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Stuck in the Middle by a_free_elf
Chapter 7 : The Letters
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Well hello my lovelies, I apologise greatly for the delay in this chapter I feel so bad for not updating sooner but I have been so busy (turns out A-Levels are really hard) and everytime I tried to write the second half of this chapter it didn't come out how I wanted it to. I will try my best to update sooner next time :)

I love you all, please continue to review and all that jazz, last couple of chapters haven't been reviewed much so I'm becoming paranoid no-one likes how this story is going 

Have a lovely day xxx



Hermione lay in bed at her parents that night and looked up at the small crystals she had bewitched to float above her bed in constellations. She scanned the ceiling with her eyes and quickly found the constellation she was looking for. Draco.

It was hovering by the open window. She watched it for a few minutes before sitting up and turning the lamp on beside her, she summoned a quill and parchment and began to write a letter. She was careful not to spill any ink on the sheets as her mum would not be pleased if she got them dirty.

She missed her parents, now she was living with Ron she felt like she saw them even less than she did when she was at school. She made an effort to see them at least once every 3 months or so. After many crossings out, she had only managed to come up with a short letter. She read it through as she deliberated whether to send it or not.


'Dear Ron,

I don't know how to start this letter, I suppose I should just go for it and be honest to you.

I think we should stop seeing each other, in all honesty I feel trapped, I feel like I'm supposed to be somebody different to you. I'm not your mother and as much as I love her I can stay at home all day and clean and look after all the children you want.

I want to have a career and then after that settle down and have children. I want to travel the world and see all the amazing things there are to see. I want to be able to meet up with friends and go out and sleep in on sundays. I want to do all these things, just, maybe not with you

In short, I want to live before we think about children. 

I also like someone else; and while I'll always love you, I just want to stop and go back to being friends. I just know I can't be who you want me to be right now.


I'm sorry

Hermione xxx'


She unsuccessfully tried to wipe the tears from her eyes with he end of her quill but only managed to scratch her eye and make it red. She rolled out of bed to look at her eye in the mirror and saw it was bloodshot.

As she turned back to her bed she saw an owl fly through the open window and land,messily, on her desk, knocking pots and bottles on to the floor. She picked them up, re arranged them, then opened the letter and began to read…




Draco lay in bed and looked up the the tapestry he had not seen for a year. It was a picture of a woman, with sharp features and a haughty expression. Beneath the face were the words 'Sanctimonia Vincet Semper' he felt cold and empty, reading the words which had once meant so much to him 'purity always conquers', what would his father say if he knew what he had done, who he had chosen to fall for.

He sat up and lit the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. He pulled the draw open in the bedside table next to him and extracted a roll of parchment and an eagle feather quill. He twirled the quill in his hands, enjoying the noise that it made as it caught the wind. He stared at the parchment and began to write…




Hermione unrolled the tightly curled parchment and read the few words scrawled on it


'Hey babe, miss you, sleep well, love Ron xxx'


She didn't know why she was so disappointed at this note from her boyfriend but she felt something drop in her stomach as she re-read it as if expecting to find a code hidden in the ink. She was expecting something a bit, well, more. Something, more.

She knew she had no right to be angry but she couldn't stop, she felt hurt that he had only scrawled a few words on a piece of parchment. She knew that a lot of girls would kill to get a good night note from their boyfriend. They she thought, maybe it wasn't the letter itself, maybe it was the person.


Before she had time to work it through in her head, another owl flew in through the open window, this time the owl landed with perfect precision on her bed post and looked at her expectantly. She walked across the room, her bare feet padding along the carpet and untied the roll of parchment sealed with a wax 'M'


"Dear Hermione,

Thank you so much, not just for today but for the past year. You were my only light in a very dark place, I am so grateful you managed to look past everything I have done to you in the past 8 years and it has allowed me to grow and begin to evolve into the parson I hope to be one day.

You may never appreciate how important it is to have someone like you in a place like that. It made my week every time you walked in, you were so caring and forgiving, I will never forgive myself however for letting you return each time.

All the things you did, and I could never repay you, and I let you return every time because of my own selfishness, my own desire to see you, to be near you, to hear your voice and watch all the muscles on your face twitch when you smile.

I let you return, not because it was a reasonable deal, but because it was what I wanted. It was all I wanted and it is all I want now.

I wish I was the sort of person who could say "Come on, let's go, escape it all", but I'm not. This is not one of those letters.

It is merely to say thank you, and to say I owe you my sanity and my soul

All my love



More tears fell down her face, cascading onto the page, causing the ink to run into a river down the parchment. The words that Draco Malfoy had so lovingly written to her. The words that she could not do anything to change, they were there.


She rolled both the letters she had been sent; and the one she had written herself into a tight scroll and placed it inside her clothes drawers. Then, sniffing loudly, she slumped back into bed, pulled the covers over herself and buried her face into her pillow as she continued to cry into the soft feathers.

When she finally stopped, she rolled onto her back and lay there sniffing as she stared at the constellation that was now directly above her. She looked at Draco, whilst she fell asleep.

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