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The dark side of love by Dracolovergirl5000
Chapter 19 : The Prophecy Revealed
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 The Prophecy Revealed

Soon days turned into weeks, and weeks to months and the frigid air of winter turned into warm winds of spring. I embraced the light shining from my window with a smile, as I placed the last item in my truck. The Easter Holiday was here and Ginny and I were going on our trip this weekend. But we still had three days to be at home with our families first.

I left the room, my truck floating behind me and left for the train. Ginny and I walked together, laughing in excitement for what the weekend would bring.

Once the train arrived at King’s cross, We went our separate ways, Gin to the weasley’s and I to my own Parents, alongside Blaise. We ate a quiet dinner in the manor, that night, and I could feel a tension in the air.

“What is it?” I finally asked, curious, about what was going on, and really wanting to ease the tension.

“Serena, Darling, Your Father and I have something we need to discuss with you in the study.” Mother said softly.


I ate the rest of the meal in silence, curiosity burning within me, and another feeling, almost like dread, seeping through. By the sound of their voices and the looks exchanged between them, I didn’t like what the discussion promised to hold.

Eventually we were in my Father’s study, all seated around the desk. There was a large fire I the fireplace, and it danced with shadows across the walls and crimson carpet.

“Serena, you remember that the reason we hid you away was because of a prophecy?” Father asked from across the desk.

“Yes, I remember.”

“Are you ready to find out just what that prophecy entailed?”


“It spoke that a great evil that had come forth from time, had only one thing that could stop it, the boy who lived, your friend Harry. But that only one thing could stop Harry, and that was a baby girl to be united with the leader of Darkness, Voldermort. The child would be born on the 31 of October to a mother birthing twins. But if the girl were to join forces with Harry, then he would be destroyed. It was unfortunate circumstances that the Dark Lord found the prophecy, and discovered that through marriage to this child, he would defeat Harry. The year prior, you had been born, and we loved you so, so much. But we knew when he found it, he would turn to us  and demand that you betaken far away, raised in the dark arts and on your 18th birthday be married to him. So we sent you away, we gave you to the Grangers.”

“I think I know the rest?”

“No. We staged your death to him, that you had died. So he would stop looking for you.”

“So I’m dead?”

“Obviously not, unfortunately for us, The dark lord has discovered that, and who you are. He is searching for you.”

“That cannot be.”

“It is true, Serena. We have no choice but to marry you off immediately to Draco, for if you are married then he cannot wed you himself.”

“But you risk your lives by doing that.”

“We are willing to take that risk.”

“I’m not willing to risk your lives!”

“Serena, we are not asking. Your wedding is this weekend. You go to the spa and shopping with Ginny, and several body guards, tomorrow and you are back on Friday so that you can be married on Saturday.” My father said and looked at me sharply, as if daring me to disobey.

“Fine.” I said coolly and left the study retreating to my room. I owled Gin and she came over immediately. I cried myself to sleep. Not because marrying Draco was a bad thing, it wasn’t and I wanted to do it… someday. I was just not ready to get married now, and everything about my life was just a lot to take in. Too much.

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