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I love you, Mum by erinn1197
Chapter 13 : Chapter 12
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 “Being a parent is a twenty-four/seven job Alexia.” I snapped. “You can’t just ‘take a break.’ James still had a lot to learn. All last week he learned the basics like diaper changing and making Tyler’s food. Now I need him to focus to bonding so Tyler knows who dad is and who to trust.”

That’s right. Bitch just got owned. Alexia pushed her plate away and sat through the rest of supper in a mood. No one but James really cared. We all finished our supper and left.

“Thank you so much for switching rooms.” Lily said.

I smiled at her then looked over at James.

“I don’t want to hear a cry out of Tyler.” I said. “The only thing I want to hear is happy laughter.”


I shuffled through my duffle bag, pulling out Tyler’s PJs and left them in James’s room. I slipped in an oversize t-shirt and some shorts, lying on the floor with a fluffy blanket.

“You feel like watching a movie with Al and Scorpious?” I asked.

Lily agreed and we went down to the basement, me still wrapped up in my blanket. The guys were already down there making popcorn.

“What are we watching?” I asked, climbing onto the couch.

“Jaws.” Scorpious answered.

He pushed my legs off and took a seat but I propped my legs back up on his lap.

“My couch.” I said.

I lazily summoned a bowl of popcorn and chomped on it as the movie started.

“Alexia, you need to stop.”

“Oh great.” I muttered, throwing my blanket in Scorpious’s lap. “I leave Tyler with James and Alexia tries to kill him.”

I stormed upstairs to James’s room where he was arguing with Alexia, Tyler in the middle.

“You got to be kidding me!” I yelled, picking Tyler up from the ground. “You can’t be seriously arguing and leave the baby on the floor. You don’t argue in front of Tyler. It’s not good for him. You should be ashamed James.”

I took Tyler back downstairs with me and gave him some popcorn.

“Al, Lily, no offense but your brother is just plain stupid.” I said, wrapping back up in my fluffy blanket.


Halfway through the movie, Tyler knocked out and we went up to Lily’s room for bed. When I woke up the next morning, Lily was throwing clothes everywhere.

“What are you freaking out for?” I asked.

“We’re going into Diagon Alley to do some last minute shopping before heading over to Nana’s.” Lily explained. “One, I need to impress the guys who are going to be there. Two, the press is going to be there also.”

The press, of course the press was going to be there. They’re the Potter family for Christ sake.

“You’ll be fine Nikkole.” Lily said, still tearing through her closet. “Just wear something cute, smile at the camera, and only talk to them when Dad gives the okay. You don’t have to if you don’t want to though. I’m sure they’ll be very curious about you and Tyler. Number one rule to remember is if you don’t want the press to say anything bad about you, don’t say anything at all. Learned my lesson from that one when I was around five.”

I dumped the contents of my duffle bag all over Lily’s bed. Tyler could just wear jeans and a hoody and would be fine. I decided on a pair of faded jeans, brown fur boots, a plain green V-neck T-shirt, and a white zip up hoody. Simple but cute. Lily decided on a knee length black skirt, a white long sleeve shirt, and black fur boots. To top off the white shirt, she wore a black scarf and curled her red hair into graceful ringlets.


“Potters, over here!”

“Hey Potters!”

“Over here, look over here!”

“Don’t talk to them yet.” Harry said. “They can wait until after we shop. But Nikkole, you and James go talk to them. I don’t want to take a risk with them getting impatient with wanting to know who Tyler is.”

“What about me?” Alexia whined.

Harry shook his head and Alexia just huffed. I held onto Tyler a bit tighter as we walked over to the press.

“Hey guys.” James smiled.

They began to fire away with their questions.

“Now now.” James said. “All your questions will be answered. This is Tyler, my son. This is Nikkole, Tyler’s mum.”

There were whispers for a few moments but James held up his hands again.

“I know you all have a lot of questions but I’m going to simple it down. Nikkole and I are not together. Tyler is a little over a year old and he is indeed my son.” James said. “Nikkole and I are completing school and we do plan to go on with more school for our careers.”

With James’s little speech, it was enough to satisfy the press. I’m pretty sure when we get home, there’ll be a new copy of the Prophet with us on the front cover.


Since Al and I were the only ones with our Christmas shopping done, we took Tyler down to Toy Land. Al tried to be Mr. Nice Uncle and bought Tyler a toy as. As much as Tyler liked it, he broke it in about five minutes and we had to toss it in the rubbish bin.

“So what happens at the Burrow on Christmas Eve?” I asked.

“Parents stay inside and the kids go out to the tree house. Parents get drunk and we normally do too.” Al said. “Don’t worry. Nana and Aunt Fleur watch the little kids. Most of them are Vic’s but Molly and Lucy have some too. We use this holiday as a day to get drunk beside New Year Eve. So don’t feel bad about coming out to drink after Tyler falls asleep.”

Yea, probably not. Last time I got drunk, I had a one night stand with your brother and ended up getting pregnant from it.

“Sounds like fun.”

I’ll probably end up spending the whole night with Tyler.

Tyler, Mummy would choose you over anything.

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