused upon his impending work to even think about a girlfriend, but there were plenty girls who wished he would think about it.

It seemed as if only yesterday she had been prepared to start her adult life all at once: living away from home, a career, a family. But in an instant, it all crumbled. First, she miscarried, and then she rejected her love, followed by staying in her parents' house and forgetting about her dreams of Healing. Her children, however, were not going to be trod upon by life.

As soon as they were capable of grasping the reality of the difficulties their parents had faced early on in life – fourteen for Nate, twelve for Noah, fifteen for Aiden and seventeen for Emma – the four Malfoy children knew they could always rely on their parents and tell them anything. They understood their parents wanted them to live their lives without regrets, but also without complications. Honesty was vital and feelings weren't something to be kept inside.

And so, the Malfoy children were the most open, well-adjusted, friendly, and content children to grace Hogwarts' grounds and the world before them.

Rose was transported back to her children's commencement hearing Aiden's name called to receive his testimonium. He walked onto that stage with a huge smile on his face. He reached for his testimonium with his left hand and extended his right for a firm shake with Headmaster Longbottom. He proceeded to shake every professor's hand on that stage before grinning at the attending congregation and raising his proof of completing his Hogwarts education high in the air.

It was a beautiful sight.

Emma was called directly thereafter. A demure smile graced her features as she glided on stage. She radiated poise and power. And while it looked as though she was glancing at the audience, she was searching for her boyfriend Jeremiah's encouraging grin. Her eyes sought him out, throwing him a wink before turning her attention to Headmaster Longbottom. She extended her hands, grasping the solid contestation of her commencement and shaking the Headmaster's hand. She, too, took the time to thank every professor. Just after Longbottom called the next graduate, Emma blew a kiss to Jeremiah and exited the stage.

The remainder of the ceremony flew by. Rose caught the names of her children's friends and her friends' and cousins' children, silently applauding them. She waited excitedly for the moment where they all would take off their black, pointed hats into the air, casting aside all their Hogwarts obligations.

For a few moments, the sky above the graduates was filled with black. They had graduated and were on their way to bigger, brighter things.

Rose smiled to herself, reliving very briefly being swung around by Scorpius and kissing him soundly. Gently, Nate nudged his mother.

"Mum, you alright?" he asked concerned, noticing her shiny eyes.

"Of course, Nate," she answered, her voice thick with emotion. "I'm just so pleased to see all my children out in the world and prepared to do extraordinary things."

The people in the audience began getting up from their seats and the Malfoys followed suit.

Nate looked at his dad, having been caught off-guard by his mum's words. Scorpius merely gave him a small smile.

Reaching for Rose's hand, Nate grasped it tightly. "Well, that's hardly surprising that we're out in the world, prepared to do extraordinary things with you and Dad as our parents."

Nate held his mother's hand briefly before taking it back and capturing Genevieve's hand. Their fingers intertwined and they moved forward in the aisle.

Rose sighed, smiling. She felt Scorpius behind her and leaned back against him.

"How did we get so lucky?" she sighed, barely loud enough for Scorpius to hear it. But he did.

"I don't know, love. All I know is that I wouldn't trade a single moment of this journey for anything," he replied, his arms slipping around his wife's waist.

"Neither would I," Rose murmured, meaning it entirely.

She turned around in Scorpius' arms to face him. Slowly, purposefully, she kissed her husband.

Whispering, Rose proclaimed to Scorpius, "I love you."

"And I love you," he responded.

The couple smiled at each other before disentangling themselves from each other. Their fingers and hands moved towards each other instinctively, needing that closeness and support.

Together, they walked toward their newly graduated son and daughter.

Now was the start to a brand new chapter of their lives.

AN: And we have reached the end. Officially.

It has been a long journey; more than three and a half years (first posted 6.08.09) and a lot has happened with this story.

My characters have grown drastically over the course of this literary adventure, as have I. I think that I have learned a lot about writing and about human nature. Hopefully as my readers, you've learned something too.

I'd like to thank everyone who has followed this story from its very beginning and I'd like to thank those who joined in the process. Thank you to everyone who has favourited, reviewed, read, etc.; I truly, trulytruly appreciate it. Without you guys, I may have not been able to finish and that would have been awful. Whispering has been my brainchild for quite some time and it would have been devastating had it never been finished.

It's been a thrill, seeing the ups and downs of Rose and Scorpius and the trials and tribulations they have faced, as well as reading your reactions.

Before I end this AN, I just want to remind anyone who actually read this that authors thrive on readers AND reviewers. Reviews generally are better, but seeing the read count also helps. :P

Alright, I'm done ranting. Thanks again for everything!

Until I begin my next pet project! (Which, much to my dismay, may be never.)


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P.S. If you're interested, here are some of the main characters that appear in the three-part epilogue.

Scorpius and Rose (Weasley) Malfoy

Nathaniel Alexander (b. October 2034)

Noah Marie (b. May 2036)

Aiden Christopher and Emma Cecile (b. December 2038)

Albus and Cecelia (Grafton) Potter

Jamison (b. December 2033)

Emmett (b. May 2035)

William (b. November 2038)

Derek and Malena (Otawa) Whitaker

Eleni (b. December 2029)

Keenan (b. 2031)

Jeremiah (b. 2034)

Naomi (b. 2036) 

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