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The Sun Will Shine Again. by SydneyBlack
Chapter 2 : Boys, Gifts, and Letters to Pappy.
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Juliette's POV






As my friend Joy and I exited the train, I felt a slight tug at the end of my hair.



"'Hello there Girly. How was your summer?".



I smiled and turned around, "Macie! I was wondering where you were!", the rugged looking girl that stood in front of me, who was beaming like crazy, was of course my best friend Macie, otherwise known as Ace.



"So, are you trying out for keeper this year?" Ace smiled slightly.



She's Gryffindor's Captain, and is right up there with Fred and George Weasley as a legendary Beater.



"You know it! But don't play favourites, okay Ace?", I frowned.



"I don't know what you're talking about!" she smiled slyly, and led the way to the carriages.



"Rubbish!" exclaimed Joy, "I hear Simon is trying out for keeper this year too" she added in a whisper.



"What is it with you two? Who cares about Simon? Take Teddy, there's a fine hunk of meat!" she laughed in spite of herself.



I rolled my eyes, "You don't understand! Simon's..Simon. And Teddy, well..he's Teddy", (enter Ace's eye roll here).



Joy got a dreamy look on her face, "Jonas Weasley is something, but I think he likes you Ette. You should see the way he looks at you", I could tell she was hiding her jealousy.



"Don't be silly!", I said shrilly, "He hates me!", I laughed a little and added, "You can have him".



Joy still had a doubtful look on her face.



I shrugged it off and leaned out the carriage window.



I watched the passing trees, and snow banks.



I sighed, glad that I wasn't on those boats with Hagrid.



I laughed slightly, thinking about those scared first years. None of them really knowing what they were getting themselves into.



I felt sorry for all those little girls, having to grow up with meat heads like Jonas. Maybe, if they were lucky, they would get one single boy, the perfect boy, just like Simon.







Jonas Weasley's POV



I watched Julliette as she watched Simon, as he watched Macie, as she watched Teddy , as he watched Joy, and as Joy watched me.



Confusing right?



I wanted Julliette to look at me that way. Dough eyed and drooling.



Just kidding.
I wanted her to like me, I wanted her to love me.



Like I loved her.



I turned away from everyone in the common room, and fumbled with the small box tucked into my pocket.



I felt like throwing up, what was I about to do?



You're about to give a girl a necklace, Dumbass.



I rolled my eyes at my inner self.



Julliette stood up suddenly, and excused herself.



I jumped up and followed her, "Julliette, could I have a word?" I asked.



She turned and snapped, "What do you want Weasley?".



I shrank back a bit and offered her the box, "I wanted you to have this" I said meekly.



I turned away and ran from the common room, racing down the hallways, I ran all the way out to Hagrid's house, sitting down, to pet Fang.



I cracked my knuckles nervously.



Why? Why did you do that?









Mr Ollivander's POV






September 3rd, 2012






Dear Pappy,






School is going great. I've given three detentions so far! Macie is holding quidditch tryouts tomorrow morning. I'm trying out for keeper. I hope I do well.



Were you on the Gryffindor quidditch team when you went to Hogwarts?



 Something has been bugging me. Today Jonas Weasley, gave me a necklace.



I'm afraid I've hurt him in some way, I could've been nicer I suppose.



What should I do Pappy?












Ollivander smiled, as he read Julliette's letter.



He licked his dry lips.



Ette, he thought, Jonas is a good boy.




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