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Witch Swap by RonWeasleyFans
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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Hello again. I'm sooooo sorry I haven't updated in ages ! Things have been a bit mad this last month with school starting again and my sister just had a baby and my mum was in an accident so my mind was not really in a Dramione mood. The chapters should be being updated more regulary from now on I hope.  Thank you for sticking with this story so far and I hope to hear from you with any suggestions you have for the story. Now enough with my blabber. Here is chapter 3....


J.K Rowling owns everything apart from the house elf characters... I also do not own the plot from the program Wife Swap.



 Waiting for my guest to arrive, I heard a loud banging and frenzied shouting from behind the door.  I immediately turned the handle only to see a mad looking driver shouting inaudibly in my face. His hand pointed towards the car behind him, so I walked cautiously over and opened the back door….


Granger’s appearance gave me a shock. OK, that was an understatement. Granger’s appearance terrified me, her usually glowing skin, pale and waxy. Her bright, cinnamon eyes were now struggling to keep in focus. She looked terrible to say the least. It was as though she was about to faint.


Without even thinking I picked her up as gently as possible and ran with her in my arms into the manor, leaving the door wide open and a shell-shocked driver opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish.  I didn’t care to be completely honest. All I was thinking was of Granger, and if she was going to be OK.





The sound of a door shutting woke the sleeping beauty from her peaceful slumber. She had been out cold for almost nine hours.


Not knowing where she was or why, at that moment she was too comfortable to care. She felt as though she was lying on a cloud with the warm sun caressing her whole body. Relaxed was not a good enough word for how Hermione felt laying in that bed.


Suddenly, panic struck when she tried to roll off of her back and onto her side. A shocking pain slashed through her head. She felt heavy and then she realised that she couldn’t open her eyes. She was too exhausted to move.


A groan escaped her lips and she heard the door open and then close again. Feeling rather scared now, Hermione tried to move one more with no luck.


“Stay still.” She heard a voice say. The voice sounded so far away.


Paying no attention to the voice, Hermione tried once again to move something, any part of her body.


“Stop it,” She heard the voice say again.


Suddenly she felt a pair of hands on her shoulders trying to hold her down. This scared her even more and she began to struggle.


“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. You’re in Malfoy Manor. I’m Draco Malfoy. You fainted on your way here.”


It all came rushing back like a tidal wave of information: the memories of saying goodbye to Ron, of the drive to Malfoy manor, a blurred figure picking her up.


She felt a potion being poured into her mouth. The pain in her head subsided and her eyelids no longer felt heavy. Bright light flooded through her half open eyelids. Ignoring the brightness of the sun Hermione opened her eyes fully. Upon seeing Draco Malfoy’s face only a few inches from her own Hermione let out a gasp.


Malfoy chuckled lightly at this and retreated from her view.


Malfoy chuckles ?


“Get some rest. Snap your fingers if you need anything and my house elf Tonky will be more than happy to assist you. I will be back to check on you in an hour.”


The sound of retreating footsteps was the last thing Hermione heard before silence filled her ears.


True to his word, Draco returned to Hermione’s room every hour and asked the same question every time “Are you OK?” Again she answered with the same answer, “Yes thank you. Can I get up yet?” To this he would reply “Not yet” and would leave the room.





When the sun was setting and an orange and red glow had entered the room Draco returned once more.


“Are you OK?” he asked for what seemed like the billionth time that day.


“Yes thank you. Can I get up yet?” She asked once more.


Hermione had already prepared herself for the same reply that she had got every time she had asked that question. But this time a new answer met her ears.


“Yes. Have a shower, get changed and snap your fingers and ask for Tonky to take you to the dining room when you’re ready.”


Once she heard the last of Malfoy’s footsteps down the hallway, Hermione peeled herself out of bed and made her way to the other door besides the exit that she assumed was the bathroom. Her assumption was correct, for she was met by an incredible all white, tile bathroom.


It was dark in the room but as soon as she stepped over the threshold hundreds of candles burst into life. Their flames flickered, creating a low and romantic lighting.


To Hermione’s left was the biggest bath she had ever seen. Just as she  put her hand against the side of the bath, hundreds of taps erupted from the centre of the pool.


Jumping back, she fell against the sink which also did the same as the bath did. At her touch, three taps leapt from beneath the white marble sink’s edge.


Walking warily back over to the bath, Hermione stepped in, walked over to the taps and surveyed them closely.  She soon noticed that each tap released a different type of bubble bath. Turning on the Vanilla bubble bath tap along with the hot water tap, Hermione jumped out of the bath and removed her clothes. Then she noticed…“What the hell!” Hermione said out loud to herself.


Hermione was no longer wearing her red and gold summer dress that she arrived in. She was wearing her pyjamas that she had packed away in her suitcase.


“That little ferret!” she exclaimed. I better ask him about this later she thought to herself.


Feeling rather self-conscious now, Hermione grabbed a towel and laid it at the edge of the bath. All of her worries were washed away as she lay down in the deep pool of vanilla bubbles and warm water.





Laying there for what felt like years Hermione had never been so relaxed. Only when she realized that she had begun to go wrinkly because of the water did she finally get out of the bath.


Wrapping a towel around her body she left the bathroom and stepped back into her bedroom where she found one of her yellow summer dresses waiting for her on the end of her bed. Reluctantly, she put on the dress, dried her hair with her wand and put on the yellow pumps she  also found at the foot of the bed.


Even though Hermione never believed in the enslavement of house elves she really didn’t want to go wandering around Malfoy Manor just in case she got lost and ended up in the room that she was tortured in by Bellatrix Le strange. She snapped her fingers and as promised a house elf appeared with a crack like a car backfiring a few feet in front of her.


“Hello Mrs Weasley. Is Mrs ready to go? My name is Tonky.”


Bending down to shake Tonky’s hand,  Hermione replied, “It is a pleasure to meet you Tonky, please call me Hermione. Would you mind taking me to the dining room please?”


“Tonky would be honoured to escort you to the dining room Hermione,” Tonky said whilst taking Hermione’s hand confidently and pulling her out of the room. As Hermione was being pulled down hallways and up stairs she surveyed the house elf in front of her. She was surprised to see that Tonky was wearing a black t-shirt with a matching skirt. The big black shoes were clearly made for house elf feet only. It suddenly dawned on Hermione that Tonky was a free elf.


“Do you get paid Tonky?” Hermione asked cautiously. After all her years working with S.P.E.W, Hermione knew that asking a house elf about wages was always a touchy subject.


Tonky chuckled and replied, “Draco told Tonky that Hermione was likely to ask questions.”


“Yes, Tonky is paid 5 galleons a week, although Tonky thinks this is far too much.” She said shaking her head.


All Hermione could do was stare, for she was deep in thought. Malfoy pays his house elves, and they call him Draco. What has happened to the world? Maybe he’s not as evil as he used to be. Wait, no, of course he is Hermione. Snap out of it woman. He’s a slimy little ferret.


Entering the dining room Hermione noticed that it was not as grand or posh as she had expected. The dining room was medium sized and cosy to say the least. The walls were a deep purple and a dark wooden table that seated about 6 was placed in the middle of the room. Candles fixed to the walls were the only source of light (there was no electricity because magic interferes with electricity).


“Please sit Hermione, Draco will be here soon,” Tonky said and left the room leaving Hermione alone.


She sat herself down at the end of the table and played with her thumbs. After a few minutes of waiting she heard a soft knock at the door and she replied with a “Come in”.


Draco emerged from behind the door and took a few steps inside before asking “Are you hungry?”


Lying, Hermione replied, “No”. Her stomach gave a protesting growl which made Draco smile.


Wait a minute. Did Malfoy just smile? Ok, I really am in some kind of parallel universe.


“Your stomach seems to disagree,” he chuckled.


Hermione, feeling embarrassed, looked down at her shoes. The sound of Draco snapping his fingers, made Hermione look up.


A different house elf appeared, this time dressed in similar clothing to Tonky, but in trousers.


“Binky was called?” the house elf asked rhetorically.


“Yes Binky, do you mind going down to the kitchen and bringing Granger and me our meals please?” Draco asked.


“Of course Draco,” and with that Binky disapparated leaving the room in an awkward silence.


Once Hermione and Draco had settled themselves down at the table, as far away as possible from each other, Binky returned with their meals.


“This is lovely, please give the chef my compliments,” Hermione praised, trying to break the silence.


“Thank you and no need to give me your compliments,” he replied.


You cooked this?” She asked astonished.


“Yes, why is that so hard to believe Granger? I do need to eat and most food is not very appetising if not cooked.”


“I just assumed that it would be made by a house elf, being as you have them here, that’s all,” Hermione explained, trying to redeem herself from further embarrassment.


“No, the house elves are here because my wife wants them to be. I have no need for them.” He replied.


They fell back into an awkward silence again after that.


Remembering the question she was meaning to ask earlier, Hermione asked sternly, “Why was I in different clothing from the clothing I arrived in Malfoy?”


Upon seeing Hermione’s embarrassed face Draco replied, “Don’t worry, I didn’t change your clothes by hand. I thought you would not be comfortable sleeping in your day clothes so I used a simple switching spell to swap the clothes.”


“Oh, OK.” Was all Hermione could say. She had prepared herself for a full blown argument but it seemed that Draco had been a perfect gentleman and had done nothing wrong.


The rest of the meal was eaten in silence, apart from Draco saying, “Tomorrow the camera people will be coming.” She replied with a nod.


Tonky returned the moment Hermione had finished and said, “Tonky is sure Hermione is tired. Tonky will take Hermione back to her room.”


Hermione was not tired at all after the full day of sleep she had just had.


At seeing Hermione’s face fall at the suggestion of sleep, Draco said, “No, Tonky please take Granger to the library.” He looked from Tonky to Hermione and then added, “Read whatever you like for however long you like. I put the library next door to your room so you could go there whenever you wanted and wouldn’t get lost. Goodnight.” He then pulled back his chair and left the room without another word.


A grin spread over Hermione’s face as she was lead into the library. The library was huge. She was met by tall, solid bookshelves going on for miles. Tonky tugged on the hem of Hermione’s dress and pointed over to a cosy looking, green arm chair that sat in front of a roaring fire.


This is Heaven Hermione thought to herself.





Soooo What do you think? Not much going on in this chapter I don't think, but I'm just setting the scene really for some more interesting chapters to come. Please Read and Review and let me know what you think. Idea's and Suggestions are always welcome :)

Love from Ffion x



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