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Angels to Fly by NerdsInParis
Chapter 1 : White Lips, Pale Face
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A/N: Half of the characters don't belong to me. They belong to friends of mine, and I have recieved permission to use them. Ava and Jules, however, are my original characters, and I have added family members of them also dreamt up by me. The sucky chapter graphic was also made by me. It shows Colton Haynes, my dreamcast for Jules.

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns the canons and most locations. Not me.



Standing with water up to her knees, she felt the city of Miami Beach waking up around her. Ava's mother had convinced her father to let them just visit Miami for once - her hometown, back when she lived in the States.

It just so happened that their hotel was right next to the beach. She had escaped the hotel room in the early morning with a note to her parents and two brothers where she was. They were much too overprotective of her, and of course would worry. The note would tone down their worrying, but not much. When you were the youngest in a family everybody would worry, even though she was the only witch in the family and was more than capable of protecting herself.

She closed her eyes, and listened to the slow morning waves crash onto the beach and the seagulls calling... and her brother Callum's voice.

"Hey," he said, smiling, walking over to her with a paper cup in hand. Callum was the sort of guy most girls would swoon over - a mischevious smile, slightly muscular, and baby blue eyes that ran in the Carstensen family - except in their older brother, Bradley. "Brought you some lemon tea."

She gratefully took the cup, and took a sip of the tea. She hadn't realized how cold she was until she drank the liquid. "So, how did you know I was here?" she raised one eyebrow at him, swallowing the hot tea.

"Well, for one, you are my sister, I've lived with you under the same roof for sixteen years, and I know you. The note helped." he said, laughing. Give it to Callum to find a way to make her laugh.

They just sat there talking for a while. Callum cracked a few jokes, Ava did all the laughing. The normal drill in the Carstensen household, while Bradley did all the sulking.

"I can't believe it's August already," Ava said, when the tea had drained to three quarters of the way and liquid had cooled down to the point where she didn't burn her tongue anymore while drinking it. 'We'll have to go back to school soon."

At that point, Callum's face whitened. He bit his lip. He seemed... different. "I-I have to go," he muttered. "I-I'll see you later, Aves."

He left a very confused Ava behind, wondering what in the world was going on, and what had gotten into her brother.


The bloody sheets lay in the cold Auror office. The knife lay next to it. Jules sat down in the crickety chair, his little sister in his lap and his younger brother Mark pacing in front of him.

He remembered waking up in the morning last week, walking into his brother's bedroom to borrow one of his history books from his own Hogwarts days, and finding his cold body, a dagger through his heart. He had stood their, frozen, trying to digest the image that was before his eyes at that second. Mark had found him, tears streaming down his face staring at the dead body of Tony. Tony, the brother that had stopped bullies from picking on him when he was a little boy. Tony, the brother that had showed him to do a Patronus charm. Tony, the brother that had hid him countless times from his parents. The rich, pureblooded socialite parents who only ever had children to be heirs to the multi-million galleon fortune.

"Mark," he called, to his brother. Mark was his favourite brother, save for Tony, but Tony was dead now. Tony had been speared through the heart by a dagger and there was no way to bring him back from the dead. Mark wasn't the same as Tony, though. Jules was the one that took care of him, even though he was only a year younger now. "Why don't you come and sit?"

But it was pointless, as the cool voice called out - "Julian Thorne, please report to Mr. Harry Potter's office."

As he slid in the chair, in front of the famous Auror - the man who had saved the entire wizarding world, for god's sake - the hairs on his neck stood up as he recognized the little bottle of potion. Veritaserum.

And as expected, he was told to drink the liquid. There was nothing stopping him from spilling out every single little detail, from how he stumbled into Tony's bedroom to borrow his book on early wizarding history and mythology and how he had stayed there frozen until Mark found him, how they tore up the entire house to find nothing, and being told that they were all suspects. All suspects in the murder of his own brother. Mark, the twins, Laura and Conner, Dylan, even little Cassie.

The Veritaserum wore off an hour later. He felt drained. Tired. Then he burst into tears, letting it stream over his face. He didn't even care that the world-famous Auror was watching. He didn't care about anything at that point.

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