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Morph by lanniejo
Chapter 6 : The hit
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“Lia, Lia honey wake up.” A soft voice coos at my bedside.

I peel open my eyes to the sight of my blurry mother, her hair is perfectly coiffed in shimmering spirals past her shoulders. Mum’s eyes are pale and have a deep undertone of something guilt.

I sit up wondering what mum has to be guilty of, when the rush of last nights events floods me and I fall back against the couch.

“Don’t try to sit up so fast, you still haven’t recovered from the curse, we’re not sure exactly what it was because he did it mentally, and none of the symptoms match the main curses in my book.” Rose told me, a coffee mug in her hands.

I nodded, feeling really numb, but rather grateful for Rose’s help. “Thanks.” I croaked in a rough voice that hinted towards my current state of utter distress.

“Oi, I’m the one who saved you.” Albus mocked, his mouth curled in a half smile that had me confused, I was used his scowl and grimace at dmy obviously unpleasing appearance towards him. “Rosy just healed you.”

Scorpius seemed to notice my puzzlement towards Albus and also scrutinized him questioningly. “Where is dad?” I asked in a small voice ignoring Al’s pouty face and Teddy’s haggard expression.

Mom frowned at this, wondering why her concern wasn’t enough. “He’s at work dear.”

A moment of silence passed over us as I rolled to the side and fought to keep my breathing even under the hot gaze of every person in the crowded room. “Can I just go home. I’m really tired and we got back to school this Friday.”

The prolonged hush of the room made me confused yet again.

“Lia you were out for a while longer than just overnight, you’ve woken up a couple of times, but you were always delirious and went straight back to sleep.” Al informed me grimly, his eyes milky with the past, then seeing my wonderment he added; “ Oh and it’s Thursday now.”

That’s when the knots started churning in my stomach.


“We’re gonna miss it!” Scorp screeched speeding up into a full on sprint.

I tried to feign amusement or rather annoyance at his childish antics, but the shooting pangs in my gut denied me any other expression than that of a straight mouthed ashen face. “Calm down Scorpius we have thirty seconds and we already are through 9 and ¾ .” My voice was stronger than I felt.

The scarlet train whistled a siren like sound that caused my owl to ruffle her feathers angrily and glare at me with beady black eyes, obviously blaming me for the noise. “Calm down.” I grumbled dragging her onto the train. “Drama bird.”

“You know its a sign of insanity to talk to yourself.” A deep voice joked behind me, I turned with a retort on my tongue prepared to retaliate to Albus, but was surprised to find James Potter smirking heavily.

“That’s something you would know all about Potter isn’t it?” I said tiredly, clenching my side while bending over slightly to breathe deeper.

James smile disappeared as he noticed my discomfort and offered an arm for me to lean on. “Are you okay Lia?”

It occurred to me that all the times I’d been forced to attend the Potter’s over the break because of Al’s and Scorps close knit friendship might have created a sort of relationship between me and James. “Yeah...I’m...fine.” I was panting now, breathing in through my nose waiting for the pain to pass.

“Come here.” James wrapped an arm around my waist and directed me towards an empty compartment, his other arm used to carry my trunk including my owl.

Splotches of black blurred my vision as I fell into my seat.

“Lia?” James hazel eyes widened at my exhausted state and he kneeled in front of me looping his hand through mine. “What hurts?” His eyes trailed down to where I held my stomach grimacing heavily and his gaze darkened. “Is it where the curse hit you?”

I nodded unable to speak as the pain stabbed, then began to ebb away.

“It over.” I sighed with relief, slumping in the chair so that my knees went on either side of James torso.

“Lia...what did you mean when you said that you were born to die?” James asked almost fearfully. “I’m mean I know you might just have been hallucinating, well that’s what your mom told us at least, but Rose wasn’t convinced she said all your vital signs were in check.”

As James rambled, I stiffened at the mention of my mum. “She’s covering it up.” I breathed in horror, forgetting about James altogether. “She wants to keep it a secret.”

“What are you talking about.”

Again I stiffened, remembering what a public display my realization was, and I looked into James face wanting to confide in somebody. “My mom. She had me so that Sc wouldn’t have to die, she’s going to sacrifice me.” I blurted out in a rush.

As James slowly pieced it together I felt sick that I’d just exploded like that.

“Tell me everything.” He demanded in a gravelly voice, James hand gripping mine tighter.

And I did, well everything except for the wolf part.

James stroked my head, brushing the hair on my face behind my ear and cupped my face. “That’s awful Lia. You deserve so much more than that.” His soothing voice washed over me, and I dried the tears streaming heavily down my face.

I don’t. I’m a monster.

“Thanks.” I sniffed heavily, smiling up at him.

For a second my heart started hammering mysteriously and I realized how close our face were, apparently James did too and his eyes flickered to my mouth and back to my eyes.  

Our face took on a serious note as he leaned forward, tilting his head to the side and his cool breath fanned over my flushed face.

A bitter taste filled my mouth as I leaned forward too, wanting it deeply, but knowing whether I was truly worth James time or not. James deserved someone who didn’t have so much emotional baggage and didn’t need his reassurance or pity.

A look came over James and his sweet lips covered mine in one swift movement, at first it was gentle and tender, but a fiery desire burned between us and I felt his mouth urge my own open our tounges dancing deliciously together. My arms wrapped around him and drew him closer towards me.

After a few moments of this we broke away and gasped ragged breaths of air.

The compartment door burst open and Scorpius stormed in his eyes narrowed to slits as he stormed over to James with a death glare burning at the two of us interlocked with hands in my case legs.

James jumped to his feet, running a nervous hand through his hair as he bit his lip guiltily.

“What the hell?” Scorp demanded, his eyes whipping in between us. “Are you trying to get it on with my little sister?!”

“Actually Scorp I’m older than you by like three minutes.” I informed him heatedly, heatedly because my face was hot not that I was too particularly bothered by the misconception.

“Whatever. You can’t snog my sister!” Scorpius took a daring step in James’s direction, his and forming a white knuckled fist. “I dare you to try it again. I will rip your throat out, don’t think for one second that just because we’re friends that I wouldn’t.”

Al appeared at the door his face smiling, but that disappeared at the sight in front of him.

“What’s going on?” He asked stepping in between James and Scorpius. “Calm down Scorp no need to resort to violence.”  

Scorp fumed, steam practically coming from his ears. “Really because I think your pedophile older brother deserves to be taught a lesson.”

Albus’s face flickered with shock and he took in my sight, of puffy red lips and tousled hair, matching that of a blushing James and he stiffened immediately. “No.” He growled, I would know alot about growling and Albus, for whatever reason; meant war.

“Look I don’t see why it’s such a big de-” James was cut off by Al’s fist slamming into his nose.

My jaw dropped, even Scorp looked surprised, and I jumped in front of James. “What the hell Al?!” I screeched, healing James nose with a simple episkey spell, as James smeared the blood across his face still managing to look like a greek god.

Albus answered me with a hurt glare and sprinting out of the compartment. As a crowd gathered around our now open compartment to see what all the commotion was, I took a deep breath realizing just how hectic this year was really going to be.




It burned a fierce whole through my chest as I realized the certain activities my brother had been caught doing with Lia. My Lia.

“Look I don’t see why it’s such a big de-” I swung my fist back and let it crack forward connecting with his nose, feeling an ulitimate pleasure as it broke beneath my knuckles.

James fell to the ground, crimson blood gushing down his face and onto his new robes in a steady stream, Lia jumped up her face horror struck as she healed his nose easily to my disdain.

“What the hell Al?” Lia asked her face filled with conflicting emotions of confusion and anger.

The longing for Lia to blush that way about me, and heal my broken face was too much to handle all at once, I pushed past Scorpius and stormed down the hall packed full of people who wanted to see the drama.

I shut the compartment door behind me, and slumped to the ground biting down on my robe collar to muffle the furious sobs of hatred towards my own flesh and blood and the girl I’d been pining for all my Hogwart’s years.


Author’s Note:

Woah. Where did that come from? 0.o Hecks didn’t even know I had that in me.

(Sorry if it's kind of a sort chapter, I just wanted to update really bad:)

Well just so you know I felt uber awkward writing that kiss scene so honestly if you hate its guts I will tots revise it. :) Um so I kinda have an affair with Love triangles everyonce in awhile, and I thought it’d add some needed spice so here you go. Not to mention poor Al...:( I just wanna give him a big hug.

Reviews are greatly appreciated.

-Lanniejo (Over and out)


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Morph: The hit


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