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Stuck in the Clouds by lovestings
Chapter 2 : Chapter two: We're not friends
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 A/N: Okay so I didn't get a review on the first chapter, no worries though, because I really didn't wait long to post this :P This is a Remus/OC story but it starts off a bit slow but I promise he'll be in here more and more and it'll get interesting! I'm also working on a Rose/Scorpius story but that prob won't be posted til this story starts getting on it's own feet. Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think and how I can improve! 

It was potions and my last class of the day. I dragged my feet against the floor, whining as Evelyn pulled me along. She was the only one out of my friends taking such a high level potion’s class with me. We walked in greeting the Professor with small hellos.


“Class, don’t bother sitting down and getting comfortable! I have assigned seats for you!” Professor Little called, which was a funny thing considering he was in fact a dwarf. Though he voice fitted an ogre size person.


Evelyn and I stood impatiently in the front with the crowd of people as he called of names and pointed at our seats. “Lee and Black, Grey and Longbottom, Brooks and Potter…” Evelyn squeezed my arm so tight when her last name was called with Sirius’s and I couldn’t help but let out a sigh as I was called with James. It wasn’t that I minded him so much it was more of the fact that he sucked at potions. Just great. How did he even get in this class?


I trudged off to my seat which was kind of close to Sirius and Evelyn’s. There was one desk in between us and James and I sat in the back.


“Aren’t you glad you got me as a partner, Clouds?” James asked, giving me a small wink as I slid in the seat next to him.


“Ecstatic,” I said sarcastically letting out a small and dragged out chuckle.



“Aw don’t be that way, Clouds, you know we’re going to have so much fun.” He said before his eyes diverting to the red head taking a seat in front of us. “Lily pad! So lucky of us to have seats so close to each other.”


“Talk to me again and I’m going to hex your arse /Potter/.” Lily growled at him, not even turning to look at him.


“Now, now, that is not the way for the Head Girl to talk to her fellow Head Boy now is it?” Sirius said with a smirk, turning to glance at Lily.


“Bite me, Black.” Lily responded before class began.


This was going to be an interesting potions class.




“And when I dropped my pen, he got it for me!” Evelyn let out a romantic sigh as we took a seat in our common room, cuddling up on our well-reserved couch by the fire. Evelyn had been going on for the last fifteen minutes about her hour with Sirius sitting next to her.


“Evelyn, this is me being nice when I’m telling to shut the hell up.” Rose said as she pulled her long black locks into a messy bun. Ugh, why did she have to be so pretty when she was being so casual and messy? Evelyn stuck her tongue out as she pulled out her books.


Being the Ravenclaws we were Evelyn, Rose, Amanda, and I liked to do our homework as soon as we got back from class so it was out of the way. Especially next to the fire and everything. Before we realized the common room cleared out and it was time for dinner.


We walked as a group to the Great Hall, entering per usual. Though it was oddly quiet as we entered and we were surprised to see a group of four boys pre-occupying half of our usual space.


“James, why are you here?” I asked, confusion written all over my face.


“Way to recognize the rest of us, Clouds!” Sirius Black called rather loudly before shoving a chicken wing in his mouth using James’s pet name for me.


“Don’t call her that Pad foot, that’s my nickname.” He said before turning back to me with a grin. “Anyways, I wanted my mates to meet my new friend! Plus I wanted to meet yours.”


“We’re not friends,” I said, taking a seat next to him and Evelyn who made sure to sit next to Sirius. Amanda and sat next to the edge of Peter letting his other side be occupied by Remus while Rose took Remus’s other side.


“That’s just Clouds way of saying she loves me and our new friendship,” James said to his and my own mates, nodding his head in approval.


“Shut up and eat your food, James.”


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Stuck in the Clouds : Chapter two: We're not friends


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