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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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 Amazing super mega foxy awesome image mad by Bear&Fox @TDA

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I shrieked at my maid, Penny. Well she's not my maid. She's like a friend/slash does my hair and helps me and cleans my room and such. If there is such a thing.

At the moment she had been doing my hair, but it wasn't going so well. She had put it up in what was supposed to be a classical up do, but she ended up getting my clip tangled in my beautiful blonde hair.

"I'm sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to," she stuttered as she tugged the tightly wrapped clip out of my now tangled up messy hair.

"It's fine," I muttered and when she got it out I said she could go. I just brushed out my hair so it lies in pretty curly waves.

My name is Cordelia. Well my full name is Cordelia Marina Sofia May Walston. Everyone calls me Cordelia though. Don't think my family is one of those rich snobs who have no reason to be rich other than they invest in the stock market. No my family has a very good reason to be rich snobs.

We are part of the royal family!

No one really knows us though. We are one of those families who you see in the corner on the television, not famous enough to be concentrated on. But we are there. We get invited to almost everything.

It's on my dad's side. He is a relation of the family. A distant relation, but still one.

I got up and floated over to my enormous walk in closet. I have a really big bedroom. My whole house is really big actually.

My room is big with a little white balcony and French Windows leading out of it. I have a sparkly cream coloured carpet and lilac and white walls. My bed is pushed up against one wall and it is a 4 poster bed with hangings. I have a big make up table with a  mirror against the wall and a desk and spinney chair on the other side of the room. My closet doors take up most of one wall.

I am actually only eleven. My mother always taught me that I should act older, to keep up appearances. My mother came from a middle class family, and when she met my dad she never looked back. She is always concerned about appearances. Never has much time for me and my sister.

My sister is a darling. She is 8 almost 9 and her name is Delilah Calais Sofia May Walston. Apparently she looks a lot like me, but that's only because we both have blonde hair.

I have long blonde hair, that reaches quite far down my back, a fact I am very proud of. Everyone says I am really pretty and I suppose I do have quite a pretty face. I do unfortunately have a gap between my front teeth and I will probably have to get braces.

I wandered into my closet and chose a simple white frilly blouse, a high wasted blue skater skirt and some black tights. I then slipped on some simple pumps and headed back to the mirror. I gave my reflection  stunning smile before my iPhone suddenly buzzed. It was my friend Lena Fields. Or my so called friend. She's backstabbed me a lot, but I just can't stop being friends with her. She is so popular and cool, I just couldn't.

"Hello," I answered as I picked up my little pink handbag from a stool.

"What you up to today?" she called down the phone, and I could hear her popping her gum.

"Nothing, I'll meet up if you want?" I said, stepping outside my room.

"My place in an hour, don't be late," she hollered down the phone and then she hung up. Sighing I slipped my phone in my bag and skipped downstairs.

"Morning Daddy," I said sweetly, giving my father a kiss on the cheek.

"Petal," he said, glancing up from his newspaper. My sister comes running up and a gives me a hug.

After placing her down I reached over and grabbed the big glossy Vogue that was sitting on our kitchen table. I love Vogue and devour at every chance I get.  I had my breakfast, hardly noticing what I was eating.

"We have to attend a garden party today Cordelia," my Dad said suddenly. I groaned loudly causing my mum, who had just walked in, to tut loudly.

"Cordelia, don't be like that! While we are there I want you to be cordial and polite and never groan or sigh or slump," she said sweetly, missing out on the two key words. Or else.

I swivelled to frown at my mum. "But I was going to meet Lena!"

"Well cancel," My mum said sharply, " It will set a bad impression of this family if you don't turn up!"

Slumping in my seat, I got out my phone and texted Lena.

Have to cancel, something came up! Sowee xxxx

"Now are you sure your gonna wear that to a garden party?" My mum asked, with her head on one side, " What about one of those pretty summer dresses I got you?"

"Because they don't suit me! They are all Barbie Pink and make me look like a 6 year old.!

"They don't they make you look like a proper young lady! Now I want you to wear one!" My mum stated, folding her arms. My phone buzzes quietly and I use the distraction to look away.

Be like that then. I'll find someone better to hang out with!

Great now Lena was annoyed. Glaring daggers at my phone I switched my gaze to my mum. Bad idea. Seeing I was done she pointed at the stairs and said, " Change Now!"

Groaning and moaning I pulled myself off the chair and slid over to the stairs. I was just placing my foot on the stairs when the doorbell rang. Curious I didn't move but turned my head towards the door. I heard my mum answer it.

"Ummm Hello?"I heard her say. That is odd. She is usually calm, polite and smiling when she answers the door. Not confused sounding and slightly scared.

"Hello," A squeaky voice replied, " I would like to speak with you and your family, concerning an interesting and special subject!"

Before my mum could reply a man walked into our kitchen.

Now first impressions can be illuminating. This man was old. Like really quite old. I'd seen older but he had lived longer to get a few wrinkles on his face.

Another thing - he was tiny.

Like seriously quite small.

Thirdly he was dressed in the strangest thing I'd ever seen. It was like a rob but with fancy cuffs and a massive collar with a ruff, and the pattern was very...... exuberant.

"Hello," the man said in the squeaky voice, " My name is Flitwick. Professor Flitwick!"

Me and the rest of my family just stared at him in shock and surprise. My mum was actually quivering. I am the first to pipe up.

"I'm Cordelia!"

He turned to me and smiled, bouncy on his feet.

"Of course you are, and I presume you two are her parents!"

They nodded carefully and my dad motioned for Flitwick to sit. He gracefully bounced up on to the chair.

"I am here about a very exciting matter which concerns Cordelia here. The fact of the matter is, that I am the Head teacher of a school. A school which Cordelia has been down for going to since she was little."

"We've not heard about this school?" said my mum, breaking  the trance that appeared to be on the rest of my family. I was just curiously intrigued by the man.

"Yes you wouldn't have," he said cheerfully, " For its a school of magic."

There was silence and then my sister began to giggle.

The man looked gravely at her and smiled.

"I assure you I am not joking! Cordelia here has magic, just as much as I do, or I'll eat my wand!"

And with that he brought out a stick and waved it at a chair. It turned into a small white poodle. My sister launched herself at the poodle, screaming in happiness. Smiling, the man put his stick on the table.

"I can do that?" I forced out, staring at the little man.

"Not yet. But when you come to the school you will, eventually, learn to do that!"

My parents were staring at the man, incredulously.

"She's magical?" my dad stuttered out, his gaze switching between me and Flitwick.

"Yes," Professor Flitwick said gleefully, and he pulled out an envelope and handed it to me.

Shaking slightly I looked at the front of the envelope. It said -

Georgia Marina Sofia May Walston

Big Bedroom At The Top Of The Stairs

56 Black Forest Road



"It has my bedroom on it!" I said in shock. Right then I knew he wasn't lying! I'm not sure what it was but I knew when he gave me the envelope that he was telling the absolute truth. I knew I was magic too. Some things had happened when I was younger, things I couldn't explain, after Lena had ditched me or been horrid. I was a witch.

It took only half an hour to persuade my parents that I was one.  My dad was easier than my mum about it but my mum refused for fifteen minutes to listen to our claims. When she finally believed us she had a hysterical breakdown, upset in case anyone found out that her daughter was a, you know, witch.  Thanks mum.

"You're a muggleborn, which means no-one else in your family was magical. There are also pure bloods and half bloods and such. Now Hogwarts.........."

And he went on explaining everything about the Wizarding World and Hogwarts and the four houses and everything. My dad had to call and say we weren't going to make it to the garden party.

Then he said something that made me panic.

"Now electrical items are a no-no at Hogwarts. They go haywire and destroy the insides of them."

"Wait," I practically shouted, looking at Professor Flitwick, panic stricken, "I can't take my phone?"

"No," he replied, shaking his head to further his point, " Magical families don't have phones anyway."

"How do you contact people?"

"With letters. "

"How very old fashioned," my mum sniffed, butting in.

"So you just, like, send it by post?" I asked, twirling my ring around my finger.

"No, by owl!"


"Yes, owl. We have an owlery at school if you don't own an owl. Oh yes Hogwarts students can have a pet. Either an owl, cat or toad."

It took another half hour to explain everything and then he was off. Term started in a month and we had to go shopping for stuff next week.


My mum didn't really talk to me very much in the next month. My sister was very curious about it all and my dad was the same as ever. But I got the feeling she was a bit disappointed in m. A Royal who was magical. In her eyes they didn't seem to fit, I guess.

We went shopping at the new interesting Diagon Alley. My mum didn't come of course, she seemed to try and pretend I didn't really exist anymore. W had fun getting books and robes and I got an excellent wand, Cherry with Phoenix Feather, 12 inches. My dad bought me a beautiful brown fluffy cat, who I named Waffles. My sister kept the poodle Professor Flitwick made and named it Snoopy, after the cartoon she loved.

Soon enough September 1st rolled around and I was going. Finally going to a place where everything was different. I couldn't take penny but that was okay. I could be independent. I had to be.

I woke up feeling giddy and refreshed. I was going to just pull on any old jeans and a tee when my mum swept into my room, pulling me up into a hug.

"You have to make an impression darling. Then people will want to talk to you and will like you." she said, some of the first words she had spoken to me in a month. I just stared at her in shock.

"I'm sorry petal, I was just..... confused. But I don't want my darling to leave for a school and for her to be alone. I want you have proper friends, friends who are nice to you, not like that God awful Lena. I want you to be happy my darling and for all of that you need to make a show stopping impression."

These were the nicest things she had ever said to me. I instantly forgave her. I mean come on, it's my mum. So together we picked out an outfit.

In the end I was wearing black leggings, some peach coloured shorts, a simple loose black top with some gold detailing and my red leather jacket. I put on my shiny red Doc Martins and some killer jewellery.

Personally I think I looked wicked.

And so not eleven. But oh well.

My bag was packed up quickly and soon we were on the way to Kings Cross. I was practically hyperventilating in the car. It was 20 to 11 when we went through the barrier. And boy it was gorgeous . Magic is amazing.

My goodbyes weren't that tearful, but I was glad my mum came.

I got on the train and found a mercifully empty compartment. I just couldn't face asking people if I could sit with them.

I reached into my bag and snuggled down with the newest Vogue. I had been sitting for about 25 minutes when there was a knock on my door and it slid open.

"Can we sit with you?" said a timid girls voice. Looking up from my magazine I saw 4 people in the doorway. One was the girl who had spoken. She was average height with big bushy ginger hair and a multitude of freckles. Another was a tall, gangly boy with ginger hair as well. There was a tall boy with floppy dark, messy hair. The final character was a boy who looked about my age who also had dark, messy hair but had startlingly green eyes. To me, he was very good looking.

"Uhh..yeah sure," I said, shaking my head and glancing out of the window. The four of them filed in, and put up their bags.

"I'm Cordelia Walston," I said confidently, breaking the silence.

"Rose Weasley," said the girl smiling at me.

The ginger guy said, "Fred Weasley."

"James Potter," said the tall dark haired guy, messing up his hair.

I turned to last boy, the one who was very good looking

He looked up at me, his green eyes staring intently into mine.

"My name is Albus Potter."


Disclaimer - Sadly I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters

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