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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 12 : Party
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A/N: Hey guys! Welcome to chapter twelve of Catching James Potter! Sorry that this chpater took so long, but I was putting up me new story, Passion. 




“Ow!” I screamed as I my hair was pulled and yanked.

I was in the Ginny Potter’s massive bathroom getting my hair styled by Rosier Echolos, the man who does Carolyn’s mums models hair. A.K.A best hair stylist and the most expensive around London in today’s world. 

“So sorry darling! Almost done!” he cried, yanking it some more.

This was just another bit of torture I was being put through by Ginny Potter for tonight’s Ministry Christmas Eve Ball.

Grrrrr, I have found a new hate that almost rivals Mitch and raisins.

Yes, I have found something that I almost hate more.

Massive task to accomplish.

I hate prissy hairdressers who like to tug on my hair and giggle at my pain, laughing and apologizing in their stupid accents when they don’t mean it.

I’ll say it again.


After shopping yesterday, we had ran back to Ginny’s house where we had to store our dresses and jewellery away in one of the spare rooms before Ginny decided to give as a fake tan before we ran home. Lucky she had thought of it though, everyone knew you have to leave spray tan overnight so it doesn’t run on your dress.

Then we ran home got a good night sleep and cleaned ourselves up.

This was all Ginny’s orders.

The next day we were back at her house at one o’clock to get ready. It left us six hours to get ready, I swear, she’s worse than Dom.

Ginny made us shower in all types of soaps and cleansers, and then we were removed of all unwanted hair. Ginny also had to redo our fake tan as she forgot that waxing removed fax tan. As Ginny Potter was obviously someone who never forgot anything very often, she was going round the clock for at least an hour.

You didn’t want to cross her in that hour.

I was now getting my hair done into a classic styled bun where Rosier would carefully style the pins in too (more like stab my hair). After that, another person came in to do my makeup.

The worst part of this was that Ginny had charmed everything in the room to not give me a reflection so it was a surprise when I was ready to look at myself almost a minute before I greeted James.

I think Ginny was taking this too seriously.

It was like we were getting married or something along those lines. 

Finally Rosier is done yanking/ stabbing my hair and sprays it down before instructing me not to touch it. I groaned, I wanted to touch it to get a sense of how it looked.

The makeup artist quickly came in a told me her name was something like ‘Niamh’ or ‘Nimph’ but I forgot instantly. I closed my eyes and she covered my face in foundation, erasing my face.

After another hour, she was gone and Ginny came in, to tell me it was time to get in my dress. As we walked into the dressing room, I realised Ginny had somehow found the time to get herself ready. Her hair was out and she was in a beautiful gold sparkly dress.

She didn’t look a day over twenty one.

“Ginny, you look gorgeous,” I breathed.

“Thank you dear, but you are going to look a lot better than the plain, old me,” Ginny smiled.

Ginny Potter could never ever look plain, no matter what she wore. She could wear bloody pyjamas to the party and no one would care.

Lily, Roxanne, Rose and Victoire were waiting outside the room as we approached. Lily was wearing a jade green dress for her first time at the ball her hair was down, she smiled at me. Roxanne, Rose, and Victoire looked beautiful also in dresses the colours of blue, red and yellow and all the length of the floor.

We had reached the doors and I could see Dom standing in front of a mirror in her lilac dress with her hair in a simple bun. She had flowers in her hair, she looked like a goddess.

“Dom! You look amazing!” I cried, running over too her, giving her a hug.

“Calm down! Thank you,” she smiled, “Now get in your dress!”

I quietly walked over to the other side of the room and saw mirrors (not casting my reflection yet) and my dress. I carefully slid it on and Ginny did up the buttons. I slipped on my shoes which thankfully where hidden under the length of the dress as they looked incredibly cheap compared to the rest of the rest of my outfit.

I felt the cold metal touch my wrist and my neck as my necklace and bracelet were placed on me, and almost jumped a foot when someone put the earrings threw my ears. I felt a reassuring hand, Dom I presumed, on my arm calming me down. The last thing I felt before Ginny told me to open my eyes was my ring slide onto my right finger.

When I opened my eyes, the person in front of me unrecognisable. She was very tanned and her hair was looking a perfect blonde. The gold studs glittered on my dress and the dress made me look like a princess. The pins in my perfect bun were like tiny flowers in my hair that were shining like a small sun. My makeup highlighted my features perfectly and I love how I was wearing the same red coloured lipstick as my dress. The gold jewellery was perfect, Ginny and Dom had made the perfect decision with the earrings-  gold, long sticks. The last thing I looked at as I studied myself was the ring on my right hand, it was perfection.

“Ginny,” I smiled, “Thank you, thank you so much,”

“It’s fine darling, you look amazing,” Ginny smiled, giving me a hug.

“You look amazing Dom,” I smiled at her, I knew I had already said it, but it was true.

“I look nothing compared to you, you look beautiful,” Dom cried, hugging me.

I raised my eyebrow.

“Merlin!” Ginny yelled rushing and grabbing two clutch purses, “We have to be downstairs in a minute to leave!” She handed me a gold clutch and inside was my wand, lipstick and mascara.

She grabbed Dom and my arms and yanked us to the stairs. We practically skipped over there with the over three walking over with us. I could hear voices downstairs chatting aimlessly waiting for us, I suddenly felt nervous.

“Now Mae, and Lily as it’s your first time I need to point out some things,” Ginny smiled, “Smile lots,”

I quickly practised smiling.

“Introduce yourself to Ministry officials,”

Victoire flicked her hair over her shoulder and Dom rolled her eyes.

“Remember manners,”

“Mum, we know-” Lily moaned.

“Hush Lily, and don’t drink if you are under seventeen,” Ginny finished, eyeing Dom.

I snorted at this and Dom blushed.

“Otherwise have fun!” Ginny grinned, “Now Rose, you go can head down the stairs first,”

Rose took a deep breath and walked down the stairs, everyone downstairs went silent and then applauded.


Roxanne smiled at me and then walked down the stairs, the same happened, silence and then applause.

“Victoire and Dom,”

Dom smiled at me and blew me a kiss before standing at least a metre away from Victoire then walked down the stairs. Silence, then applause.

“Ok, Mae, Lily and I will head down next and when you hear everyone quiet down again, follow us,” Ginny smiled.

“What, why can’t I go with you two?” I asked quickly.

“We have to go in families and as you are the guest you go last,” Ginny explained, “You’ll be fine,”

“Ok,” I mumbled.

“You look beautiful Mae,” Lily smiled, before walking down the stairs with her mother.

I always like Lily, maybe I should try and be nicer to her.

Everyone downstairs applauded and I gulped, spreading my dress.

Then everyone went silent.


I couldn’t help but think that this was extremely formal.

I slowly turned the corner and took a deep breath before walking down the giant staircase. I held my dress up like a princess in those Muggle movies and stepped down the first step, I quickly remembered to smile. There was a group of people down the bottom looking very perfect. I could see the Weasley’s- Grandpa Arthur, Nana Molly, Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Percy, Audrey, George, Angelina, Ron, Hermione, Victoire, Dom, Louis, Roxanne, Rose, Hugo and sadly a dashing looking Freddie. Teddy Lupin was there in his best robes with Victoire, his hair his normal blue. The Potter’s were looking amazing, Harry, Ginny, Albus, Lily and a person who made my stomach flip in both awkwardness and love, James. James was waiting at the bottom of the stairs for me, his hair still not lying flat, but looking extremely smart in black dress robes.

As I reached the bottom, James held his arm out and I grabbed on hoping not to fall on the last step. Everyone was applauding very loudly and I did a tiny curtsy for them before glancing up at James. He was looking at me in a very interesting expression; it looked as if he was mixed between confused and wonder. I looked over at Freddie and he was almost drooling. When I was sure no one was looking I stuck my middle finger up at him, I even noticed my nails were red as well with gold dots.

“Before we go,” Dom squealed, pulling a mystery object from behind her back, “Photos!!”

Another thing about Dom, she loves photography.

For her fifteen birthday present she had gotten a massive professional camera.

Ginny nodded and folded us into a clump, “Everyone together first!”

The photos took forever.

We had them as a group, single (thank merlin, I really need a new profile pic! I heard the young Lily Potter say) with our families (I joined Dom’s and Ginny pulled me into hers) with the all the girls, with our friends groups (Dom and mine was the best, but I did do one with Lily, Albus, Roxanne, Rose and surprising Teddy) and finally with our partners. That one was awkward but James and I just both smiled as he awkwardly hugged me in a best friendly way so no one guessed we were having an ‘awkward turtle moment!’ as Dom put it.

“Well everyone, ready to floo in?” Harry asked, holding the Floo pot as Albus and Rose finished their photo, “Guests first?”

I nodded and walked up with James taking a handful and we both stepped in to the fireplace.

“What do I say?” I whispered to him.

James groaned and took the powder from me, he grabbed my hand and yelled,


Then we were whizzing away, to the Christmas Eve Ball.


* * * * *


Suddenly, I was standing in a magnificent entrance hall and behind a door was a hall filled with around a hundred to two hundred people.

James pulled me out of the fireplace and started to walk towards the door.

“Can’t we wait for Dom?” I whined.

“No we can’t, it makes us look like too nervous and that we rely on others to much, we have to walk in before them,” James explained, “Plus waiting for Dom means waiting for Freddie and being in the eyes of the press, who knows what they could come up with while we waited out here,”

I quickly upped my pace and James laughed.

“Let’s go,” I smiled, pulling him along. 

We walked into the room and I all I could see were a whole lot of important people and a couple of people from Hogwarts. I felt James’s arms tighten around mine and he led me towards the dance   floor.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Taking you to dance,” James replied simply.

“I don’t dance,” I muttered.

“You sure do at the parties at Hogwarts,” James replied coolly.

“That’s when I’m drunk,” I say, equally as coolly.

“So I just have to get you drunk then?” James smiled, “Shouldn’t be hard,”

“Hey!” I shrieked, slapping his arm. James just grinned and led me onto the dance floor.

I groaned and he pulled me in, awkwardly putting his hand on my waist and grasping my other hand. I equally as awkwardly put my hand on his shoulder, and then James started to dance. And when I mean dance, I mean that he actually started waltzing round the dance floor. When I thought James said ‘let’s dance’, I thought we would be swaying side to side, I had not expected this.

“You- you can dance?” I spluttered.

He grinned down at me, “Yes I can,”

“How?” I cried.

“Mum taught me,” he replied simply, giving me a twirl. I squeaked in surprise and with a yank, I was right back in his arms, pressed up against him. I stared deep into his gold eyes, looking at the green flecks that were flickering in them. We quickly broke apart.

“Oh,” James muttered, running his hand through his hair.

“Um,” I cried, flatting my dress.

I quickly clasped his hand and shoulder again when I saw Freddie look this way. James quickly obliged and Freddie put on a sour face.

Silence engulfed me and James again, a very awkward silence.


I needed to make a conversation, come on Mae, how about…

“Did we use one?” I asked. Real smooth Mae, real smooth.

“What?” James asked, arching his eyebrow exactly like his mother.  

“You know,” I muttered, “A condom,”

James’s eyes widened,

“Merlin, I don’t know,” James replied.

“Well try harder as I can’t remember a thing!” I cried, screwing my eyes shut in concentration.

James thought aimlessly as he spun me round the floor once more.

“I can’t remember us using one,” he mumbled.

“WHAT?” I yelled in a quiet tone.

“I don’t think we used one,” James said looking me in the eyes.

I stood there furious, was he dead serious? Maybe he just couldn’t remember.

So I stormed from the dance floor.

Why the hell hadn’t we used a condom? I mean, we were drunk, but even my drunken self would have been smart enough to use one.

As I got out of James’s grasp and the pack of dancing Ministry officials towards, a small room on the side of the ballroom. I pushed the door open and found a couch and an open fire, very comfy. I collapsed on the couch and prepared myself for tears to leak from my eyes and ruining my makeup, I wrapped my arms around myself so I was almost holding myself together. I was the glue holding myself together.

Amazingly though, no tears came. I just sat there in silence by myself until someone slowly walked in and hesitantly reached out, touching my arm. I didn’t need to look up or even feel their skin on mine to know who it was.

“Mae,” he began.

“Yes, James?” I muttered.

“I’m so sorry,” he whispered.

“I know, you’re always bloody sorry,” I mumbled, my voice rising.

“But I am really sorry!” James whined.

“Well thank you for apologising, but it doesn’t change anything!” I yelled.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” James shot back, casting ‘Muffilito’ on the door and locking it.


“Yes of course-” James began, but I just cut across straight across him.

“JAMES I COULD BE PREGNANT!” I cried, “PREGNANT! At sixteen and still in school, I could be pregnant!”

Suddenly a drop of water fell from my eye, the tears had finally come.

“I’m not ready for that James,” I whispered, dabbing my eyes.

James came round the chair and settled in next to me, draping his arm around me as more tears ran down my cheeks.

“It’s ok,” he repeated, “its ok,”  

“I can’t be pregnant James, I can’t,” I sobbed into his dress robes.

“You won’t be, don’t worry,” James murmured.

“I need to take a test to be sure, to put myself in the right mind,” I muttered, “Do you know the spell?”

“No, but it won’t work anyway,” James murmured.

“What?” I sniffed.

“You need to be at least five weeks to cast a test spell,” James sighed.

“Oh,” I whispered, “And you know this how?”

He muttered one word, “Mum”

“Oh,” I said again, before sitting silently.

“Let’s just take this one step at a time,” James explained, “Let’s enjoy tonight and worry about everything else later,”

“Okay,” I whispered.

He wiped the tears from my cheeks with his thumb and stood up.

“How do I look?” I asked.

“Perfect,” James smiled.

“Has my makeup run?” I asked.

“Not a dread,” he whispered, staring into my eyes.

“That’s weird,” I mumbled.

“Must have been waterproof,” James mumbled back, “You look worried, you can’t go out there looking like that,”

“Well I can’t just make myself forget my unprotected sex and pregnancy risk,” I said sarcastically.

“I know, but you just need to look a little cheerful,” James murmured, “Smile,”

I smiled but I knew it wasn’t convincing. James arched his eyebrow again and smiled, he looked bloody cheerful.

“Let me try something,” he whispered, sending goosebumps down my spine.

I nodded, wondering what he was going to do, maybe tickle me or make a joke, maybe he’d even prank Freddie for me.

Instead, he kissed me. 

I jumped a little in surprise, but melted against his lips. They were soft and he kept the kiss simple as I eagerly pressed up against him, wrapping my arms around his neck and running my hands through his hair. I yearned for more but James pulled away.

“You look a bit more cheerful,” James smiled, studying my new expression.

I blushed.

“We’ve got to go outside again before someone notices us missing,” James grins, wiping his mouth free of lipstick and pulling my hands out of his hair.

“Fine,” I grumbled, cheerfully.

I reached into my clutch and grabbed out my lipstick, reapplying. I also wiped around my mouth before James pulled me from the room.

Outside the party was in full swing. I could see Harry and Ginny slow dancing in the middle of the room with Teddy and Victoire close by looking like a very in love engaged couple. Ron was making Hermione laugh while Percy and Audrey were talking to a Ministry worker, probably a colleague of his. Dom and Freddie were sitting at a table, nibbling on some food.

“Shall we go sit with Dom and Freddie?” I asked.

“In a second, I want you to meet someone first,” James explained, dragging me over to a group of people.

“James! How are you?” A deep voice boomed.
“Great thank you, Mr. Shacklebolt, and yourself?” James asked.

“Fantastic, who’s this you’ve got with you?” the voice boomed.

“Mr. Shacklebolt, meet Mae Flick, Mae, meet Kinsley Shacklebolt, the Minister of Magic and a very close family friend,” James explained, facing me towards the voice.

Standing in front of me was a very tall, dark man. He towered over me and he possessed a friendly but serious smile. Kingsley Shacklebolt was elected the Minister of Magic straight after the War. Kingsley was very well known for being very close to Albus Dumbledore (may he rest in peace) and a very active member of the Order of the Phoenix, he was in all my old history books. I could have spotted him anywhere and known who he was without James introducing me.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Minister,” I sighed, shaking his hand.

“The pleasure is all mine Mae, and please, call me Mr. Shacklebolt,” Mr. Shacklebolt greeted.

“No worries Mr. Shacklebolt,” I smiled.

“How’s school going?” Mr. Shacklebolt asked.

“Fine,” We both answered in unison.

Mr. Shacklebolt smiled, “Great, what are you studying for Mae?”

“A healer,” I replied, smiling.

“Same as you James?” Mr. Shacklebolt asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes sir,” James grinned.

“Seventh year?” Shacklebolt asked.

“Sixth,” I smiled.

“What N.E.W.T’s are you doing?” Mr. Shacklebolt asked curiously.

“Arthimancy, Ancient Runes, Defence, Charms, Transfiguration, Herbology, Potions, Muggle Studies and Alchemy,” I smiled.

“Nine N.E.W.T’s? That’s a fair few,” Mr. Shacklebolt commented.

“I like my studies,” I replied shyly.

“And your good at them,” James commented.

I scoffed, “I’m average,”

“Average? Your acing nine N.E.W.T’s in sixth year, as well as doing prefect rounds three times a week and Quidditch training three times a week, with no struggle,” James argued.

“No struggle? I struggle!” I replied, fiercely.

He raised his eyebrow like his mum again.

“Fine! I just like to keep on top of things,” I muttered.

“You play Quidditch?” Mr. Shacklebolt asked.

“Chaser,” I replied.

“A very good one,” James smiled.

I scoffed again.

“You two banter like an old married couple, how long have you been dating?” Mr Shacklebolt smiled.

I felt myself go pale.

“We’re – we’re not dating!” we both spluttered in unison.

Mr Shacklebolt smiled, “Of course, but anyway, I have to go talk to some more Ministry wizards,” he looked extremely unhappy about this, “Goodbye James, nice meeting you Mae,”

“Thank you Mr Shacklebolt,” we both said unison again. I shot James a death stare as Mr Shacklebolt walked away grinning.

“That went well,” James smiled, pulling me towards the table Dom and Freddie were at.

“Well? WELL? He thought we were dating?” I shot.

“I know, but you did seem very into kissing me before,” James grinned.

I scolded.

“You’re a good kisser,”

We met Dom and Freddie at the table and Dom was considering having a drink of Firewhiskey but we quickly talked her out of it.

“This is so boring!” Dom whined.

“Then go dance or talk or someone from the Ministry!” I smiled.

“Freddie’s a terrible dancer and when we go near someone important, we get blocked off or they walk away,” Dom whined.

“I’m not that bad of a dancer!” Freddie cried.

“Go dance!” James cried, pulling Freddie up as I heaved Dom off her chair.

“Fine, but you better not step on my toes like last year,” Dom spat at Freddie as they walked off.

I sat down again with James sitting next to me, turned in to face me and his knees lightly brushing mine. We silently watched Freddie and Dom get into a slow dance and sway side to side awkwardly- like what I thought James would do before he blew me away.  Dom’s face showed it all, she really wished she was dancing with someone else, preferably Ryan.

I sniggered.

“What?” James asked.

“Dom’s face,” I explained.

James sniggered as well.

“She definitely is thinking of Ryan to get through this,” he said.

“That’s what I thought,” I smiled, smoothing my hair with my right hand.

“What’s this?” he asked, catching my hand as it fell back to its resting position.

“What?” I asked.

“The ring,” he replied, studying it.

“Oh, your mum bought it for me for tonight,” I sighed, “Along with other things,”

“Sounds like her,” he grinned, “It’s very pretty,”

“I loved it, but, I told her not to buy it,” I explained, “She refused though,”

“That’s definitely my mum then,” James laughed, letting go of my hand.

I laughed too, just as Dom stomped up to us, furious.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, through my laughter.

“He. Stepped. On. My. Foot,” Dom growled.

I laughed harder.

“It’s not funny!” Dom whined.

“Yes it is!” James laughed.

“I’m going to be sore for ages! I’m not going to be able to wear heels!” Dom groaned as Freddie walked up.

“I told you I was sorry!” Freddie whined.

“Well I’m not going with you next year! James I think I’ll be going with you,” Dom shot.

“Depends who I’m going with,” James grinned, eyeing me out of the corner of my eye.

Lucky Dom didn’t see that because she probably would have thought something was going on between us, which isn’t true. I mean we’re just best friends that have drunkenly slept together, unprotected who could be expecting a baby, who also snog to cheer each other up and flirt aimlessly.

It’s nothing, really.


* * * * *


After hours of dancing with James and even Freddie once when Dom had wanted to have a real dance, Dom was right, Freddie couldn’t dance to save himself, and tons of photos of later, I was getting ready for bed at Dom’s. I carefully removed my dress and slung it over a chair, dropping my gold shoes with them. I pulled on a big t-shirt and walked into the bathroom.

I turned on the tap, adding some soap before splashing water over my face. Soon, I was makeup free and my hair was out again, my head aching. I pulled out my earrings and bracelet, before carefully removing my necklace. I placed them all carefully on the bench top, far away from the sink and end of the bench so they didn’t fall down the sink or on the ground. I had almost forgotten about the ring on my hand and I stood there staring at it for a long time before deciding to keep it on.

With that out of the way, before I knew, I was climbing into my bed and logging into Parchment, the Wizarding world’s Facebook, on my extremely old ePhone. My feet were killing as I flicked through the news feed.  

I saw on my news feed that Alessandria Sun had updated her status to ‘lurveeeeees ma best friend Justine <3 ilyz a trillys beb and see ya soon xoxoxoxoxoxo’ and that Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ (my hacking) Weasley had uploaded a new album called ‘MINITRY’S ANNUAL CHRISTMAS EVE PARTY MOTHER FUCKERS!’

Already Dom? We’ve been home, like, twenty minutes.

There were the photos we had taken before we left, and some at the party. I particularly enjoyed the selfies Dom and I had taken with funny faces and some other selfies with Albus, Rose and Teddy.

I have come to the conclusion that Teddy Lupin is possibly the funniest, nicest guys I have ever met. 

I couldn’t help but smile of the ones of James and even laughed outright when I saw James and my selfies, they were downright hilarious.

I laughed more when I saw Victoire’s comment on the album,

Victoire Weasley: Dom! Why did you have to make the album title that?

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: What?

Victoire Weasley: The TITLE Dom! It’s inappropriate.

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: I think it’s great.


Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: It’s a suitable title.

Victoire Weasley: NO IT ISN’T DOM!

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: Someone’s on their period…

Victoire Weasley: WHAT THE FUCK DOM?!

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: Ha! I got you to swear!! Not so perfect now sista! Burnnnnnnnnn!

Teddy Lupin: Calm down you too! Vic, go to bed, I’m waiting for you ;)

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: EWWWWWWWW! Get a room you two!

Victoire Weasley: We are in a room…

I laughed at their online fight and typed in a comment.

Mae ‘scumbag’ Flick (Dom’s hacking): I have to agree with Dom on this one, take your sweet talk somewhere else.

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: ^thank you sista!

Mae ‘scumbag’ Flick: No worries! Sista’s forevaaa!

Teddy Lupin: Shut up and go to sleep.

 Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: Go away Teddy! You just intruded in Mae and my legendary conversation!

Teddy Lupin: It wasn’t legendary Dom…

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: Go back to shagging my sister.

Teddy Lupin: I was, but your bloody notifications interrupted.

James ‘quite serious’ Potter: Great…

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: OVER SHARING!

Bill Weasley: You better not be doing what I think you are Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley. Especially under my roof in my house.

Teddy Lupin: Right you are sir.

Victoire Weasley: Don’t worry dad, we wouldn’t do that. I’m not Dom.

James ‘quite serious’ Potter: ^ OWNED.

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: HEY!

Albus ‘Snivellius’ Potter: You realise that everyone that went to the Ball in the family is getting notifications about this?

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: LOL

James ‘quite serious’ Potter: good one Dom.

Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley: LOL

Mae ‘scumbag’ Flick: LOL


James ‘quite serious’ Potter: It’s actually today as it’s one forty six mum…

Ginny Potter: SHUT IT JAMES.

James ‘quite serious’ Potter: just saying…

I giggled silently and logged out of my account but not before seeing a new post by Dom ‘is a sexy biatch’ Weasley,


What a pleasant young girl.

I shut down my phone and replayed the night in my head smiling to myself about the fun I had had. James had also introduced me to the head Healer at St. Mungo’s and he had told me that he couldn’t wait to receive my application for an internship in the years to come! I had given James the biggest hug for that. We had also talked to the coach of the Chudley Cannon’s for James who had tried out for the reserve seeker earlier this week. From what the coach said (which was all positive) we had a good feeling that James was in.

Before I had left, James had kissed me on the cheek and left without saying goodbye.

I was really confused.

I was half asleep when I remembered our kiss, and then my worry of a pregnancy.

Suddenly I was wide awake. Wide, wide awake.

I wouldn't be asleep for a long time now. 


A/N: What did you guys think? More drama! It's getting crazy! Just to let everyone know who was been waiting anxiously for the news of my new Maruader's fic, IT IS UP! This fanfic is called Passion and is the first in the Ivy Lee Collins Trilogy. If you have time, I would really appreciate it if you gave it a quick read and/or review! 

Here is a sneak peak into the next chapter of Catching James Potter, Celebration.

 "DOMINIQUE AND MAE, HURRY UP!" Fleur yelled from downstairs. 

“Coming mum!” Dom yelled, dabbing her eyelashes one more time.

I quickly raced across the hall and grabbed my bag, empting it from books and bottles of water- things I didn’t need today that made my bag a lot lighter. I ran back in while pulling on the bracelet Ginny had bought me (my ring was still on my finger).

“Hurry Dom!” I cried, throwing my lip gloss and mascara in my bag.

“I’m coming!” Dom shrieked, grabbing her bag and running out the door with me on her tail.

As we quickly raced outside to get to the fireplace, we crashed into someone else.

"LOUIS!" Dom roared at him.

Please drop a quick review! It means a lot even if it is just something along the lines of 'I like your story'.

P xxx

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