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This changes everything by Ron 4 Hermione
Chapter 8 : The letter
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The light was fading around him but Ron didn't feel like moving. He just sat on the couch staring at the wooden floor of her flat as the darkness swallowed him up. He would have quite happily sat here all day, everyday if it wasn't for his family. It had been a week since Hermione had been taken and guilt and grief were consuming his every thought. They stopped him functioning properly, every moment, sound was punctured by a memory of her and it was slowly killing him. At first he had tried to help but Harry had told him to leave it up to the Aurors, they knew what they were doing.

“Ron? Ron, are you in here?” He shielded his eyes as the light was switched on and the sofa sagged to let him know someone had joined him. Glancing to his right he sighed but didn't say anything, if he was honest with himself he shouldn't have been surprised. Ginny had been turning up every few hours to make sure he was ok and he was grateful but he didn't need or want a babysitter. A strange tapping sound infiltrated his brain and for one, brilliant moment he thought she had come back, but it was only an owl wanting to be let in. Ginny stood up and made her way to the window before opening it but the owl didn't fly in like she thought it would. The owl, a little brown barn owl, stayed outside the window but stuck it's foot inside with a letter attached. Ginny removed the letter and the owl quickly flew away so Ginny shut the window before looking who the letter was addressed to.

“Ron, it's for you,” she told him, handing over the parchment which he took. When he did he almost dropped the piece of parchment in shock. The inside was covered in a faded red substance that made goosebumps appear on Ron's arms and the hairs on the back of his neck tingle. He tore his eyes away from the substance and read the message that was on the bottom.

Do you have the courage to win her back but lose everything else? Deposit 200,000 gallons into vault 245 at Gringotts and you can have the girl, alive. Do nothing and you can have the girl, dead.

You have 8 hours.

Ron scrambled to his feet before he even realised what he was doing and then looked back at the parchment, he didn't have two hundred thousand gallons. Where could he get it from?

“What does it say?” Ginny asked and Ron jumped before remembering Ginny was there. Without a word he handed over the parchment before starting to pace the length of the living room. Where would he get two hundred thousand gallons? A loan? Sell everything he owned? He almost laughed at his last thought, he barely owned anything. Out of the corner of his eye he saw his sister look towards him, maybe she would have an idea?

“Can you help? I don't know were to get two hundred thousand gallons...,” He stopped as his sister started to shake her head. “Please Ginny, just think,” He pleaded, almost begged her to think.

“You have to be kidding me. Look, we'll get her back but do you really think if you give them two hundred thousand gallons they are just going to hand Hermione back over? Please Ron, just think about it, tell Harry,” She lowered her head, almost ashamed at what she had just said, but she knew it was for the best. She just needed her brother to see that too. Several tense minutes passed by before Ron spoke.

“Ok, I'll go see Harry but I'm not promising anything. If I find a way to get the money then I will,” Ginny made to interrupt him, but he continued on, his voice becoming louder. “I'm going to try anything to get her back Gin, I'm not going to be responsible for her not coming home,” She only nodded and held out her hand for him to take and after only a moment's hesitation he placed his hand in hers and allowed himself to be taken out of her flat and into Harry's.

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This changes everything : The letter


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