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Running by TimeSeer
Chapter 4 : The Village
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 On the way to Potions I am walking with Rose and we obviously end up talking.


Well she rambles while I listen.


“And the first Hogsmeade is soon! Aren’t you excited? I am so excited. I wonder if anyone will ask me. I am not sure who I want to have ask me, but I am sure I will know when he does. I hope it is a hot guy. There don’t seem to be that many hot guys at this school. Plus I am basically related to half the school. I normally like being related to half the school but when it comes to Hogsmeade I really don’t. Plus most of my boy relatives are extremely protective. Do you have siblings? When they are protective it can be really annoying. Do you want a guy to ask you to Hogsmeade? Well of course you do.” Rose rambles.


Then she looks at me intently.


She is waiting for an answer.


I did not even realize she asked a question.


“Well I don’t know what Hogsmeade is really…” I trail off at the end. I look down feeling embarrassed.


“WHAT! How do you not know what Hogsmeade is? How is that even possible?” This is why I was embarrassed; Rose should really learn how to control the volume of her voice when talking.


“I am new here. I only came a few weeks ago,” I answer.


“Oh, right! I always forget about that.” Rose shrugs and then continues, “Hogsmeade is the village that all third years and up of Hogwarts students are permitted to attend on designated days of the year depending on the schedule the Headmaster or Headmistress and Head Boy and Girl design at the beginning of the school year.”


I am sure Rose just recited that from a handout about Hogsmeade.


This girl is weird.


Or in her own words, she is “Fucking awesome.”


With the capital F, not the A. I asked her once why the A was not capitalized and then she started rambling about how the letters of the alphabet were discriminatory, and she would not stand for it.


Sometimes I worry about Rose…


“What is in this village of Hogsmeade?” I ask.


“Just call it Hogsmeade. You sound like a nerd if you call it ‘the village of Hogsmeade,’” Rose comments with a roll of her eyes.


Yeah, I am the nerd even though you just quoted a pamphlet.


I glance at Rose before facing ahead, because I know Rose will start rambling again if it is quiet.


“Okay fine! Hogsmeade has an assortment of various shops and restaurants for the enjoyment of each and every student. The shops that are more popular, such as Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes and Honeydukes, are place towards the center of the town. If a student were to head outside the center of the town they would come across the Hogsmeade Post Office or the ever famous Shrieking Shack. Hogsmeade strives to accommodate all ages of witches and wizards but is most prepared for the age of students. Students should be prepared for cold weather when traveling to Hogsmeade because it has the traditional Scottish weather.” Rose rambles off.


I really should read this pamphlet.


“Did you just quote all that?” I ask.


“No,” Rose states indignantly.


I raise an eyebrow.


“Fine! Yes I did!” Rose exclaims.


Knew it!


“Can I have it?” I question.


“Sure,” Rose says while handing it to me.


“Thanks,” I mumble as I stuff the pamphlet Rose just handed me into the pocket of my cloak.


“Anyway, as I was saying, I really want to go on a date for this Hogsmeade trip! I hope a guy asks me. Not that I am not against girls asking guys. I am a fan of the feminist movements. But it is still sweet when the guy asks. Not that it isn’t sweet when the girl asks a guy on a date…” Rose goes off on another tangent.


I wonder if there is some spell that will shut her up.


Oh yeah, the silencing charm would work.


Except I think Rose would murder me in my sleep if I silenced her.


I look over at Rose since I have not been paying attention to what she is saying and see her eyebrows furrowed.


She also looks confused.


I tune back in.


“Not that I am against rubber ducks. There is nothing wrong with them honestly. My brother Hugo just used to be afraid of them. Don’t tell him that I told you that!” Rose states.


I do not even want to know.


I hum tunelessly, and quietly so Rose will not hear, until we turn the corner at the end of the corridor.


Rose turns to me and asks, “Who are you going with?”


“I don’t know,” I answer while shrugging my shoulders.


I really do not know.


I mean I just learned what Hogsmeade was like five seconds ago.


Plus, it’s not like guys will want to go with me.


I am still known as the new girl.


That is about it.


Not the new pretty girl. Or the new hot chick.


Just the new girl…


Oh well.


“You mean no one has asked you yet?” Rose asks.


I shake my head while biting my already nonexistent nails of my right hand.


“Really?!? No one?” Rose questions again.


I shake my head… again.


“Stupid… Dumb… Has to hurry up… Won’t get the chance…” Rose starts mumbling under her breath.


“You okay?” I ask. Rose normally speaks loudly so it is understandable that I am concerned when she speaks quietly.


“Yep,” Rose states while popping the p.


I nod my head but my eyebrows are raised.


What an odd girl.



As I am preparing for bed that night I get the feeling that a vision coming so I lie down in bed and wait for the black to overtake me.


The vision comes into view and I see Rose and Scorpius in a corridor alone, again.


“I still don’t understand why you kissed me! Why can’t you just tell me? That is all I want to know! So just tell me! Please!” Rose screeches.


Scorpius just stares at her, trying to keep his cool.


“Just tell me for Merlin’s sake! Please! I will do anything! I just need to know!” Rose begs. Pretty soon it seems like she will get on her knees and actually grovel.


“Anything?” Scorpius asks in a surprised voice.


“Yes anything! I just said that, didn’t I?” Rose asks angrily.


“Okay I will tell you but you have to promise me that you will do whatever I say first,” Scorpius states with an evil smirk.


I would be worried if I were you Rose.


“Fine!” Rose yells.


That woman has issues with the volume of her voice.


“You are going to Hogsmeade with me,” Scorpius states with the same smirk.


I see Rose’s mouth fall open in surprise and then the vision clears.


Once the vision is gone I realize that I never actually got around to changing so I open my curtains and quickly change. Right before I get back into bed I hear and see Rose storm into the dorm.


“Rose, you okay?” I ask.


“ARGGGGGGGG,” Rose yells. Then she picks up a random lamp and throws it at the wall with all her strength.


It smashes into a million pieces.


“Rose?” I ask completely frightened now.


“I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!” Rose screams. She then storms into the bathroom and I can hear her viciously brushing her teeth.


I climb into bed while smirking. I guess Rose and Scorpius just kissed.



The next night I end up sitting in the common room with Albus just talking. Al and I have become very close friends in the past few weeks and he has been helping me as much as Rose.


Now Al and I are supposed to be doing our Herbology homework but we just ended up getting distracted with each others’ presence.


“And then Rose fell on top of Uncle Neville while Uncle Ron was throwing her a baby bottle,” Al says while laughing.


Plus he is telling me embarrassing stories of Rose.


“And that happened right before you left for sixth year?” I ask while laughing as well.


“Yeah!” Al yells.


We both collapse in laughter. I put my head on his shoulder and my legs are over his so I am almost sitting on his lap.




Al looks at me the same time I look up at him and he opens his mouth –




We both turn our heads at the same time to see Rose storm into the common room.


Rose seems to be storming a lot.


But she always seems to storm around the castle whenever she has a conversation with Scorpius so I guess my vision from last night has already come to the present.


Rose spots us and heads over while muttering under her breath.


I look at Al and see that he is just as frightened as I am. But he also looks confused.


Silly kid.


When Rose finally makes it to use she looks like she is about to scream but then she just stops.


Like she stops dead.


Her eyes widen and she looks between Al and me.


This is when I realize I am still basically sitting on Al.


Well this is sufficiently awkward.


I look back up to Al and realize that they are having a silent conversation.


How rude of them to not invite me into the conversation.


I cross my arms and prepare to sulk but then I see Al shake his head.


Then Rose jumps on him and starts hitting him while yelling, “WHY NOT?!?!?!?”


Now the problem is that since I was basically on top of Al, I kind of got pulled into this little cousin brawl as well.


Why me?


Finally I have had enough of attempting to get myself out that I just yell, “STOP!”


Literally everyone in the common room stops what they are doing and turns to face me. I go red from embarrassment.


“What are you all looking at? Go back to your petty mediocre problems!” Rose yells.


I smile at her because everyone in Gryffindor is apparently scared of Rose because they all go back to what they were doing.


“So what is going on between you two?” I ask once Rose has gotten off of Al and my legs.


“Nothing, don’t worry about it,” Rose responds.


“Okay. Well why were you storming in here looking like you wanted to spit fire?” I ask.


“Because of Hogsmeade!” Rose whines while dramatically falling on the couch between me and Al.


Do not worry, I have moved my legs.


“I thought you were excited for Hogsmeade,” Al pipes up.


“I was. But now I am not because of the prat Scorpius!” Rose states in her most malicious voice.


“What did he do?” Al asks in his protective cousin voice.


He, honest to Merlin, has a certain voice to that.


I wonder what happened to all the Wotter children.


They all seem to be messed up.


“He was a prat!” Rose says.


“Detailed,” I mutter.


They both turn and look at me but I just smile so they go back to their conversation.


“Can you tell us what he did?” Al asks.


“He is making me go to Hogsmeade with him!” Rose screeches.


Volume, woman.


“WHAT?!?” Al yells as he stands up.


“Sit down, you are only embarrassing yourself.” Rose says while rolling her eyes.


Yeah, Al is the one embarrassing himself.


“Anyway, what are you two doing for Hogsmeade?” Rose asks us.


“A few guys asked me but I didn’t know who they were so I turned them down. So I am going solo as of now,” I say. I do not mind going alone at all really.


Rose and I turn to Al where he has turned a light shade of pink.


“I have a date,” he mumbles.


“Who?” Rose asks in a deadly and low voice.


“It’s a surprise,” Al mutters.


“Liv, will you excuse us for a moment,” Rose asks without taking her eyes off of Al. Without waiting for an answer she grabs Al’s arm and drags him out of the common room.


I just shrug and head up to my dorm room. When I get up there I see the one roommate I have not interacted with really at all.


I hang out with Rose and Morgan yells bloody murder at me.


I smile at her and ask, “Hey Sophie, what are you doing for Hogsmeade?”


This seems to be the most asked question in the past week.


“I was just planning to go alone,” Sophie says.


“Well I am going alone as well but I don’t really know the town. Do you want to hang out with me?” I ask.


“Sure,” Sophie says while smiling.


“Brilliant,” I say.



Author's Note: Hey readers! So this was a quick update! Exciting! I have decided to leave some questions for you all to answer if you wish.

1. Who is your favorite character thus far? (I know I just introduced a new one at the end of the chapter but that is okay)

2. Who do you want to see more of?

3. Any favorite quotes or favorite parts of the story?

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: J.K. owns everything you recognize.

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