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Lost in Time by RosieQueen
Chapter 1 : Lost
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Hot. Humid. Miserable. That’s how I would describe today. It was the hottest day of the summer, and we were trapped inside. Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione had dropped Rose and Hugo here since they had important things to do. Normally when Rose and Hugo stayed at our house, we had a pretty great time. But not today. It was too hot to enjoy anything. Lily kept complaining that I smelled like a wet dog, which I probably did. It’s not my fault I keep sweating.

“It’s—so—hot.” Rose groaned, slouching even farther down onto the couch. “And I’m bored.”

“Too bad we ran out of ice cream,” Lily sighed, “Al ate it all.” she said, giving me a dirty look.

“I did not!” I said defensively.

“Oh really, like I haven’t noticed you creeping into the kitchen in the middle of the night, eating it all up.” she retorted.

I didn't want to admit this, but it was true. Why did I get stuck with a little sister who is a proffesional stalker? I can still remember the time she caught me and my girlfriend in the middle of a snog at Hogwarts...

There was silence after that—actually, it was too quiet. Probably because it was only us four and James in the house. Mum was currently visiting her old teammates from when she played Quidditch, and Dad was at an Auror meeting. James was upstairs in his room, and I had no idea what he was doing. I had long since decided not to mess with James—as official advertising agent for Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes along with his partner in crime, Fred, he had his way of getting revenge when he needed to. And that usually included humiliation.

“What do you think you’ll get in your O.W.L results?” Rose asked for the fiftieth time today. She kept glancing at the window in hope that an owl would appear, carrying her six straight O’s and a possible E in Defense Against the Dark Arts. Everyone says she’s exactly like Aunt Hermione except that she has red hair and freckles and is unbeatable at Wizard Chess.

“Rose, can we please not talk about O.W.L results?” I moaned. I know I’ve failed at Defense Against the Dark Arts. Which is pretty ironic, being the son of Harry Potter and all that. Maybe people will finally stop comparing me to my Dad after I’ve failed. Uncle Ron often jokes that I’m the embarrassment of the family, being a Slytherin. It took my entire family a while to get used to it. Then Slytherin won the Quidditch Cup last year with me as reserve seeker, and that really shut them up.

The next few minutes were spent with Rose rambling on about how she messed up on a potion and how the examiner was being unfair, not letting her use Gurdyroots instead of Asphodel.

I had to think of something to do fast. I was not going to waste an entire day without Mum or Dad home. The possibilities were endless—I could sneak a ride on Dad’s Firebolt, or I could explore the forest that wasn't too far away from our house. Mum never allowed any of us to go into the forest. People in our neighborhood say it’s hundreds of acres large and that there are dangerous animals in there. But they’re probably wrong because Roxanne once dared James to go into the forest for six hours and he did. Unfortunately, he made it out alive and neither Mum or Dad ever found out.

While deep in thought of all the things I could do today, I noticed an eerie blue light coming from down the hallway. I blinked, thinking I had imagined the light. Maybe the heat was making me lose my mind.

“What’s that?” I said suddenly, interrupting Rose. She looked in the direction of where I was pointing and looked intrigued.

“I don’t know. It looks like it’s coming from your Dad’s office.” she said, standing up.

“I don’t think we should go there…it could be something dangerous.” Hugo said nervously. I smirked. Some Gryffindor—should’ve been a Slytherin like me.

“I want to know what it is.” Lily said, following Rose down the hallway. The light was getting brighter by the second. I followed them both, and Hugo came hesitantly from behind.

Rose stopped at the front of Dad’s office door. “I don’t think we’re allowed to go in there.” she said.

“Dad won’t notice.” I said, and the blue light was glowing even brighter than before, clearly visible through the curtained office window.

With a deep breath, I turned the knob and pushed open the door, momentarily blinded by the light.

“This isn’t normal—let’s leave now.” Hugo said, fighting the fear from his voice.

But the light was fading, and the office was getting dark. Lily pulled the blinds open and some sunlight shone into the room. I could finally see where the ominous light was coming from—a crystal ball, or what seemed to resemble a crystal ball. It was mounted on a small gold pedestal with carvings of Roman numerals, like the ones you could find on old clocks.

I inched closer to the orb-like object and saw shadowy figures moving around inside it. They seemed to be wearing hoods. I saw the silhouette of a snake slithering towards a limp body, and next there was a shadow of a castle being destroyed. My hand was getting closer to the orb until Rose stopped me.

“Don’t touch it!” Rose exclaimed.

“Why? Will it bite me?” I retorted.

“No, but there’s something dodgy about that thing…it doesn’t seem safe.” she said, eyeing the object suspiciously.

“If it were dangerous, why would it just be sitting there on my Dad’s desk?” I asked.

“Al, just don’t. Please.” Rose pleaded.

And just to annoy Rose, I touched it anyway.

The orb once again started glowing, this time even brighter than before. The blue light was almost blinding, and I felt paralyzed with shock. My hand was buzzing as if it had been hit with an electrical current. Then I felt as if I was being sucked into the orb itself. I tried screaming, but no sound came out of my mouth. I was falling through what seemed to be an endless blue vortex, hearing nothing except for the sound of rushing wind as I plummeted down.

The next thing I knew, I landed onto hard, cobblestone pavement, as if I had fallen out of the sky. For a moment I was completely alone, but then Rose, Lily, and Hugo fell out of what seemed to be a swirling portal.

“Are you alright?” I asked, rushing towards the three of them. I glanced at the sky and noticed that the portal had disappeared.

Lily looked scared, and Hugo was trembling. Rose, however, immediately stood up and started observing her surroundings. We seemed to be in a long, gloomy place that looked a lot like Diagon Alley. But Diagon Alley was never this dark and deserted.

“Where are we?” I asked, catching up to Rose. She refused to look at me, even when she spoke.

“No, Al. The correct question is; when are we.”


A/N: Hello! First of all I'd like to thank you for actually taking the time to give this story a chance. I know it's kind of a bizarre idea but I really wanted to try this out. This was a short first chapter but that's because it was an introduction. Anyway, I would really, really, appreciate it if you left a review. I just want to know if this is a good start or not. :)


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