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Unusual Suspects by Spaz
Chapter 1 : The Suspects and Alibis
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I'm in the Headmaster's office...again. Only this time I didn't do anything wrong. Or at least I don't think I did. I looked at the other people in the room.

Hermione Granger, Hogwart's Resident Know It All. I swear that girl has read the whole damn library about five times. And she won't let anyone forget how smart she is either. That's why she's the most annoying Gryffindor there is.

Then there was Harry Potter, Hogwart's Resident Hero. I think he's got like thirty lives. He's survived the most insane things ever. The fact he's still living shocks the hell out of me. He's also a Gryffindor.

Next to him was Neville Longbottom. Hogwart's Resident Geek. He was a clumsy kid who was bad at everything except Herbology. He had the worst of luck too. No one's quite sure why he was put into Gryffindor. He's definitely more Hufflepuff material, but I'm not complaining.

A few feet away from him was Pansy Parkinson. She was Hogwart's Resident Slut. If you're a girl she's most likely slept with your boyfriend, your ex, your brother, your best guy friend, and your cousin. All in the same week. Pretty much every girl hates her for it. I don't. She was one of my few friends. She's a Slytherin of course.

Next to her was Draco Malfoy, Hogwart's Resident Bad Boy. One word other than bad to describe him: hot. If you were a girl, no matter what house you're in you had to think Draco Malfoy was hot. Not only in looks but in attitude. He strutted around the castle like he owned the place, he ditches class and mouthed off to teachers. He was the Slytherin Sex God. I had never spoken to him before though.

Then there was me. Skyler Hartley. I was Hogwart's Resident Rebel. You would never think that if you saw me my first three years of Hogwarts. I was just like the rest of the Hufflepuffs, quiet and overlooked. That got boring so I decided why not have fun with my life? Why not be remembered for something other than being loyal and a big loser? And thus my rebellion started. I skived off lessons, I didn't do my homework, I fell asleep in class and I practically lived in detention. I didn't have boyfriends, I had hook ups, I told people off. I was a rebel and I was happy as hell.

I continued looking around. I wondered why all of us were here. We barely had any connections.

I should probably tell you how I ended up here. I was merrily on my way to Potions (I was five minutes late already), feeling quite proud of myself, since I actually did the essay Snape assigned. When I was almost there, I was stopped my Professor Dumbledore, the Headmaster.

"Ms. Hartley, lovely to see you. I'm afraid you're needed in my office." He said.

I racked my brains. Had I done something against the rules recently? Well I was drinking last night with Ron Weasley, but no one knows that. Unless he ratted me out. I'm gonna kill him! I thought.

"But sir, I was just on my way to Potions. I actually did my essay." I said proudly.

"Well then let's go to Potions and turn it in then. I'm sure Professor Snape will be delighted that you turned it in." Dumbldore said. "Besides I am in need of Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Parkinson also."

We walked to the Potions class. Everyone turned to look at us. No one looked surprised that I was being accompanied here.

"Why thank you for gracing us with your presence, Miss Hartley." Snape said.

I smiled sarcastically and did a little curtsy, getting a few sniggers.

"I'm afraid she won't be staying." Dumbldore said. "She just needs to turn in her essay, which she actually did."

I walked up to Snape and handed him the essay. "Twelve inches just like you said sir." I smirked at his surprised face.

"And I will also be needing Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Parkinson." Dumbledore said. The two got up looking confused. Draco shot me a questioning look. I merely shrugged showing him I didn't know what was happening.

When we entered Dumbledor's office, Granger, Potter and Longbottom were already there. All of them looking as confused as I was. We were told to sit so we did.

Now I'm looking around why the hell we're all here. Finally someone else enters the room. He's dressed in a black suit.

"Morning everyone." He said solemnly.

"Morning." We muttered back.

"I bet you're all wondering why you're here." He said. We all nodded.

"The six of you are suspects in the murderer of Ronald Weasley."

Every one of us had a shocked expression our faces after his words. Granger's eyes immediately filled with tears.

"What?!" She asked hysterically, which is understandable. She is Weasley's girlfriend. Well was his girlfriend anyway.

"Is this some sort of sick joke?" I asked.

"Ms. Hartley, I hardly joke and when I do, it isn't sick." He said.

"Who are you anyway?" Pansy asked.

"Detective Bennett. I was assigned to Mr. Weasley's murderer." He said.

"You expect us to believe that Weasley is actually dead?" Draco asked sneering.

Bennett threw down photos on the table. We each grabbed one and looked. Weasley sure did look dead. Nothing in the picture was moving except the blood trickling down his head. I couldn't believe it. He was actually dead.

Granger burst into sobs as silent tears slid down Potter's face. He and Weasley had been best friends. Longbottom looked sad, Draco looked like he couldn't be bothered with it and Pansy was sniffling a little.

We were all silent for a long time, letting it sink in. I was the first to speak. "What makes you think any of us did this?" I asked.

"I thought you'd never ask." Bennett answered. "Ms. Granger was his girlfriend, the closest to him. Mr. Potter was his best friend. Mr. Longbottom is Ms. Granger's ex boyfriend. Ms. Parkinson was the girl he was rumored to have been sleeping with. Mr. Malfoy was his known enemy. And you, Ms. Hartley were the last person he was seen with last night."

Everyone turned and looked at me. So someone did know I was drinking with Weasley last night. "Who told you that?" I asked.

"Anonymous tip." Bennett said. "So I'm here to get to the bottom of this. I want all of you to tell me where you were last night."

"Are you going to talk to us individually?" Pansy asked.

"No I think it's better we do it as a group. Maybe you guys can pick up things I missed."

"What we say in our stories, we won't get in trouble if we did something against school rules, will we?" I asked.

"No. It's confidential." Bennett said. "Let's start with you Ms. Granger. Now before you tell me what happened last night, I've got a few questions for you."

Granger nodded as she wiped her face. "Is it true you were in a relationship with Mr. Weasley?"

"Yes." She whispered.

"Is it also true that rumors were going around that he was cheating on you with Ms. Parkinson?"

This time Granger hesitated. "Yes." She answered again.

"Okay now can you tell me what happened last night?"

"Well Ron and I got in a huge fight because I was sick of him cheating on me with Parkinson and I wanted it to stop. It got really heated and Ron walked off. That was the last time I saw him."

"What did you do after the fight?" Bennett asked.

"I cried in the common room for a while. Ron's sister Ginny and Harry were comforting me. Then I went up to bed." Granger said.

"Mhmm." He said. He turned to Harry. "And you Mr. Potter?"

"I stayed in the common room all night. I watched Hermione and Ron fight. When Ron walked off I comforted Hermione. After Hermione went to bed I headed up a few minutes later."

"Interesting. Mr. Longbottom your turn."

"After dinner, I was in the library to get some new Herbology books. While I was entering the common room, Ron was leaving. After a few minutes I went to bed. I didn't want to get caught up in their drama again."

"You and Ms. Granger used to date right?" Bennett asked. Neville nodded. "Why did you break up?"

Neville looked over at Hermione sadly. "Hermione said it wasn't working out anymore and that she had feelings for Ron."

Bennett nodded and turned to Pansy. "Ms. Parkinson, is it true you were sleeping with Mr. Weasley?"

Pansy nodded and avoided eye contact with Granger who was glaring at her. "Okay what were you doing last night?"

"I was hanging in the common rom with Draco and our friend Blaise. We got hungry so Draco and Blaise went down to the kitchens to get us some food."

"Did he now?" Bennett asked suspiciously.

"Yeah, I did. But that's all I did. Ask my mate Blaise, he'll vouch for me." Draco said.

"Continue Ms. Parkinson." Bennett said eyeing Draco still.

"Well, Draco and Blaise came back and after we finished we headed up to bed." Pansy said.

"And you didn't see Mr. Weasley at all last night?" Bennett asked.

Pansy shook her head. "No, I had already seen him in the afternoon."

Bennett nodded. "Mr. Malfoy your turn."

Draco rolled his eyes. "Pansy just told you what I did."

Bennett surprisingly didn't press him. "Alright then, Ms. Hartley."

"Well, I was in my common room doing my Potions essay. After that I thought I deserved to celebrate so I went to the kitchens to get some firewhiskey. Ron showed up a few minutes. We had a few drinks, talked about the fight he and Granger got in and then I went back to my common room. That was the last time I saw him." I said.

"Were you and Mr. Weasley ever romantically involved?" Bennett asked.

"I wouldn't call it romantically involved." I answered.

"What would you call it?" He asked.

"We hooked up once at a party." I said.

"You slept with my boyfriend?!" Granger asked angrily, which I didn't understand. I mean Pansy sleeps with Ron on a daily basis.

"You guys had a fight and broke up. You weren't even together." I explained. "It was a one time thing anyways, never happened again."

"And that's all?" Bennett asked.

"That's all." I said.

He stood up and paced. "This doesn't get us any closer to the killer any of you could have done it." I felt like he was talking more to himself than us.

"Ms. Granger could have been tired of Mr. Weasley's cheating and lost control and killed him. Mr. Potter could have grown tired of the way Mr. Weasley was treating his friend and accidentally killed him. Mr. Longbottom could have wanted Ms. Granger back so much he got rid of the only person that stood in his way."

He took a short pause before continuing his speech.

"Ms. Parkinson might have been done being the other woman and when Mr. Weasley didn't want something more she could have gotten so angry and just killed him. Mr. Malfoy could have gotten into an argument that went too far and ended in Mr. Weasley's death. Ms. Hartley could have been so drunk she didn't realize what she was doing and mistakenly killed him and forgot..."

We all just stared at eachother awkwardly. "I'm going to find out which of you killed Ronald Weasley." He said stalking out of the room, leaving us all in shock.

A/N: My new story. I started this on Wattpad, but I decided I'd like it on here instead. Please tell me what you think. This kind of different from my normal writing. :)

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