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All in the Hips by PlatonistAmaya
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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Hermione awoke in a groggy state. Something was amiss, and she knew she would have it figured out in a minute, but right then, she had no clue. As her thoughts became clearer she took stock of her current state of being. She felt very warm and comfortable, that was good. She knew she was in Malfoys room, and upon a glance saw Malfoy’s head on her chest. That was okay too. It was becoming clearer though, that Hermione felt too hot, and she felt restless, which she shouldn’t just after waking up. Her mouth was dry, and she felt tingly. She could hear her pulse pounding in her ears and her skin felt too sensitive.

Malfoy chose that moment to shift and did so in such a way that he brushed her bare skin in a few places, and she felt something very specific and hard pressing against her hip. Like a switch flipping Hermione’s sleepy mind became crystal clear. She was turned on, and apparently so was Draco. She knew that neither of them should do what their bodies were telling them to. It would be wrong, and complicate everything. Hermione decided the best course of action would be to try to remove herself from the situation, before it became a situation.

She began to peel herself away from Draco in a painfully slow matter, hoping desperately not to wake him and deal with the awkward occurrences that would likely happen if he should. Unfortunately, at moments like this things never went as they should.

Hermione had just managed to free her upper half when he woke. He blinked a few times, shook his head, and went through what Hermione had moments before in terms of waking up and trying to assess what was happening.

Hermione said nothing. She watched with a stillness unsuitable to humans as he went through these motions. She was looking right into his eyes when he had the same realization she had about what was still pressing against her hip.

His eye widened, but still they didn’t move. It was a critical moment, and they both knew it. There was an electrical charge in their air and Hermione longed to let her lips touch his, but that was scary, and it would be safer to run.

It happened so quickly. The distance between their lips vanished. Hermione was lost in the sensation. He was gentle, but firm, and present. He pulled her lip between his teeth and nipped ever so slightly, before moving back to her mouth as a whole.

The whole thing lasted, maybe thirty seconds, but it scared the hell out of Hermione.

“I-I’ve got to go,” She stammered and fled to her own quarters. She undressed and hopped in the shower. Her lips were quivering, and she could still feel where he had just touched. She wasn’t ready for this, and couldn’t handle it.

Today they were going to dance, but the rest of their professors, in light of what had happened, didn’t want them to come in. Even the classes Hermione was supposed to teach were being taken over by McGonagall for the day. At least she had left a detailed lesson plan.

All of that considered Hermione changed into loose ballroom pants and a tank top. She then pulled her hair into a ponytail, packed her dance bag with a few things plus ballet clothing in case that is what they wanted her to do today and walked down to their kitchen. Draco was already there sipping some tea.

Hermione was afraid he would try to talk about it, make a move, or force a relationship. Instead, what he did was perfect. He gave her a small smile, which she returned, and went back to his tea. Hermione ate a banana and finished the pot of tea Draco had started. The two then moved to leave their rooms in silent agreement for the dance studios.

Once at the studio the two dropped their bags and found an empty space to themselves, which wasn’t difficult because they were early. Hermione guessed Professors Carlos and Isabel had given the new dancers a warm up routine to follow, but she and Draco had their own.

They made their way to the barre began twisting and contorting in various fashions for their warm-ups. There were a few things that were better done in partners, and once they reached that point they moved to the floor.

Hermione lay on her back as Draco leaned over her and began pressing her leg towards her. They held this for a few seconds and then switched. People were beginning to trudge in. Many found this odd, but just whispered to one another.

They stood and Draco began to help her push her attitude (what some may know as a scorpion). She normally was decent at it, but it was a bit stiff today.

“Ow, Draco, too far,” Hermione growled and tried to push her leg back.

“Relax, you are fine. Take a deep breath. This isn’t even as far as you normally are,” Draco brushed off her complaint and held firm. Hermione knew from his tone and how her body felt that he was right. So she sucked it up and continued stretching.

Shortly after, the Professors arrived.

“Okay, class, we are going to assume you have all warmed up, and if you have not, you have no excuse. Now that we have evaluated everyone we are going to begin instruction time. Today we are going to begin work on the Latin dances. If you are not dressed appropriately please make the change now,” Professor Isabel began. No one moved, probably because most found ballroom attire far more comfortable.

“Now then,” Professor Carlos began, “You and your partner stand up and face one another. If you and your partner know how to begin, please do so once you hear the music. If you don’t, relax, we will be moving around as needed.”

A slow and easy mambo beat came one. Draco pulled her close and they began to dance. Just having fun, doing precisely what they pleased. It was unintentionally perfect for today, because after this morning it was a no pressure opportunity to be physically close to one another, which both desperately wanted.

Out of the blue Draco threw Hermione up into a swing move.

“Malfoy that is not even Latin, much less mambo,” Hermione giggled. ‘Wow, she thought herself. I just giggled. When was the last time that happened?’

“Yeah, but it was fun,” He shrugged off her response. They stopped after a time for water and to plop down on the floor. Hermione didn’t blame them, but the professors were very busy with the newer dancers.

Eventually they made their way to Hermione and Draco…who were still sitting on the floor.

“What are you too doing?” Professor Carlos tried to sound firm, but an amused look in his eye was betraying his intent.

“You guys were busy, and we were a little bored, and we’d been dancing for ages at that point,” Draco tried to come up with every excuse he could, all at once.

“Oh we’ve been boring you have we?” Professor Isabel had a gleam in her eye that told Hermione that they were about to work.

“Everyone, continue practicing, but move as far away from the center as you can please, thank you,” Isabel called out. She changed the music to a much faster samba and directed Hermione and Draco to the middle of the floor. They quickly positioned themselves and locked eyes.

“Ready?” Draco muttered quickly.

“Sure. Think you can keep up?” Hermione challenged.

“Can you?” He smirked, and began the fast paced Latin game of Samba.

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