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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 11 : Case of the Ex (Best Friend)
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 Chapter Eleven

For a guy who’d been in love with the same girl for a good few years I felt weirdly amazing knowing that I had a girlfriend, I’d had some in the past but my love for Lily always got in the way and it all ended rather nastily. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Lily was having secret snogging sessions with my worst enemy, which was something I was desperately trying to push into the back of my mind. It still made me gag a little when I thought of the two of them together but luckily Abi proved a positive distraction

The relationship seemed to have had a positive effect on Abi as well once shy and quiet she’d grown a bit of confidence and would now happily talk to people she didn’t know. I felt kind of proud in a weird way though she did manage to talk her way into helping several first year girls learn how to fly when she herself couldn’t. What was best about the whole thing was how happy everybody was that we were together. Hailey Cross, Abi’s best friend, had told us that we were ‘meant to be’ several times and that she always knew one day we’d get together, Melissa and Rebecca gave me some admittedly good dating advice (not starting at Alice Longbottom is going to be very hard), Albus said he was proud of me becoming mature and treating a girl right, Rose came up with our couple name (Oligail) and Hugo, Ben and Ryan were all excited about the prospect of being able to find a quicker way to cheat on homework and tests

“No but you don’t get it Ollie” said Ryan as the four of us made our way down to breakfast on the morning of the 27th October “You going out with her, and she’s like genius level, means you are more likely to be doing homework together, therefore you are more likely to get her answers and then you’ll pass them onto me”

“And why would I do that” I asked as passed Hugo’s third year stalkers. He seemed to be getting a bit more used to them now, he used to run off and hide in a broom cupboard whenever they appeared “Surely a professor would notice if five students all handed in the same answers”

“Not unless they’re all correct” interjected Ben “Because then the answers would all be the same wouldn’t they”

“I can’t believe you guys are using my relationship in this way” I said outraged as we sat down at a table and helped ourselves to food “For the first time in my life I am in a mature, adult relationship that I intend to keep”

“And you’ve actually managed to pull a girl that isn’t certified insane” said Hugo making us all shudder as we remembered what I went through with Scary Mary

I’d tell you but I really do not want to open that door

“Yes, yes I have” I announced proudly as Abi made her way over from the Hufflepuff table and slid herself in between Ryan and I “And very beautiful too” I said as I gave her a brief kiss on the lips that was quickly followed by three pretend gag reflexes

“You boys are so immature” said Abi through laughter as she stole one of my sausages. Oh she’s a food stealer fantastic. Good thing I enjoy kissing her “See, this is why my friends don’t want to merge”

“What do you mean by merge” asked Hugo looking as if he’d been deeply offended. Don’t blame him but Abi had a point; they were too immature for her friends. Hell I was too immature but they kind of had to deal with me and what kind of best friend’s boyfriend would I be if I let those three losers interact with them

So, that lunchtime I made arrangements for us all to sit together on the picnic and ‘luncheon’ as it were.


It was a pleasant day considering it was late October and, to my surprise and slight relief; everybody seemed to be getting on very well. As I’d predicted Melissa and Megan soon found out that they had a lot in common and instantly began bitching and gossiping about girls from Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Ben and Hailey seemed to have taken a shine to one another whilst Hugo, Ryan, Rebecca and Abi’s friends Serena and Levi went for a swim in the lake; Hugo and Rebecca flirting the entire time of course

Abi and I just sat underneath the tree with her head resting on my legs, I was really enjoying having a girlfriend but there was just one thing that was bugging me. It was mainly bugging me because the thing that was bugging me was the one thing I swore I wasn’t going to let bug me. Lily. She hadn’t spoken to me, not once, since I’d told everyone that Abi and I had become a couple, sure she’d still hung out with the main group but she avoided me in those situations and when I arrived to watch the sunset one day I found her there.

She just got up and left without saying a word to me, again looking as if she’d been crying. Scorpious is behind her acting like this I’m sure of it no doubt he’s deliberately poisoning her mind against me all the while he’s probably been cheating on her with a string of different girls. Rebecca and Melissa had tried to talk to her but I’ve been told Lily just switched off whenever my name cropped up in conversation and she refused to discuss anything at all about me. Hugo said it was just Lily pouting because I didn’t tell her I was going to ask Abi out or maybe I’d missed an arrangement we’d made together by accident but I knew it was something more

“I know what you’re thinking about” said Abi as we walked hand in hand around the school grounds during a free period that afternoon “Lily and why she isn’t talking to you; it’s okay Ollie I won’t be mad or anything if you admit it”

“Sorry” Damn, now I felt awful “It’s just after six years of having a laugh with her everyday it just feels kind of weird not having her about. My arm hasn’t been punched in two weeks”. Abi shot me a smile but I could tell she was upset I’d been thinking about Lily so I came up with a plan to cheer her up

“Where are you taking me” asked Abi as I dragged her through the forest “Ollie, I really don’t like this forest. I’m pretty sure You-Know-Who was buried somewhere around these parts”

“Oh stop worrying” I said as we approached the lake, the spot where I came to watch the sunset. Abi let go of my hand and walked forwards in awe

“I never knew that this place existed” she said sounding amazed “It’s beautiful; how do you know about it”

“Stumbled across it in fourth year” I said picking up a rock and threw it into the lake. It went pretty far, I tried not to look too smug but judging by Abi’s eye roll I guessed I hadn’t succeeded in doing so “Things were getting a bit – heavy – at home; I was in a bit of a mess one night and found myself here just watching the world go by. I don’t know why but it just helps me”

“Oh Oliver, you are so lovely” said Abi taking my hand as I lead her to the big rock and lifted her on top of it

“This would be a bad time to mention I’m afraid of water and heights” said Abi as I jumped onto the rock and shuffled along to be beside her. I put my arm around her and kissed her on the lips

“Nothing will ever happen to you when I’m around” I said “Abi, I would take a bullet for you. Maybe not in the head but definitely in the knee or groin or somewhere”

Abi snorted “You know how to kill a moment you don’t you”. I started laughing as well and kissed her again; it was then I heard a twig snap behind me. Turning around I noticed Lily looking up at Abi and I on the rock

“Thought this was meant to be our special place” she shouted sounding very angry “Our little secret, a place we only knew about”. She turned on her heel and heads away

“Lily come on stay” I shouted back, Abi looked utterly mortified

“No it’s fine” was her angry response “You and little miss sunshine are welcome to it, wouldn’t wanna ruin things for you would I?” With that Lily was gone and I turned back around to Abi who looked upset

“I am so sorry” I said taking her hand “I get it if you want to leave me”

“Don’t be stupid” said Abi looking me in the eyes “It’s taken me the best part of six years to finally get you; I’m not giving in just because Lily Potter’s throwing her toys out of the pram”

I like feisty Abi

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