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I ache for you by helena7654
Chapter 11 : Double date
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Chapter 11 - Double date

Hermione immediately arranged plans for her double date with Harry and Ginny. The following evening was planned to have a nice quiet dinner in Diagon Alley. Draco arrived perfectly on time as always at her flat.

"You look beautiful, as always" he complimented her, as he bent down to give her a kiss.

Hermione smiled to herself. She had never been complimented and made to feel so special continuously in a relationship before. She was, of course, aware it was still the honeymoon period of their relationship, but she knew deep inside that Draco was a gentleman and likely treated all his previous girlfriends in the same manner.

Harry and Ginny were already waiting for them at their table when they arrived. Harry got up and awkwardly shook hands with Draco as they approached their table. Ginny and Hermione smiled at each other in amusement. Ginny had given Harry a talking to, concerning his behaviour at the dinner. She wanted everyone to get along nicely, and drilled it into Harry that he had to be civil and polite.

At first there were uncomfortable silences, but after starters were done, everyone felt more at ease. Harry and Draco striked up a conversation about Quidditch while Hermione and Ginny quietly spoke about Draco.

"So, how is everything going?" asked Ginny, curious to know how Hermione was being treated.

"Just amazing, Gin. He's such a gentleman! I'm still amazed at what's happened, but I'm just so happy, you know?" replied Hermione, smiling while looking at Draco tenderly.

"So... have you guys done it yet?" asked Ginny mischievously, trying not to smirk.

"Ginny!!" exclaimed Hermione, shocked at her friends question.

Ginny laughed. "What? It's a valid question! Well, have you?" she whispered.

"No, of course not!" replied Hermione, turning red at the thought of it, as well as thinking of how they nearly did at Draco's flat.

"Oh. That's a shame. I wanted to know whether he was good or not" laughed Ginny.

"Seriously, Ginny! You're such a dirtbag!" laughed Hermione. "I will tell you this though... he's a really good kisser!"

"Well, if he's a good kisser then he must be good in bed too!" replied Ginny. The two girls giggled uncontrollably, while Hermione was turning quite red at the thought of it.

Draco and Harry looked up from their conversation to see a very red faced and giggly Hermione, trying to hide her laughter behind her hand.

"Your conversation seems to be a lot more interesting than ours it seems" said Harry smiling, "what's going on?"

Hermione immediately stopped laughing when she realised Draco and Harry's attention were on them. She blushed even more.

"None of your business boys" laughed Ginny, "Just some girl talk, thats all!"

And with that they quickly changed the subject.

"So, have you guys decided when you're going to go public?" asked Harry "The Daily Prophet will have a field day with this, you know".

"Erm, we don't think we should yet. You know, it's still early days" replied Hermione casually.

"Well, we can't hide it forever obviously" said Draco "And I need to tell my parents first anyway, but I'm assuming it won't be hidden for long?" he asked, looking at Hermione intently.

Hermione felt uncomfortable discussing it in front of Harry and Ginny. She still wasn't sure if she was ready to face what everyone else was going to think about it.

"Yes, obviously this won't be a secret for long, but for now I'd just like it to be between us four for now." she replied quickly.

She felt nervous that Draco was planning on telling his parents so soon as well. She knew she shouldn't care what others thought, but after having her confidence knocked so much by Ron, she didn't want to announce to everyone her new relationship in case it broke down soon. Despite what she felt for Draco and the relationship, she didn't quite know how much she could trust Draco, she was still unaware of Draco's true feelings for her.

The two couples enjoyed their dinner, and Draco and Harry both were surprised at how well it went between them. They managed to remain civil to even borderline friendly for the majority of the meal.

"I had a good time, Potter isn't as bad outside of work really" said Draco as they walked back to Hermione's flat. They decided to walk in the cold December night, there were no clouds in the sky and they could see the beautiful midnight blue sky with its numerous stars. Draco had his arm around Hermione's waist as they walked briskly.

"I'm glad you all got on" smiled Hermione. She was truely happy that her friends had been so accommodating towards them and making such an effort. As they got to Hermione's front door, she didn't want the night to end just yet.

"Would you like to come in for some tea, it's so cold out here?" she asked hopefully.

"Yes, I'd like that" was his reply.

He waited on her sofa in the living room while she prepared the tea. She enjoyed doing it the Muggle way as it calmed her down and allowed her to think things through.

As Draco was waiting, he was thinking about their earlier conversation at the restaurant. He was slightly hurt that Hermione was rather dismissive of making their relationship public. He obviously didn't want to make a song and dance out of it, but he didn't think there was anything wrong with letting others know, although it should be after close family and friends heard it from them first. But even this seemed to not be occurring as Hermione didn't seem to be even considering telling her parents or the Weasleys, which Draco knew she regarded as parents as well.

As Hermione brought over the tea, Draco decided to talk to her about what was troubling him.

"Hermione, are you happy to be with me?" he started.

"Yes, of course, otherwise I wouldn't be. Why?" she asked, confused at where this was coming from.

"Well, its just at dinner, you seemed a bit hesitant at anyone else knowing about us. I know this is new and different, and really quite shocking to others, but does that matter what other people think?"

"No, of course not. It's not that, Draco. It's just... I'm scared of getting hurt again" replied Hermione truthfully.

Draco put down his cup and held Hermione's hands, looking her in the eye intently.

"Hermione, I can understand why you wouldn't trust me, I was a complete arse to you in school. But look, we've all grown up, look where we are now. I would never do anything intentionally to hurt you, I promise you that. You mean a lot more to me than you know."

Hermione felt comforted by his words, perhaps this is what I needed to hear, she thought.

She gave him a quick kiss and made up her mind then and there.

"Lets tell our families then" she smiled.

"Really? Are you sure?" asked Draco, surprised at her quick decision.

"Yes, I'm sure. Guess it can be our Christmas presents to our parents then" she giggled.

"I love to hear you laugh" smiled Draco "which reminds me, what were you and Ginny laughing about at dinner?"

Hermione turned crimson "Nothing you need to know about!" she hastily replied.

Draco laughed "Now you have to tell me!" he said, nudging her slightly.

Hermione raised her eyebrow at him, and playfully pushed him back "Nope. Make me" she said, poking her tongue out at him.

"Very well" he said, quite seriously. And with that, he launched himself on her, tickling her sides relentlessly. Hermione let out a squeal, trying to push him off but he was too strong. He pinned her down on the sofa, keeping both her arms above her head with one hand, the other hand tickling her.

"Okay, okay, stop! I'll tell you" panted Hermione, laughing loudly.

"Good girl" he said, smirking at her, but continued pinning her down under him.

"Well, Ginny just asked me how you are in bed" said Hermione, trying not to blush.

"Oh" was all Draco could say.

"Yes. Oh. Told you it wasn't something you need to know!" replied Hermione.

"So what was your reply then?"

"Well, there was nothing to say, obviously."

Draco smiled down at her "Obviously. Perhaps we should change that so you have a proper answer for Ginny next time?"

Hermione giggled and bit her lower lip in anticipation. Draco shifted his position above her, so that he no longer held her arm above her head, but instead he had one arm wrapped around her waist and the other under her head. He slowly leaned in to give her a slow, passionate kiss.

Hermione's heart beat immediately increased, and she felt herself yearning for his touch. She wrapped her fingers in his hair, deepening their kiss and forcing their bodies closer together.

Draco slowly moved from her lips to her lower jaw, trailing kisses down her neck and towards her collar bones. Hermione closed her eyes and lifted her head to give him more access to her neck. She sighed happily, knowing that this was what she wanted and that it felt so right.

Draco placed his hands on her body, exactly where she wanted it. He felt her moan slightly as he slid his hands lower down her body.


Hermione woke up late the next morning, a bit surprised to find herself completely naked and in her bed. She smiled when she remembered last night's events. Sometime during their lovemaking they had made it to her bedroom. She smiled happily as she remembered how gentle and loving he was, and then blushed slightly thinking of the pleasure he had given her.

She rolled over to find an empty space next to her. She sat up immediately in bed... where was Draco? Why would he leave? Panic immediately swept over her, had he used her and left after getting what he wanted? As these thoughts were flying through her head, she heard some clattering noises coming from her kitchen.

He was still here! She jumped out of bed and headed towards the kitchen to make sure. She saw him, dressed in just his boxers, reaching out towards the cupboard, pulling out two cups. Relief washed over her. She scolded herself for thinking such thoughts. She had to remember that Draco was different now. She smiled as she looked over his muscular body, admiring the muscles in his arms and shoulders. Suddenly Draco turned around, feeling that someone was watching him, and then he grinned.

"Good morning" said Hermione, cheerful and happy.

Draco raised his eyebrows at her and looked her over, smirking all the while.

Hermione suddenly turned bright red, and the smile on her face was completely gone. She was standing in the doorway of her kitchen, completely stark naked. In the rush to make sure Draco was still in her flat, she had forgotten she had no clothes on. She looked utterly embarrassed and turned quickly to head back to the bedroom. But Draco was too quick. He moved quickly and got hold of her arm, turning her around, and pressed her body to his, swooping in for a kiss.

"I've already seen you naked in case you've forgotten already" he whispered to her.

"I know, but... " muttered Hermione, still embarrassed and wanting to cover herself with something.

"But nothing" interrupted Draco "You are absolutely beautiful. I think breakfast can wait a while, don't you?" he grinned, and with that carried her to her bedroom.

Update July 2014 - I will be continuing this story this year! Apologies for the massive delay! :) xxx

AN: Hi everyone, I'm sorry for the long wait again - but at least it wasn't a year this time!! I hope you enjoyed this chapter - felt slightly awkward writing it, but I think it came out without being too seedy! Let me know what you think!! Working on the next chapter now...

-Lena xxx

*Many thanks to prometheus@TDA for the lovely chapter image!*

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