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Something Worth Fighting For by pixiedust97
Chapter 6 : Just another day
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“Alright now I want you to do 30 laps around the pitch,” James ordered.


“You have to be joking, please tell me he is joking,” I questioned the rest of the team, who merely shrugged. Since I was the only one new to the team, I was the only one still no used to James’ training routine.


“Don’t make me make it forty,” He responded causing everyone to give me threatening looks saying ‘Do anything and we’ll hurt you.’


If looks could kill…


The entire team consisted of three sixth years, three fifth years, and one third year.


Ok, so there is James, captain and chaser. The other two chasers are Arnold and Apollo. Sirius and Fabian are the two beaters.  There’s Elizabeth, our keeper; and lastly, me, the seeker. But you knew that.


“It’ll be fine, we do it all the time,” Apollo came up behind me.


“Yeah, easy for you to say, I was not built for so much exercise.”


Just as he was about to reply James cut him off.  “Oye, you two quite talking and start running.”


A heavy sigh escaped my lips as I saw everyone was jogging their way around the pitch.


Okay, it’s going to be fine. Just thirty rounds, I can do that.


After that vain attempt to convince myself, I began to run.



“I hate you,” I seethed as I crawled back to Gryffindor common room; I mean literally crawling because James made us practice for four bloody hours. By now my legs were too tired from all the laps he made us run to actually function properly.


“Yeah, I know, you mentioned that once or twice,” James commented airily from next to me.


“Or fifty times,” Fabian snickered.


I looked up to see that the rest of the team was simply walking casually to the portrait hole. Most of them weren’t even huffing, and were laughing at my antics.


“How are you not tired?”


“We’re just used to it,” Elizabeth responded with a shrug.


“You know for someone who’s so violent, you’re not very strong,” Pol stated.


“I AM NOT VIOLENT,” I jumped up. Hey look at that! My feet do work. It’s a miracle!


“You’re right, you just have anger management issues,” Arnold responded.


I turned to Sirius with a puppy dog face, pleading for him to save me.


“Okay guys, let’s not torture the lady,” a smirk playing at his lips as he put his arm around my shoulder.


“Thanks, you sure showed them,” I replied, sarcasm draping my words.


“Anything to save a damsel in distress.”


“Yeah, a weak damsel at that,” Pol snickered.


I was about to scream. They all knew that. So, I guess it wasn’t a surprise when someone silenced me just as was opening my mouth.


I looked around to see James twirling his wand in his hand with a proud grin spread across his face.


Accepting defeat, I huffed and stalked to the portrait hole, followed suit by the team that was laughing away.

Glad to see that my annoyance gives you great joy, guys. I can feel the love.



It was now time for dinner, and no matter how hungry, I was in no rush to leave the comfort of my bed.


“Come on, Elle, get your lazy arse out of bed,” Alice cried pulling my blanket off.


“No, I want to sleep.”


“You need to eat.”


“Shut up, I’m not hungry.”


My- very false- statement was met with many gasps around the girls’ dorm. “But- but, you’re always hungry,” Athena, one of my dorm mates added in.


I merely pushed the covers further over my head in response.


“Anabelle Charlotte Stone you get out of this bed missy, or I'll- I'll tell your mother your on the verge of anorexia.”


"Good try love, but she hates you too. Any other brilliant ideas?"


"Just get out," I could practically hear her rolling her eyes. 


“I’m sleepy; I’ll go eat something later from the kitchens. Sweet Circe, please close me hangings.”


“You know, as prefect, I’m not okay with that,” Lily said coming out of the bathroom.


“You won’t do anything to me, because you love me,” I responded in a matter-of-fact tone.


“No, not really,” she responded flippantly.


“Whatever floats your boat, Lily-kins.”


“Oh, God, please don’t call me that,” she said fixing up her uniform, now with a disgusted look on her face.


“Why? Is it only reserved for Jamie-cakes,” I snickered causing Alice to spit out the water she was drinking.


Potter,” she emphasized, “knows better than to call me that, or he knows that I will hex him from here to Sunday.”


“It is Sunday,” Athena piped in helpfully.


“Well, then next Sunday!” She responded waving her arms madly. “That’s right; I’ll torture him for a week if he ever tries to hit on me again.”


“Sure you will Lily,” Alice rolled her eyes. “You sure you don’t want to come?” She asked me, and I turned back to my pillow in response. “Well then, bye,” she called back, pulling Lily along with her as she exited the room.


Soon, I drifted off into dreamless sleep.


A faint hooting noise slowly woke me up from my slumber. I turned over, only to see my family owl sitting on the end of my bed, staring at me through its muddy brown eyes.


Wait? My family owl? Shit.


After a few seconds, I jolted awake and hesitantly moved towards the bird perched up at the end of my bed.


“Hey, Tori, what you got there?” 


The owl merely hooted in reply. Well, obviously, what was I expecting? For it to talk back and tell me what horrible news was hidden in that letter?


I breathed slowly and reached out for the letter. Just as I pulled it off the owl’s leg, it flew out of the window and disappeared back into the darkness that had enveloped the night sky.


Did I want to open it? Yeah, I guess I had to. I opened the parchment shakily and was shocked to see what it read.


To my disgrace of a daughter,


This is just to inform that, unlike every other year, you must come back home for Christmas break.  Not that I’m particularly ecstatic about the idea of you coming back, but this just so happens to be important, it’s about your sister.


Are you still hanging out with that mud-blood and blood traitor? You should really make better friends, and not those that pollute the land that purebloods live on.  Let’s just hope that little mud-blood of yours is able to protect herself from what’s coming to her.




I re-read the letter over and over again, the panic inside me growing every time I did.


What could it be? Please, don’t tell me they found out? If they did, what was happening to Emma? What would happen to me? And what did she mean about Lily? Did my position put her life at risk?


Millions of questions kept forming swarming in my head, and eventually I felt my air supply run out. My bed began too suffocating to keep sitting in, so I decided to go downstairs since I clearly could not go back to sleep.


As I passed the mirror I took a second to take in my reflection. I was wearing warm blue pajamas since it was only two months to Christmas. My hair was falling over my shoulders in loose curls and there were dark circles visibly forming under my eyes. 


Do you think Sirius likes the way I look? 


Whoa! Where did that come from? No, no, you did not just think that. He’s your mate, one of your best friends actually. You’re tired. WAKE UP, WOMAN! You have a date with Alex, remember? Cute, shy, blonde, and blue-eyed, Alex. Snap out of it.


I quickly shook my head, ridding myself of these thoughts, just as stomach began to growl. Oh, yeah. Food, I thought.


So, letter clutched in hand, I slowly began to make my way down to the kitchens.


Besides trying to constantly look out for Filch and Mrs.Noriss, a.k.a ‘The cat of death’, getting to the kitchens was not a very hard task to accomplish.

Thanks to The Marauders (I really need to get a nickname for them, their name is too long), I took a secret passage way and got their in a matter of minutes.


Honestly, when Sirius first told me to ‘tickle the pear’, I thought he making some sort a perverted joke. But, when I did –uneasily, I might add- I was amazed at what hid behind the portrait of fruit.


A sense of deja-vu rushed over me as I once again reached out for the green handle that the pear had turned into, opening the doors, and walking into a room the size of the Great Hall above it. Pots and pans covered the walls and a fire burned at the corner of the room. It was toasty, and the air was tinged with the smell of cinnamon and strawberries.


I was taken aback as I noticed that I was not alone, and was greeted by two fourth of the Marauders.


“Was I interrupting something?” I asked the two boys with black, messy hair.


“Nope, not at all. Come join us for a snack, minion,” Sirius responded with a leer.


I stuck my tongue out at him playfully, and sat next to James, opposite Sirius. As I opened my mouth to ask them why they were here, I got cut off by a house elf that stood next to me.


“Can Daisy get you anything ma’am?”


“Yes, could you get me some strawberries and melted chocolate please?”


“Of course, right away miss,” she replied, and I smiled at her before she began to retreat into the depths of the kitchen.


“So,” I turned my attention back to the boys, “what are you guys doing here?”


“I could ask you the same thing,” James retorted.


“Yeah, oh and stealing some of your chocolate strawberries.”


“Fine, I couldn’t sleep, what’s your excuse. And, no get your own strawberries, Oreo.”


“Oreo?” James questioned amusedly, simultaneously to when Sirius responded “planning a prank on Malfoy.”


“Yeah, because he’s hard and mean on the outside and refuses to show people how soft and sweet he is on the inside,” I winked at James.


“HEY! You said it was short for ‘Orion’. You didn’t mention any of this bullshit; now it doesn’t sound manly,” he pouted.


“Pads, mate, pouting isn’t manly either; and neither was Oreo to begin with.”


“I hate you,” he looked at me pointedly, yet smiled a little, letting me know that he was kidding.


“Details,” I waved my hand clutching the parchment in the air to dismiss his remark.


“What’s that?”


I quickly pulled my hand back down and attempted to hide the letter. “Nothing,” I responded weakly. Really, Belle? Is that the best you have?


“Doesn’t look like nothing, Prongs, grab it.”


“No!” I replied firmly getting up from the bench but James grabbed me just in time and pulled me back down with hand around my waist, and another grabbing my letter.


I was about to grab it back, but he threw it to his partner in crime, who opened it in a flash.


The grin on the face of the reader in front of me instantly fell as his eyes wandered over the parchment. Before he could say anything, after finishing the letter, I cut him off.


“Can we talk about this later? I’m really not in the mood right now.”


“Fine,” he responded, handing me back the letter with a look telling me that he would definitely bring it up tomorrow.


Great; I’m looking forward to that conversation.


“What did it say?” James questioned clearly confused.


“Mommy issues,” I shrugged, and he nodded understandingly.


“Here you go miss,” Daisy piped in out of nowhere. “It took longer because I didn’t know what kind you wanted, so I got Milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate,” she continued placing three bowls of chocolate and a huge plate of strawberries in front of me.


“This is all too much, thank you, Daisy.”


With a bow, she apparated out of view.


“Ooh, chocolate,” Sirius exclaimed reaching his hand out, which I instantly slapped away.

“Back off Black, this is my dinner.”


“Belle I command you to share you your food with me,” Sirius responded. James coughed from beside me, and Sirius added, “Oh, and with Prongsie too.”


Sighing, I pushed the plates to the center of the table admitting defeat.


I pushed away the dark and white chocolate, and dipped my fruit in the milk chocolate, earning shocked looks from the other two. “What?” I questioned after swallowing.


“Why would you ever pick milk chocolate, and push away the white,” James responded clearly disgusted.


“Cause white chocolate sucks,” I reasoned.


“No, it doesn’t. Milk chocolate does.”


“Milk chocolate is heavenly; whereas white chocolate isn’t even proper chocolate. I mean, if there isn’t brown, it isn’t chocolate.”


“Belle’s right, mate, white sucks; we all know that dark chocolate beats all,” Sirius added.


“That’s not what I said, dark chocolate sucks too, it’s too bitter. Milk beats all,” I responded proudly just as James said “No way in hell, is dark chocolate better than white.”


Sirius looked shocked and physically pained by our answers. He placed his hand over his chest and sighed dramatically, “You two never did understand true perfection.”


For the next ten minutes or so we argued about whose chocolate flavor trumped the others’, until we decided that we were all too hungry, so everyone just kept their flavors to themselves and began dipping their strawberries in them.


The next ten minutes were spent with excessive “mhhms” and “ahhs” as we tried to convince each other on how good our chocolate was; which, somehow, ended up in each of us smearing chocolate on top of each other’s faces.


By the time we finished our meals and decided to head back, each of us was covered in three different flavors of chocolate.


As I walked up to the sixth year girls dormitory, laughing at my friends’ antics, my mind did not once waver back to the letter I had earlier stuffed and forgotten into my robes.


Now, was no time to worry; it was time to have fun. I was simply going to make the most of this year, because, let’s face it, it was anything but ordinary.Now, was no time to worry; it was time to have fun. I was simply going to make the most of this year, because, let’s face it, it was anything but ordinary. 

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