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Ashley and the Past by Theraven42
Chapter 5 : Old and New Friends
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Disclaimer- I do not own Harry Potter


            Ashley stared at her friend in shock. Her friend who had to mysteriously moved. Her friend who had strange rumors follow her for years. Her lies about her family. Now all of that came rushing back to Ashley in a tidal wave overwhelming ever fiber of her being, so much that she hardly noticed the for bed stationed against the four corners, with a nightstand next to them. Ashley remembered her friend; Chloe Nightfield.


            “C-Chloe…?” Ashley gasped out loud. Chloe’s look of happiness and joy changed to one of confusion and disappointment.


            “Ashley, I know my family and I left rather suddenly.. But-“


            “Suddenly? You have no idea! One day your there, the next your gone? Without talking to me for around a few months? You have no idea what that was like! And for me to find out you had another secret!?” Ashley cut her off harshly. “I understand things happen, but you didn’t say a single damn thing about you leaving!”


            “I tried hinting at it. But as I was saying. My dad was promoted. He works in the Ministry, you see. They decided that we lived too close to Muggles for his new job.”


            “What was his job?” Ashley asked with a edge of curiosity in her voice. Chloe was now sitting on the bed she chosen; along with a grey lion-like cat. With her trunk opened right next to it, a short stack of books were on her nightstand along with her wand lying on it. It gleamed a brass glow- after all, Holly did tell her that American witches and wizards usually used metal for their wands.


            “He’s a Magizooologist. They study magical animals. He works in the Beast division; he also breeds certain animals. Like Fluffy here.” She said stroking her cat.


            “So… Your cat is- er magical?”


            “Yes, she’s a kneazle.” Chloe laughed, Fluffy stretched and rolled over revealing her stomach.


            “A- never mind. I’m sorry I freaked out on you like that, it’s just.. Hard. To come here and see you out of nowhere.” Ashley tried explaining. As Ashley was talking she dragged her trunk to the bed across from Chloe, and pulled out the book Curses and Counter-Curses and put it on her nightstand. After that Ashley and Chloe talked until dinner.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


            When it was the day before term started two more girls came to their dorm room laden with their things. They looked nearly identical though one was slightly taller then the other, they both had dark black hair like ink. Ashley was reading one of her spell books and attempting the spells in there.


            “Hi, I’m Venus, and this is my sister Persephone.” She said with a unidentifiable accent.


            “Hi, I’m Chloe.” Chloe responded with a smile.


            “Hi, I’m Ashley.” Ashley said without looking up. Ten minutes later when it was time for lunch, all of them walked out of their dorm room and walked to the Cafeteria. Ashley still thought the sight was impressive. The room was filled with countless round tables, with six chairs centered around it. Other kids were filling up chairs there were a lot of tables left over, Ashley noticed how all the older students pushed some tables together.


            “Where should we sit?” Ashley asked the others.


            “How about.. There!” Venus pointed to a table near one of the corners. The rest of them shrugged and just walked over to the table, there were silver plates along with silverware in front of each individual seat. There were also menus propped up on each plate. They all sat down: Chloe and Ashley next to each other on one side, and Persephone and Venus on the other side.


            “So.. How do you get food?” Persephone asked while frowning at her plate.


            “You pick a food from the menu; and say it out loud.” Chloe replied “Like this: Cheeseburger with fries, and ketchup.” Immediately the food she asked for appeared on her plate with a whitish smoke around it.

            “Medium-rare steak, and fries!” Ashley said.


            “WAFFLES!” Venus yelled which caused- let’s just say- a lot of waffles to fly from her plate, as one of them hit her on the face with a smack. “Good thing I didn’t say with syrup..” Unsurprisingly all the waffles were now coated with syrup.


            “Venus..” Persephone said wearily as her sister packed all the waffles not on the floor on her plate.


            “Rainbow macaroni and cheese!” Persephone cried joyfully. All of them looked at her weirdly. “What? It’s still good.. Just rainbow colored.” She said matter-of-factly.


            After they all ate they walked to back to their dorm room and talked for the remainder of the night they talked, played games, tried various spells (with varying amounts of success, and playing with Chloe’s kneazle.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


            After a long night of trying to sleep, Ashley finally pulled herself out of her bed, grabbed her General Book of Spells Grade 1 and read about Hovering Charms. When she nearly finished the chapter she felt stiff and achy, she then decided to try sleeping. Nearly immediately she felt the world slip away.


            “Ashley, Ashley! Wake up! Breakfast is in twenty minutes!” Chloe said while shaking her friends shoulder.


            “W-what?” Ashley murmured before rolling away from her friend.


            “Ashley! Wake up!”


            “No..” She said sleepily as Chloe went to shake her again, Ashley rolled again causing her to fall of her bed taking her blankets, and spell book with her on to the floor. After throwing her school uniform/robes on and grabbing her wand along with her school bag filled with all she needed- including Wizard Gum (She really liked them)-  she ran to the Cafeteria along with Chloe. Once they arrived they saw house-elves clearing the tables of plates and all those things.


            “Do mizzes need anything?” One of them squeaked to them.


            “Um.. Maybe some toast along with schedules?” Chloe suggested weakly. Ashley was yawning repeatedly along with staring wide-eyed at the house-elves for she’d never seen anything like them in her life. A minute later a house-elf came laden with buttered toast, and two blank papers with ‘schedules’ written across the top.



            “All mizzes need to do is tap their wands on the paper and say their name.” The house-elf squeaked at them again- Ashley was starting to think that the elf is a girl.


            “What’s your name?” Ashley asked her eyebrows furrowed in curiosity.


            “Madame wants to know my- my name?” The house-elf said in awe, it’s already huge eyes turning into full moons.


            “Yes..” Ashley said while raising her eyebrow in puzzlement.


            “Ashley, we got Magical Theory first! So we gotta go


            “M-my name is Ella..”


            “Nice to meet you Ella, I’m Ashley.” She said with a smile. After that, they got their schedules set up and ran to their first class. As they neared the closed wooden door, they heard “-I will not tolerate any kinds of rule breaking, tardiness or anything of that sort.” Professor Jonathon could be heard lecturing on the other side of the door, Ashley and Chloe exchanged unpleasant looks and stepped in.

            “Aha, look who we have here-“ he started saying with a smirk twisting his features “- first day of school, and two people are late already. Sit down. Talk to me after class and we’ll discuss things. As the two sat down at the only partial empty table with two bulky looking girls. They both looked like they wouldn’t hesitate hexing you for annoying them. As they sat on the other side from them they sneered at them with looks saying Great, more people to torture!.


            “Now, take out your text books, and read chapter one.” Sounds of clunking filled the room as people began taking out their thick volumes of Magical Theory and Why It Matters. For thirty minutes of tense silence with Jonathon- Ashley thought she wouldn’t think of him in a respected manner- walked around staring holes into the back of students’ heads. When Ashley was nearing the end of the chapter he started speaking.


            “Now we have ten minutes left.” Jonathon said while looking at the students like a shark scopes out prey. “Ashley Smith, tell us. What was Septimus Adams view on what magic is, and how people attain it.


            “Well, magic is a inherited skill passed down from magical family member after another-“


            “Then how did you get it? If I remember correctly you’re Muggle-born.” He said with his look that resembles a shark intensified.


            “As the author stated Muggle-borns have distant relatives that are Squibs.” She said with hatred pounding through her veins slowly, her tone turning sharp.


            “So Muggle-borns are still seen as a disgrace then?”


            “That is just prejudice you foul-“ she started nearly screaming as she stood up suddenly to many of the students amusement, Chloe tried pulling her arm to get her to sit down.


            “Detention Ms. Smith. Along with extra homework for you. On my desk Friday.” He said with a grin twisting his expression- Ashley thought that every emotion would make him look bitter.


            “As Ms. Smith rudely stated, there is prejudice among the wizarding world involving blood-purity. Now, write a three foot essay on chapters one through three. Ms. Smith, you will write an extra addition of amount of homework revolving around why Magical Theory is important. All your own thoughts.” He finished as the bell signaled the class’s end. Ashley and Chloe walked up to his desk.


            “Ms. Smith you, will help me take care of the school’s animals. For three weeks. At five. Ms. Nightfield, you will do lines for me tomorrow only.”


            “Look at it on the positive side-“ Chloe started saying.

            “What positive side? I already have detention, and we have homework!”


            “As I was saying, we have Ms. Bennet next. She teaches Charms you know.”


            “Ms. Bennet teaches Charms!?


            “Yeah…It says so on the schedule.” Chloe stated as she pointed this out on the schedule.




A/N: What do you think about my idea on Salem? Along with Persephone and Venus?  Please review! It helps me know what I need to improve on.

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