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Harry Potter: Book 1 by DarthAngelusPotter
Chapter 1 : Sirius's Warning
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Sirius's Warning

It wasn't a warm night, but it wasn't a cold one either. Sirius could hear people laughing outside. The sound only made him feel lonelier, it was Halloween and he wasn't having fun with his friends. James and Lily didn't want Sirius to risk himself. Remus was… away. And Peter… "Well… I guess I could go to Peter's… Have a few drinks for old times' sake…"

With a smile on his handsome face, Sirius got up, changed his clothes and Apparated to one of his best mates' house, Peter Pettigrew. Peter was known as Wormtail, a nickname he got from the other three Marauders when he turned into an Animagus, a rat.

Sirius rang the bell and waited. Nothing. He rang it again. "Come on, Wormy… I can't believe you're taking a shower now!" Tired of waiting, Sirius decided to let himself in. With a quick Alohomora, the door was open. "How can you be so stupid, Peter? Alohomora shouldn't be able to work, these are dangerous times…" Shrugging, Sirius went into the small house and shut the door behind him. Peter would be scared, but it'd serve him right.

However, the moment Sirius saw himself in the living room, he knew there was something wrong. He could see the bathroom door open, so Peter wasn't there. Sirius went to the bedroom, maybe Peter was feeling sick and had decided to sleep it off. Nothing.

"Peter?", he whispered. Damn it! If they got him, we need to find him! Peter isn't strong enough to… Oh, no… "James!"

Sirius didn't even have to think twice. He Apparated to the Potters' house in Godric's Hollow. Feeling desperate, he rang the bell while he knocked on the door and shouted.

"James! Lily!"

He heard footsteps, the door opened and Sirius found himself staring at a wand. James's wand. Taking a deep breath, he hugged his friend. His best friend. His brother.

"Sirius? What are you doing? You know you're not suppo…"

"Peter's missing, James! I went to his place and he wasn't there!", James rolled his eyes.

"Sirius, Peter is part of the Order. Maybe he had a mission tonight. Merlin, come in, Lily must be terrified."

"Look, just listen to me, James.", pleaded Sirius, while he walked in and shut the door. He was feeling stupid. James was right, Peter was probably in a mission, but Sirius would never admit he was wrong. Especially because he was afraid that he could be right. "What if I'm right? Hey, Lils.", he smiled a bit when a red-headed woman walked in. "No, James, don't roll your eyes again! Isn't your family worth doing whatever you can to keep them safe? Even if you think it's stupid!"

"Sirius, what are you talking about?", asked Lily Potter, James's wife. She was holding her own wand, clearly afraid of all the noise Sirius had done.

"Get Harry, Lily. We're leaving.", answered James. Lily stared at him for one second and then ran up to their one-year-old son's bedroom.

"So… You believe me?", Sirius felt relieved. James shook his head.

"Not really. But I can't risk something bad happening to Lily and Harry.", James smiled. "Thanks for watching my back, Padfoot."

"Okay, we're here. Where are we going?", asked Lily, holding Harry.

"The Hog's Head. Aberforth can get us Dumbledore faster than anybody else can.", replied James.

They Apparated. 

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