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My Secret Admirer! by MusicLover17
Chapter 1 : Letters
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Wow! Can't believe i'm in class and i'm actually bored what is wrong with me these days i mean i know the war had different effects on people but i didn't think it would have this effect on me. Proffessor Slughorn is mumbling about something but i can't seem to get myself interested in what he has to say. No instead i'm just fiddling with my pen and chewing at the tip while staring out the window could it actually be possibly that i have lost interest in school all together that for once in my life i don't care about what grades i get and the end of this year. I lean back into my chair and sigh at the same time, Harry turns to look at me mouthing 'Are you okay?' i mouth back 'Yeah.' he smiles at me then looks back at the proffessor i look around the room trying to find something of interest and then it happens it's been happening alot lately i don't know if i'm just imagining it or if i'm going crazy the feeling of something burning into the back of my head like someone is watching me very closely i've tried shaking it off but that only seems to make it worse and best of it is when i look around no one is looking at me at all. I sigh again and stare at the wall hoping this class won't last that much longer.

"Hermione" someone called my name and i turn to see Harry looking at me.

"What?" I ask.

He laughs slightly and asks "Are you coming?"

"Oh yeah sorry Harry i was miles away there."

"Yeah you seem to be alot these days, are you sure theres nothing wrong with you?" Harry has been asking me this question for weeks now and everytime i give him the same answer.

"Yes Harry i'm sure theres nothing wrong with me, i'm just trying to get back to normal same as everyone else."

"Okay but you know you can always come and talk to me right."

"Yeah of course i do." I stand up and place my books into my bag and i follow Harry out of the classroom.

"So what are you doing tonight then Hermione it is friday after all?"

"I'm not sure yet Harry, i don't think i'll do anything really might just write a letter to my parents and try to study, i haven't done very much at all this year."

"Yeah i noticed that but i didn't want to say."

"It's weird i just can't seem to get back to the old me."

"The old you Hermione you haven't gone your still the same Hermione you were before just not completely into studying if that makes any sence." I had to laugh a little Harry was good at trying to make me feel better he always was.

"I does make some sence Harry thanks." I hug him tight and he hugs back.

"Always here for you." he whispers in my ear. I smile and pull away.

"Where's Ron?" I asked i haven't actually seen him all day.

"I think he Had charms this morning i'm sure he'll find us soon enough."

"No doubt."

We keep walking down the corridor towards the great hall when Ron suddenly runs up to us panting and leaning on my shoulder trying to get his breath back.

"Ron what the bloody hell is wrong with you?" Harry asks.

"La....Lav...en....der." He tries to say.

"Lavender?" I ask.

He nods his head "You guys have to hide me she won't stop and leave me alone for five minutes." He says standing up straight breathing more normal.

"Aww poor little weasel can't handle an little girl." said a voice from behind us.

We turn around and came face to face with Draco Malfoy.

"Shut up Malfoy nobody asked you." Ron said annoyed.

"Not very friendly Weasley."

"You wouldn't know friendly Malfoy if it came and bit you on the ass." Harry said taking my arm and trying to put me away.

"Whatever Potter." said Malfoy as he noticed Harry trying to pull my arm.

"Come on guys just ignore him i'm not in the mood for dealing with Malfoy." I said looking up at him.

He just looked at me his expression unreadable.

"She's right come on Ron some people will never grow up."

We start walking again and i turn back to look at him and he's still watching me merlin what is he looking at i turn around and we make our way back to the common room.


I've just finished a letter to my parents saying the same things i usually do all is well i'm fine hope you both are well etc etc.

I quickly get changed out of my robes and put my favourite black skinny jeans on and blue Tshirt with my balck and white converse i looked at myself in the mirror i have changed over the years my hair is alot longer half way down my back it's a bit darker aswell and thankfully it's not longer a bush like it used to be it doesn't go into ringlets like it before now there more lose curls my eyes are pretty much the same along with the rest of my face well except my lips maybe i think they look alot fuller than before but maybe that's just me. My body has changed quite a bit to my breasts aren't huge just the right size i would say i'm taller to around 5'7 i think. I pull my Tshirt up and look at my stomach it's actually quite toned i laugh a little and make my way down the stairs and see Harry and Ron playing a game of wizard chess.

"Hey Hermione where you off to?" Ron asks.

"Hey just going to send a letter to my parents, so is this what you boys are doing tonight?" I ask sacastically.

"Maybe you got a problem with that." Harry asked standing up and walking over to me to push me playfully.

"What if i did?" I asked trying not to laugh.

"Then i would have to do this." Suddenly Harry pushes me onto the couch and starts tickling me i start to scream a little and laugh at the same time.

"HARRY, HARRY STOP HARRY!" i yelled at him turning to contain my laughter.

"Come on Harry it's your turn." Ron said getting impatient.

Harry looked from me to Ron and back again. "I'll just have to finish this later." He said with a smug smile on his face.

"No you won't now i'll be back in a while."

"Alright 'Mione don't be to long." Harry said wiggling his fingers up at me.

I laugh and make my way to the owlery i wonder what was wrong with Malfoy maybe there wasn't anything wrong with him mayeb it was just me again merlin why am i even thinking about him. Oh help me.

I walk over to my owl and attack me letter to her leg. "Take this to my parents and wait for a reply okay." My owl flys off and i make my way over to the door.

"Well if it isn't my favourite mudblood." said a voice from behind. I turn and there he is again Malfoy.

"Why is it that your always behind me?"

"I don't know Granger maybe your not very observant i've been here longer than you."

"You have?" oh merlin it's getting worse.

"Yes." He says simply and walks closer to me.

"What's wrong with you?"


"Oh really because i think there is."

"Well your wrong and even if there was why would you care....wait wait wait what did you say before i saw you?" I looked up at him he has changed a bit he no longer gels his hair back so now it falls into his eyes making him look sexy as hell and his eyes those deep grey eyes. Wow chill Granger chill.

"What are you talking about Granger?"

"What did you say when you made yourself known to me?"

"Oh you mean when i called you a mudblood come Granger is isn't new stuff."

"No you said i was your favourite mudblood."

He looks me in the eye and takes a step closer and he smiles a small smile and whispers. "You are my favourite."

I look up at him disgusted. "What you have a list?"

"Ha not exactly Granger but if i did you would be number one."

"Get away from me Malfoy your such an ass."

"Whatever Granger i know you love me really."

I walk away from him but stop at the door and look back at him.

"You wish." I say and walk away before he can answer.

I walk back to the common room and walk straight by Harry and Ron and quickly run up the stairs to the girls dorms i throw myself on my bed and sigh what is it with Malfoy why is he like this is he really that messed up?

Tap! Tap! Tap! I look over to the window and see a big black eagle tapping it's beak on the window. I rush over and open the window and the eagle drops a letter on my bed and then flys back out the window i stare at the letter then turn back to the eagle until it is out of sight. I walk over to my bed and see that the letter is adressed to me. I pick it up and look at the writing i don't know this writing who's writing is this? I sigh and open the letter and it reads:

My Dearest Hemione

You are a beauty beyond compare, you have captured my heart. I missed seeing you during the summer break. I missed the way you bite your bottom lip when you concentrate, how you run your hand through your hair when it falls in your face, and how you chew on your pen when your thinking of an answer to a question. I noticed you love wearing skinny jeans and different T-shirts with your converse of course, you have your own style it's so amazing to see that you are so different from most of the girls in this place you could also say that you are refreshing in a way that you don't mind what people say about you or what they think, I look forward to the day i can tell you face to face how beautiful you are.

Love your secret admirer.

I read through the letter a few more times and then throw myself back on the bed smiling i have a secret admirer oh merlin i can't believe it i wonder who it is, what if it's a joke no i don't think someone would be so cruel but i have to keep that in mind. I look at the letter again whoever this is knows a lot about me wait a minute whoever this is must watch me alot i'm not going crazy my secret admirer must be in some of my classes oh i really want to know who it is. I have to work this out okay so i know he Oh god i hope it's a he, anyway i know he owns an eagle, i know he's in some of my classes and.....and that's it okay so not much yet but i will find out i will.

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