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Its Not That Easy. by NattMalfoy
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1: i love you, Pansy
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Flying notes kept coming in class, between the tables

Pansy: Draco shut up.

Draco: Your no fun :(

Draco: I love you babe :)

Pansy: quit it, snape will hunt you down, quit the spells draco!

Draco: aww you care! Only for you babe.

( and so he stoped his silly games with his wand as his followers followed, just right before snape took at look at him, once again, Pansy has deliberately saved his life)

Draco: hey, Meet me at the slytherin common room after dinner! ALONE! :)

Pansy: why would i?

Draco: because i know you want this ;)

Pansy: and what makes you think that?

Draco: the way your smiling just about now.

He knew her too well.

Pansy: fuck you, Draco. Stop it with the smiley faces your creeping me out!

Draco: fuck you? gladly ;)
Hahaaha really? ;) :) =) Just meet me there please, i promess you wont be dissapointed!

She broke this piece of paper and stuck his tongue at him, but he wanted to keep the convo going

Draco: i just need to talk to you, you royal bitch. Besides you can help me study like you promissed me. Or are you too busy with Blaise?

Pansy: we'll see princess. Just to study malfoy! Dont start please.
Haha Malfoy, Love? Ha. Crazy much?

Draco: i believe i am.
(she ignored this message, draco has been getting rather weird)

Pansy was getting ready, when a familiar note made its way to her room

Draco: you coming?

Pansy: i'll be down in a minute.

Draco: 60

Draco: 59

Draco: 58

Draco: 57

Draco: 56
The notes kept flying in

Pansy: want to see how easy i can change my mind?

Draco: you cant, admit it youve been waiting all day to see me ;)

Pansy: fuck off draco!

About 5 minutes later Pansy Parkinson walked down the stairs into the common room and there she saw draco malfoy sitting down on the couch couple of books on the table in front since they agreed on studying.

His blonde hair was completely messy, he was dressed in a very simple way, trown back not seeming to give a damn about his world, his class or his reputation. These two had a complicated relationship made out of chessy insults, fast fights, hateful texts, distant looks, flirty actitudes and overall this incredible mutual attraction that neither of them was capable of admiting. Pride itself covered the room whenever they were together.

Knew each other for years their families were friends since as long as they can remember. She remembers him ripping heads from her dolls and he vividly remembers the way she seemed to grow into the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen. She grew into a gorgeous brunette with long curly hair, pale soft skin, incredible body, noticible assets and big light eyes. But of course it was just beauty. Of course she had not only changed physically, she was not the same girl who'd swoon over him, she was different. But they had always been best friends, nothing else right?

Draco was the son of lucius and narcissa deatheaters and people of great power and Pansy was daughter of none other than Parkinson family, as can be said they owned practicly everything. as the only sons of each family some day, not so far from now they would be in charge. Its safe to say, pansy knew draco more than anyone else; what he liked, what he hated, what he did. everything, she knew him more than his own mother, she knew him even more than anyone. Over all, their friendship worked because they never got bored they were much diferent, although both were rich, very goodlooking, proud, belonged to Slytherins sixth year and were envied by everysingle student at Hogwarts, they were prince and princess Slytherin; None of them wanted that, draco might seemed to be enjoying his titles and himself but theres more to him than that. Much more. And she knew all of this very well.

They fought everyday, everysingle moment and it was constant; about everything school, food, likes, dislikes, as i said they were different. and of course most days draco faught about Pansy's friends... You see, Pansy was well accepted between the boys, her beauty everyone aprecciated. Draco hated this, he hated to even imagine how they were draging her away from him, how he was always missing her presence, how she saw him with them, how he saw her with people, with Blaise Or even when talking with the weasley twins, who had even accepted her or anyone that wasnt him. That he didnt stand, he did not like to share especially such a huge part of his life as was pansy.

Overall the things there was one thing he was sure, he was always sure he loved her, from the beggining since they were kids, since all their wars, to when they arrived at hogwarts, till today. Of course pansy never knew, she still doesnt know. that was draco's ordinary self! He was selfish and he was proud, thought she was his possesion like a prize, she knew he cared about her as did everyone else they were best friends, brother and sister how could they not care for each other. However draco found it important to tell her everyday, how much he cared, how much he loved her, and even flirt with her a lot saying things about knowing that she wanted him and telling her to admit her unconditionally love for him, in sarcastic or ironic way of course there was no way he could ever express such emotion, she as well would play along to his little games admiting her love to him and sometimes when drunk they would've shared makeouts and rather intimate moments that sadly from him would never get to far. That's all he was ever going to get, so he took it. Playful games and makeouts from the girl he always loved, not so bad. He could always sleep with other girls and make up in his mind it was her he was shagging.

At school they were alredy an item, people knew they were bound to each other, called it faith. But there was more that Draco could not control there was jelousy there was lust there was everything he ever wanted for her and somehow he needed to let her know. Especially this year, he knew that from that day he was marked nothing would be the same, not even the simple chats with his friends would be untouched. The dark lord would end everything that means something to him only if he fails to do one task. And his first task was harder than anything else.

Still before he did what he needed to do, before he vanished, Pansy needed to know how he only loved one thing in his life, her. Pans was diferent even when caught with the dark things she had light, hope, happiness something that everyone noticed that everyone wanted thats why she was so noticed at Hogwarts. She was Draco's only good side, she made him a better person, his one and only hope. She, the utter bitch, the skytherin princess, perfection. She was simply the best. Pureblooded, raised by the finest, had manners, knew what to say, knew what to do, she was just the simple definition of least here in the magical world. Even with such perfection and sometimes being the royal bitch she was loved... Loved by even the people she would never expect to love her.

"malfoyyyy! MALFOY!!" she said waking him from his dream cloud
"oh hey Pans" he said
"you ok? You've been rather different this past weeks. And well yesterday at the train... Youu were..what's all this about dray? Ive been wondering what was going on.." she said showing her beautiful smiles while she sat right next to him pulling her legs up,facing him.

He wondered if she knew the effect she had on him, if she did it on purpose if she dressed the way she did on purpose if even her scent or something was made to drive him insane. Even the most simple thing on her seemed provocative to him. Suddenly sweat pants and a tank top seemed a bit pornographic for him.
He knew what she was talking about. The train when they were getting cozy and suddenly he left her hanging, very nice malfoy, very nice..

"im fine, just lots of things on my mind.." he finally managed to say instead of the 'im dying i love you ive always loved you, lets run away' that was screaming inside of him.

"ohh well! Shall we start studying? Started school today and alredy 2 OWLS tommorow! And i imagine you have not even glimpsed at your books!"

'No im too busy staring at you', he thought.

"well its hard when you have got so much in your hands Parkinson!" he was back at his games, calling her by her last name.

She would never admit this but she loved when draco called her by her last name it was a huge turn-on"

"well my slytherin prince! You've got to find a way to make space between your spells, your witches aaaand your bitches" she stated while he gave one of his many wonderful smirks, many of the millions she recieved daily. Malfoy and his charms.

Damn him, damn it all she always thought.

He opened the books and they found themselves studying in about two hours Pansy was a great tutor and who better to get Draco to his full attention, he would listen to everyword she said, of course making unnecessary comments, and rude interruptions, she was used to that by now, she always seemed to get through him.

"i think we are done here..."
"i think we are.. Your such a nerd these are only OWLS we dont necessarily need to pass them." he said.
"if you actually want a good future in magic industry Malfoy you do need to pass, this will help you in 50% of your grades!"
Grades were the last thing on draco's mind.

She stood up and headed towards the stair with her books in her hands. Too much of them in fact.

"shall i help?"
"you should??"she said sarcasticly
He stood up again smirking and held half of her books while she had the other half, following her up the stairs. When they got to her room she got her wand out
And God to him even her spells were sexy.

She went inside, went back and took the books from draco's cold hands.

"thanks for tonight, you really helped... Like always."
"your welcome babeeezz" she said exaggeratedly
He only smiled, she always got an answer when saying cheesy quotes. Something sure was wrong.
"dray, you sure your ok?" she said closing the door behind her
"ummm. No. Not really. Its complicated."
"we've knowned each other for almost 17 years i think you can trust me!"
He stayed quiet while she just tried hardly to get into his mind using her abilities, she couldnt, she always could.

"soo you want to know whats going through my mind?" he said while raising his eyebrow
"well yes, since you never open up i have to find a way" she said in a provocative way

"should i or should i not?" he quoted

She looked confused, she was never confused.


What was he thinking he could not tell her, she would hate him for his dark ways it wasn't enough he was now a deatheater but his task, she would hate him. Forever.

"Nothing" he said calmly as he smiled and unexpectedly kissed her.

It wasnt like most of their makeouts not just because they were dared to, or horny. It was sweet, it was slow, and perfect. She just stood still while draco slowly kissed her. And while draco was aiming for something sweet and inoccent it was Pansy who began deepening it, against the wall. She was kissing back the boy who she had unconditional love for, feeling perfect. As it got deeper and hotter she felt herself wanting him and so did he, so he got his hands on her lower waist, pulling himself even more closer. she quickly removed herself from him and looked ashamed, full of regret, anger, but mostly confusion.

He was just about to open his mouth to explain when she bursted out
"dont. Dont even. I just dont get you, Draco!settle yourself before you drag someone else with you! We cant keep this little games, your so full of shit!" she said as she went inside closed the door and left him there with a broken heart, feelings her swore he'd never feel. And leaving herself crying for Merlin knows what.

That night many things happened, things that have never. that night draco didnt sleep he just lay awake repeating that kiss, thinking about it over and over again. Never regretting it just thinking. 'She kissed me back, she felt it too' he kept on repeating to himsef as in trying to convince himself that she just freaked out and that she would come to her senses. 'it isnt like we've never done this before! She's being ridiculous, we've made out, i've touched her. This isnt any diferent. So what is she so creeped out by?'
'full of shit? Im full of shit? She's full of shit!'
Then came regret.
'Maybe she sees through me... I shouldnt have done that. God draco you can be so stupid. I should go apoligize. No you wont, you never apoligize. Your a malfoy she should be honored. I love her i cant let her think that im just using her because of my hormones. Love? Malfoy you dont use that term you never do. Shes just a friend. Only a friend. Not even a friend, she's in your way, you need her gone, she's a distraction'

And so on and on draco kept contradicting himself with everyword he said, he kept on fighting those feelings for the one who had been his only true friend, his best friend, tried hiding them even from himself. But could he manage to keep hiding them for this long? After all this time? thoughts wondered and flew through his mind interrupting his sleep and keeping him wide awake. Then he realized there was something bigger than Pansy here, the Dark Lord is back and he has orders to follow. He cant act like a lovestruck teenage boy. He needed to let it go but he failed, not a single minute did his eyes close. Not a single second did he not think of what was going through the mind of Pansy Parkinson.

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