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Fall For Me by InkAndParchment
Chapter 3 : II The Note
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The Note



November 2021



There are many reasons why I hate James Potter. And the fact he feels the need to throw scrunched up balls of paper at the back of my head during Transfiguration is definitely one of them. I mean, seriously, are we five? I spin around in my chair to glare at him, only to find him smiling at me. Smiling. At me. James Potter. I think I had better warn a Professor that students are brewing Polyjuice Potion because, quite frankly, that is not James Potter. Because James Potter does not smile at me. Ever. Smirk – all the time. But smile? No.



“Are you ill?” I hiss at him and his smile instantly changes to his customary smirk.



“Just read it Sedgy,” he sneers and I glare at him. Yes, he calls me Sedgy. No, I hate it, which is why he does it. I can deal with just Sedge… but Sedgy? I mean come on. It is ridiculous. Picking the screwed up piece of paper off the floor by my feet, I try to ignore the fact I can still feel the Scum’s eyes on the back of my head. I swear he stares at me purposefully because he knows it pisses me off.



Thanks for helping with Lily. JP.



Huh? What? Brain meltdown. Confused.



“Quinn,” Rosa practically hisses in my ear. “You’ve been staring at that sheet of paper for almost five minutes. Professor Ferdinand is getting suspicious and Potter is finding it rather funny,” she nods her head discreetly to where Potter and his best friend, Andrew Thomas, are trying to muffle their laughter. “Am I missing a joke?” she asks. Her lip curls slightly as she speaks, indicating she finds the behaviour of both myself and the boys behind us to be far below par. I just shrug and pretend to get rid of the paper.



Instead of throwing it back without a reply as I previously would have done, I scribbled a brief note underneath the Scum’s scrawled handwriting. Didn’t do it for you. Did it for the team. QS. Scrunching the paper up again, I toss it over my shoulder with the finesse of a Chaser and I have no doubt he is able to catch it with the same skill. I may hate him but there is no denying he is a good Quidditch player. But ‘good’ is as far as I will go.



I hear the Scum snort quietly as he reads my reply. Even his snort is annoying. And I know most peoples’ snorts are annoying but his is really annoying. It is just so full of his arrogance and self-importance. The guy is a complete asshole. Within seconds, the paper ball hits the back of my head again and this time I manage to catch it behind my back before it hits the ground. I heard Thomas make a grunt of approval at my skill and I know the Scum is scowling even though I cannot see his face. He hates that I am better than him.



Thanks anyway. JP. I frown down at the paper. There was something grotesquely wrong with Potter. This was far from normal. This was unheard of. Quickly scribbling my reply, I chucked it back to the Scum and resumed pretending to take notes.



“Mr Potter? Is there something the matter?” Professor Ferdinand asks down his nose. Swivelling in my chair, I see Potter trying to reach the note with his toes. Beside him, Thomas is smirking triumphantly. I can only assume that Thomas flicked the paper off the table because that was certainly not where I threw it.



“Nothing sir,” the Scum mutters, trying (and failing) to discreetly manoeuvre the paper under his desk with his foot. Professor Ferdinand looks unconvinced and with a flick of his wand, the paper is in his outstretched palm. Bollocks.



“Does this belong to you Mr Potter?” Ferdinand asks in a similar tone of voice one might associate with asking about the weather. The Scum does not reply so he opens the note and, to my dismay, begins to read. “ ‘Thanks for helping with Lily. JP.’ – Am I to assume ‘JP’ is you, Mr Potter?” The Scum just stares at the desk so Professor Ferdinand reads on. “ ‘Didn’t do it for you. Did it for the team. QS.’ And who is this mysterious ‘QS’?” Ferdinand asks, looking down his bespectacled nose at each member of the class in turn. “Why Miss Sedgwick,” he smiles at last. “I believe you are the proud owner of those initials, are you not?” Not knowing what else to do, I just nod and glare at Shithead behind me for getting me caught.



Burn Potter,” someone jeers from the other side of the room.



“Thank you Mr Davenport,” Professor Ferdinand frowns. “ ‘Thanks anyway. JP.’ My, my, Mr Potter. How generous of you,” Ferdinand smirks. I always knew I liked him. “But Miss Sedgwick,” he shakes his head in mild amusement. “ ‘Go see Madam Bones. QS.’ Is there something the matter with Potter?” the Professor asks over the chuckles of my classmates. I refrain from smiling at my own wit. Even if it was not particularly witty.



“I am simply worried for his mental health Professor,” I explain sweetly. Ferdinand supresses a chuckle of his own before handing the paper back to the Scum.



“And how will you reply Mr Potter?” he asks.



“By asking her to the Christmas Ball… Because, you know, it’s good for the mentally unstable to stick together,” the Scum replies a little too smoothly for my liking. Ferdinand turns his sharp blue eyes to me, daring me to respond. I do so willingly.



“By his own reasoning I would have to refuse. It would simply not be fair for him to go with someone of my superior intellect,” I smile and Professor Ferdinand nods in approval.



“Well I’m sure you will be able to come to a compromise while you sort through files in detention tonight,” he grins wickedly before returning to the front of the classroom and continuing with the lesson as if there had been no interruption at all. Remember when I said I liked him? Yeah? Well I don’t anymore. Because thanks to him, I have to serve yet another detention with Scumface.






“Not you too again,” sneers the disgruntled voice of the decomposing caretaker, Filtch. “Well, well, well… What shall we do with you tonight then?” The glint in his one working eye puts me on edge and I suspect he is in an even fouler mood than usual this evening. Which means an even fouler detention that usual. Perfect.



“Filtch! There you are!” A familiar voice shouts from down the corridor. “Any chance you got a couple of students on detention tonight? I’ve got a Grindylow tank that needs cleaning…” Filtch’s face falls, clearly cleaning out a Grindylow tank was not what he had planned. “Ah, perfect, Potter, Sedgwick, follow me please,” instructs Professor Lupin. I have to refrain from sticking my tongue out at Filtch as I follow the Scum out of his office.



Professor Lupin only started teaching at Hogwarts when I was in my Fifth Year but he swiftly became one of my favourite Professors despite the fact he was in Gryffindor while he was at school. He even let me curse the Scum once. It was not a particularly harsh curse but it felt good all the same. Especially when he said it would probably cause the recipient to feel itchy for about a week. I am pretty sure he did not get a Christmas present from the Scum that year.



“Thanks Ted,” the Scum mutters as we wander up to Professor Lupin’s classroom.



“I wouldn’t thank me James,” Lupin laughs. “Cleaning out a Grinylow tank is not a pleasant job.”



“Yeah but it’ll be better than whatever Filtch was brewing for us,” Scumface snorted. I mentioned how annoying his snort is, haven’t I? Because it is annoying. Really annoying. “Couldn’t you have said you just needed one student? Then that wouldn’t have to come,” he jerks his head in my direction and I narrow my eyes at him.



“Now, now, Jamsie,” Lupin smirks. “Be nice to my favourite student.” The Scum’s face contorts in outrage at Professor Lupin’s statement. “Don’t burst a blood vessel,” he mutters when Scumface turns red.



“Yeah Jamsie,” I taunt. “Couldn’t have you screwing up your face any more, could we? I mean it would scared the little First Years to death.”



“They are perfectly used to disfigured faces Sedgy, they have to look at you when they go down to eat. It’s a wonder they can still stomach their food. I’m amazed I can even stomach it,” he sneers.



“James, we know you could keep your food down even if you were watching your brother lose his virginity,” Lupin muttered so faintly I’m not sure if I am not sure if I was supposed to hear him.



“Well it’s a good job Al is never going to lose his virginity so I won’t have to test that theory then,” Scumface retorted and I detected an element of bitterness to his voice.



“Sounds like a sore spot Scumface,” I smirk. “Did Aly lose his V–Card before ickle Jamsie,” I bait him and his eyes narrow, confirming my suspicions.



“Ickle Jamsie has yet to lose his,” Lupin smirks, earning himself a whack on the arm from the Scum. “Oi, careful, I’ll have to give you another detention.” I simply raise an eyebrow at the Scum who, incidentally, refuses to meet my eye. We walk the rest of the way in silence. Awkward silence at that. I think Scumy is trying to mentally murder Lupin. I am not entirely sure of their relationship; I think Professor Lupin is like an older brother to Scumface.



Professor Lupin’s classroom is dimly lit with small glass orbs floating by the ceiling and emitting a faint glow, the ceiling high windows are like black holes into the night, the desks stand in orderly lines, like soldiers standing in their ranks… In the far corner stood a dark tank, almost three meters tall and it was to this that Professor Lupin led us.



“Here’s little Grindy, make sure he doesn’t bite you and good luck,” he grins before turning on his heel and striding back out of the classroom and leaving me alone with the Scum in a dark room. Well this could only end badly.






The Scum and I worked in silence for the best part of an hour. He pretty much refused to acknowledge my very existence. I think he is embarrassed by that little snippet of information that Lupin let slip earlier. To be honest, I am slightly surprised. The Scum has a reputation as a bit of a ladies man so that fact he hasn’t even lost it yet kind of goes against that reputation. I bet he is crapping himself that I’m going to let that bit of information slip. Hmm… blackmail material right there. That could come in handy.



“Whoa,” I gasp. “What the hell!” Blinking, I wiped the water from my face and looked into the tank, trying to see what had splashed me. We had moved ‘Grindy’ into a smaller tank while we cleaned his and I was not aware there was anything else living in this one. Another shower of water comes my way and I look up to see the Scum looking innocently down at his cloth. Oh is that how this going to go.



Dipping my cloth back in the water, I scoop my hands and angle them at the Scum. As he turns to face me again, I send the water flying at his face. Spluttering incoherently, the Scum tries to get the dirty water out of his eyes. Mimicking his earlier behaviour, I continued cleaning the tank with an innocent expression on my face.



“Right Sedge,” he snaps seconds before a handful of water reaches my face. Not cool Scum. Not cool. I return the gesture, along with a handful of weeds that I yanked from the bottom of the tank. The weeds get stuck in his hair and he doesn’t seem to notice as he just continues splashing water at me.



Within moment, the two of us are covered from head to toe in grimy Grindylow water. His hair is hanging limply in front of his piercing blue eyes and his robes are dripping, the white of his shirt turning see-through and I am grateful that he is wearing a sweater to cover his Quidditch muscles. I laugh at the look of disgust on his face as he pulls the weed from his hair. At the sound, his blue eyes flicker straight to mine.



His enter body freezes. I freeze. Something in his eyes changes and he drops the cloth he was still holding, turns and runs from the room. Leaving me soaking wet and alone with a half clean Grindylow tank. Not likely Scumface.



“Oi Fuckhead!” I screech, running full tilt to the door. “Get your fucking ass back here you wanker!” I reach the door just in time to see Scumface tearing around the corner and out of sight. “I’m not bloody cleaning it by myself!” I scream.



“Is there a problem Miss Sedgwick?” someone asks. Turning on my heel, I see Professor Lupin striding down to corridor towards me from the opposite direction to the one Scumface had just vanished. “And, um, why are you all wet?” he frowns before raising an eyebrow as if there was something funny about this situation. Which there wasn’t. At all.



“That fucking twat just ran off!” I almost shout in Lupin’s face.



“Please calm down Miss Sedgwick,” Lupin supresses a laugh, only antagonising me further, before looking into his classroom. “Well I see you have managed to destroy my room… And by the look of it, you are not going to be cleaning it up any time soon. I’m afraid I’ll have to give you and James another detention but you can go now, I’ll deal with this,” he smiles before taking out his wand and cleaning the water from the floor.



Still dripping wet, I storm through the castle corridors. That fucking ass. When I reached the Grand Staircase I hesitated for only a second before running up instead of down. If I hadn’t spent most of my school life playing pranks on the Gryffindors, I probably wouldn’t know where their common room was. As it is, I know exactly where their common room is and am able to find it in less than five minutes. Luck seems to have finally decided to join me tonight as I make it to the portrait hole at the same time a couple of Gryffindor Prefects do.



“Hey, you!” I shout. They both spin around to face me, clearly not expecting to meet anyone in the corridors. “Do me a favour and tell Scumface there is someone waiting outside to talk to him – in fact, tell him Professor Lupin is waiting for him. Don’t tell him it’s me or I swear you won’t be able to walk for a week,” I threaten. Yeah, I can be a bitch when I am mad. And in case you had not figured, right now, I’m mad.



The girl nodded quickly and muttered the password so quietly I could not hear it. The Fat Lady glared at me before letting her in. The boy on the other hand moved his hands absentmindedly to cover his manhood, the threat a little too real for him, before diving in after the girl. I could hear him scream the Scum’s name as he went. And yes, they do know who ‘Scumface’ is. I have used the name enough in the past for it to be known across the school.



It takes two minutes before the portrait of the Fat Lady swing open again and the Scum arrives. He instantly begins muttering an apology but I cut him off with a sharp thwack to his jaw with my fist.



“That,” I spit. “Was for getting us another detention.”






“Quinn! Uh… Out of curiosity, why are you wet?” Scorpius asks with an amused smirk on his face as I come storming into the Slytherin common room, my robes leaving a trail of water behind them and my knuckles still blissfully sore from their contact with Scumhead’s face.



“Scum,” I hiss through my teeth as I march over to the girls’ dorms. Scorpius chuckles behind me as I go. Arrogant prat. The dorm is half full, Rosalie must still be in the common room with Blake as her bed is still irritatingly neat and the bed on her right is also empty while the two across from her have their curtains drawn. I march on through to the bath room and strip off my sodden robes before climbing into the shower and letting the warm water wash away the grim and anger that the Scum had caused.



I cannot quite understand why I am so angry though. He always made me mad and that certainly is not the first time one of us had run out on a joint detention. And yet here I am, absolutely seething for no real reason. And the thing that bugs me the most? That my punch did not break his nose. It would not have been the first time but at least it would be more satisfying than the bruise he will have tomorrow. Hell, the puff will probably get one of his female cousins to cover it up for him.



Now that I could take the micky out of. Endlessly. It might even last me up until Christmas. Well now I am just hoping he covers up his bruise. What in Merlin’s name has become of me?



“Quinn?” someone calls from outside the bathroom door. “You’ve been in there for over half an hour… Are you okay?” It is Rosalie. That girl needs to stop mothering me.



“I’m fine, be out in a second,” I reply over the noise of the shower. I love showers by the way, just as a side note. I could spend forever in a shower. Well, maybe not forever as I need to sleep. And eat. Definitely eat. I wonder if I have any Chocolate Frogs left from our last Hogsmeade weekend…?



So here it is, sorry it's a bit of a filler, the juicy stuff will be coming soon I promise, I just want to get to know my characters a bit first. Thanks for reading and reviews make my day,

InkAndParchment x

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