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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 3 : Chapter Three: Questions and Answers
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 Harry heard applause around him, and knew that Kingsley had finished his speech. As everyone settled down, food appeared on the tables that groaned from all the weight. Harry saw everyone around him dug into it, especially Ron, and Harry couldn't help but smile at Ron's never-ending hunger. Harry filled his plate with food, but hardly ate any as he started to become more and more nervous. Harry knew that he, along with Ron and Hermione, had to tell and relive everything that had happened over the course of the year, and that they all wanted to know exactly what happened in the forest.

He couldn't tell them though, it was hard enough accepting that he was a Horcrux, and the images that swam around in his head, he didn't want them to know the horrors he went through in his thought to be final hour. Harry was suddenly aware that he was being watched, and looked around, finally finding Mrs. Weasley was watching him with her motherly look, noticing how little he ate and how incredibly skinny he was for his age. Harry looked guilty back down at his plate, trying to avoid her stern gaze.


Harry, Hermione and the rest of the Weasley's stood up and waited, looking for Kingsley and Minerva in the crowd. As the crowd thinned out, they could see them next to a small chamber by the staff table, beckoning them over. They all wandered over and Minerva opened the door for them, and shooed them in. The chamber was small, with a bunch of couches and chairs facing each other, and a small fireplace in the middle, with a dim fire still going in it. Harry sat down on a small couch, and Ginny followed him to it. Hermione and Ron took the couch next to them, the Weasley's took up several couches, and finally Minerva and Kingsley took the final couch.

"I think you already know why we are here, you lot," Kingsley said, watching Harry, Hermione and Ron, "Were all curious in knowing where and what you have been doing for the past year."

Ginny's grip on Harry's hand tightened, and Harry returned the pressure, knowing the worst was coming. He didn't want to answer questions about the forest, and what Voldemort might of done to him. He just wanted to forget about it completely and never relive it again. Harry would try his hardest to stay away from the forest being mentioned in the story. Hermione and Ron looked at Harry, begging for him to start off. Harry have them a small smile and launched into the story. Harry began to tell them about his meeting's with Dumbledore during his sixth year, explained briefly what a Horcrux was and well as the Deathly Hallows, then explained the events that lead up to the Gringotts and stopped, feeling emotionally drained and tried to catch his breath from all the talking.

Ron and Hermione saw this, and started the story where Harry had left off. Ginny put a comforting arm around him and Harry sank into her warmth, and set his head down on her shoulder. Harry looked around as he listened to the rest of the story, and saw there wasn't a dry eye in sight. Harry noticed that when Hermione stopped, it was where he mysterious left them in the Great Hall, after seeing the bodies of the dead and hearing Voldemort's threat to Harry. Every eye was on him, curiosity and eagerness in everyone's faces. Harry gulped and tried to find his voice.

"I went up to Dumbledore's office after and looked at the memories Snape gave me, information that I needed to finished Voldemort. But the snake was still alive, so I told Neville to kill it if he got the chance, so we had one more person helping us. After the snake was killed, I could finally finish what was started." Harry explained, leaving a huge chunk out.

Confused looks traveled around the room, knowing Harry left out a part of the story. Ginny, Ron, and Hermione looked pointly at Harry, wanted to know what happened in the forest.

"Harry," Spoke up Hermione with fear in her voice, "What happened in the forest? Did Voldemort hit you with a curse?"


Harry looked at her, and nodded, letting them that much. Ginny looked up and down at his body, looking for any mark or cut. Hermione let out a little breath she had been holding and held onto Ron's hand tighter.


"What kind of curse?" Hermione thought it over for a minute, flinched, and looked up at him with wide eyes and a frown, "He didn't, he didn't hit you with the Torture Curse, did he?" She finally asked.

Harry looked up at her, scared to answer. Instead, Harry could feel his body start to tremble, and his breath quicken when he remembered lying on the forest ground, despretely trying not to move or shake as the Torture Curse was placed on him. Harry didn't reply, scrared it would give too much away. As everyone saw his reaction, they knew indeed what the answer was. Mrs. Weasley, Hermione and Ginny all put a hand on him, trying to comfort him. Minerva, Fleur and the men in the room shared a shocked look. 

I'm fine." Harry told them, his voice shaking slightly.

They all cast a look at Harry and let go, but Ginny still kept his hand in hers. Ron looked at his best friend, he had never seen this much fear in Harry before, and it scared him. Harry was about the bravest person he knew, and if something scared Harry, it would terrify everyone else. Hermione sat back down next to Ron and took his hand again, her thoughts on the same page as his. Ron looked into her eyes, and saw the same fear etched into hers as his. All the Weasley brothers and Fleur cast a look of shock as they saw the fear Harry had to talk about what Voldemort had done to him, the thought shook them all. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley shared a look of disbelief with Kingsley and Minerva, knowing that Harry was traumatized from the event. Ginny looked at Harry, and saw fear that she knew Harry had never shown before. Harry was aware of everyone watched him and casting worried looks, but was lost in his own pain and misery. The events that happened in the forest came rushing to his head, playing out again. Harry felt his eyes prickle, but let no tears escape, and felt a burning feeling in his throat.

Harry felt Ginny's small hand lay on his cheek, trying to comfort him. Harry pulled his face away from her hand and stood up. As everyone looked at Harry and saw the pain and misery on his face, Harry's chest then flared with agonizing pain. Harry gasped loudly and gripped his chest. Before anyone could react, Harry gave a loud agonized cry, his eyes rolled into his head, and collapsed to the ground. Bill and Charlie got up in time to catch Harry. Everyone came rushing up to Harry and they lay him on the ground. Minerva and Mrs. Weasley hurried up to the front and kneeled down close to Harry, and were startled to see how much he had already paled. Ginny was crying next to him, and Hermione put a comforting arm around her. Kingsley left to go and get Madam Pomfrey. Mrs. Weasley informed everyone to back away, and had help from Hermione moving Ginny away, and began to examine Harry. Mrs. Weasley could tell the pain was coming from his chest, and gingerly moved his shirt up and exposed his chest. Gasps rang around the room as everyone stared at Harry's chest, looking directly at the bruise across where his heart was.

Ginny cried harder as she looked down at his battered chest, and could feel Hermione crying next to her. Ron knew Harry was hurt, but he would of never thought he was this hurt. Ron flinched, but still looked down at Harry. Bill had gone over to Fleur and hugged her as she cried into his chest. The rest of the Weasley boys backed away more, terrified for their friend. Molly felt her husband put a arm on her shoulder, but she didn't move, her eyes were wide as she stared at Harry's burned chest.

"Do you know what happened?" She asked, looking at Ron, who was now holding both Hermione and Ginny.

All three shook their heads and continued crying. Molly reached a trembling hand towards the burn on Harry's chest, when she heard the door open and moved her hand away. Kingsley and Poppy entered the room, and stopped as they looked at Harry on the ground. Poppy was first to unfreeze and rushed over to Harry. Molly moved out of her way and went over to Hermione, Ginny, and Ron, and put both arms around them.

Poppy conjured a stretcher and levitated Harry onto it, and rushed down to the Hospital Wing. All of the injured had been moved to St. Mungos, so there wasn't a person in sight. Poppy moved Harry onto the bed, and heard as his friends and family rushed into the room. Poppy removed Harry's shirt and set down next to her, and reached a hand towards Harry's chest. As her hand made contact with the burn, Harry's eyes flashed open, and he gave the worst scream of pain anyone in the room had ever heard.



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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Three: Questions and Answers


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