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The Year You Stole My Heart by alicia and anne
Chapter 10 : Chapter 10
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James had spent almost every minute he could either with Adam or around Adam and Amelia’s house, it made it a lot easier for James to go home and come back now that he was legal to apparate wherever he wanted to go, same as Adam. Amelia unfortunately had no such luck, but was due to start her disapparating lessons soon.

James had been round so often to her house that he had his own special drawer of his things in Adams room, which Amelia like to joke made them seem like an old married couple. James and Adam loved this, which caused James to regularly call Adam his pudding pop and to give him random kisses. The kisses themselves weren’t real it was just James putting his hand over Adam’s mouth and kissing his own hand, but it was sometimes disgusting.

“How does Sarah feel about you and Adam being so close?” Amelia asked James, as they helped out Amelia’s mum with the Christmas cookies. Adam was currently having a shower and although Amelia suspected that James probably would have sat outside the bathroom door talking to Adam, he was down here helping out her and her mum.

“You two would make a really cute couple you know,” came Amelia’s mum’s voice as she handed them some cookie cutters. Amelia frowned at her mother and shook her head, Amelia’s mum smiled.

“I told you already, I can’t marry Adam until he’s got a job,” James told her, as he pushed the shapes into the dough, making Christmas tree shapes.

“Not Adam dear, you and Amelia.”

Both Amelia and James looked at each other before laughing, “as gorgeous as Amelia is Mrs Adam’s mum,” Amelia’s mum rolled her eyes at James. “I already have a girlfriend.”

“Oh yes dear I forgot,” Amelia’s mum said as she brought over a tray for them to put the cut out dough onto, Amelia was pushing a Christmas stocking shaped cutter through the dough. “How is that going?”

James gave her a shrug before answering, “It’s been better in all honesty. I think it may have run its course. I don’t think she’ll stick around when I got to Romania.”

“Oh you got the job James well done!” Amelia’s mum cried giving her honorary son a hug. “That is amazing. I’m so proud of you.”

“Thank you. I think its best not to have any relationships whilst I’m out there, it just wouldn’t be fair to both me and her because I won’t be able to spend any time with her.”

“As sad as that is its true James, if it was meant to be she’d wait for you.”

“For some reason I don’t think me and Sarah are meant to be forever, I mean yeah I really like her and I enjoy our time together,” he said picking up his cut out pieces and placing them gently on the baking tray. “I don’t think I love her, I don’t feel the spark or like we’re perfect for each other you know?”

“I know exactly what you mean darling,” Amelia’s mum said helping them both arrange the shapes on the baking tray, “me and my husband still have our spark, over twenty years we’ve felt it and it hasn’t diminished once. Once you find the one who makes you feel like that you keep hold of her.”

James smiled as he walked over to the sink and washed his hands, drying them before taking off his apron. “Now if you excuse me I need to go see my own husband,” he gave them both a wink before running from the room. Amelia hoped that Adam was at least out of the shower and dressed before James turned up.

“You and James would make a great couple Amelia.”

Amelia shook her head and tutted at her mum, “you’re being ridiculous, it’s James, and he’s like another brother to me.”

She too washed her hands and took her apron off before leaving the room, trying to ignore the knowing smile her mother was giving her the whole time.

“Can you ever go a week without making a potion?” James asked Adam as he lounged on Adam’s bed reading a magazine, Adam was currently hovering over a cauldron that his parents had put into his room for him, Charming it so it wouldn’t burn the house down if there was an accident, which Adam hadn’t had in a while.

“I regularly go without making a potion James you know this,” Adam muttered as he picked up a vial which contained a dark blue liquid, he added it to the boiling cauldron and gave it a stir.

James sighed as he got up off Adam’s bed and strolled over to where Adam was standing, it was on the far side of his bedroom, away from the window, which had the curtains partially drawn so no sunlight was hitting the cauldron.

“I suppose the only bonus of making potions is that you’re nice and warm when you stand over it,” James said hovering his hands over the cauldron and basking in the warmth it was bringing to them. Adam batted him away.

“You’ve got to be careful James it could spit at you and seriously hurt you,” Adam warned him, as he began rooting through his collection of potions ingredients that he kept in a cupboard by the cauldron.

“Is it likely too?” James asked moving his hands but putting his face over it instead and peering at the contents, a green like colour was simmering away, “what are you making then?”

Adam continued rifling through the cupboard and tinkling sounds were heard as vials and jars knocked together. “I have absolutely no clue,” he told him truthfully moving away from the cupboard and looking at it from afar, his face frowning in wonder.

“How about I hand you a few things that look interesting and see where it takes us?” James suggested walking over to the cupboard.

“Good idea,” Adam cried as he walked back to the cauldron and standing in front of it again, he held his hand out for the first ingredient that James would pass him.

James pondered for a moment as he bent down and looked at the shelves with the contents on it, he looked to the left to see if Adam was watching him before quickly looking down at his hand which had stuff scribbled on the inside of it. He began searching before picking up the first ingredient and passing it to Adam who looked at it.

“How much should we add?” he asked James, who shrugged and thought for a moment.

“How about, three drops?”

Adam poured in three drops before giving the vial back to James, and held his hand out for another ingredient. James placed the vial back before looking at his hand again and then searching for the other ingredient.

This carried on for another ten minutes with James passing Adam ingredients and giving him a few suggestions of, “hey how about you stir it about five times clockwise,” before Adam stopped suddenly looking at the ingredient in his hand thoughtfully and looking into the cauldron and noting the colour. He gave a quick sniff of it before turning to look at James incredulously, and placing the ingredient down on the desk, away from the cauldron.

“James, my boy,” he said as James was still looking through the cupboard. “Why are we making a love potion?”

James stood up quickly a sheepish look on his face; he tried to mask it quickly as he pretended he didn’t know what Adam was on about.

“I don’t know what -”

“Don’t lie to me James; I know it’s a love potion,”

“That’s really impressive that you know it’s a love potion when we’re only -” he looked down at his hand, “about a third of the way into it.”

Adam tutted as he grabbed hold of James’s hand, looking down at the list of ingredients written on it.

“Not that I would have actually let you use the love potion, even if you had the right last ingredient.”

James looked down at his hand as he removed it from Adams grip, “oh man! What is it meant to be?” He asked trying to rub it off.

“I am not going to tell you that you crazy fool!” Adam stated waving his wand at the cauldron and making the contents disappear. James looked at it in longing.

“So who were you making it for?” Adam asked James raising his eyebrows.

“No one” James said defensively with a laugh.

“Well I don’t believe you” Adam said walking over to James and trying to grab hold of his hand, James shoved it into his pocket away from Adam. “You have a reason for making it James you wrote everything down on your hand.”

“It’s only for a joke Adam,” James said running over to the other side of the room, Adam was quick to follow him and James had to jump over the bed to avoid him.

“I hope that you're not trying to make this to give to Amelia” Adam growled in warning.

“No!” James said quickly “of course it’s not. Besides what is everyone’s obsession lately about me and Amelia getting together?”

“You better not have anything with my little sister,” Adam said in warning, “I don’t care how much my mum wants it to happen.”

“Is everyone forgetting that I have a girlfriend?” James asked throwing his arms up into the air.

“Who was the potion for James?” Adam asked running around his bed, James jumped over it again to avoid him.

“It’s for Albus and Mariah ok!” James said loudly throwing his arms up in surrender, “I’m sick and tired of them not getting along and I thought maybe a little love potion would make them realise their true feelings for each other.”

“You’re an idiot. Everyone knows that Mariah and Albus are going to end up getting it on, it’s so bloody obvious to everyone but them.” Adam stopped chasing him and shook his head as he walked over to the door and held it open.

“Come on we’re going out, you’re not allowed to help me any more with my potions.”

James shrugged before walking out of the room.

Amelia and Kelly had just arrived home, laden down with bags from their Christmas shopping; having now got the last of the presents they needed to buy. They placed their bags in Amelia’s room where both she and Kelly were going to be sleeping tonight; her mother had set up a camp bed for Kelly to use whilst they were gone. Kelly had arrived just after James and Amelia had finished doing the cookies and they had gone out pretty much straight away.

Making their way into the kitchen, they noticed that Adam and James were already sat down around the kitchen table; James was eating from a box of chocolates in front of him that he had brought from his house. He offered one to them as soon as they came into the room; Adam glared at him before he snatched the box away from the girls.

“Don’t you give them chocolate you fiend!” he cried, James frowned before rolling his eyes.

“I swear I didn’t put anything in them!” James cried, as he ate some chocolates. “Surely if I did I would have been falling in love with someone by now.”

Amelia and Kelly meanwhile were frowning at the two boys.

“What is going on?” Amelia asked questioningly.

“It seems that James here has been trying to make a love potion,” Adam declared, James didn’t even try to deny it. “So if I were you I wouldn’t trust a damn thing he gives to you that is edible or can be drunk.”

Kelly and Amelia shook their heads in disgust at James.

“I wasn’t going to use it on you!” James cried incredulously, “Adam believe me it wasn’t going to be on them.”

“You best go warn mother,” Adam told Amelia, as he glared at James, “and maybe father, who knows who this love beast is going to entice into his trap next?”

The two girls walked out of the room quickly muttering to themselves about James and his love potion ways, making sure not to accept anything from him.

Adam laughed as he poked his tongue out at James who was shaking his head at Adam. Adam sat down and took some of the chocolates.

“That was fun,” he said eating them, winking at James who had a sour look on his face.

“Aren’t you worried that I’ve filled the chocolates with love Potion Adam?” James asked an eyebrow raised at him.

“Nah” Adam laughed, “you can’t fall in love with someone you already have feelings for you loser.”

James laughed before he groaned and put his head in his arms.

“What’s wrong with you?” Adam asked taking some more of the chocolates whilst James was distracted with his dilemma.

“Your parents are now going to think I’m some sort of nutter who goes around love potioning people up to make them fall in love with me!”

Adam laughed before shrugging, “I guess you shouldn’t have tried to get me to make it then. Besides you’re going home tonight aren’t you? It is Christmas eve tomorrow after all.”

“I was going to stay here but now they think I’m some sort of deviant I might not,”

“Oh come on they don’t think that. They just won’t trust to take anything from you from now on.”

“Which is bad because I got your mum, dad and Amelia some chocolates from Honeydukes,” James muttered his head still in his arms.

Adam laughed again, “then you are screwed. Gutted!”

“No I’m not I’ve got to go shopping,” James told Adam, who laughed at him, “You’re coming with me you know.”

Adam let out a groan as he stood up and followed James out of the kitchen.

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