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Dangerous Existence by WildCat
Chapter 6 : Feeling
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                                               Chapter Six:

 As Regulus Black’s lip touched mine, I felt a shock travel up my spine. Without thinking, I began to kiss him back. I suddenly came to my senses, and I pushed him away roughly.

 “What the hell” I shouted. Regulus grimaced. He seemed just as shocked about snogging me as  I did. “What the hell” I continued “Why did you kiss me? Were you trying to distract me? How dare you!” I was ranting, but I couldn’t help myself. Regulus Black, the arrogant, conceited slytherin who apparently hated me, had just made out with me. And the worst part was, I had let him. I had kissed him back.

 Regulus looked at me. “I’m sorry” he said, not at all sounding sorry “It was an accident. It won’t happen again.”

 “You have got to be kidding me? An accident? You just kissed  me, you little piece of shit.” I shouted, and again, he winced. “Lower your voice” he breathed. The thing was, being kissed wasn't that bad, but from a lowly, arrogant, disgusting, Slytherin, it was.

 “Lower my...lower my voice? As I just said, you just kissed me. And now you expect me to lower my voice?” I was practically screaming now. Who did Regulus Black think he was? Did he really think he could get away with snogging someone and then saying it was an accident? And snogging your “enemy”, as he called me. I was not going to let him get away with this.

 “Do you think you can snog anybody you choose to, whenever you like?” I screamed.

 “No” he said, calmly “I told you, it was an accident. Now excuse me, I do not want to be here when the teachers because of your screaming!” He turned and swaggered away. I stared after him, my mouth hanging open. Then I came to my senses. I could deal with Black later, right now, I had to get out of there before the teachers came.

 I slipped the cloak over my head and hurried back to the Gryffindor Common Room. My head was reeling and I was still furious. I didn’t want to see Jackie and Sophie, so when I entered the common room, I immediately hurried up the stairs to the Dormitory.

 Throwing off the cloak, I sat down on my bed. It was around 1:00 on a saturday afternoon, so the only people in the common room where Jackie, Sophie, James and Sirius, still waiting for me to arrive. I suddenly realised that they had probably seen the portrait hole open and since nobody stepped in, they’d probably guessed it was me.

 I sighed. I really didn’t know what to tell them. I didn’t want to say that Black had kissed me. I still hadn’t fully come to terms with that fact myself. Just then, Jackie and Sophie came in.

 “Hey” Jackie said “we thought we heard you come in. Why didn’t you tell us you were back?”

 “I didn’t see you” I lied, lamely.

 “Alex, I know when you’re lying. Come on, tell the story to all of us. Remember, Sirius and James can’t come up here.”

 I sighed again and resigned to following Soph and Jackie downstairs. When we got down there, Sirius jumped up. He smiled at me, while James looked at me, curiously.

 “I told you she came in” Jackie said.

  “What happened?” James asked. Sirius looked up too. Then he pulled me over and sat me on top of him. I didn’t protest.

 “I went down...” I began and continued to tell them exactly what had happened. I stopped at the spot where Black whispered to me, before kissing me.
 “And?” Soph asked.

 “Well...” I paused and considered my options, before deciding to tell them the truth. “Well, he said something about something” I didn’t want to repeat his words “then he kissed me.”

 I suddenly felt myself fall to the floor.

 “What?” Sirius snarled. I rubbed my back and said “I said, he then kissed me.” I looked around myself. Soph and Jackie were standing frozen, James had his mouth open, and Sirius was looking furious.

 “How dare he!” Sirius shouted “I’m going to settle a score with that little @#!*% .” I was about to protest, when I had a thought. If I protested it would seem like I liked Regulus or something. So I let Sirius storm out to deal with his brother.

 I turned away from the portrait hole to see 3 still shocked faces there. “Oh come on” I said “it’s not that bad.”

 “Not that bad? Not that bad? Alex, a slytherin snogged  you!” James said, making a disgusted face.

  “Yes I know but...” I trailed off, not knowing what to say.”

 Then Soph piped up, “Did he say anything before he kissed you?”

 “Umm, no” I said, deciding to keep the information about what he’d said to myself. “He just pressed me up against the wall, and kissed me.”

 “Please, spare the details” James said, still disgusted.

 “I wonder” Jackie said, thoughtfully. “I wonder why he kissed you. I mean, surely he doesn’t go around snogging every girl he happens to stumble upon.”

 “I don’t know” I said, just as confused.

 “Maybe” Sophie said “maybe he likes you.” We all turned around to stare at her. “What?” she asked “it’s a possibility.”

 “I’m not sure” James said “I mean, Regulus is a pureblood Slytherin. He wants to join You Know Who’s ranks. I don’t think he would stoop so low as to like a Gryffindor.”

 I frowned and said “Look, whatever the reason is, it isn’t because he like me.”

 “But you were very keen to believe he liked me” Sophie said.

 “That’s true” Jackie agreed “What if he likes you and not Sophie? What if he went into our carriage because you were in there?”

 “Not possible, definitely not possible” I said, shaking my head “Anyway, I’m going to bed.”

 As I lay in bed, I couldn’t stop thinking about Regulus Black kissed me. He had said it was a mistake, but why was it a mistake? I mean, he couldn’t have mistaken me for someone else! I was still thinking about what happened when I fell asleep.

  The next morning, I entered the Great Hall with Soph and Jackie, to find a pleased Sirius sitting with Remus.  

 “What did you do?” I sighed, sitting down next to him. Sirius just smiles. “Come on, out with it” I snap.

 “Alright, alright. Keep your hair on.” Sirius muttered “Anyway, so last night after I left the Common Room…”

  “More like stormed out” Jackie giggled.

 “Shut up” Sirius grumbled, then turned back to me “Anyway, as I was saying” he said, glowering at Jackie, who looked back innocently. “After I left the Common Room, I searched the map - which that and the cloak, I luckily had in my possession - to find my brother’s dot. By that time it was around 4:00 pm, so he was in the Slytherin Common Room. I remembered what you said about you password and crept in under the cloak. My dear little brother was, luckily, the only one in their. So, I took off the cloak and took him by surprise. Well, you can see the rest for yourself.”

 Sirius jerked his over to the entrance to the Great Hall. I looked over. Regulus Black was entering with Rodolphus Lestrange. Even from here I could see that half his face was purple. He had a big black eye and a swollen nose which looked like it was broken,

 “Sirius” I cried “You did that to him? Why?”

 “He needed to be taught a lesson” Sirius replied, a little embarrassed.

 “Yeah, but wasn’t that a little harsh?” I asked, incredulously.

 “Alex, he kissed you without your permission!” I just sighed. Just then, Black glanced over at the Gryffindor table. He saw his brother, and his lip curled into a sneer. Then he saw me, and something else filled his eyes. Something like longing. I shook myself. I was imagining things. But why was I imagining those sort of things?

 “Alex, Alex!” I started.


 “Weren’t you listening to anything I said?” Soph asked, annoyed.

 “No, sorry.” I wasn’t looking at her. Black had just gotten up to go. At that point, I decided. “Listen, I have to go. I forgot something in the Common Room.” I hurried out of the Great Hall, after Regulus.

 But he wasn’t there. I looked around to see where he could have to gotten to, when a hand reached out and pulled me behind a statue. I struggled free and looked up into the face of Regulus Black.

 “Looking for me?” He sneered.

 “Actually, yes.” Black’s face took on a startled expression. “I wanted to ask you something.” I stared at him, defiantly.

 “Go ahead, ask your question.” Regulus sneered.

 “Well now I have 2 questions, so here goes. Firstly, why were you hiding behind a statue and and why did you grab me and ask me if I was looking for you? I mean, afterwards, you had a surprised expression on you face.”

 “I was hiding behind the statue, because I knew you’d come looking for me after yesterday” He paused “And I was surprised that you were so forward. Does that answer your question?”

 “Yeah” I said, taking a deep breath, I said “Here’s the second question. Why did you kiss me yesterday?”

 “Ah” he said “that one’s a little hard to answer, so if you’ll excuse me. I need to be getting back to my Common Room.”

 I stared after him in outrage. The nerve! He was definitely avoiding the question! I stalked back into the Great Hall, still fuming.

Hey Everybody,

So how did you like the chapter? Was it exciting? I tried to make it as interesting as possible!
Anyway, I am so happy! I have now reached 10 favourites - I know it’s not very much, but don’t spoil my happiness! Thanks to everybody who’s adding this story! Also, I’d like to say that, without the reviews I have recieved, I probably wouldn’t have had the oomph to write this chapter!

So, Thanks Again Everybody and Read and Review!


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