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Unknown love by starsoph8
Chapter 2 : Revelations
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She woke to sunlight creeping through the curtains. Yawning, she slipped out of bed and padded to her drawers. At first when opening one, her eyes didn’t quite take in what she was seeing. But after a few blinks it was clear enough. Her clothes were gone! Gone as if they had been teleported out the window. Luna distinctly remembered unpacking last night though. So as her aqua irises scanned the room she soon understood two things. One, her belongings lay scattered all over the floor. Two, she was once again being bullied. There were a few girls in her dorm who found it most amusing to mess with her things and embarrass her in public. Last year the bullying had stopped because of a threat made by Ginny. But now the girls had realised that Ginny couldn’t get to them (as she had tried numerous times) and once again the horror had begun. Eventually she placed everything back into its place, and cast a quick impervius charm over her area. Satisfied, she sloped on down to breakfast.



“Arrrrgh!” Dean yelped as ice water flooded him and his bedding.

“Y-your face!” Seamus spluttered “Priceless!” Seamus placed the bucket down on the ground and chuckled to himself. Then he was confronted by a faceful of water. “I guess I deserved that” he muttered.

Dean grinned. “You sure did” he patted his friend on the back and they got ready for the day. Once ready the pair left for the Great Hall. Narrowly avoiding Peeves on the way, they passed through the oak doors.

“Morning Dean, Seamus” Harry nodded to them. “Hey you two have wet hair!”

Dean smiled, “The old cold water trick” he explained, eyes searching for a place to sit. Funnily enough the only empty seat was next to Luna, who was whispering to a worried Ginny. He awkwardly shuffled down the Gryffindor table and plonked down.

“What’s up girls? Ya in a spot of trouble?” Seamus asked as he too took a seat.

Ginny scowled at him “Like you would know the trouble Luna’s been through” she shot back. “She’s been bullied” the redhead explained to the quizzical looks.

“Bullied?” Dean replied, shocked. “Who would bully someone as prett-nice as you Luna?” He silently kicked himself for the slip up. From behind Luna Ginny’s eyes twinkled in amusement.

“Thanks Dean” Luna spoke, and as she looked up he could see the red rings around her sky-blue eyes. “I’m just so sick of it.”

“Well we’re here for you.” At these words Seamus raised his eyebrows at him. He ignored his mate. Luna was just a friend, right?

“Are you boys going to eat?” Hermione asked from across the table. “It’s starting to disappear.” At these words the pair piled up their plates with the closest options, and started shoving food in their mouths. Ginny snorted at this ridiculous sight.

“I’d better be getting back to the Ravenclaws. Professor Flitwick is handing out the time tables” Luna said. She slowly drifted back to her table.

After a bit of waiting, Professor McGonagall finally came to their spot. “Dean Thomas, what subjects do you wish to take?” she asked, staring at him from beneath her spectacles.

“Uh....the usual Professor” he replied.

“Ah you didn’t attend Hogwarts last year did you?”

“No Professor.”

“Well I’ll give you a mix” she spoke crisply as she waved her wand over the parchment. Dean eagerly prised the time table from her hands and studied it intently.

“What ‘ave you got Dean?” Seamus queried, leaning over to take a peek.

“Oh yes, defence against the dark arts! Also transfiguration, charms, potions, astronomy. But get this-art.”

“Art?! Who does she think you are?!”

“Don’t know actually. What about you?”

“Same as you but I’m doing Divination instead of Art.” Seamus pulled a face at these words.

“Divination?!” Ron smirked at Seamus. “That’s real bad luck mate!”

“I know.”

“Hey Dean could I please have a word?” Ginny asked standing up swiftly.

“Um, uh, yeah sure” he replied, a bit confused.

“Ginny, would you like me to come to?” Harry spoke angrily.

“No thanks” she said sharply, like that was that. But as an afterthought, she muttered something in Harry’s ear before exiting the hall. Other houses were starting to stir, so Dean quickly dashed after her.

“So you wanted to talk to me about something?” Dean said as he came to a halt beside her.

“Why yes I did” Ginny replied, tucking a red lock behind her ear.”You and Luna are friends. This is news to me.” She crossed her arms over her chest and stared him down.

“Well Ginny we bonded when we were locked up under Malfoy Manor” he said, a hint of irritancy crept into his voice. “What are you implying?”

Surprisingly, a little smile crept onto her freckly cheeks. “I think you have a crush on Luna”

“What?!” Dean sounded shocked. “Why would you-“

“You were going to say something about Luna being pretty at breakfast this morning” Ginny interrupted “and you seem quite awkward in her presence.

A pink colour spread swiftly over his cheeks. “NO!” he shouted “Why”- he stopped as numerous people were staring.

“Well I believe we have charms now so come on!” Ginny grinned cheekily and they dashed off.


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Unknown love: Revelations


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