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Open Your Eyes by LumosEmmaFaye
Chapter 13 : Chapter 13
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A/N Hey Guys and Gals Emma here, just letting you all know that i am currently going through and revamping chapters 1-14 so if there isn't a new chapter up in a while that's why

here is chapter 13, as many many of you know I haven’t updated a chapter in merlin knows how long, this was due to a few things such as I got a new job, I got a new boyfriend and I haven’t been mentally well these past few months, but I am back and am planning on chucking up chapters left right and center, so please enjoy chapter 13


Hermione climbed into the shower and let the cold water wash over her body. Summer had been and gone, autumn taking its place but it still wasn’t cold enough for Hermione to have to have a warm shower. She washed away the stench of vomit with her vanilla body wash, and scrubbed at her teeth with her toothbrush before turning off the shower and walking into her room donned in only a lavender coloured towel.

She fell back onto her back relishing the few moments of comfort she had before she were to get dressed and meet Draco back in the common room. With a sigh she stood up and walked over to the window beside her bed. The sun and blue sky were hidden behind a thick layer of light grey clouds.

Either it’s going to rain or winter is coming early this year

Hermione thought as she grabbed her favourite jeans from the bathroom counter where Ginny placed them before Hermione got in the shower, along with a note explaining why she had to leave so quickly.

She opened her bedroom door only slightly so as to keep her towel covered body hidden and called out to Draco.

“Malfoy it looks as though it may rain, or snow I’m not sure but you better find something warm to put on”

Draco grunted and Hermione knew that was the only answer she would get so she closed the door and got dressed back into her favourite jeans which she charmed to smell like vanilla instead of slightly smelling of vomit and a clean white long sleeved shirt before wrapping herself up in her school cloak.

She walked down to the common room to find a sleeping Draco, suddenly she had an idea.

Oh man how I dislike the couch that Draco is sleeping on, I wish it were gone Hermione giggled.

The couch disappeared and Draco fell to the floor, waking upon impact.

“What the fuck” he yelled as he looked frantically around the room.

Hermione stood one hand on the stair railing to keep her standing and the other over her mouth to stop her from laughing.

“Why you little” Draco mumbled as he got up off the floor.

One minute Hermione was leaning against the stair railing the next she was falling to the floor, Draco has wished the railing away as she had done with the couch.

“OW! Malfoy you git” Hermione said picking herself up from the floor.

“Excuse me but Granger you started it by waking me up so bloody rudely”

“I thought it was funny” she huffed

“and I thought making you hurt yourself was funny as well” Draco smirked
Hermione sighed and walked towards the portrait.

“Are you coming or not?” she called over her shoulder as she left the dorms and entered the castle corridors.


Draco walked a few steps behind Hermione not wanting to walk with her after what she had done in their common room. It was so childish but he was a Malfoy after all.

Stupid Granger, disturbing my sleep, making me fall, stupid room changing all the time


Ugh what now?

“What Granger?” Draco Groaned.

“Did you bring the permission slip?”

Draco felt around his robe pockets for the slip of paper, he sighed when he felt the crumpled up note.

“Yes Granger”

Why did I have to be so heroic? why couldn’t I have just passed it off and let saint potter or weaselbee or even she-weasel look after her?, Stupid Stupid Stupid Draco Sighed. now I have to go on this ‘date’ to hogsmead, NO NO NO NOT A DATE NO!

Draco’s inner argument caused him to miss the fact that Hermione had stopped dead in the middle of the corridor causing him to crash into the back of her.

“Merlin Granger! Why did you stop in the middle of the bloody” Draco’s sentence stopped dead as he looked up and noticed Seth leaning against a wall just ahead of Hermione.

“Ahh Miss Granger how have you been?” Seth called, a smirk plastered onto his small face.

Draco’s fists balled up at his sides, Hermione started shaking.

“Cat got your tongue darling?”

Draco like Hermione started shaking but rather than fear, he was full of rage.

How DARE he speak to her, How DARE he call her by a lovey pet name

A tear slid down Hermione’s cheek, she still unable to move.



Go away please please go away Hermione thought as she began to cry.

“Shut up”

That sure as hell didn’t come from my mouth

Hermione turned her head slightly to see Draco at her side, hands in fists by his side.

“Oh Malfoy, didn’t see you there, how is life living with the mudblood? Made her your little sex slave yet?”

Hermione gasped.

oh no oh no oh no, he should NOT have said that

“Do NOT call her that” Draco said through gritted teeth.

“Call her what Malfoy? Your sex slave? or Mudblood?” said Seth crossing his arms over his chest, his smirk still in place.

“You’re really going to test me? It’s as if you don’t know who I am” Draco scoffed.

“Oh I know exactly who you are, Draco Malfoy, Ex Death Eater, Son of Death Eater Lucious Malfoy and Narcissa Malfoy, Almost murderer of Albus Dumbledore and known Mudblood HATER!”


Seth stumbled back against the wall he had been leaning on before their arrival as Hermione stepped back, admiring the red hand print she left upon Seth’s left cheek.

“You may know me but you clearly don’t know the Gryffindor Princess” Draco said barely holding back a smirk.

Hermione turned to Draco and smiled which he returned instantly.

“Come on Princess lets go get lunch”

The pair walked past Seth who still had his hand pressed against his throbbing cheek, and out the front doors into the courtyard.

A/N: Hey guys what did you think of my come back? i know its a little short but my story is going way to fast and i want to slow it down a bit, thank to everyone who has read my story so far and thank you for the lovely reviews, keep them coming

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