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Black Ash by padfoot_doll007
Chapter 1 : Intro :D
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                My names Ash Hollen and I'm currently starting my fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I  being  a witch is not the only thing making me different, I’m a very unusual teenager at best. I study restlessly for my good grades and fall apart if they’re not at their highest, I do not have a crush on any of the Marauders (the cutest/most popular guys at school) I actually detest one of them, Finally I'm a metamorphagus level 1, type A. This means unlike most metamorphagus who can change their entire appearance at will I can only change parts. My eye color for example or my complexion are things I can change anytime I want while my short, metallic blue hair stays the same along with my short, skinny frame. I've always stood out ever since my first year at Hogwarts when I was eleven.





First year:





                 I sit in my compartment all alone on the Hogwarts express. I’m already dressed in my robes and a fairly large book is lying open on my lap. I don't look up when the compartment door opens it's not until the person sits across from me that I finally glance up. I stare into the warm face of my future best friend with a lot of interest and can't help but notice how beautiful she is. Her fiery red hair that hangs to her shoulders and pretty pink lips that are turned up in a sweet smile are breathtaking. It's not until I look at her eyes which are almond shaped and a shocking green that I finally smile back.





"I'm Lily." she smiles.





"Ash." I say shyly.





"Well it's nice to meet you beautiful." A silky voice says from the open compartment door.





I look up to find four boys standing there. The one in the middle has messy, jet black hair and circle glasses, his hazel eyes are looking only at Lily. The one on his right looks more awkward and is avoiding our eyes by looking down; his hair is a nice sandy blonde. There was also a short plump boy with very watery eyes and light brown hair. Finally I glance at the one who spoke he's smirking at me and his black shaggy hair is hanging in front of his eyes.





"This is James and Remus." He points to the middle boy, "and Peter.” He adds.





I nod politely.






"And I’m Sirius, Sirius Black."








Second year:




                I sit glaring at the fire in Gryffindor common room waiting for Lily’s return. I was going to give her heck for leaving me alone with Sirius. My day was going fine I was up in the Owlrey with Lily about to write a letter to my mum. I had just started when I heard the laughter from to known boys. I gritted my teeth praying that they wouldn’t come up. I glanced at Lily and sure enough she had the same expression as me.  As soon as the four Marauders appear in the door of the Owlery Lily instantly stands and tells me she has to go. I stare mouth opened as my best friend disserts me. James tries to hit on her but she shoots him her most annoyed look and runs off. I hate those bloody Marauders.








Third year:




                “What do you want!” are the first words out of my mouth when Sirius walks up to me. He shrugs and sits beside me in the grass. I glare at him and he smirks back then drapes his long arm around me. I flinch and push him off.




“Don’t touch me.” I growl.





He barks a laugh and strokes my cheek.





“Come on beautiful don’t be like that.”





I smack his hand away, “What do you think you’re doing?”





“Enjoying myself, aren’t you?” He asks.





“I was.” I spit and with that I stand up and stalk back to the castle.  








Fourth year:




                I sit with Lily crying on my shoulder. She’s been crying for an hour about some stupid boy called Snape. I’ve never trusted him personally but apparently he and Lily were good friends.





“Come on Lils. He’s not worth it. His friends are so creepy and you know he’s going to be like them.”





“Severus is different.” She hiccups into my shoulder but I can tell she doesn’t believe it.





“But he’s always hurting you.”





“I’ll give him one more chance.” She says wiping her eyes.





“Lils…” I start to say biting my lip.





“Thanks Ash I know you worry because you care and that’s why you’re my best friend but so is he I need to give him one last chance.” She says it like she’s trying to reassure herself then she hugs me and walks off to bed her cheeks still blotchy.











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